Customer Reviews: Canon EOS Rebel T5i Digital SLR with 18-55mm STM + 75-300mm EF III Lens + 2.2x Pro Telephoto Lens + 0.43x Wide Angle Lens + Slave Flash + 32GB SDHC Deluxe Accessory Kit
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on March 3, 2014
Nice combined package. Other reviews explain the contents, the bundle. I was quite pleased. The only suggestion I have is that there should be an itemized shipping list, an invoice. There were 17 separate items in the package. It was a complicated order. I could not believe that there was no shipping checklist for the customer to use upon opening the box. Turns out Focus did a nice job packing and all the contents were included; but I was quite worried for a couple hours until I figured out that all was in order. I actually made my own Excel checklist. I cut and pasted text from the Amazon description, parsed the text, numbered the list to come come up with 17 items, and then compared to actual box contents.

1 Canon EOS Rebel T5i 18.0 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 3-inch Touchscreen and Full HD Movie Mode (Body) -
2 Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Zoom Lens -
3 Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4.0-5.6 IS Telephoto Zoom Lens -
4 Telephoto Lens Set -
5 Wide Angle Lens Set -

6 3 pc Filter Kit: UV/ Polarizing filter/Fluorescent correction & Case
7 32 Gigabyte SDHC Secure Digital Memory Card -
8 Focus Secure Digital USB Card Reader -
9 Focus Universal Memory Card Wallet -
10 Focus Pack of LCD Screen Protectors

11 Additional LP-E8 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Replacement Battery Pack -
12 Focus Well Protective SLR Camera Gadget Bag w/Pockets & Strap
13 Focus Full Size 59" Tripod W/Case -
14 Focus DVD Guide to Digital SLR Cameras -
15 Focus Digital Grey Card Set for color correction - Focus Digital Grey Card Set for color correction -

16 Focus 5pc Dlx Lens Care & Cleaning Kit -
17 HDMI cable for HDTV
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If you're somebody that wants to get into shooting more advanced photography then just point and shoot or cell phone photography then this is a good place to start. The main reasons are they allow you full manual controls and the interchangeable lenses. These allow you to change so much of how the cameras functions in different lighting situations. And over the last five years Canon digital SLR cameras have become very capable of 1080p high definition video cameras also. Over the course of this review I get a mention some basics about digital photography that can help you if you're a first-time camera buyer. Below I will give you a few tips that I've learned is I become a more dance photographer just in case you're new to using DSLR (digital single lens reflex) cameras.

This bundle is a good price and has some decent gear. The zoom lens retails for about $130 on Amazon.

I do want to point out that you can save a few dollars by getting the older models like the T3i but still get the full manual controls like this camera. Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera and DIGIC 4 Imaging with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens at the time of writing this it was about $260 cheaper( If you search around you can probably get it for half the price). In my opinion it's still a very capable camera when compared the T5i. And if you're on a budget is definitely a good alternative. And that way you can get an additional lens or two. And that's the thing you want to do with a camera like this is get a few different lenses.

1. The number one reason to get a camera like this is the full manual controls over such things as shutter speed and aperture. Most point-and-shoot digital cameras that you can buy today for under $200 don't allow you to adjust these things but really if you're serious about photography learning how shutter speed and aperture work together to create photographs is very important. And the fact that this camera allows you to control these features and so many more manually means you can make great photographs. In point number two I will explain how shutter speed and aperture work together but just know that they are very important and having control of them means you're in a make better photos. Notice I said make better photos instead of take better photos that is because by learning how shutter speed and aperture work together you will be able to create photos where regular point-and-shoot cameras would fail.

2. Interchangeable lenses are a MAJOR reason you will want this camera. If you search Canon lenses on Amazon you will see that they offer a wide variety of lenses for this camera. Take for example this 50mm lens that everybody calls the nifty 50: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens The best part about this amazing lens is that it's less than $100. And the cool thing is you can get a lot of different lenses relatively cheap for these Canon cameras.

The lens that comes with this camera is ok but it's lowest f-stop is 5 and that is bad in low light situations. I definitely recommend the 50mm linked above as it helps learning the manual controls of this camera.

