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on February 25, 2013
Ah, the padfolio.

In the business school where I am a Masters of Accounting student, you do not exist until you carry the right padfolio. I staved off the pressure throughout my undergraduate years, but once I hit the graduate level, I knew I would never be anyone until I had my very own padfolio. In business school, the padfolio is the equivalent of the nerd's iconic pocket protector, the rich socialite's miniature puppy, the varsity athlete's letter least back in my day.

This, my friends, is one of the "right" padfolios.

From a distance, it looks expensive and important. I have carried it around every day for the past two months and, while I haven't written a single word inside, this padfolio has caused my fellow students to look upon me with reverence and awe. Whispers follow me down the halls. Even my professors treat me with more dignity and respect when I open this padfolio, whip out my Bic, and smooth the immaculate pages of my 5"x8" legal pad. I can only imagine the crazed scenes I will create when I fill the mesh pocket with business cards to provide to interviewers.

Buy this padfolio. It doesn't matter what you do, what you wear, what you say: as long as you carry this beauty under your arm or across your chest, you can forget to put your pants on and still be looked upon as a true professional.

Update 5/4/2014: Well, folks, I've seen some recent reviews discussing the poor quality of this most excellent padfolio and would like to offer my personal experience since the time of this review.

I began my journey to professional excellence in November 2012 when I purchased this beauty from Amazon. I had just gone through the interview process for a busy season internship with several firms and did not receive a single offer. What?! Moi?! I cried, I wailed, I screamed at the heavens, I ate way too many Little Debbie Fudge Rounds....and then I made the best purchase of my life: this padfolio.

I carried this padfolio with me to school nearly every day to delude myself into believing I was a real professional. If I could make myself believe it, I could make anyone believe it - and it worked. With my head held high and my padfolio tucked securely into the crook of my arm, other students eyeballed me with wonder and amazement (as described at length in my original review). When the next round of interviews came around in September 2013, I was prepared. Mostly. I printed out multiple copies of my resume on fancy-dancy paper and tucked them securely behind the notebook in my padfolio, but I forgot to take it with me to my first two interviews! Why? WHY?! I heard nothing. I was nothing without my padfolio.

When my third and final interview arrived, I walked proudly into the interview room with my padfolio and blew it out of the water. I carried my padfolio with me to the office visit and walked out with an internship offer. This was no coincidence, ladies and gentlemen: the padfolio will indeed inspire you to exude such confidence that you can achieve anything with this baby by your side. I kept it on my desk at work, and for the first time, I wrote in its sacred pages as I took notes for training. I displayed it prominently on my desk each day, and on April 15 when my internship ended, the partners offered me a job.

Does it serve other purposes beyond improving one's professional appearance and demeanor? Well yeah, it does come with a small legal pad and a full-sized notebook (which has perfectly-spaced lines on high-quality paper that I love). But that's not why I bought it. The purpose behind my acquisition was to improve my professional appearance. It's not an Otterbox for my resume. It's not some heavy-duty construction military-grade notebook. I am an accountant; I get angry and throw things when I do taxes. Throw some paper clips at your cubemate if you feel you must. Throw a stapler (not at your cubemate). Do not throw the padfolio. It is not made for throwing, or leaving in a hot car for the glue to melt, or for any type of abuse in general. Love it. Cherish it. Keep it clean. Maintain its immaculate appearance. Take care of it, and it will take care of you. It looks good. It will make YOU look good.
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on January 28, 2013
I wanted something professional for work, and originally had a folio style notebook. I liked the cover, but I hated the notepad and how when I flipped the page, I had to tear it off or have it flapping over the back. My co-worker just used a notebook for all of her meetings / to dos, and I liked how she could take notes on both sides of the page and never have to rip off any pages or have them in the way. I went on the hunt for a nice leather looking notebook case with a real notebook inside (and with some sort of organizational compartments as well). This was pretty much the only one I could find that I kind of liked, but I wasn't sure about having the little notepad. I was surprised there are so few nice notebook holders out there - surely more professionals want to use a notebook and not a notepad?

Once I got it - I fell in love. The notebook itself has very high quality sheets (honestly, until I got this, I didn't even care about quality sheets, but it makes a big difference). I also found that I like the little notepad - I use it for my to do list and notes. I put a paperclip on the front of the notebook and put my calendar there each day too, so I know where I'm supposed to be. I also enjoy the post it pop-ups - very handy.

My only complaint is that they don't sell the exact notebook as a refill. It took me awhile to find a similar refill (at first, I mistakenly bought one that was a "hardcover", which looked the same in the picture, but was truly a hardcover type cover). Then I figured out which notebook is pretty much the same, but it has 80 pages (item# 06062 if you're trying to find it), not 50 like the one that comes with this set, so the new notebook will be almost 40% thicker than the old one. I haven't switched to it quite yet, but I was unhappy that I couldn't find an exact replacement - would rather not make it thicker.

