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112 of 127 people found the following review helpful
on November 6, 2007
When it comes to FPS's, and any other shooter for that matter, you have your current kings, namely: Halo, Rainbow Six (and all of it's "spawns", like GRAW) and Gears of War (still). Throw BioShock in there if you want... whatever. You get the point. Now - take from each of those games the best aspects... throw them together, and you have Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Simply put - you'll love this game, even if you don't like military or first-person shooters. If you're the type that strictly plays the single-player mode, then I'd rent first, just to be sure it's for you. For me, even the story mode keeps me coming back. This game is a BEAST, and it's a BEAST on every platform it's on - 360, PS3 and PC.

Infinity Ward understands FPS's - their absence was noticed immediately in Call of Duty 3, which sucked. They're back. This game is a few MINOR elements away from absolute perfection, in my opinion. And you don't get better than perfection.

I'll get the little gripes out of the way:

1. No Co-Op campaign. As frantic as every stage is, coupled with the fact that there's really no point on the game where you're not at least with ONE other player - usually more - I thought this should be available. It's pretty much standard now in the next-gen FPS's, but surprisingly absent here. Hmmm...

2. The whole 'friendly-fire' thing... I realize that this is realistic, but it's pretty frustrating sometimes - moreso here than in a game like Rainbow Six, simply because there's no easily identifiable icon or marker. I don't need THAT level of realism in a game - just my opinion. Yes, your recticle is red if it's on an enemy and green for a friendly, but during all of the fighting, that's really hard to see. Coupled with the fact that a lot of the enemies are wearing uniforms pretty similar to YOURS, you may end up accidentally shooting your squad more than you'd care to admit, especially on the Veteran difficulty level.

(That's really it for the 'gripes' - the other is more of an personal preference for me. I'd rather have more gameplay modes available in the multiplayer right off the bat, but I can also see how starting off with just the initial two works.

You may notice that I haven't complained about the duration of the story mode... while short, I doubt that any of the other reviewers that are slamming it have "breezed through in a few hours" on any difficulty higher than Sick Infant - that's before Rookie, if you're wondering. The story is compelling; there are actual moments where your chest and heart actually POUND - tell me the "All Ghillied Up" stage didn't have you holding your breath in real life, I dare you. Other games, while significantly longer, don't always fill their time with substance. A game like BioShock doesn't have an online mode, so it's story HAS to carry it entirely. Halo 3 is longer, sure... but most of it is retracing your steps back through previously played boards. No thank you. Apart from an effective story mode, this game's "bread and butter" is in the online multiplayer. Just like Halo 3. Just like RB6: Vegas. Just like Gears of War. Online play is what will keep this game, and others, being played for years to come.)

...and that's it, folks. Nothing else bad here. AT ALL. Period.

Gameplay - the game is phenomenal. Even if the campaign is rather on the short side (took about 6 or so hours playing on Normal - Veteran or Hardened will probably double that time, plus some) it is undeniably entertaining. While it may not necessarily be breaking new ground as far as plot, it STILL is far more engaging that Rainbow Six: Vegas's campaign mode, which is great, as well as Gears of War and even the mighty Halo 3. (just my opinion) (A+)

Graphics - arguably the best on any console, period. I give it the nod over Gears of War and BioShock - this is the best looking game I have ever played, and it runs (with all the chaos going on) at a smooth 60 frames per second is 1080P HD glory. The word gets thrown around alot with these newer systems, but this game is truly Photo-Realistic. The only thing I've seen comparable would be Crysis, another military shooter -and that's (not surprisingly) a PC-only game at the moment. It absolutely does not get any better than COD4. (A++)

Sound - as good as anything out now. The musical numbers are all spot-on, and the dialogue and combat chatter is phenomenal. Top notch all the way around - no "forced" sounding acting here. This games sounds like it was recorded during actual combat. (A+)

