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on December 24, 2012
I finally gave in and bought myself a Canada Goose parka. I had wanted one for years, after trying on a Snow Mantra at an outdoor goods retailer. I should add that while I didn't buy this from Amazon online, I'm putting in the review since I found reviews for this jacket harder to find than I would have thought, so as a frequent Amazon customer, I wanted to contribute.

My day-to-day winter coat is a Marmot down-filled jacket with attached hood, which is an outstanding jacket. However, if it drops past -20C, with a wind, it becomes necessary to layer up under the Marmot. I had toyed with the idea of a Canada Goose for some time but was balking at the price.

So, I finally tried on a Canada Goose (CG) Expedition and a CG Resolute in the winter of 2012. The Resolute has a few more features over the Expedition, such as slightly longer body, removable fur ruff, a few more pockets, attached "D" rings to the coat exterior and grab straps on the shoulders should someone need to grab and pull you from a fall, ice, etc. The cost is about $100 more for the Resolute, so its a question of whether you want a more "industrial" parka (Resolute) or a more moderate/urban wear heavy-warm parka (Expedition).

The retailer where I tried on the jacket thoughtfully had a table at the CG section, so you could put your coat on the table while trying on various CG jackets and parkas. Once I made my choice, I was able to spread my soon-to-be new jacket on the table and minutely check all seams, zippers, etc for any sign of concern. All was in order and once I got the jacket home, carefully removed the various paper tags (but none of the interior tags, as CG policy online is that if you remove a sewn-in tag or alter the jacket, you invalidate the warranty. I was surprised to learn that even the paper tags, such as the DuPont Teflon tag, the "Made in Canada" tag are all counterfeited!). Buying from a brick-and-mortar store is not a bad idea at all to ensure authenticity, and to ensure fit. If you buy from Amazon, you'll get an authentic item, but you might want to try this on at a store first. Its big and bulky, and its always good to see that in person. Anyways, I put this jacket on once I got home, and in a matter of about a minute and 30 seconds, I became way too warm in room temperature.

I've been out in various weather (I do a lot of outdoors photography) and even at -19C, have been too warm in this jacket! When doing outdoor/landscape photography, you spend a lot of time standing still, and hence, a warm jacket makes outdoor winter photography so much nicer. I generally use outdoors technical clothing in layers to ski or snow shoe to a site to take pictures. If I'm moving, I'm warm, but once I'm there and not moving, I'm cold. So, for the really cold days, I use this parka. If I have to hump any distance in the snow, it needs to be -40C or I'm too warm in my Canada Goose. But once you stop moving for any length of time, and start taking pictures, standing around, its amazing being inside this monster. You feel like you're in your own house with the fireplace cranked up.

So, to sum up:

Pros: Very durable exterior (not a thin, easily-torn nylon), which is highly windproof. Huge amounts of duck down in this coat. The hood *really* protects your face. You have to experience the hood fully deployed on a cold day to appreciate this thing. Interior snow skirt, waist-cord to tighten and slim the look, wrist cuffs to cut the cold slipping out your sleeve, adjustment strap on the back of the hood, as well as tightening cords on the neck.

Cons: Bulky, fur ruff not removable (except for the Polar Bears International Expedition, and the PBI Expedition is near impossible to find), too warm for everyday use unless you live at the Arctic Circle or at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. Also, the fur ruff is coyote, and while I am an animal lover, I also live in the country and know the realities of being in a certain position in the food chain and see my Native friends using animal skins regularly for clothing. The Canada Goose site on Face Book is littered with people criticizing the company for its fur use. If you have an ethical issue with fur, then this jacket will violate your principles. If you are able to live with the fact that a coyote was trapped and killed or shot and used to create part of this jacket, then the choice is yours to make. I thought I'd mention it because it was a factor in my decision making.

I have read reviews where people complain that this jacket doesn't breathe well, its not suitable for mountaineering, etc. Well, check the CG website. It rates this for -30C or colder and details that its best used in extreme climates, especially for low output activity. If you buy this and plan to snowmobile in the depths of the Manitoba winter, its great. If you buy this to use as an everyday jacket in a major urban city, or to use for high output winter activities, such as snow shoeing and cross-country skiing, well, it will most likely be way too warm. Unbelievable too warm.

