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on November 4, 2013
IGN: This game blows

Activistion: Look at all the $$$ we make though

IGN: This game is awesome - I'll give a 10

Activision: This makes us seem too arrogant, change to 8.8

IGN: Yes sir

And hence dear reader please find my review/rant

After completing single player and spending considerable time on multiplayer I have reassessed my first review and uninstalled this garbage. People say they will never buy another Call of Duty game again, I can safely say that I will never purchase another Infinity Ward title again. This is the final straw and I make my stand here.

This game represents all that is wrong with PC gaming.

- Obscenely high graphics requirements with the promise of Next Gen graphics which in reality reminds me of Quake 3 graphics (original source code).
- A huge download 30gb +, the answer is why?? These are certainly not used in texture quality, so why so high?
- No Field of View slider, a modification was made however Activision issued a cease and desist. Why penalise the community for trying to improve this diabolical game?
- Dedicated servers? Where are they, 75% host migration fails and the majority of my games end abruptly. Why with such a huge budget does Activision spite PC gamers?
- Same old game play, Infinity Ward has not innovated the sector since the release of the original Modern Warfare. Yes we have more guns, but look at how terrible the guns mechanics are. Currently more people play Counter Strike than Cod on PC, does that say something?

Now I compare with the other shooter Battlefield 4 which is inevitable. There is not a single redeeming feature within COD. Yes we have new maps, new guns and some new perks but this just remains with every new game. However in Battlefield 3 the expansion packs were generous providing a variety of new weapons, vehicles, maps and new game modes. This is what Call of Duty has now become, a yearly expansion pack with a high price that people like myself try and give Call of Duty one more chance.

And I believe that is the reason why people come back, we think it will improve, be something new because in the back of our mind we have had really enjoyable moments playing this game at some point. But those special moments are non existent now with this title, not once have I smiled, pumped my fist with a clutch play or grinned at that awesome kill (which has not happened due to lag). Instead I feel disengaged and find myself playing for the sake of playing since I spent the $60.

So I ask my fellow gamers to make a stand, and refuse to fund this behemoth anymore. Unfortunately we PC gamers are the outcasts of the gaming world and maybe if enough of us make a stand someone will listen.

GG Activision GG...
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on November 17, 2013
This is the worst version of COD to date ... and the bar is not all that high.

The game is badly designed and badly optimised for PC. The PC requirements of 30GB hard drive and 6GB for RAM are absolutely ridiculous. With a GTX Titan it uses all 6GB of vram - why? The graphics are awful and do not justify the size of the hard drive space required or the memory requirements. The game stutters and lags. There is no field of view slider and it is capped at 91fps in multiplayer.

The maps are tedious and uninspired. There are too many new game modes - most of them attracting few players. Yet Search & Destroy, the one game mode which was popular with a solid minority, and which raised the COD games a notch above an arcade game, has mysteriously disappeared.

I am a long time COD player. I have played since COD 1 and have played every version since. I have watched the game degenerate year on year to the point where it is just exploiting its fan base. This is really the last straw for COD. Infinity Ward, if you're reading this, I want my money back!
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on November 9, 2013
At the time of this writing, Call of Duty: Ghosts suffers from horrendous video and Internet lag. Occasionally I will join a game that stutters so bad it is unplayable (1 frame per 1-2 seconds). I often die to enemies that do not appear on my screen. When I view the death cam it shows them walking up on me and shooting me as I stare helplessly at the ground. I also often unload an entire clip into an enemy at point blank only to see my death cam show that I never fired a single shot. To make matters worse there are so few games being played that I have to wait for long periods of time before a match will fill up or settle for a game mode that I don't want to play, but even the most popular game modes appear to have very few games going.

The game play itself rewards lag inducing moves such as sprint-sliding and jumping. The kill streak rewards are over the top including a relatively cheap dog that sprints, senses you through walls, takes more bullets to kill than a player and 1-shots you if you are in melee range.

I can't think of another game that I regret purchasing but I regret purchasing CoD: Ghosts.

