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107 of 113 people found the following review helpful
on April 30, 2010
Canker-Rid is the best help out there against the fight of canker sores. Since my Husband had a heart attack about 6 years ago he is fighting canker sores. He has tried everything, over the counter medication and prescription medication, nothing helped.I did a research on the Internet and found the website of Durham's Canker-Rid. First I was skeptic but I ordered it anyway and what can I tell helped. The best you can do is try put canker-rid on an the first sign of a sore. You will feel a little bit of a burning sensation, but only for a minute or so. A few tips what else you can try to avoid getting canker sores....Buy SLS free (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)toothpaste like from Tom's or Rembrandt, drink a glass of buttermilk or eat yogurt every day ( for the good bacterias in your mouth)and if possible avoid stress. Every time my husband has a lot of stress he gets sores.
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80 of 86 people found the following review helpful
on July 29, 2011
I have had canker sores for almost 30 years. Not just the small ones that supposedly go away in a week, but the nuclear sized ones that make it impossible to breathe without pain and last for a month. I have tried gels, patches, and even had my dentist prescribe me aphthasol, which is the only FDA approved prescription for canker sores to my knowledge. The only thing that used to work for me was to have my doctor put a stick of silver nitrate on the sore to cauterize it, which they are reluctant to do now. So with nothing to lose and based on the reviews here, I purchased this stuff. I'm not a big "homeopathic" type guy at all, so I had low expectations. The first time I used it, the sore never got bigger and was gone in a couple days. I thought perhaps a fluke. But nope, a few weeks later I again applied it to canker sore, this one on the gum line which has always been notoriously hard me to treat.

This stuff is very fluid out of the bottle so be careful as it stains. But the nice thing is, you don't have to make sure the surface is "completely" dry like I did with the aphthasol paste. The paste was pretty much worthless to me because it took at least five minutes for it to melt into the sore and form a barrier. Canker-Rid will film up even over a moist area.

Bottom line is, if you have tried everything else, what do you have to lose? This stuff really works. Give it a shot, and I'll bet you come back to write a glowing review like me. :)
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37 of 41 people found the following review helpful
on December 7, 2013
First of all -- my wife is allergic to this stuff. Durham's Canker-Rid works very well for me, but the first and only time my wife used it on a canker sore, her mouth broke out in blisters everywhere that came into contact with the solution. She had to clean her mouth out with hydrogen peroxide to calm her mouth down after that incident. That said, I'm giving this product 5 stars because it is a virtual miracle FOR ME.

I've been searching for over 30 years for something that would work consistently on my mouth ulcers, and this is one of only two products I've found that effectively work against my canker sores. I inherited my canker sore problems from my parents and have suffered from it since childhood. The problem is that whatever product I've found in the past that worked only works once or twice before the virus inside me adapts to the cure and makes it useless on subsequent bouts of canker sores. So, for example, gentle mouth washes and even salt water washes that work once or twice would become useless the third and subsequent times. Even the "film" and "canker cover" products that worked great for me once or twice would take longer and longer to work and eventually became virtually useless to me.

Durham's canker rid seems to cauterize the canker sore completely. If I treat the canker sore early enough, I've found that I only have to use one treatment of this stuff to completely get rid of the canker sore. If I'm traveling and can't get to the canker sore quickly enough, it takes an extra several days to completely get rid of the canker sore, but it does work. I've been using this for almost a year now, and my canker sore viruses haven't seem to adapt themselves to make this medication useless yet -- unlike all the other stuff I've used in the last four decades.

I've found that silver nitrate also works for my canker sores, but I'm afraid to use silver nitrate because it is so toxic.

My technique for using Durham's Canker-Rid:
- I start off by getting a couple of clean cotton buds/cotton swabs (e.g., q-tips) ready.
- I saturate one of the cotton swabs with Durham's canker-rid.
- While holding the saturated cotton swab with one hand, I use the same hand to help hold my mouth/cheek/tongue - whatever has the canker sore -- so that it doesn't come into contact with the rest of my mouth.
- I use the other hand to lightly dab to canker sore and surrounding area with another clean cotton swab to dry the canker sore and surrounding area.
- Once the canker sore is relatively dry, I take the Canker-Rid saturated cotton swab in the free hand and (still holding the infected part of my mouth from coming into contact with the rest of my mouth) I dab the canker-rid solution onto the canker sore and surrounding area.
- After the initial "dab", I press firmly with the saturated cotton swab onto the canker sore to ensure the canker-rid goes as deeply into the canker sore as possible so it kills off the infection. Again, I dab the surrounding area to ensure I kill off the active virus/infection.