Buy it for the purpose it was built--extreme cold, low-output activity--and you'll love it. Buy it to walk around Toronto in March and you'll likely be so warm, you'll be unable to wear it. The Moon Rover buggy was very expensive and would have been useless on the LA freeways, but on the surface of the moon, it was peerless. Similarly, this jacket isn't for -5C and walking around shopping malls with a quick dash to a cold car; its for long periods spent out in -40C walking and stopping and doing things. Get it for its intended purpose, and you'll love it. Get it to use for urban shopping in mild winter conditions, and you'll melt.
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on March 8, 2010
Any picture which includes people in Antarctica will show you that these parkas are as plentiful as penguins so you don't need another "How warm it is" comment.
But I think you might like to be aware of some of the cool things about this parka that are not in the description.
There are side accessible zippered hand warmer pockets behind each of the 4 outside front pockets the surprise being that the breast pocket ones are divided into 2 compartments, the one closest to you is at a great height, size, and are fleece lined. The forward compartment is unlined.
The cuffs are recessed about 3 inches up into the sleeve making the fit between mitten cuff and parka sleeve a nice easy fit.
On one shoulder there is a pen/pencil pocket with a small black target/wear patch at the top I think so you can easier tell where to return the pen/pencil to. On the other shoulder is another small pocket w/Velcro.
Inside the parka there is a snow skirt and the sticky side of the Velcro attachment folds back on itself when not in use so that it doesn't stick to you and/or pick up all sorts of lint.
There is another good size open pocket below the snow skirt as well as an inside breast pocket that is zippered and fleece lined.
On the downside- It is a left handed zipper. First one I have ever had and it takes some getting used to.
Also I would think that a company called Canada Goose would use goose down. But given their stellar reputation I am not going to complain about them using duck down in this parka. They do not try and hide it. It is right there in the description.
The back of the absolutely gorgeous hood could use a Velcro tab so you could adjust how far forward the hood falls.
I love this thing. I hope you will to!
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on January 2, 2010
I work as a doorman for The Fairmont Hotel Winnipeg. We were given these parkas as our new winter dress code. Within my first shift of having this jacket i fell in love with it! The quality is top notch. It does not rip or tear when you hook onto objects and is made of excellent exterior materials. Currently as i am writing this it is -42C in winnipeg at the corner of portage and main. I have never been cold wearing this jacket and doubt i ever will be. The interior of the jacket is also excellent. The appereance gets great compliments and i get guests asking me everyday where to buy such a parka. Canada goose is a great company and you will not be dissapointed with this parka. I love it so much that i will be buying my own within the next month. For sure worth the Price!
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on January 28, 2012
i guess everyone knows about how strong this jacket is.
so i want to talk about the size and color only.
i'm 6'1`` and 170 lb. and Small size fits just a little big (not too big, but just a little bit).
XS would be the perfect size if you like to wear outter cloth tight.
since Tan color is very hard to get, i'm not returning this one.
Under 6'0 -> XS (smaller size if there's any)
from 6'0 ~ 6'1 (165 ~ 175) -> XS
from 6'1 ~ 6'2 (175 ~ 185) -> S
from 6'2 ~ 6'3 (185 ~ 195) -> M
Giant -> L
buyer remember, this jacket is big.
and about the color.
my definete choice is TAN color. TAN is very luxurious if you see the real stuff (not in Screen)
and second best choice is RED. it looks very stylish.
but also Black can be your never fail selection.
i'm not very crazy about Navy Color. (it looks like National Park Guard in Canada)
and i'm not so sure about other color since i didn't have any chance to see them in real.

i definitely recommend this jacket.
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on October 22, 2013
There is already a lot of things said, and i might just add, that i live in Far East of Russia, Siberia, where temperature in winter is up to -58 celcius. And we have winter here like 7-8 months in a year :) and this parka is (very) Ok for this conditions. It is even i bit too warm until -20 celcius, from very my point of view.

A bit oversized. I am 181/75, and usually wear L, but Expedition in size M fits me very well, and i even have some room left inside.

I own it since, i think, somewhere 2009, and so far i have nothing bad to say about this great product.

(and sorry for my english)
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on November 17, 2013
This is worth the small fortune it costs. Looks nice, feels incredible, and keeps you warm no matter what. Even waterproof (to a reasonable extent). I've worn it at forty below with a stiff wind blowing, and it still kept my upper body toasty. The hood is surprisingly protective, as well. Without impeding your vision very much, it will protect everything except perhaps the very center of your face from frostbite. Add a face mask, good gloves and boots, and winter pants, and you'll feel nearly indestructable. I've been out for hours in arctic condtions in this and always felt safe. It's also durable; I don't imagine having to replace it for years, if ever.

