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Color: Black Belt - Black Buckle|Size: 44 Inches|Change
Price:$5.74+ Free shipping
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 16, 2011
I have a variety of these, bought over a span of at least 20 years, and almost certainly made by several different companies. Although the Rothco buckles are "made in Taiwan" they are identical (down to the smallest detail) to solid-brass buckles "made in America" which I purchased 15 years ago. Apparently, all buckles of this general type are made to the same government specified design. These are uniform belts NOT utility belts. If you want utility belts to hang gear from, consider 5.11 TDU 1.5-Inch Belt or UTG Heavy Duty Web Belt - Black

Pros/Cons: I happen to like the precise adjustment, and the ability to wear a belt very loosely when I don't actually need it to hold up my pants---such as when working at my desk. I like being able to adjust the belt on the "inside" (where the extra belt material is not visible), so that the end of the belt sticks out only 1" or so on the outside when worn loosely, and extends to my first belt loop when worn tight. Tightening such a belt in a hurry (e.g., if you have to stand up and shake a visitors hand) takes just a second and is barely noticeable---particularly compared to the awkward fumbling required to tighten a "regular" belt by several notches. Unfortunately, the belts are not so easy to thread though your belt loops as are slippery leather belts---not normally a problem, however it can be a hassle trying to put your web belt back on after going through airport screening.

Since these are manufactured by the millions primarily for military use (and to military specifications) they are high quality for the price. The fit and finish of the Rothco "gold" and "silver" buckles I bought was flawless. No sharp edges, no defects. However, different materials ARE available. The Rothco buckles are steel, and therefore send metal detectors screaming. Caution: The description of the color "brass" means "gold finish" NOT solid brass metal construction, similarly "silver" means "white metal". I have several expensive buckles of the same design in brushed-white and brushed-yellow real solid brass metal, which are NOT detected by airport metal scanners. Yes I said "white" brass---obviously mostly zinc---but called "white brass". Rothco also sells solid brass buckles separately: 4406 SOLID BRASS WEB BELT BUCKLE. However, the clip (or clips) on the end (or ends) of these belts are still steel, and will set off metal detectors.

"Setting" your Belt
When you "buckle up, pull the end of the belt to the left with your left hand to adjust the length. Simultaneously pull the the loose "gripper pin" to the right with the thumb and forefinger of your right hand---this sets the gripper tight so that the belt won't accidentally come loose. After a while it becomes such a habit you don't even think about.

All are 1 1/4" wide, the standard size for jeans, chinos, etc. The size (usually 44" or 54") is the length of the web belt, NOT including the buckle and is NOT a waist size. If your waist is >38", then buy a 54" belt. Some overlap is necessary. You can choose where you want the overlap---on the outside, say to your first belt loop; or on the inside (where it isn't visible); or both. The belts can easily be shortened (cut to any length you like with scissors), but don't be too quick to shorten the belts---you may need the extra length someday.

The Rothco web belts are thin and rigid, but are just as comfortable as thicker webbing. Rothco web belts have a clip at only one end (the end which goes through the buckle)---the other end is slightly ragged. Not a problem, but you might want to apply a little glue to the end to prevent fraying. Elmer's white household glue works well for this purpose. Elmer's All Multipurpose White Glue, 7 5/8 oz. (E379) Apply to the ragged end of the belt, work in, let dry. Elmer's glue is water soluble and flexible when dry. I've also used Beacon Fabri-tak which is not water soluble. Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive, 4-Ounce. It is harder to saturate the fabric with Fabri-tak, but it is particularly good for repairing fraying on old belts. Fraying (usually after years of use) occurs on the "business end" that goes through the buckle. If you've taken my advice, and have several extra inches on the "inside", you can cut off the frayed section and move the clip---or you can move the clip to the opposite end, so that the frayed section is now on the inside.

Thin vs Thick & Soft vs Rigid: On thicker web belts, the clip is sometimes not compressed enough and catches in the buckle---the solution is several whacks with a hammer (cover with a piece of cloth so you don't mar the finish) to close the clip more tightly. It is unlikely that the clips of the thinner Rothco belts will ever catch in the buckles. Soft belts can "fall out" of your first belt loop and flop around. However, the more rigid Rothco web belts don't flop around, and are unlikely to "fall out" of the first belt loop. In short, the thin rigid webbing is an improvement over the old thicker, softer, webbing.

PROBLEM--buckle "falls off"
Many reviewers report that the buckle "falls off" the belt because the gripper (on the back side) doesn't grip well. Apparently the reason for this is the "standard" design, which was originally for the thicker softer belt webbing. The gripper doesn't grip the thinner harder webbing so tightly. When you originally setup the belt, pull hard to set the teeth. Temporarily, you can "shim" it up with a scrap of paper,or a short length of Scotch "invisible" tape on the buckle under the gripper, for a tighter grip. Perhaps the best "shim" is a 1" x 1/2" piece of the sticky part of a "Post-it" (stick the sticky side to the back side of the buckle under the gripper)---because it is easy to maneuver into place, and will stay where you put it. However, even without shimming, after about two weeks of use (without moving the position of the gripper), the gripper will "set" and you are unlikely to have problems after that.