Multiplayer - time will tell if it will stand up to the insanely deep Halo Multiplayer mode, or the ridiculously addictive multiplayer modes on GoW or RB6, but even in this early stage COD4 is more than holding it's own. Choose from a preset variety of classes - sniper, assault, heavy gunner, etc. and get to killing. Kill enough and eventually unlock the ability to create your OWN class - and that's where the fun really gets going. There's a rank structure, but with there being absolutly ZERO offical multiplayer achievements, hopefully this will minimize people's tendency to cheat. (big problem on RB6) Ranking up does have it's privileges, however... different weapons, customizations for those weapons (scopes, skins, etc.) How new players feel about playing months from now when the majority of their combatants have superior equipment remains to be seen... balancing could be an issue there. The way it's set up though, if you're good at FPS's (and you know who you are), you will be alright. There's some work to be done with the team balancing... and I would prefer the ability to choose which maps I play on during ranked matches, but all in all, pretty solid. (A)

Replay Value - extremely high, even with a relatively short campaign. All of the achievements for the game come from the Campaign mode, yet over half of them require you to beat the game on one of the two harder difficulty levels. (not recommended for first-timers - frustration WILL ensue... as well as bullets, grenades and dog bites) Hell, even the TRAINING MODULE is fun and gets replay - Halo can't say that. This game is ridiculous. Even as varied as multiplayer is by nature, the Prestige Mode adds a new level to it. Make it all the way to Level 55, then you have "a tough decision" to make... (A+)

Overall - Dangerously Good. I give it an A+, or a solid 9.9998 out of 10 (I stand by the fact that a co-op campaign would render a potential Call of Duty 5 pointless) This is one of the best games ever. After playing the Beta earlier this year, I proclaimed that this could be a sleeper for Game of the Year, while everyone else was obviously sold on Halo... maybe a few for BioShock. This has them both, hands down. The only surprising part is how convincingly better this game is than the other GOTY frontrunners. All other FPS's (particularly military FPS's) need to take notice - this is BY FAR the best ever. (Note to Tom Clancy and the folks at UbiSoft: you have work to do for that next Rainbow Six. The bar is WAY up there now... don't disappoint)

