Can you cold smoke with this?
asked by Joseph Szilagyi on September 24, 2012
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You would have to add a smoke gun to connect to the chip cylinder hole. Lots of people do it though I have not.
CaptTurbo answered on November 26, 2012
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Short answer, Yes, sort of.

I've used mine to smoke cheese many times. You are basically using the smoker to make smoke, but you do not put the food inside the smoker itself. First you have to build another box. I've done it several ways. I've used a foil lined cardboard box, a metal can, and the last thing I used is more permanent. I built another box with shelves out of wood, using hinges and door seals, the whole works.

Parts needed to attach the smoker to the cold smoker box:
2 PVC floor drains with the metal grates
1 aluminum dryer vent hose to fit the drains

First, remove the air damper
Next, install one of the floor drains on top of the smoker where the air damper was.

You will need to purchase a longer bolt in order to install the vent onto the smoker. You will also need to purchase another nut and bolt to attach the other vent to your "cold smoke box" Take the bolt that you removed from the air damper with you to the hardware store so you can get a longer one that is the correct diameter and thread pitch (if you don't want to reuse the old nut and save yourself 3 cents:)

You will have to drill holes in your "cold smoke box", and then attach the other drain to the cold smoke box.

Lastly, slide the aluminum hose onto the two floor drains in order to connect the cold smoke box to the Masterbuilt smoker. It is a pretty firm fit, so I have never had to put screws or a clamp to hold the hose onto the drains. this also allows me to remove the hose at any time for storage or whatever.

If your "cold smoke box" is sealed very well, you will need to install some kind of air damper. I cut a pattern that matches the hole on top of the smoker and installed the original damper onto the "cold smoke box" that I built. This allows me to use the damper just like I would on the smoker without the added cold smoke box.

***Attention!*****Do not use a plastic hose***Use only metal. The metal hose does a much better job of cooling the smoke before it gets to your cold smoke box. Also, route the metal hose so that there is a dip in the hose before it gets to the cold smoke box. The moisture will condense in the hose and will not go into the cold smoke box. You can also drill or poke a small hose in the bottom of the "dip" in the hose, and the water will drain out.

If you are a little bit handy, you can get this done easily in an afternoon, including a trip to the hardware store. Just make sure you the floor drains and the hose are the same size so that they fit together. If not, you will have to make another trip to the store.

I realize that some people are just not comfortable building things, so if you don't like my idea then go spend the money to buy yourself a smoke gun and be done with it. I've done it this way because I have no problem building things, and I can can use the smoker to smoke meat, and at the same time I can smoke cheese in the cold smoke box. Once you have the two floor drains, hose, and bolts long enough to attach the drains, it doesn't take long to attach something to "cold smoke." The first time I did it, I used a popcorn can for the cold smoke. finding something to use as a shelf to set the cheese on was a pain in the round can, so I threw it away when I moved. The next time I smoked cheese, I used a cardboard box lined with foil. It only took a few minutes to make the box and attach the drain. The next thing I did was make a box out of cedar. It stayed by the smoker permanently until I moved again. The last one I built was out of sheet metal. I used BBQ grill paint to paint it, and it looks great; like it was bought in a store. I will probably keep this one forever, or at least as long as I'm using an electric smoker.

I owned the original black model for several years before purchasing my current one with the window. I did have the problem with the heating element stopping working, but I just drilled out the rivets on the back of the unit and put new spade connectors on the wires and cleaned the connections on the element, then replaced the back with more rivets. It worked for a long time after that. I only got rid of it after a tornado threw it across the yard and broke the latch. Even then I still used it for another year. I just used a string to hold the door shut. I finally took it to the dump and one of the employees took it before it went in the dumpster, so as far as I know it is still going strong somewhere else :) I hated to throw it away, but I wanted a new one with the window. Unfortunately I'm having a problem with the bottom hinge and cannot get the new one to seal correctly -yet- I'll contact Masterbuilt to see what they have to say about the door seal problem, but I'm sure one way or the other I'll get it fixed. For the price, there is no better smoker out there. If I had the money, I would have bought the "New generation 40 inch", but I'll have to settle for the old generation 30 inch for now. I had surgery last year for a tumor on my spinal cord, and haven't worked since then. It takes me a lot longer to build or do anything now. Some days I can't walk at all so everything gets put on hold until I can at least get around with a cane. I just received my new smoker today, so I will be testing it out as soon as I get the door problem fixed. Maybe I should post a review with pictures of the cold smoker?

Anyway, let me know what you think. I'm sure if enough people read this, there might even be suggestions for improvements, or different ways of doing it.

Happy smoking:)

Vernon Stanton III
Kindle Customer answered on December 17, 2012
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