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Format: Video Game|Change
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on November 25, 2012
Overall, this game earns a five-star rating based on five categories: graphics, campaign gameplay, multiplayer gameplay, zombies gameplay, and extra features.

Graphics: 4 Stars
The graphics in the game are not as beautiful as other games on the market, but they are still incredible in their own right. When you have three major, feature-packed gametypes on one disc, you may not be able to have the best-of-the-best graphics. However, Treyarch clearly improved on them from the first Black Ops. From gunfire and weapon detail to facial expressions and maps, the detail in the graphics are awesome.

Campaign Gameplay: 5 Stars
Without spoiling any of the story, the campaign mode is great. Treyarch implemented a few decisions for the player to make which can alter the storyline throughout the game. The story itself is as immersive and compelling as the first Black Ops. As you play, you will be drawn into the story as if you really are the characters you play.

Multiplayer Gameplay: 5 Stars
Improvements to the multiplayer aspect of the game are immediately apparent. The "pick 10" addition to building custom classes makes it so that the player can precisely tune their loadout to fit their exact playing style. For example: if you only use your primary weapon, you can forego a secondary for another attachment on your primary. There are many more ways to mix-and-match, which can only be explained through playing for yourself. The revamped prestige system now gives you the option to permanently unlock a weapon, grenade, perk, or wildcard per prestige level which is helpful to those who want to prestige without losing their "golden child". Other improvements include gamecasting, improved theater mode, and much more. Can be played split-screen up to two or online up to four. One guest per Live account is allowed.

Zombies Gameplay: 5 Stars
The flagship improvement to zombies mode in this installment of the Black Ops series is "Tranzit" mode. This mode allows you to ride a bus between four different maps (which can each be played in survival mode on their own), all while building items which can aid you in the fight for survival. "Grief" mode allows players to team up to see who can survive the longer individually, or as a group. Custom games allow settings like "headshots only", inclusion of "hellhounds", and an "easy" mode for more relaxed gameplay. Can be played split-screen up to two or online up to four. One guest per Live account is allowed.

Extra Features: 5 Stars
Nuketown 2025 for online play, Nuketown 2025 Zombies, two avatar gears (including a zombie suit), and a soundtrack are all included in this purchase. For the Black Ops nostalgics, the two Nuketown maps are a must-have. However, they will be offered as DLC for those who can wait.
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on November 13, 2012
I just picked up the Black Ops: II "Hardened" edition today because I wasn't sure if i wanted to buy this game and therefore didn't reserve it to get the "Nuketown" maps in both multiplayer & zombies I picked up the "Hardened" edition for $20 more and got both maps, a cool tin case for the game and 2 cheesy "coins" that I have no idea what to do with.

With that being said I've played an hour into the single player, 2 hours into zombie modes and another 2 hours into multiplayer. I found the outcome to be a cross between Black Ops and MW3.....the single player and zombie modes are Black Ops all the way. The multiplayer however just screams MW3...the guns, settings, lighting, graphics....just the overall feel feels like an expansion to MW3. It feels very far from the original Black Ops I must say....not a single "snowy" multiplayer map in sight (yet).

I'm not sure if that's good or bad, because I sold my copy of MW3 on eBay earlier after purchasing on opening day. I had beaten the single player mode and was frustrasted as all h**l over the campers in multiplayer, so I got out early and sold the game hoping to get some of my money back.

I do like the sound of the guns in this game though....sounds alot "beefier" and you can feel it when the gun you're really shooting the gun yourself. I's hard to explain unless you play the game yourself.

Zombie mode is just as great as in the original Black Ops...I think that's the part of BO I played the most!! There are 3 zombie maps in the game and an additional "Nuketown" if you purchased the Hardened Edition or pre-ordered the game at certain places. "Nuketown" is fun because it looks exactly like the original Nuketown in Black Ops....except for the destruction from an asteroid plummeting to earth and decimating the place(you just have to see for yourself). It's fun to play and I can easily see myself getting lost for hours trying to make it to that next "level" against the zombies in that map.

I could blab on about some other things, but if you like Black Ops for the single player and the zombie mode then I recommend this game. Multiplayer I'm still unsure of because it plays too much like MW3 and that for me brings back too many nightmares.....thanks to all the idiotic "campers" out there. *sigh* Wars aren't won sitting in corners people....gotta run out there and take what's yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha So yes, in my 2-hr multiplay with this game there are already campers starting to take their spots in the brand-spanking-new maps. Such a shame.....people have to play like wussies!