After 40+ years of pain and after over 30 years of actively looking for an effective and safe solution to my canker sore problem, I'm SO Happy to find something that actually works for me. Again, I'm sure some people will find that this stuff is not for them -- just as my wife, unfortunately, found out she's allergic to this stuff. For me, this stuff is nothing short of miraculous.

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12 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on September 30, 2011
I get canker sores regularly. I've tried several other products over the years but I haven't had any luck. I've only been using this stuff for about a couple days but it seems to be working great. The canker sore I had is almost gone and it hasn't been irritating me since I started using the product.
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10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
TOP 500 REVIEWERon June 22, 2014
I was hoping for this to be the holy grail of canker sore medications but unfortunately it's not. I thought, given the reviews, that this was the big one and hate to say that my experience just wasn't so great. The stuff works just like Kanka except Kanka lasts longer on the sore and works better.

I apply this stuff adeptly and am familiar with the techniques. It stays on my sore less than 15 minutes every time and proceeds to stick in my front teeth after that, looking very unsightly. My sores have not gone away quicker even when I apply it constantly throughout the day.

I say try it at risk to a big $20 dollar hit to your wallet. It may have actually worked for a lot of the people on here if they weren't paid or falsified claimants, but it didn't for me. I'm going back to Kanka; it doesn't work that great either, but it's better than the untold number of things I've tried before.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on February 2, 2015
I get canker sores every other month. They're painful, and grow out to be almost 3/4 a cm wide before they start healing. All the while being painful.

Canker-Rid works wonders. But you HAVE to use it properly if you want to see results. Here is what I do:

After you brush your teeth (I'm assuming the average person does it twice a day), and once in the afternoon (or when you get off from work):
1) Take a small square of gauze, or paper towel, fold it thick and place it directly over your canker sore. It'll absorb the moisture.
2) Take a Q-tip and rip off the excess top fuzz. All it does is absorb the liquid, making it hard to transfer it onto the lip.
3) Drop 1-2 drops onto the reduced Q-tip end, immediately remove the gauze and place the q-tip on top of the site
4) Hiss in pain
5) After the initial sting ends, start dabbing around the edges of the wound. It should be turning brown. At no time should your mouth close over the area. You want the liquid to DRY onto your lip. Once it's dried, it will coat the area for quite a while, and this kills the infection very quickly.
6) If the area isn't lightly coated brown, add another drop to the q-tip and repeat the steps. Try not to get cotton tidbits stuck, as they'll rip away the coating quickly.

Doing this method, instead of 7-8 days to run the canker through with horrible expanding pain, my sores disappear in 3-4 days, with the wound NOT getting inflamed, and NOT growing larger. It stays the same size, the area around it stays healthy and pink, and while yes, it stings a bit, it lessens every day and eventually just closes up.

This is TOTALLY worth the money. The price is high, but just think- each bottle lasts hundreds of drops, and you'll really only use maybe 20-30 drops per canker duration. It lasts a long time, and is a complete life-changer for me. The store bought stuff that just covers the store has nothing on it.
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10 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on July 12, 2014
For anyone thinking that maybe you shouldn't get thos product after reading the one star reviews GET IT.....for the reviews saying "it doesnt work" or "only lasts for a few minutes" have not been using it the right way.
You must put this on at night and sleep
with it on....not during the day to use as a numbing ajent, i would recomed
something like Kank-a for that.Now after
you have applied the canker rid BEFORE
BED i recomend putting some Kank-a over
it and that will act as a sealer,and in the morning your sore will be significantly
smaller and if repeated nightly will be
gone in around 3-5 day depending on how
giant the sore is. I doesn't stain your teeth and will defanitly not need "a extra dental cleaning" i just leaves a residue that can be brushed away when you are brushing your teeth in the morning.
I have had sores all my life and this has been the only product that works.When used right canker rid can be a life saver for you.This is a great product and i dont want one star reviews to tarnish it at all.