Edit: Feb 2, 2014

I wanted to give an update to my personal experience: CoD Ghosts had a rough start where it was largely unplayable due to lag and bugs, but some time (weeks) later it improved and was playable although still feels as if it was never optimized. Very few of the game modes have enough players to start a game so most of my time has been spent playing Team Deathmatch. Most of these online games eventually have hacks and exploits ruin their gameplay. It's gotten pretty bad. I finally gave up and uninstalled.
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on November 6, 2013
EDIT: I want to amend my review upfront to say that a) the lag compensation is still horrendously bad. Every death seems to feel like the other guy has a half second advantage over you. Good luck capping a flag when there's 5 different vantage points on it, and if you get hit once you're dead with no time to shoot back b) Extinction mode is actually quite fun (not worth $60, however). Very challenging and requires a lot of good teamwork (VOIP especially). I spent 6 hours playing extinction and didn't feel as bored as I did spending 20 minutes playing domination or one of the normal game modes.


I (like many others) spent most of last night playing Ghosts. I have never played a CoD game before (outside of single player), so I consider my perspective to be fresh and not biased based on "franchise fanboy-ism". For the record, I'm a mature gamer who has spent most of my FPS time playing the Battlefield series starting with Bad Company 2 and continuing to Battlefield 4.


My desktop has the ability to max just about every game. Ghosts, when maxed, still looks pretty bad. The graphics might have been considered "good" 10 years ago, but nowadays it's unimpressive. Blades of grass are rigid simple polygons. Everything looks like it has been "oversharpened" or "sparkled" to make it appear more high-def then it really is. The game is also quite poorly optimized. As I said previously, my desktop is extremely powerful, and the game uses just as much resources as Battlefield 4 while still looking half as good. Sound was equally disappointing. There's some music going on and surround sound kinda works (I use a 5.1 speaker setup), but it's no where near as immersive as Battlefield 4 and I didn't find myself able to use sound to my advantage. The FoV is locked to 60-something degrees which is also quite annoying and does cause a bit of motion sickness for me. I play Battlefield games at 90 degrees, and Battlefield 4 has the option of going up to 120 degrees. Clearly the technology exists to allow adjustable FoV, so why doesn't Ghosts have it?


To put it gently, Ghosts caters to kids who might have hung out in the arcades of yester-year. There's very little strategy involved: mash the sprint key and hope you find someone before they see you. The lag compensation is horrendously bad. Several times I would come around a corner and be killed practically instantaneously. I don't mean "I was just a tad slow with my reflexes" - I mean "there was absolutely no chance". As much as I might complain about instadeaths in Battlefield 4, Ghosts is far worse. The only way to have a decent KDR seems to be camping a section of the map and ambushing people as they blindly sprint past you.

Exhibit B: knifing. The knifing mechanics of Ghosts is comical. Scenario: you come around a corner and bump into an opponent. Your twitch reflexes bring your gun up and shoot him 3 times in the chest, yet you still lose the fight because he spammed the knife key. I'm not "mad about being killed", but it contributes to the overall feeling that the mechanics are a joke.

Exhibit C: player movement. Several times during the night I would see players exploiting the movement system in ways that practically make no sense. Players going prone immediately when being shot, and being able to maintain perfect accuracy while doing it. Players jump + shooting without any accuracy penalty that other games implemented long ago to discourage such behavior.


You'll probably enjoy Ghosts if you're a fan of CoD. The game is a good way to waste a couple of hours, but as a serious FPS it's lacking. If you're trying to decide between Battlefield 4 and CoD: Ghosts, buy Battlefield 4 for the visual fidelity alone. Infinity Ward and Activision should be ashamed for putting out a game that looks and feels like something that should cost $5 on a Steam sale.

System Specs:

3770K @ 5 Ghz.
SLI GTX 680.
32 GB Ram.
27" 2560x1440 @ 85 Hz.
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on November 10, 2013
Yes, we've all learned to set our expectations low after Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 2. Despite that, CoD Ghosts still manages to disappoint.