A definite must own, especially for XBox Live subscribers - this is the best for this year. No not Halo - Call of Duty 4. Period. The only thing I see that could pull people away from this even for a moment would potentially be Grand Theft Auto 4.
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31 of 34 people found the following review helpful
on November 5, 2007
I was one of the Lucky ones to be part of the beta of this game. Ever since then I was totally addicted to the realism of this game. In this game you don't "get owned" as in halo. You always have a chance to have a good game because of all the options that make each player unique. Combining the right perks with the right weapons will be the key to this game. The graphics are just JAW DROPPING! The frame rate is FLAWLESS! You will not feel dizzy after playing this game, guaranteed! Most importantly this game is PURE FUN! Easy to pick up and just play without any previous experience. This is a MUST HAVE for Xbox 360 0wners!!! I promise YOU!
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33 of 37 people found the following review helpful
HALL OF FAMEVINE VOICEon November 11, 2007
For the fourth installment of the series once set in World War II, the Call of Duty series moves to the present day (thankfully), and what results is by far the best Call of Duty game to see the light of day yet. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare may very well be one of the best first person shooter's you'll ever play on any system, as it features astounding production values and brilliant multiplayer modes on XBox Live. The graphics and visual presentation are simply gorgeous, as are the spectacular sound effects, which is something the series has always done particularly well. Controls are sharp and the multiplayer elements make Call of Duty 4 worth picking up alone, but there is one glaring flaw that is unavoidable to notice. The single player campaign is short, quite short in fact. You could probably finish the game's single player campaign in an afternoon if you so desired, which is a big time drawback if multiplayer gaming isn't your thing. If it is your thing though, you'll find it a blast here, and even though the single player campaign is lacking, Call of Duty 4 is still definitely worth picking up. All in all, Call of Duty 4 is by far the best game in the series yet, and if you're leary of the change of scenery, fear not, war shooters don't get any better than this.
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on November 6, 2007
(Multiplayer Details and highlights)Exciting Top notch well balanced online play,lag is nonexistent .There's a Party System plus a ton of game modes like Deathmatch,Search & Destroy,Domination,one-on-one duel, a one-shot/one-kill hardcore mode,Heaquarters,Oldschool mode,etc.Also Matchmaking playlists, 16 multiplayer maps right out of the box,Four player split screen.Also your online player will get 'upgrade' perks like faster re-load,detect claymores through walls,asorb more damage,all this is gained through playing and gaining experience points which is a part of the fantastic online leveling system in which everything you do while playing gains experience points that leads to new ranks. And once your promoted to new ranks you'll get added player bonuses like calling in air-strikes,temporary radar,new weapons and attachments,matchmaking playlists,and create-a-class. You MAX out at level 55 but your able to create-a-class at level 4 ,which includes,primary-secondary weapons-grenade type-etc,With 5 slots total to customize. You can tweak your custom class between rounds,according to your tastes for each map and gametype,things like radar jammer-steady aim-sleight of hand/juggernaut-quiet footsteps,etc.All In All Multiplayer is awesome ,COD4 is a must own if your a XboxLive FPS fan.Onto the single player portion ,wow what can I say its beautiful and each mission looks better than the last. There's the standard intense COD action that you'd expect as well as some new 'stealth' type missions (with newly introduced night vision)that makes the game all that much more immersive. The weather,lighting,and textures all look fantastic, and all at an impressive 60fps. The only negative (if there is even just one) is that the campaign is only 10 hours give or take depending on difficulty and how much you explore the levels. But that being said this game hits it on all levels ,fantastic gameplay,stunning graphics,excellent multiplayer,COD4 has all the right things a FPS fan needs and wants. There are some kool 'cheats' too after you collect the (30) laptops scattered throughout the campaign that have the usual cheats like infinite ammo and a wierd but funny cheat that when an enemy gets killed they explode into a pile of car with the same cheat if you shoot down a chopper the sky rains Also another perk, after beating the campaign 'Arcade' mode opens up , you now get scored on the camapaign based on performance like headshots-blowing up cars-string togeter kills,like mutiple headshots etc. You'll see a score meter that tracks your progress in 'Arcade' mode.What an awesome game the campaign alone really is worthy but its the multiplayer that seals the deal as COD4 is one of the best FPS to hit the consoles in a long time. Definitely 'do not miss' this stellar game.PEACE
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on March 4, 2009
you come home from work everyday and play it just as much as you did when it came out over a year ago....I love this game. Its addictive, the graphics are insane, the story mode is excellent, and multiplayer is incredible. When you die in MP, you know its because of what you did/didnt do. This isnt Halo where you can 'nade someone, empty a clip into them, and then they turn around and 1 shot you. You kill, its because you were better. You die, its because you weren't.....Absolutely incredible game and worth every penny.....
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on November 7, 2007
I realize this is one of the greatest games on the market, hands down. The single player campaign is simply crazy. But on multiplayer it doesn't even come close to a game like Rainbow Six Vegas. I've spent hours with my serious gamers playing those maps over and over, but with this game, I'm done after I beat it on single player campaign. That was the feeling for most of the people I played with online. Co-Op would have made this the perfect game.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on November 23, 2007
Considering how much i hated Call of Duty 3..i wasn't looking forward to another WW2 shoot em up. And it seems neither was Activision as the developers decided to take the COD franchise in a new direction

Hello fictional yet modern day warfare!

Like most of Call of Duty games. The action is pretty intense and exciting. Never a dull moment. Unlike most COD games, the multiplayer as been changed to be ten times better then previous installments

The multiplayer on Xbox live sort of resembles something like Battlefield 2. In which you fight matches and gain xp. The more xp and challenges beat, the more unlockables you can get. And wow are their a lot of unlockables! You can unlock everything from new weapons, new perks, to new multiplayer type games even. Going on a kill streak in a game will allow you to really bring the ownage in terms of calling a helicopter or air strike to rain hell and fury on your enemy. This is of course the difference from previous games. Their are probably millions of ways to kill your enemy in multiplayer and you'll probably want to switch weapons often just to beat the challenges and unlock more stuff.