That's not a deal breaker though - still happily using this notebook daily at work, and it's held up great! Buy it!!
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on November 10, 2010
I purchased this notebook for an upcoming conference. I wanted to avoid having to carry a briefcase or purse around. This notebook is very sleek and has compartments for everything I need. It's also flexible enough to fold in half with ease. There are front and back slide pockets for loose papers, a small notepad, a large notebook, a mesh zipper area where I'm keeping some change, an extra pen and business cards, card slots where I'm keeping my license, debit card, and insurance cards, a z-note section (the accordion style Post-Its), and a pen holder. I really can't stop raving about this notebook and the price is great! It truly has everything you need and I've seen other comparable notebooks cost 3 times as much. If you're thinking of getting a professional business notebook, this is the one to get!
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on July 3, 2012
I ordered this based upon another reviewer comments for using this with a Livescribe notebook. That's exactly what I was looking for... an alternative to the cheap portfolio Livescribe sells. Of course it had to have the vertical slot necessary to receive a spiral notebook and not all portfolio notebooks do.

I took the spiral notebook that came with the portfolio notebook out & put in one of my Livescribe Single Subject Spiral Notebook ANA-00017, 4-Pack, Nos. 1-4. My Livescribe pen fits quite snugly in the elastic loop (but I'm hestitant letting it 'hang on the edge' without the protective case that it came in); so I put it back in the leather case and cliped it horizontally above my notebook. I put my ink refill's in the zippered pouch along with the headphones.

Everything closes just fine. I did wonder how bulky it would be, but even with the Cambridge smaller notepad in place it's not bad - not perfect, but not bad. I just didn't want to keep getting a larger & larger (thicker & thicker) size portfolio notebook. It defeats my purposes.

The sticky notes will have to wait for now, at least until I put 'em to use. I can see where they might come in handy though. The business card slots: Take 'em or leave 'em. Someone gave me a typical business card last week, but I actually had to trim part of the card to get it to fit. Go figure? I'm not the kind to hang on to business cards though, so as soon as I put the information from the business card where I want it, the card goes in the trash. And yes, you can fit a few sheets of loose paper in the flap behind all the front facing stuff on the inside left, but you're not gonna store a lot of paper back there. I'd say not more than 20 sheets.

I gave four stars based upon my initial impressions. If this thing proves its worth, I'll come back & give it 5 stars.
Hope this helps you.

Update: I've used this for nearly 8 months now and am glad I purchased it. It has worked out for what I intended it for.

Thoughts... the business card slot is useless, except for carrying the card long enough to enter the info off it. It's just not wide enough.
The post-it note part is fine. It's good for jotting something down and either giving it to someone else or leaving it for me to see later.
The smaller note pad is ok, but I find myself using it less and less. I'd consider it interchangeable with the post-it notes. I don't really need both so I tend to use the post-it notes and go on with everything else.
I still keep my pen in it's case at the top of my notebook and am happier with that, than letting it hang out there on the edge.

I'd give this 5 stars now, with the caveat that you might also expect to use one or the other of the smaller note pad/post-it notes and eventually ditch the one you find yourself using less.
It has worked great for my purposes.

Hope this info helps you.
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VINE VOICEon January 26, 2011
I'd looked around for a padfolio for a while. I didn't want one with a calculator built in, and didn't want a real cheap one that would only last a few months. While I was more looking for one that holds legal pads, this Cambridge product can hold legal pad or a regular notebook, or both. So it's very flexible.

I could do without the post-it note dispenser, mini notebook and zippered case, but I'll live with them. Overall, very pleased in the product and the cost.
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on April 1, 2015
I have been looking for the perfect yearly planner. Part of what I needed in the perfect planner was a place to take notes, hold pens, and sticky pads.

This padfolio has a place for pens, has a little area for sticky notes to pop out, and a little pad of paper for me to scribble thoughts and notes on. It has a vertical slit on the right side for the accompanying notebook to slide in the side. I like that it also has a horizontal slot on top in case you'd rather have a legal pad there.

It was not my intention to use the notebook. Instead I bought an inexpensive Mead Yearly Planner which fits nicely in the slot. Even though the planner is thicker than the notebook it came with, it closes nicely.This planner, with the features of the padfolio, have made this the best planner system I've had.
review image
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on August 18, 2012
This letter-sized notebook has a brilliant feature:

It turns any standard/fragile 8.5 x 11 letter-sized planner into a high-end executive planner !

This Campridge pad that I bought for my wife and I has THE most smooth and leather-like 'feel and touch' - and we have been looking in many places!

It fits perfectly into professional environments - such as board meetings, sales travels, and client visits.

My daily need for planning is highly enhanced by converting a bendable letter-sized planner into a sturdy and professional-looking travel planner. The only step needed is to slide-out the basic notepad which comes along and insert the planner of your choice.