HOW APERTURE AND SHUTTER SPEED WORK: (The following was taken from my 50mm lens review but it walks you through understanding shutter speed and aperture)
Here I'll explain how the f-stop or aperture priority works on digital SLR cameras. Basically the aperture is a circle inside the lens that as you go up in your f-stop from 1.8 to 2.2 to 3.0 and beyond it shrinks the size of this circle in the lens. The shrinking of the circle from a higher f-stop allows less light to pass through to the sensor. The lower the f-stop i.e. 1.8 allows you to shoot at faster shutter speeds in low light situations because the circle in the lens allows more light to pass through because of the lower aperture. Here's an example say are in a well lit room and you're shooting your child (yes that sounds very weird but it's a funny joke anyway). Generally indoors you need to shoot at 1/60 of a second with most lenses they'll instantly autofocus at their lowest f-stop which would be about 4.0. But with this lens since it can go down to 1.8 on the f-stop you could shoot the same picture at 1/125 shutter speed. Resulting in about the same light but avoiding any motion blur that plagues low light photography. Now needs to be noted that as you drop your f-stop you lose depth of field. I.e. how much of your photo will be in focus and how much will be blurred. It's the effect you see on portraits where the person is in focus but the background is blurry.

Now I know many people will probably shoot holes in the foregoing explanation of f-stop but I'm not a really advanced photographer but I get how shutter speed and aperture priority work with each other. Buying a lens like this can only help somebody understand how both are related and work together.

Here's what I recommend that you do:
1. Enable manual mode on your camera this mode allows you to set both the aperture for the lens a.k.a. the f-stop and the shutter speed a.k.a. how long the shutter is opened while taking a photograph.
2. Drop the aperture or f-stop to 1.8 on this lens
3. Set your shutter speed to 1/60 of a second
4. take a picture
5. Look at your photograph notice how much is dark and light about it how sharp it is etc.
6. Go up to the next shutter speed 1/90th of the second or 1/125 and take another photograph.
7. now compare both of the photographs you took
8. to change the shutter speed again going up another step taken other photograph now compare all three photographs

If you continue to do this adjust shutter speed while knowing what your aperture is you're going to notice how shutter speed affects the lighting of your photographs all you need to do then is start changing your aperture and repeat the process of stepping through your shutter speeds eventually you'll understand how the aperture works in correlation with shutter speed. I became a proficient photographer using manual controls in less than a month just by doing this simple practice. I would recommend starting outdoors on a well lit day because then you will see how you can adjust your aperture and your shutter speeds to really make good photographs.

On the top of this camera there's a dial on the dial there is the Tv mode for shutter priority aka you can adjust the shutter speed up and down while the camera adjusts the aperture. There is also Av mode where the camera allows you to adjust the aperture of the lens while it handles the shutter speed. And then finally on that dial there is the magic M and that is manual mode and that's where you get to set the shutter speed and aperture for yourself. If you follow the tips and step-by-step above even if you just use the lens included you will get better at photography.

3. HD video: One of my favorite things about this line of cameras is you can shoot video at 1080p which is very high-resolution and looks great on high definition televisions and even on YouTube. And with the fact you can use interchangeable lenses you can really start to do some amazing things with your video. Dropping your f-stop to 1.8 on the 50mm lens and being able to shoot 1080p video is really incredible.

Those are my three main reasons why these canon cameras are the BEST for new photographers and even videographers nowadays.

I also TOTALLY RECOMMEND getting the battery grip: Opteka Battery Pack Grip / Vertical Shutter Release for Canon Rebel T2i, T3i, T4I, T5i,Digital SLR Cameras with 2 Extra LP-E8 Extended Life High Capacity Batteries, Wireless Infrared Remote and Lens Cleaning Kit They add so much to this camera as far as feel. Plus the extra battery life is so useful. And it's less than $60 with two extra batteries.