Thanks for reading & I recommend picking this up if your a FPS player!!! ~ Thank you!
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on November 13, 2012
Just got this game today and I must say I'm having a ton of fun. After MW3 I was skeptical whether or not the COD series could evolve but after playing this for a while you can see that Treyarch has really gone above and beyond to make this a great COD game. I played some multiplayer, zombies and campaign. The multiplayer is great and addictive as always and keeps me telling myself "one more game". The zombies which was one of my favorite things in Black Ops and WaW has been improved and now has its own campaign. The campaign although I have only played the first mission looks to be headed in the right direction. Great game.
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on April 21, 2016
Great product, no complaints about this particular item. Highly recommended for anyone looking to purchase something like this. Would definitely purchase this again if I needed to. Haven't had a single problem thus far!
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on December 6, 2012
I had high hopes for this next installment of the COD franchise. Those hopes were dashed. Instead of fixing glitches like being able to drop to the ground and shoot your opponent, they added awards and achievements for doing so. Has anyone considered how difficult it would be to go from running to prone and being able to shoot accurately at the same time, especially while using a sniper rifle? Have they considered just how difficult it would be to hit anything while pulling a sniper rifle up to aim but pulling the trigger before the gun is set? Yet the game would have you believe this is the proper use of such a weapon. It is clear that not one member of the COD team at Treyarch has ever spent time holding or shooting a 50 caliber rifle.

This game would have you believe that pistols and sub machine guns shoot bullets that are equally as effective at killing as are those from an assault rifle, large machine gun or high caliber rifle. That is a small weapons 9mm round is equivalent to a high powered 7.62 round or even 50 cal round.

Accuracy is also completely unaffected by jumping, but rather perhaps enhanced. Damage is certainly reduced by jumping.

If all that were not enough, it is unimportant where the gun is pointing when you pull the trigger, only the path the gun takes during the execution of the shot. That is if you pull the trigger far right of your opponent but manage to sweep the rifle to the left across your opponent during the report of the shot, the opponent will be hit, despite the clear dust cloud to the right of your opponent.

I long for a game that respects the variety of weapons and gives them their unique purposes. Where tomohawks do not fly 100s of meters and effectively strike a character on spawn. Where pulling the trigger on a large caliber rifle before setting the gun results in your player lying on the ground. Where big guns are powerful and deadly and slow you down, but light guns allow you to be agile while struggling to subdue an opponent. Where pistols and shotguns are only effective at very short range. Ultimately where choosing the appropriate weapon for the situation or play style is a critical choice. Where a careful strategic advance is rewarded and a hot headed rush penalized. Where skill is determined more by the player and less by the connection. This is not this game.
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on January 4, 2013
I haven't liked a cod multiplayer or campaign since waw and mw1.

That being said this game is s rinse and repeat in both story and mp modes. With some added new features.

The only reason I even buy cod anymore is for the zombies from treyarch. The zombies mode in this game is amazing. It's alot harder, there's new guns new dynamics, rictofen taking over the zombies (you need to pay moon from bo1 to understand) the new characters are Ok but none the less they did an amazing job.
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on April 5, 2013
A decent if not over the top "sequel" to CoD Black Ops I. Drawn to this more on the campaign than on the on-line multiplayer I find the former an interesting story, good voice acting all over and good graphics. The multiplayer offers the same as the previous installment, changed faces and places for the most part. I do miss the Nazi zombies though even as the included Zombie mode provides for an entertaining engagement with finishing off the undead :-)
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on July 7, 2013
worth the money if you like collecting games in special editions i bought the care package edition through preorder so when i found this for 60 bucks i jumped on it because this version of the game is around 90 to 100 dollars
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on July 3, 2013
This game is a very popular game with many including me. I seem to have lost interest since there have been other games that have caught my interest. The blood and violence is just something that can't be fun forever. Sometimes you just have to stray away from something like this so it does not become a dust collector like mine.
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on February 14, 2013
If you buy this edition of black ops2 you get 2 coins to get additional content, packages vairy as not all Hardened Editions give you the same content. You could get 1 that gives you gold camo and diamond camo or Avatar items. If you buy this Edition you will get content , that the normal every day gamer has to wait 2-3 months for. I would know. 3ARCH!
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