Any negatives? Like any parka, it can be too warm when the weather changes, so you have to be careful not to overheat yourself, especially in direct sunlight. But even here, it's better than most coats, in that it has a really nice inner lining that wicks away moisture before it has a chance to soak into the insulation (in this case, goose feathers). Also, you might look (and smell?) a little too much like an animal in it (especially with the hood down), so keep that in mind when out and about.
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on October 29, 2013
I recently purchased this coat. Used it first time in 2*C with wind gusts in open field after sunset. I like it so far. Can't wait to use it this coming winter in -25+C temps. Last winter we even had some -30+C windchill days. Had to buy one 2 sizes down from my usual Large. The Small fits great. I do find the black colour shows dirt easily (the whitish gray dirt from a dirty car, say). This can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth.

The Expedition model is one of the few winter coats where the coyote fur trim does NOT detach from the coat. This means when you dryclean the coat, the coyote fur on the hat gets drycleaned too. No way around it.

Spoke to one of the major drycleaners in the city and they say the fur will become brittle after so many cleanings. So I called Canada Goose in Canada for their advice. The lady on the phone said to not dryclean the fur as dryclean chemicals are not good for the coyote fur trim. She said I should request the Drycleaner to wrap the fur in some kind of plastic so it will be not touched. The Drycleaner said this was not possible as the dryclean chemicals would melt the plastic. Now why would Canada Goose provide this wrong advice? PR?

I asked the same lady from Canada Goose why they do not make the fur trim on the hat detachable like on many of their other coats? Her answer was that the Expedition parka was one of their traditional legacy coats and it always had a non-removable fur trim. So, the answer is that it has nothing to do with practicality but just for tradition's sake.

If you dryclean the Expedition coat once a year, the fur will become brittle after so many cleanings. It will not affect the warmth of the coat. If the answer to keeping the fur trim in top shape for the life of the coat is to make it detachable, why not do it? I am wondering how often you dryclean your Expedition and what has your experience been so far with the fur trim on the hat?

Updated November 24, 2013. Today we had wind chill of -20*C in the morning. All I had on was the Expedition jacket on and a regular cotton polyester long sleeve polo. I did not feel the cold at all standing outdoors for over 1/2 hour and longer. My legs felt a bit cool but that's to be expected with only a pair of pants on. Just having the hood tucked close to the neck added good warmth as the fur helped to provide a barrier from the very strong winds. Happy so far with the parka.
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on November 13, 2015
Top rung of the top tier of the highest end parkas you can find.

The most relevant and distinguishing factor about this is how it differentiates itself from the others of its own kind, such as the Snow Mantra, the 8000M, etc.

Without risk of sacrificing or overlooking 'nuance hiding behind innovative features that better the experience' - I can confidently say it's simple and the best choice in every situation (unless it's -100 or lower fahrenheit and you're napping outside at 11,000' elevation because the Russians kicked you out of Vostok Station for wasting all the vodka trying to convince your hot second, almost third if you count your dads name change, cousin that no one will know outside of Antarctica...but this girl cheated by having a better drinking tolerance than you, so it's her fault.)

Outside of that situation, even though you thought you'd win because it worked with your sister, there is no need for the Snow Mantra. The features will do nothing other than annoy you.

Simply put: The Expedition is a far more manageable, far less tedious, clumsy and 'complicated' parka - while sacrficing next to none of the warmth. It'll leave zero regret and will reward the buyer with a parka that is far more usable and versatile, even in temperatures above freezing - and in heavy rain, than any of the other top of the line Parkas.

This is the parka for 99.9999% of people that need a parka for the coldest weather on earth. The remaining 0.00004% of you already have the Snow Mantra...the other 0.00006% are just collecting them all.


- Profoundly Warm
- Profoundly adaptable (too hot...too cold - never an issue. Very breathable)
- Completely Dry - even in pouring rain.
- As the above point implies - it's rarely 'too warm' to be wearing this. I wear mine sometimes when it's 40 degrees outside (Fahrenheit) It's literally as comfortable and breathable as any low end Columbia Winter Jacket
- The pockets are soft and warm - negating the need for gloves in most situations.
- The cuffs are exceedingly soft, comfortable and warm - further negating the need for gloves in most situations.
- Fur Ruff and tunnel hood is very easily manipulated when needed, and reduced when not needed.