The less than $20 cost is very reasonable for the quality that we received.
- The only CON was the basic (and rather boring) lined notepad that comes along which (in my opinion) undermines the outstanding quality of the outer shell.

My summary of my favorite compatible, letter-sized weekly and daily planners is shown within the lists below:

List-1: Tools4Wisdom Planners (Amazon Page: )

These planners actually help trigger new ideas through question-based reflection sections and provide a large variety of one-of-a-kind planning forms that are are highly practical. To list a few:

Weekly Planners - compatible with the Cambridge binder:

Tools4Wisdom Weekly Planner w. Calendar and Goal Setting Pages

Tools4Wisdom Mom Planner (+) Goal Setting Organizer (+) Calendar

Daily Planners - compatible with the Cambridge binder

Undated Daily Planner

Dated 6-Month Daily Planner (+) Goal Setting Organizer (+) Calendar

List-2: Conventional letter-sized planners that are compatible with this outstanding binder:

House of Doolittle weekly planner:
House of Doolittle Express Track Weekly/Monthly Planner 13 Months January 2013 to January 2014, 8.5 x 11 Inches, Black Cover, Recycled (HOD29602)
Professional Hardcover Weekly Planner 15Minute Appts. 81/2 x 11 Black 2012

3-Pack Weekly Planners:
3 Pack Weekly Planner w/Black-&-White Photos, 8-1/2 x 11, Black, 2013 by HOUSE OF DOOLITTLE (Catalog Category: Calendars, Planners & Briefcases / Appointment Books)

At-A-Glance Weekly/Monthly Appointment Book:
AT-A-GLANCE Plus Weekly Appointment Book, 8 x 11 Inches, Black, 2013 (70-950P-05)

Day-Timer Coast-Lines Weekly Planner:
Day-Timer Coastlines 2-Page-Per-Week Wire-bound Refill, Notebook Size, 8.5 x 11 Inches, January - December, 2013 (D13172-1301)
review image review image review image review image
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on March 25, 2015
The white thread didn't feel right to me so I inked it in with gel ink from a pilot v5. I wanted a functional and professional looking padfolio and with the black thread it looks just as professional as any padfolio its price range. (Pictures included) It is also an exceptionally useful tool—zippered pouch, folder, business card holders, cones with post-it notes, legal pad pocket, a notepad, and it's own notebook. I didn't see many other padfolios equipped with all of those features together, and on top of that the "Cambridge Limited Note-Taker" is put together well. I'm happy with my purchase.
review image review image
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on February 1, 2012
The outside feels like leather. The inside lining is a vinyl material. Their is a horizontal and vertical slots to insert a standard notebook in from the side of the inside right portion, or to insert a legal pad instead.

It looks and comes with everything in the picture (smaller pad, and post it notes).

Some of the thread from the stitching sticks out. Not an obscene amount, but more than I would like. Particularly around the zipper pouch inside the left cover.

Their is also a slot on inside left cover that acts as a folder for papers.

In conclusion I would have to,say this portfolio is fair for the price. Although it is also something I could see myself replacing as soon as something nicer comes around as long as the price doesn't get to crazy.
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on May 29, 2012
I had been looking for a decent padfolio for some time and this exceeded what I hoped to get. The quality on this is very nice. Only way you will get nicer is to go to real leather, which of course will cost a bit more.

It does come as shown in the picture with a spiral bound notebook on the right and a small legal pad, and sticky notes on the left. Both notebooks are good notebooks with heavier weight paper.

The folio on the right has a pen loop, the pocket that the back of the notebook goes into, as well as a pocket that could hold a legal pad instead. I suppose whichever pocket is not in use for holding a pad, could be used to hold a small amount of loose papers. The side pocket while using a legal pad would accommodate this much more easily, as the "legal pad" pocket ends up being inside the back of the notebook

The left side has the lower zippered mesh pocket to hold a couple small items, the small legal pad, with an elastic strap to keep it from flopping when opening and closing the folio(nice), and the small panel which holds the sticky notes and contains some card slots for business cards or such. This small panel is the one thing that seems slightly cheaply done, however it looks okay, and is adequate. It may be intentionally done the way it is, to be less bulky. All the slots for the cards and for the sticky notes are die punched slits in the vinyl. All the card slots are backed individually so they have their own pocket. To replace sticky notes it will take the "pop up" alternating type sticky notes. It only takes a small pad, so will have to put a partial pad in at a time (maybe put paper on the last sticky note's sticky). The notes are slid in on the side of the panal next to the small legal pad.

Also, all of the features on the left side are on top of a pocket to hold loose paper, It is a pocket open on 2 sides, along the top, and the inside side

I do have to say the jr legal pad is what sold me on this one, and I have proved to love it due to having that there. I love jr legal pads for making to do lists, and quick short notes to put elsewhere later.
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