Hope this helps thanks for reading this wall of text. If you have any questions feel free to post them here and I'll try to get back to you.
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on August 4, 2013
I really cannot say enough about this canon camera. It has a lot of amazing features, you can customize how you want to take your photos, and it is not very complicated. This Kit includes 17 items which means you do not have to buy any additional accessories. The price of Canon Rebel T5i is $849 with one lens only, Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Telephoto Zoom Lens worth around $180 if you buy it separately, but with this set you only pay for the camera and the 75-300mm Telephoto Zoom lens, and you get everything else for FREE. I am very happy with the quality of all the accessories. It is a very good deal :)
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on November 14, 2013
This is my first foray into the DSLR realm and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. This camera came highly recommended from several of my friends who have the T3i and they were all amazed at the deal that this package has. This comes with everything that a beginner could need to get started and all for the cost of just the EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Telephoto Zoom Lens and camera.

Everything came securely packaged from the seller Focus Camera. My only complaint so far is that the tripod is slightly wobbly when fully extended, but that was mentioned in another post and so I was expecting that and purchased another tripod set, which I was going to do anyways for the remote control, monopod, and flexible tripods.

This camera is fantastic. I previously had a Canon Powershot and loved it, but I had finally reached the maximum capabilities of that camera and was looking for something more to get night-time shots and better macros. Just setting this T5i to Auto settings already blows my Powershot out of the water and I can't wait to get into the manual features. I'll add more as I explore my wonderful new camera!

Update Feb 2014: I love this thing and can't put it down. I watched the DVD that came with the camera and started shooting and am so happy with the results! I haven't had any issues at all with the camera function, lenses, etc. yet.
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on September 11, 2014
There are better reviews that go far more in depth on the camera itself and the main components included. I want to address some of the issues listed in the older top rated reviews on this page that caused me some hesitation on my own decision to purchase:

1. In response to reported issue of the additional lenses just being thrown into the box or other packaging concerns: Every piece of the kit shipped in original, unopened packaging and all of it was intelligently, and carefully packed inside a kit box, which itself is placed inside a large Amazon box with padding to keep it from shifting around..

2. In response to issues involving pieces that do not fit the T5i: Everything from the lenses, filters, and lens adapters to the cables, battery, and SD Card all fit and work properly.

3. In response to issues regarding quality of 3rd Party components:

- The tripod works fine for still photography and surprisingly creak free for the admittedly lower-end build quality. If you plan to shoot a lot of video that requires smooth and silent tilt and panning, or require something more versatile (e.g. taller heights), you will likely want to invest in a separate tripod.

- The bag is far better than earlier reviews seem to indicate. It is highly versatile, and not only am I able to pack the entire contents of this kit into the bag (excluding the tripod), I've also added a manual flash and mini softbox and still have room for an additional lens or flash.

- The extra battery that came in the kit turned out to be defective. It would hold a charge barely long enough to keep the camera running for about an hour with minimal actual photography (~100 shots). The seller immediately shipped out a replacement that works as well as the OEM battery that came with the camera.

Overall I am extremely satisfied with the incredible value that this kit provides, as well as the prompt customer service from Focus Camera. This is a purchase I have been researching and waiting on for over 6 years, and in the end, I feel like I got a great product at a great price with great customer service from the seller.
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on January 3, 2015
Ever since I was in middle school, I loved taking photos. And I've always wanted a professional looking DSLR camera, and after seeing so many good reviews about the Canon Rebel cameras, I finally got this one for Christmas this year from my mom. And let me just say, I am absolutely in love with it! My mom trialed for Amazon Prime just so it would arrive on Christmas Eve, and when I first unpackaged the box there was SO MUCH STUFF. At first it was kind of overwhelming, but once you sort through it all it's like you just received a box full of new toys. I carried my camera around the house like it was a baby, and for someone who has never owned (as well as never used) a DSLR camera it was very easy to use! Putting in the lenses was kind of tricky at first because the red dots didn't align like they were supposing to, but I still managed to make them work. The focus and quality of this camera is breath taking. Over half of the pictures on my SD card are of my dogs and cats (and let me just say, after taking photos of them I have realized that they are much more prettier than I am..) but they are gorgeous gorgeous photos! I also love the touch screen so much, it makes it so much easier to view my photos and manually focus it if I wanted to. This camera is so perfect for a beginner like me, and even though I didn't even read the manual, I was able to work it perfectly fine.