- The ONLY con I've ever experienced - and it was NOT my own - was pertaining to the nature of this having a genuine fur ruff. Some people can't handle the moral question that imposes.

This is right around the top rung of the top tier of the highest end parkas you can find - and after using it hundreds upon hundreds of times over the course of ~15 years - it deserves it.

Background on this review...when I tried to best organize a review of this parka I wanted to lay out my thoughts. These thoughts and opinions and occasional anecdotes are not from someone who writes reviews on everything they own. This is one of the first times I've ever done this. Nor is it something I do lightly...moments after recording an un-boxing video for some random Youtube channel to show off my latest purchases. On trying to organize my thoughts for this review, I thought making such a distinction was probably very useful, followed by an honest assessment of why my opinion is probably one you will relate to...or one that will at least be relevant to some angle of the process you're going through, even if just idly reading reviews for fun.

Product Experience and competition familiarity: I've had the Expedition Parka for over 15 years. When I first bought it, it was around $400.00. I just bought it again so that I could get my other one to my wife and get myself a new one. Both still look and feel brand new - our families cannot tell the difference. Yeah, it's that well made.

Beyond just having the Expedition Parka for 15 years, I have also had the Snow Mantra (Canada Goose's 'flagship' parka, their priciest item, the elite of the elite - the parka which has always made the claim of being the warmest parka IN THE WORLD - without any company ever questioning or arguing this point.

That aside - we're discussing the Expedition. My familiarity with the Mantra is relevant, though.

In addition to owning these two parkas for over 5 years each, I also own 2 other parkas, rounding out a collection that consists of 4 of the top 10 highest ratest parkas for the absolute most extreme weather on earth.

The other 2 are the Mountain Hardwear Absolute Zero & the Marmot 8000M.

Motivation: I rarely, read: never, write reviews. I was in the market for some other cold weather gear when I kept coming across people struggling over which parka to get, often becoming very frustrated and concerned as this purchase is no small purchase and amounts to a massive risk. Other people had the right list of parkas in mind - but were stuck trying to decide which one to get, with the price spread between the ones being considered being over $500.00 USD in one instance. I felt bad for people stuck in this position...and after first being glad to know the answers for myself - it hit me that I might actually do people like this some good if I just took some time and shared some opinions that didn't just play it safe but which also sought to give specific answers for specific reasons. So here we are.

My review:

I wanted to approach this review in as organized, concise and convincing a way as I could. To that end I tried to determine what was most important to the typical reader and what, from my experience, would be most important to them, as well as what I know after so many years with the product and the degree of familiarity with its competition that I think they should know, even if they hadn't considered it before. Basically I wanted to be educational - to explain not just why, but why not, and do it all confidently, anticipating and answering typical questions pertaining to the competition where necessary.

The cliche start is to rattle off the facts about the down, the fur ruff, etc. These don't matter, though. They're expected insofar as a parka of this caliber is concerned. They go without saying.

Yes its warm - it's Canada Goose and its place is on the top rungs of the top tier out of all Extreme Cold Parkas on the market. That's not a selling point. We all know that this parka will get you by at the South Pole in both comfort and apparently style.

More importantly, however, for anyone considering buying this - especially people that do not live in a location where the average high temperature in January is around or under -20 fahrenheit...which is essentially nowhere except far northern Nunavut, Canada and the Sakha Republic of Siberia. Though this parka is perfect for the inhabitants of these areas - you're almost certainly not one of them. You probably don't even live north of the 50th Parallel. If you do, you probably still hardly see temperatures below -10 Fahrenheit.

I point this out for a real reason - I'm not trying to be witty.

Because the majority of people who are considering this parka, if only based on statistics and population trends, are not from locations where day to day winter life revolves around temperatures so cold that car exhaust freezes into a cloud that reduces visibility while they drive around listening to their frozen tires clunk, clunk, clunk having frozen in shape to the ground (read: -40 Fahrenheit or colder) - there thus becomes obvious a serious selling point in this parka vs any of the others. Specifically - the Expedition Parka is far and away the most versatile parka out of the entire list. I have worn this parka many, many times when temperatures have been as warm as very nearly 40 DEGREES - and I was not uncomfortable.