Why only 4 stars? Only because I like my solid-brass buckles better---they are undetected by metal detectors and will never rust nor tarnish, and I think that the brushed finish is more attractive than the shiny finish. Inevitable scratches and abrasions are very obvious on the shiny buckles, but are invisible on the "brushed"-finish buckles.
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on February 24, 2012
I got this belt in black. It works OK. The material is a little cheap, the buckle is VERY lightweight. I dont know if I would trust this to hold a holster with a 9 or .40 in it. Maybe a 380. The belts in the army/navy stores are a bit higher quality than this and run about $2-3 more, but with the shipping its about even.
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on February 3, 2011
the belts are fine. the buckles are fine. however, the buckle keeps sliding off the belt because the buckle will not grip the belt. this is NOT military standard at all. i should have returned it, but i'm trying to find a way to make it work for me.
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on July 2, 2011
I've had this belt for a few weeks now and overall I'm OK with it, neither disappointed nor ecstatic. I have not had the issue of the buckle coming off like other reviewers reported.

-It works as intended.
-Long enough to fit most everyone and length is easily adjusted.

-It is NOT a cotton belt as stated, the material is nylon (or something similar), the solid color belts may be different though.
-At 1.25" wide the belt feels a little narrow, 1.375 or 1.5 inches would be more comfortable.
-Pattern is painted onto the belt and not stitched.
-The buckle could be more sturdy, but that's probably not realistic at the price.

It's well worth it as a decorative belt for occasional use, but I wouldn't recommend it as a functional belt for everyday use.
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on March 17, 2012
This feels like hemp or jute type webbing ,it might be cotton but boy it is stiff.It most definitely is not synthetic, at least not the khaki I received. Sizing is good, I'm a 36"-37" and a 44" leaves 7"-8" past buckle. The buckle is a little hard to loosen the first couple times but getting easier.I can not see the buckle getting loose or coming off under any normal circumstance.Don't think you will find a better belt at this price point. Really don't see how a more expensive belt could be any better.Will be ordering more in different colors.The color I have is khaki w/ black buckle.

OOps, downgrading from 5 to 1 star. Been wearing this belt for a little over a month,not daily.It has now become smooth where the catch grabs the webbing and will not stay snug.When sitting or bending the belt now slips and becomes loose.Constantly adjusting to fit.I doubt it will be usable much longer. Will not be buying more.
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on March 29, 2012
I ordered the 44" black belt with black buckle. Product arrived very quickly. It is a sturdy belt, 1.5" wide, made of heavy duty cotton. I prefer cotton to nylon because they seem to be just as durable in all but the most extreme conditions and hold onto the belt buckle more securely because they are less likely to slip than nylon. Anyway, my two cents.

The buckle is heavy duty enough. Not quite bullet proof but sturdy enough to last a long time. Definitely worth the money.
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on August 15, 2012
These belts are functional, but they are "military style" belts, NOT "real" military web belts. In my opinion they are for casual use only. Do not expect them to support anything heavy. (I am glad I have a shock-resistant case for my smartphone!) I have four belts in assorted colours, but I use them for casual wear only. (BTW, the camouflage belt is a green one with brown and black patterns printed on one side only to simulate a woodland pattern.)

There are a number of other comments about the buckle being loose, and I have had several incidents of the buckle falling off. I happen to have a couple of old military belts (USMC from late 1960s, and USAF from early 1980s) so I did some comparison. The buckle appears to be about the the same as the military ones - I could not find a measurable difference with the tools I have available. The buckles that come with these belts work just fine on a real military belt, so the buckle is not the problem.

The BELT is where the difference is. The real military belts are 4.3 mm thick, These belts by Rothco are only 3.4 mm thick. That explains several things - why they are less sturdy and less durable than a real military web belt, and also why the buckles often fall off.

For my belts, I solved the issue by inserting a small piece of heavy card stock between the belt and the smooth side of the buckle, so it is compressed between the belt and the shell when you close the clamp. Something about 1 mm thick is enough - just enough to make the teeth of the clamp bite firmly into the webbing. (I cut some small pieces from an empty cereal box.)

With my fix for the belt thickness problem, the belts are suitable for casual wear. I won't clip my phone to one any more, and I don't expect a really long life from them. Considering the price, they are okay but no more than that.
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on July 25, 2013
Very high quality belt. I actually used this to put metal spikes into for a punk rock look for a theater show. Usually web belts fray when you poke holes in them, but not this one. It was actually very tough to poke a hole in the belt (using a leather awl) and once I did, the belt held together very nice. It's now been roughly 2 years and there's no fraying what-so-ever. I've worn the belt just about everyday since the show, and it hasn't even stretched out. The only thing to show wear on the belt, is the color is fading a little. It really is a good belt.
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on February 3, 2014
54 inches, measured on my English scale read as 48 inches. I got another, and it too was 48 inches, typo or BS? the blet friction bar is useless, I've used real issued military belts and this is a cheap costume version. It may have a place in the costume section of a local theatre
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on September 22, 2013
For everyday use, or casual wear, you will not be disappointed. If you plan on wearing this belt with a holster, battle belt, or EDC with gear looped- look elsewhere. Too flimsy to be used as such. Ive taken this belt into the desert for hiking and trips and learned that it will keep your pants up easily until you add gear to the belt.
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