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on January 3, 2008
- and it will last a lifetime as well! This handy-sized little pan will be in use every day at your home, cooking rice, veggies, small soups, you name it. The construction is solid, andit even comes with a lid. For under twenty bucks. What more could you want?

Oh. Tetrafluorethylene coating from DuPont, eh? Sorry, but I have never once heard of a Teflon (that long word's brand name) coating that lasted anywhere near as long as the pan it was on, unless the pan was a piece of junk to begin with. The name of the pan listed here is a misnomer, IMO. These pans are stick-resistant, not nonstick. Compare this pan to one of the pans that your mother or grandmother used, the kind with the copper coating on the bottom. Cooking in one of those pans is an adventure, and when you realize that scouring powders like Comet were made to remove the cooked on food from a pan like that, you recognize what a huge leap in technology hard-anodized aluminum is. When was the last time you had to soak a Calphalon pan overnight to soak off the burnt food? Me neither.

Naturally when cooking a food that might stick, you need to add some kind of fat to the pan, but with a hard surface like on this pan, it can be a very tiny amount, like a half second spray from a can of Pam. And a fried egg will stick to everything but Teflon, which doesn't stick to anything. If you need oil-free cooking of eggs, the only solution is a pan coated in one of the many variations of Teflon. Remember that the coating will be gone long before the pan is, and that you need to baby the coating with special spatulas and the like. Don't let the more careless family members near a pan like that, or you will be replacing it in a second. As for me, I prefer a pan that lets me use whatever spoon I have in my hand to stir a dish, and one that can be cleaned easily. For egg dishes, I buy inexpensive pans coated with Teflon, use them only for those sticky dishes, and throw away the pan (I wish I could recycle it) once the coating has been scratched beyond usefulness. A pan like this one will outlast twenty of those Teflon pans, and will disperse heat as evenly on that day as on the day I bought it. It will have required not one moment of special treatment. Not a bad deal, in my book.

To the poster who complained so about the reduced stick properties of this pan: the paperwork that comes with Calphalon tells you that it is a reduced stick surface, not a nonstick, plastic surface, and that it will take careful cooking and oil to keep food from sticking. Also, why are you cooking eggs in a two quart saucepan? Don't you have a frypan, which is the more usual choice for frying eggs? If not, I suggest getting a beautiful Teflon coated set from Kitchen Aid. It cost me under $20 (again!), and lasted almost two years before my husband and his habit of cooking food with a fork and steak knife as his utensils got ahold of it. He's never damaged the Calphalon, because the surface is the same thing as the rest of the pan.
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on February 8, 2008
I'm not sure what the previous reviewer is talking about when he/she said these will not cook eggs without sticking. I use mine every morning to cook eggs. Spray a tiny bit of olive oil in the pot, crack your eggs into it, and put the lid on. It makes the most perfect sunny side up eggs, and they slide right out onto the plate without breaking the yolks.

I also have other Calphalon Nonstick pieces, and they have all held up great now for over a year. The trick is in the care of the pot/pan. These pots are not dishwasher safe, and you are never supposed to use an aerasol spray on them (it will destroy the nonstick surface). If you are going to spray the pan with cooking oil, use a Misto, and a little olive oil.

Overall, you can't beat these pots for the price Amazon sells them.
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VINE VOICEon February 4, 2008
I'm a big fan of Calphalon products, even though I do not consider myself a gourmet cook by any stretch of the imagination. They are well built and I've never been disappointed with the items I've purchased.

This small sauce pan upholds the high regard I have for Calphalon's products. I have two of the 4-quart pans, and they are great for boiling pasta and heating large servings, but too large for small servings like a single serving of oatmeal or baked beans.

I highly recommend this small sauce pan, as well as its larger brethren!
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on April 11, 2007
Why didn't I know about this stuff sooner! Great cookware that doesn't stick, stain or require special treatment. And Amazon's making it available at the lowest prices I've seen.
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on September 13, 2012
I am now a fan of this brand. Only complaint is I should have bought a larger size and I would have liked the option to use it in the oven at higher temps. I use it on a glass top stove for standard home cooking and like the even heat and sturdiness. This is not cheap thin cookware.
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on April 27, 2008
This pot is everything one could want in a workhorse saucepan. It distributes heat evenly. The lid is excellent and does not fog up when cooking, so that you can see what's in the pot the entire time it cooks. The surface redefines "non-stick." It sheds water so well that it's virtually dry the moment it's washed. I inadvertently left the heat on under the pot with a cup or two of soup still cooking and then went out to the store. When I returned, the soup had, of course, turned into a mess; as soon as it cooled, however, I could easily peel the stuff off. Under the gunk, the pot remained in perfect condition. I expect to have and use this saucepan for many years.
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on May 5, 2009
I was perfectly happy with this saucepan when it arrived and put it into use. My only caveat is that this line does not always hold up under normal use and cleaning as you would expect from the 10-year warranty. I have had to have one such item (a fry pan) replaced by the manufacturer because of wear of the nonstick coating (which they cheerfully and promptly did). Other items in this line have functioned well for some years, so maybe it's the particular way one is used.
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on February 8, 2008
No kidding... this is the perfect saucepan, at least for my uses. It's big enough for almost anything I cook, the non-stick coating is amazing, and the well-made lid tops off a beautiful piece of cookware.
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on April 6, 2008
I absolutely love this saucepan. It's the perfect size and shape for everyday use for a couple. I also like the heat-proof handle. It's a good solid weight. This is a steal at $19.99. This feels slightly lighter than a $39.99 Calphalon Kitchen Essentials saucepan I found on Amazon. I like the mid-weight feel of this 2 quart pan. Not too heavy for everyday use and cleaning up. Great for reheating leftovers. Rice doesn't stick. Oatmeal using water doesn't stick. Oatmeal using milk does stick but will clean up after soaking. I don't think anything will be as non-stick as Teflon but for everything except oatmeal cooked in milk, this Simply Traditional 2 qt pot is ideal. I may buy another one because the size and shape are so perfect and you can't go wrong with $19.99. The lid is great too. Solid construction. I searched all over Amazon and the Internet for a 2 quart saucepan, and this one is perfect. Highly recommend.
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on August 24, 2007
The almighty Calphalon is not all it is cracked up to be. It is supposed to be nonstick but try cooking an egg in it. Even with a brand new pot it sticks. The pans seem to be too thin and tend to burn things. And I have only used this pot about 4 times, I have always hand washed it, and the lid is already tarnished. Big disappointment with Calphalon. I am having problems with their other pots also. I am switching to KitchenAid Nonstick and Circulon Elite after reading many reviews.
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