The Expedition Parka is far and away the most breathable, versatile parka on this list. Unlike the others, in particular the Snow Mantra, you will not feel overheated when using this parka at temperatures above 0...or even above freezing. This is a waterproof parka and I have many times found great use just throwing this parka on and going outside to the store while it poured rain at 36 degrees. It's exceptionally dry...very breathable...and comfortable regardless of the actual outdoor temperature. This is probably the single best feature distinguishing this parka from any other parka on the top 10 list of extreme cold weather parkas made in the western hemisphere read: North America. It's not just going to give you bragging rights when you're standing outside on the coldest day of the year - it's also going to be useful on every other day of the winter.

Versatility in the warmth? - I need this for true cold. How does it compare there? How about against the competition?

Exceptionally well. First off - I've used the Expedition Parka comfortably in temperatures that fell below -50 degrees Fahrenheit. That was the actual temperature, too. Not windchill. Not 'real feel.' The air temperature was an ambient -54 real degrees of fahrenheit, not -54 units of some fictional gimmick created to impress people listening to the radio. This is important to note - the majority of temperatures you will come across from other people are not real, they pertain to windchills, industrial gimmicks, any of a number of concoctions that dilute the water and confuse the truth.

AGAIN - Compared to the Snow Mantra, which is generally considered the warmest parka in the industry, the Expedition Parka represents, nor feels, like a compromise on any level. It is perfectly warm. Having tried them both side by side at an ambient temperature lower than -50 - the only percerptible difference amounted to the Snow Mantra being heavier and longer. The Expedition was just as warm - just as useful.

Quick 1-2-3 to choose your next parka -->

1) If you are trying to decide on a parka, despite being a bit more costly, the best decision is to go with the Canada Goose Brand. Hands down. It's exceptionally warm and is the best made brand of parkas on the market. I've felt, worn and seen almost all of them. The quality drops off FAST outside of the Canada Goose brand.

2) Do you want the Snow Mantra Parka? Nope, you're wrong. You want the Expedition Parka. Sarcasm aside - there is never, ever, any real reason to get the Snow Mantra Parka instead of the Expedition (and even more emphatically if the option is a lesser well made Marmot or North Face Parka.) The Snow Mantra costs far more, presents no meaningful selling points compared to the Expedition Parka and that's simply all there is to it. Beyond that - there are key drawbacks that are very important to consider if you choose a Mantra over an Expedition. More on them further down below.

3) The Canada Goose, out of all of the major top of the line extreme cold weather Parkas on the market, is the most versatile and forgiving should the weather turn warm or you want more usage out of your $600+ dollar purchase than just those 2-3 super cold days each winter. This isn't about bragging. Get some real use out of your parka. The Canada Goose Expedition Parka is the -only- parka that ranks on par, and universally above, all of its competition WHILE also maintaining the versatility and breathability to use in temperatures far, far warmer...>32 degree Fahrenheit. In the rain. The Expedition has you covered - and comfortably.

If that's all so clear cut - why do I even own a Snow Mantra, let alone the others?

Simple. Extreme Cold Weather is one of my favourite things about life. Collecting the gear is one of my hobbies. I love it. But like I implied above, at length, 99% of the time I will only bother to wear my Expedition Parka. I've never needed anything more.

It's better made, it'll last you far, far longer (my first one, at 15 years old, still looks new.) and you will have no trouble if it turns warmer than forecast or you just want to wear it for more than the coldest day of every winter.

Is there ever a time for the Snow Mantra?

I haven't found it yet. At least not to the exclusion of the Expedition Parka. That being said, however, the Snow Mantra ISwarmer, it does cover more of the body, and it does contain more 'down', a greater quality of fill and the overall Parka seems to contain more features designed for extreme cold weather. I imagine the distinction between the two more along the following lines: the Expedition will get you through -40 temperatures, snow, wind - basically extreme cold in the coldest cities of the Norther Hemisphere - Siberia included. The Snow Mantra, on the other hand, will be more than enough the next time you try to ski from McMurdo Station Antarctica to the South Pole during winter in the Southern Hemisphere. Those nights when it falls to -100 will no doubt make better use of the longer length, much heavier fill and expansive tunnel hood.

I'm not exaggerating.

More on the downsides to the Snow Mantra mentioned above.