The single player is fun although pretty short. You mostly play as the SAS although their are also a few USMC missions. Like most COD's, it feels like it's you vs an entire army at times. But that is of course the fun of a COD game. The AI is pretty intelligent and will throw back grenades and give a last ditch effort to kill you when they're about to die. The coolest mission is probably the Spectre gunner mission in which you rain death from above on you're enemies, nothing cooler then killing a group of enemies with one shoot from the Spectre cannon. A sniper mission that takes place in Chernobyl is also a fun mission that adds elements of stealth to a pretty much run and gun game

When you completed the game you unlock "Arcade mode" which takes the single player experience to a whole new level. In this mode you are timed in each mission and have to score as many points as possible. Head shots as well as kill streaks boost your score up while dying and lost of time will hurt it. It allows for some replay if the player isn't interested in multiplayer

Graphics and Sound are good as well. Music is kind of repetitive but then again it really won't matter over the sounds of explosions and bullets.

All in all..this game is a must have! I can't think of anything bad to say about this game....
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on February 9, 2008
A lot of reviews and comments I have seen claim that this game has the best graphics of any console game out there. Of the games I have seen on my console I have no arguments with that. The environments are crafted so that they have an almost real-world aspect to them.

Game Play
As far as the basic game play in Call of Duty 4, it's a first person shooter and all FPS's are essentially the same. The grenade toss or reload buttons may not be the same as Rainbow Six or Halo but if you've played any FPS for any period of time you can jump right in to a multiplayer map on COD 4 and have no problem holding your own. The only control problem I have had with COD 4 is where they have located the melee attack. It's on the right thumbstick, and you have to depress the thumbstick to stick an opponent with your knife. Sometimes I depress it unintentionally while look around or moving. Not a big deal but you can waste a precious second flailing with your knife and seconds count in this game.

The audio on this game is also topnotch. If you have a good sound system and crank it up you are surrounded by sound. There's the ambient sounds of the map with distant explosions, there's the sound of rain and thunder on one map, there's the footsteps of an enemy walking on the floor above you and there are the lifelike gunshots and explosions. Like the graphics, the audio offered by this game may be the best yet for any console game.

Single Player
Supposedly the single player game is relatively short. I can't say for sure if it is or not since I haven't finished playing the single player. I've put a couple of hours into it and it's so intense that I can only play it for so long. The combat can be so realistic in its chaos that it can be draining. Expect to die a lot also. At least I did initially. Unlike Halo you just can go running and gunning in this game. You have to use the weapons available to you, utilize your cover and rely on the non-player controlled characters on your side.

One complaint I have read on a message board is that friendly fire is something you have to be aware of and ready for. You can't just shoot at anything that moves, you have to sure that the target at which you are aiming is not a friendly. If you shoot one of your teammates the game resets back to the last saved point just as if you had died. Since this is supposed to be "modern warfare" you are given some assistance in determining whether or not a soldier is a friendly or a foe. Member of your outfit have their names floating over their heads if nearby and if you aim at a friendly the site on your weapon turns green and if he's a bad guy it turns red. Even with these assists, when the battle is hot and heavy it can be a challenge to determine who you should shoot at. To me, that is one of the more realistic features of this game. War is chaotic and confusing and this game captures that nicely.

The online multiplayer to me is the meat of this game. And, good news, I saw on a gaming news site, that new multiplayer maps are in the works. I'm sure they won't be free but anytime you get new maps for a FPS it's a good thing.

I have only one real complaint about COD 4's online play. I don't like the ranking system. The ranking system is solely based on experience points. What that means is you can get in a room with player that is a level 2 and he can run the room, in a free for all match, even when everyone else is a higher rank. Your rank has nothing to do with your skill level. If you play long enough you are going increase your rank. I much prefer how Halo 3 balanced skill level and experience points. There is nothing like being in a room playing a free-for-all deathmatch with a group of equally skilled players. To me that is as exciting as gaming gets. Rarely does that happen on COD 4. There is often too much disparity between the winner and the loser in free-for-all games for my taste. When first and second get 25 and 20 kills respectively and the bottom three, in an eight player room, have between six to ten kills, then you have an unbalanced game and I can guarantee those at the bottom are not having a good time while far superior players run circles around them. I've been on both sides of that equation in COD 4 and, sure it's fun to run a room now and then, but it is very frustrating to be nothing more than a moving target for two or three ringers. There have been times while playing Halo 3 in a ranked free-for-all match where first place finished with 25 kills and there is not a player in the room with less that 15 while second and third have over 20. That is good fun, believe me.