The pros:
1) As usual with CoD, the basic game mechanics (e.g. shooting, movement) just work right and this shouldn't be discounted, especially when so many other games fail in this area. The game froze a couple of times in the first week, but I think it's a good first week success rate, especially compared to another modern day shooter that was just released.
2) Quick scoping, the dumbest feature to plague past CoD games, is finally gone. I hear that it's not impossible, but it's weakened to the point that I haven't seen anyone using it.

The cons:
1) The maps are stupidly large for 12 person games. This makes it way too convenient for camping.
2) The spawn system is broken. Despite the large maps, I still find myself spawning right next to enemies.
3) It's just not that much fun. I know it sounds like a terribly subjective thing to put on a review, but I don't know how else to say it. It's probably the disappointment of playing this game and wondering why they can't just reproduce the immense fun of earlier CoD games. So I think it's a legitimate criteria that compared to older games this is less fun, so why waste the money. I already did, but I'm definitely not buying the premium package.
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on November 15, 2013
I can't believe I wasted $60.00 on this piece of crap. Same old thing from the COD developers. Take a big dump on the PC gamers!
When can we get dedicated servers back again. This is my last Call of Duty!
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on November 11, 2013
This review is based on my multiplayer experience with Ghosts, not the single player campaign.

It's clearly obvious to me now that Infinity Ward IS the weak link and when it's their turn to produce the next COD installment, its certain to be a failure just like this latest one. Where as Treyarch continues to produce enjoyable games that demonstrate some advancement in technology and creativity. I chose not to take the wait and see approach with Ghosts and ended up flushing my $60 down the toilet.

Don't waste your money buying this IF you're looking for a better game than Black Ops 2. Because you're just going to be disappointed. Ghosts can be summed up in one word - Arcade. I'm running a 780 GTX and I can't tell any noticeable difference in graphics quality compared to MW3. I do have to credit them for a little improved sound quality and the weapons are better than they were in MW3. But other than that, it's the same recycled garbage we're use to seeing from them. It baffles me on why Activision still hasn't produced a new (rebuilt from the ground up) game engine for their next gen COD installments. I won't be purchasing any more COD games until they do.

If you've checked out Battlefield 4, then you'll laugh at Ghosts/Activision for just how far they are behind EA Games/Dice. It has it's share of problems too but you won't get bored with it in a few hours like you will with Ghosts. And I'm not a BF fanboy either. I prefer the COD games.
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on November 17, 2013
If you want this game to play online change your mind the match making is controlled by who knows?, and is very bad. You may be put into a game that for you is unplayable. For some reason a player cannot choose a server close to them where latency or ping is low enough for good smooth play. Do not buy this game.
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on November 6, 2013
I'm just as disappointed as the next guy with this game. But I did realize there were some out-of-the-box default settings making the graphics as bad as they were. If you go into Advanced Video Settings and turn OFF: Distortion, Motion Blur and Depth of Field it will clear up the graphics so you can actually SEE people.

If you play on a 2560x1600 monitor like I do THE ONLY thing you can do in addition to the above settings is to reduce the resolution to 1900x1080p and play in Full Screen. I run an AMD 7970 so at 1080p I can play on the "Extra" high setting with all optional graphics turned either low or off. But at least I can see people far away. We should see a GPU Driver update that will improve the graphics soon. Until then I hope this helps a lot of Amazon shoppers.

If you haven't bought the game yet: the lag / lag comp is terrible for me in Multiplayer. So be prepared to shoot someone 6-8 times before they shoot and kill you - then watch your gun not even go off in the kill cams. The Squad Attack mode however is lag free for the most part and very fun to play. You can level your Multiplayer squad member up in there and get guns, attachments, perks, etc... These bots are NOTHING like the bots in BO2. 90% of the time you can get the drop on them. 10% of the time they just shoot you through a wall across the map without ever seeing you. It's still WAY more fun than Combat Training in BO2.
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on November 18, 2013
how i wish I never bought this game. This is officially the worst game I have ever played, I cant imagine anyone would even remotely purchase this s*** if they have a chance to play this for ten minutes before they make their decision. does not support cross fire video card, crashed all the time, s***-like story line setting. Please, trust me, spend your money somewhere else, buy the Assassin's creed, or anything else but this piece of s***.
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