Can the hard drive be replaced with a SSD?
asked by DJ on December 9, 2012
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Short answer: Yes. I did it and it works great.

Long Answer: It's not simple, especially if you are upgrading to a smaller disk.

1) Create a recovery disk/thumb drive with the Windows Utility. Besides being a good idea, they offer you the option to delete the Recovery partition from the back end of the drive. Doing so will allow you to more easily manipulate the existing partitions for transfer.

2) Delete the blank d: Data partition. I am not sure why they break it up like this. Possibly shrink the System partition (I first went to a 128GB drive, then to a 256).

3) Unscrew the bottom, remove the drive (REAL SHUT DOWN FIRST!!!)

4) I tried to use Clonezilla to duplicate the drive, but this didn't work so well. So I ended up using a simple dd command in linux. If all this is beyond you, just find a local geek to help.

5) Plugged in the new drive, screwed it all back up, and it worked!

ONE ISSUE!!! Upon reboot, Windows thinks it's a special version called Windows To Go, and won't let you install from the MS Store.

Here is the solution:
Jed Davidow answered on January 3, 2013

I just tried to upgrade my hard drive to a Plextor 128GB SSD unsuccessfully! I used Casper 8 to clone my C drive to the SSD. I also plugged in a 4GB DDR3 memory into the extra memory slot but my system wouldn't recognize it!

Whenever I tried to boot up the system took me straight to BIOS. I could see that my Plextor SSD was recognized by the BIOS but the system memory still showed only 4GB.

Whenever I tried to exit from BIOS my computer booted up to BIOS again. It's very frustrating to say the least!

I would truly appreciate it if someone could offer some advise.

Thank you in advance.
Kheng P. answered on September 14, 2013

Thanks very much for your help. I finally succeeded to replace my hard drive with the 128GB SSD with the help of a technician.
Kheng P. answered on November 17, 2013
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