Okay, so let me just tell you about the items that this kit came with. Of course, it came with the body and two lenses (18-55mm and 75-300mm) and if the kit ended there, it would already be a good deal! You're basically getting another lens for free, because if you were to go into Best Buy or like Fred Meyer to buy this camera with a lens it would be the same price with ONLY the body and the 18-55mm lens. Plus, it came with a ton of other stuff, so if you're contemplating about buying this item just for it's price I would definitely buy it because it's worth it. Personally, I love the 18-55mm lens because it's simple and gets the job done even if the thing you're taking a picture of is pretty far away. However, if you do need to get a close up picture the 75-300mm lens is so wonderful. It took me a while to realize how to focus it (you have to turn the tip of the lens) it is so easy. You just have to have a pretty steady hand. The other day I was trying to take a picture of the moon and using that lens it was so in-depth, you could see the craters! However, I can't seem to take a picture of the moon because of it's glow. I have yet to take a picture of one, but I will try and mess with the camera and I'll keep you guys updated. As for the other items that came along with the camera, the best are by far the SD card, the extra batteries and their charger and the bag. The SD is 32 GB which is great for a lot of photos, and the batteries are very convenient when the other one dies. The bag is kind of small if you want to put EVERYTHING that came with this kit in it, but I somehow was able to make it work. The camera strap is great, but it's kind of hard to put on the camera, so just in case I put it on wrong I still hold the camera by the bottom when it's around my neck. As for the other things, I haven't watched the DVD about the camera yet (because I don't really feel like it), and the wide angle and zoom lenses aren't very useful, but they're still pretty cool to look through and it could be useful if you really needed them. I've never used the filters yet but they seem very nice! I do love that this kit came with a screen protector, because I really want to keep this camera nice, but they are really hard to cut and shape to fit you're screen. I managed to do it, but it was hard to make sure there were no air bubbles when putting it on. I haven't used the tripod yet, but it seems a little cheap-isn, but you never know! I do like the Universal Memory Card Wallet because I might get more SD cards in the future and I love that it came with a lens care and cleaning kit, but things that I have no idea what to use for would be the Focus Digital Grey Card Set for color correction and the Secure Digital USB Card Reader. Plus, this came with a HDMI cable that allows you to hook up your camera to your TV, which is so cool! Also, it comes with a 25 print card so you can print 25 of your photos for free at any store. As you can see, this kit comes with so many things and even though it comes with some not-so-useful things, most of the things in this kit are useful and this is totally worth the price.

I'm new to the photography world, and now that I have this camera I am totally going to explore the world. I was so happy when I received this camera, I almost cried of happiness! I have very big hopes for this camera, and I am 99% confident that this camera will meet my expectations. I also uploaded a ton of photos that I took, just so you guys could see the wonderful quality that this camera brings
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on September 7, 2013
I purchased the Canon T5i kit in July 2013 from Focus Camera through Amazon, I like the camera but this isn't a camera review. I wanted to discuss the Focus Kit. Everything arrived without damage but packaging was poor, when I picked it up from UPS I couldn't believe I had a $1000 purchase in this crappy box. The camera and lenses were as advertised, although the 55-250 didn't come in factory packaging. The Focus bag and tripod are cheap. The extra lenses seem okay I'm not a skilled enough photographer to judge them. The extra battery and Sony 32GB class 10 SD card a nice. Overall not a bad deal although I didn't like paying $26 for shipping (no prime deal there).
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on August 27, 2013
The camera was in great condition, and all the lenses are amazing, but most of the extra things do not fit the camera. The extra battery is for the t3i and does not fit, and the 3 filters do not fit either. Generally, everything works fine, it would just be nice if all the things I paid for fit. Probably will not buy from them again.
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on October 9, 2013
I absolutely love this camera and buying the bundle was such a great deal!! I have used almost everything in it so far. I took a refresher course on photography and even the instructor was amazed at everything that came with it and what the camera had to offer.
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on June 5, 2014
After receiving my canon EOS Rebel T5i I wasn't overly satisfied with the condition of the contents of the shipping box. So I wrote a not-so- flattering review. Little did I know that people from Amazon actually read these reviews and I received an immediate response. They were able to correct my problems and satisfy my complaints. I have since been taking beautiful pictures and couldn't be more thrilled with the results.
Thank you Amazon for your customer satisfaction service.
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