On to the positives, and there are a bunch.

First, I really enjoyed how COD 4 eases you into the multiplayer game. You start out playing in a limited number of maps so you don't have to learn all the maps at once. Also, you are playing with a fair number of inexperienced players because the more experienced are using a larger pool of maps. This works as you move on up in the ranks. Not until a pretty significant number of hours of gameplay do you have all the maps in your rotation. This allows you to learn a set of maps before you are thrown another couple to learn. Very smart.

Stayin' Alive
I can't help but to keep comparing this game to Halo since Halo is the FPS I have put the most time into over the last few years. Unlike Halo, COD 4 awards you for staying alive. If you get three kills in a row you get access to the UAV system (essentially a RADAR), after five kills you are allowed to call in an air strike and after 7 kills in a row you can call in a helicopter that will fly around the map and mow down your opponents. This reward system is clever in that it encourages players to move carefully, find cover and not rely on respawning to keep them in the game. Now if the only had a game where you had limited respawns...

You start off the multiplayer with a set of fixed classes to choose from. Each is assigned a particular set of weapons. Once you reach Lance Corporal you can create your own classes. You can pick your primary weapon, side arm and grenade combination. As you complete challenges you get access to perks which allow you to augment your weaponry and the health and strength of your character. There are limitless combinations to choose from. You are allowed five custom classes and you can set up each class how you want and you will find yourself choosing a different set up for different maps or maybe just on how you feel like playing at that moment.

Ranking and Challenges
When you begin the multiplayer you are a private first class with a basic set of weapons and classes from which to choose. As you move up in rank and meet specific challenges you then earn perks that you can add to classes you are allowed to create. Perks include "deep impact," which gives your bullets more power thus enabling them to travel through some walls and other cover; there is "Double Tap," which allows you to increase the rate of fire for automatic weapons; there's "extreme conditioning," this allows you to sprint for longer distances (very helpful when carrying an M-60 machine gun; and "Claymore," this allows you to carry two claymore mines (The claymore is one of my favorite perks. It allows me to secure a room and then move from window to window, picking people off. There's nothing more satisfying to me than hear a claymore you set click and go boom and then see on the screen the notification that you just received five points for a kill.)

Not only do you get more perks as your rank up, you also are allowed to gain access to new weapons and to add accessories to all your weapons as you complete different achievements. For example, when you reach the rank of sergeant you gain access to the M4 carbine assault rifle. As you use the weapon you gain accessories for it. Accessories like the laser sight and better camouflage. This reward system keeps the game interesting. There's a perk called "Overkill" that I really want. Overkill allows you to carry two primary weapons instead of the usual single primary weapon and a pistol. I try to move slowly and stay alive for long periods of time so I tend to run out of ammo. When I am able to carry two rifles that will no lonber be a problem.

The maps are well designed. In some FPS's you can encounter the problem of spawn camping. Like in Halo 3, I have not found this to be a big problem in this game. Now, there are spots a knowledgeable player can set up in and wait for guys that are sprinting back to their favorite camping spots but I have seen very little of actual spawn camping. Spawn camping does occur but most of the spawn points have good cover and you can fight your way out if you are careful.

The maps are mostly very big with areas that are tight and intricate. This makes them conducive to whatever style you like to play. There are exceptions, of course. There is a map set on a cargo ship called "Wet Work" that is pretty small and is a run and gun map. I just use a shotgun and run around plugging people and hoping for the best. Also there is a map called "Overgrown" that seems designed for those that like to snipe. The rest of the maps are balanced nicely enough to allow any strategy to work if you know what you are doing. That is one of the reasons this game is so addictive, there are several different ways you can win. As you increase your rank and get access to more weapons you will find that, depending on how you play a specific maps, you will not be choosing the same weapon all the time.

Once you put some time into multiplayer game you eventually will have access to twenty-seven weapons in six categories. The categories are, assault rifles, submachine guns, light machine guns, handguns and shotguns. The assault rifle category gives you the most to choose from with seven rifles. My three favorites so far have been the AK-47, the M4 and the M-16. The AK-47 was helpful to me in the early rounds because it's a good all purpose weapon. Once you get the laser sight (called red dot sight in the game) unlocked for either the M-16 or the M4 I can safely bet you will abandon the AK-47 pretty quickly. It has too much recoil when compared to the other more advanced weapons you may access as the game goes on.