As promised, inspite of sharing virtually every positive with the Expedition Parka - the $400 dollar more expensive Snow Mantra has a bevy of downsides the Expedition Parka simply does not have:

1. Weight. And it's not just a matter of considering how much more weight there is between the Expedition and the Mantra - that difference in weight makes a huge amount of difference in how versatile the parka is. Here, as above, versatile is an adjective referring to the range of situations where the parka is comfortable useful. The Snow Mantra's meaningful different in weight will mean and equally lower threshold in rising temperature before you get overheated. In other words - unless you're in Antarctica - the Expedition Parka will universally be more useful to you.

2. Breathability. As above (so below...for real, lol.) The Snow Mantra is not nearly as breathable as the Expedition Parka. You cannot get by comfortably at 35 degrees fahrenheit while wearing the Snow Mantra. You can while wearing the Expedition Parka.

3. Etc Features. Frankly - The Snow Mantra does too much. It covers more skin, contains more features, more bits of a creative flare presumably tailored towards some facet of life below -100. However, when the temperature is still above -80 - these features will be annoying, tedious and annoying to the degree that you cannot just ignore them.

To sum it all up: buy the Canada Goose Expedition Parka.

1. It is better made than any of the competition.

2. It is more durable and long lasting than any of the competition.

3. It is more versatile, meaning comfortable, in far more situations than the competition will be.

4. It is all of the above - while still outperforming the competition in the coldes to the cold*

*exception being that time back in 1997 when you were in forced to sleep outside for the night at Vostok Station, Antarctica and the temperature went down to -132 Fahrenheit. Your Expedition Parka was fine, sure, but you prolly could have slept in a bit if you'd had the Snow Mantra.
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on December 9, 2014
Well made in Canada and worth the cost, a Canada Goose parka is an investment in warmth and quality in which the company will stand behind the parka for its lifetime. They expect it to last at least a decade with regular use.
The sizing is generous, but this allows for sweaters or layers to be worn beneath it.
The Expedition is their warmest and it does not have the wide "Michelin Man" look to it.
The rating system for cold temperatures set by Canada Goose should be taken seriously. Even for Maine, this parka was a bit too warm. For
example, if you are standing outside and it is below Zero F, you will be comfortable with nothing but a t-shirt beneath it. If the winds pick up,
the coyote fur is, of itself, a natural protector, but the way CG has set it up, your face will be shielded from the wind perfectly. The design is flawless.
The caveat about temperature is that even in very cold temperatures, down to zero F, with just a t shirt on, I became sweaty walking the dog. This is a walk, not a power walk, but not a stroll either, but a purposeful walk. At single digit temps, I had to continually unzip to try to regulate. I had to return it for a TEI level 4, which is not as warm. I have been out in temperatures as low as -22 F, but this is rare. I would prefer to have a parka to use every day in the winter, where a normal high of 20 F, and 0 F at night, is expected. For those extreme temps, I'll use the Langford model (TEI 4) with layers. Both models are well made. My wife has TEI 4 and is comfortable below zero F outside. This morning it was -8 F, and with her hood, she was comfortable doing a few outdoor chores. CG is more expensive but is worth the cost. It is not just their warranty, but the quality, and security knowing that it is real goose down inside, and not chinese chicken feathers, or "asian dog", or anything else the counterfeiters in China use. *Note: do not buy from eBay unless you carefully see the CG label and compare it to the CG website's. Most of the fakes have "TM" next to the name while the authentic uses "R". The counterfeits also do not have the maple leafs quality matched. At eBay, most of those offered are fakes, and all the "discounted" websites are fake. CG also has an entry for customers to see if the seller is authentic.
That chinese companies abundantly steal from CG tells us that the quality is worth the theft. Martin Guitars, authentic, made in the USA, also of superior quality, are counterfeited in China. Chinese officials have done nothing to curb the counterfeiting of CG, Martin, and other quality companies. CG warns that people can become sick from dirty, diseased chicken feathers used to cut costs in chinese factories. Even Sears was "taken" when it tried to duplicate the CG parka. Most of the down parkas today are about 1/2 the cost of CG, but made in China with no way of knowing if they are using quality goose down other than cutting them open. Competition in chinese factories is fierce and managers are said to do just about anything for the slightest savings. The government there still will not take action against slave labor.
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on October 20, 2015
It's absolutely the warmest jacket I have ever worn and has no lack of pockets. I am 6'3" and 195 pounds--I normally wear large shirts and jackets, but this jacket in small did the trick. Definitely go down at least a size if you buy one (and yes, even the small left room for layers).
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