The surprising variety of weapons is one of the aspects of this game that gives it excellent replay value. Submachine guns like the MP5 have a high rate of fire but have limited range. The M-16 is very accurate and has good stopping power but is not fully automatic. If you start spraying with the M16 before you have an enemy lined up he will probably take you out but the three round burst it shoots allows you to conserve ammunition. The M4 is fully automatic and allows you to lead your targets but if you stay alive for more than two minutes you will probably run out of ammunition. The M60 light machine gun can really mow down opponents and doesn't require a lot of reloading but it's heavy which cuts down on your mobility, it has a slow rate of fire and a lot of recoil.

You can choose between three types of secondary grenades (your primary grenade is always the "frag" grenade. You start out with one of those each time you respawn but there is a perk that allows you to carry three.) The three secondary grenades are stun, flash and smoke. Flash grenades blin and deafens, stun grenades disorient and the smoke grenades...makes smoke. I never use the smoke and I don't know why anyone would. In fact, hardly anybody does. A well used stun or flash grenade can be the difference between life and death in multiplayer.

If I was to write a review and give this game a score I would have to give it a 9. The only thing that keeps this game from being perfect is the lack of a skill-based ranking system in multiplayer. If you enjoy running around and shooting at stuff then there isn't more fun to be had out there.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on November 11, 2007
I will start off by saying that I am not a hardcore gamer. I've only had the Xbox 360 for a month or two now. I've played maybe 5 or 6 different games, including Halo 3, CoD 2 and 3, Bioshock, Gears of War, etc.

CoD4 is by far the best out of anything I have played. What everyone has said so far is absolutely true. Graphics, sound, game play, they are all great.

Many have said that it only takes 6 hours to get through the single player mode. I am not that good, so it is taking me a lot longer than that. And I am playing on the regular setting. In the more difficult modes it will take me significantly longer to complete, but it will be well worth it.

The game is incredibly absorbing, really pulling you into the action. Certainly there has to be some linearity to the game, otherwise you'd never finish it, but along that linear path is a tremendous amount of variability in play that should keep your attention for a good while.

The AI, both friend and foe, is very well done and keeps you on your toes. I have never had a game make my heart race, or where I found myself holding my breath, like while shooting a sniper rifle, or just because of the intensity of the action.

One complaint I have, and it's not really a complaint, but rather a preference, is that I think it would be much better if bodily injury caused the same consequences as in real life. If I get shot by a sniper, or lit up by an AK, I should be dead. Yes, that would make the game that much more difficult, but then I think it would make it that much more interesting too because you would really have to think through your strategy. While I am playing I judge my success not only by completing a mission, but by keeping a mental note of how many times I got shot. The fewer the better, obviously.

I played online for the first time last night and the online play is infinitely better than CoD2 or 3. If you think the single player mode is enveloping, online multi-player is a whole new world. Intense. Engaging.

If you like FPS, then it would be impossible to go wrong with this game.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on November 29, 2007
Wow, this game is cool. I have a Samsung 50" DLP 1080p and this game looks great. It is the most photo-realistic console game I have ever played; The colors are rich and textured very well.
Game play is fun. The single player campaign is shorter than some games but still worth every penny. The weapons are cool and the levels are beautiful. I can only ask that it is longer.
Multiplayer is awsome. Compared to Halo 3, I prefer Call of Duty 4. Not that I think Halo 3 sucks, It is just a matter of what style of game play I prefer.
The fact that you have to earn weapons and weapon upgrades is appealing to me, it keeps me coming back. The waiting time for a match is short unlike the 5-10 minute waits in Call of Duty 3.
The sub-machine guns are weak in this game. The AK47 is horribly inaccurate, the M-16 is too powerful, the Barrett .50 cal sniper doesn't always kill in one shot, and sometimes you get spawned right in front of the enemy, which can be annoying. Give it a shot, good game.
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