ben using the product
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on May 15, 2010
I have been using Canker-Rid for years. I found Canker-Rid after I had painful tongue surgery to cut out a mouth sore that would not heal. After the surgery, my mouth sores came back with a vengence. I tried many other so-called remedies. When I tried Canker-Rid,I found that after only a few applications to my mouth sore, it was healed! It takes the worst of the pain away after only one application. Canker-Rid is wonderful!
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on December 31, 2014
I want to start this review by saying that this is a great product, and that this is one of my first reviews, so it might be bit different from your usual reviews. The review is quite lengthy and because of that, I’ve broken it into 3 parts: The first part is the actual review, the second part is the best and most efficient way (I think) to apply the Canker-Rid, and the 3rd part which is the longest, is about how I managed to prevent my own canker sores, which may or may not benefit you. Well, here I go!
Canker-Rid is a solid product, in fact, it is so good, that I have purchased it for some of my friends, at my expense. I used to get cankers on an almost weekly basis, maybe two if I'm really lucky. At one point, I started having sore throats frequently, and it wasn’t until I took a closer look at my throat, that it was a canker that was making my throat sore. I purchased products like Orasol and Orajel. However, applying these types of products just ended up in a portion of my mouth being numb and not really healing the canker.

The product:
I finally decided to go on Amazon and search the word 'canker' to see what actually came up. The first notable product that caught my eye was of course Canker-Rid along with the amazing reviews that it had. I immediately purchased this product without a second thought and impatiently waited for its arrival in the mail, and having that small light of hope that this product will actually work. When the package finally arrived, and I was able to use the product, I was mind-boggled by how good the product actually works. My cankers healed in about 3 days or so with persistent use, which is amazing considering it normally takes two weeks to fully heal normally. If you’re looking to heal your cankers fast and efficiently, then Canker-Rid is definitely the product for you.
The Pros:
Much better than any FDA approved medicine I've ever tried before.
Instant relief, you can finally enjoy food again.
Healing time is greatly reduced if used consistently.
Able to eat and drink normally, as if the canker is not there.
Although most products have Pros and Cons, I don’t really feel that Canker-Rid has any cons medically speaking.
Very messy if not used carefully and properly and it stains anything it touches including your teeth, so be careful!
Tastes terrible.

Applying the product:
This product unfortunately stains everything that it touches, and it's a little hard to explain, but I would suggest applying it somewhere where you don’t mind scrubbing afterwards. There are many ways to apply Canker-Rid on the canker, and the way I go about applying it seems to be less messy and the effects of the Canker-Rid seem to last longer. I start off by using a cotton ball and drying the area where I'm going to apply Canker-Rid. I like to use a cotton ball because it does well in hard to reach areas like under the tongue and the area in between the cheek and teeth. After the canker has been dried, I then use a cotton swab (or Q-tip or whatever you may call it), and the reason I use a cotton swab is because it is has more precision and is not as messy. I then put about 3-5 drops of the Canker-Rid on one end of the dry cotton swab (For the cotton swab, I recommend buying the ones with the plastic stick or stem so that the Canker-Rid liquid will not soak into the stem of the cotton swab), I then apply it to the canker sore for about 5-10 seconds. After doing all these steps, you can just spit into the sink in order to get all the remnants of the Canker-Rid that did not attach to the canker. I rinse my mouth afterwards because of the awful taste. These steps are not necessary, but if you want to get the fastest healing time in the shortest span of time whilst also getting the best out of your Canker-Rid, this would be the way to do it! I apply it about 3 times a day to speed up the healing but you can do more if you like.

[This next part is not really part of the review, it’s a story haha]
My personal experience with reoccurring canker sores and how I managed to prevent them:
For longest time I thought to myself, is this the only cure for the constant canker sores? Is there not something that can prevent canker sores completely, or at least significantly reduce the excessive amount of canker sores that just make my life miserable? Around the time that I purchased the Canker-Rid was around the same time that I was willing to try anything to stop these cankers. My best friend’s father is a doctor, and after talking to him, he recommended that I take black seed oil for the health benefits. He gave me the last few remaining softgel pills from his bottle of Black Seed Oil (which had about 20 pills or less), and told me to take one a day, and that I may as well try it because I had nothing to lose. I would like to point out that when I took these capsules, it was just for general health and hoping to be healthy, not for canker sores specifically. After taking them for about 20 days, the cankers stopped coming, however I didn't notice that they stopped coming until I ran out of black seed, and about a week and a half later, the cankers came back. I still didn't think much of what was going on, but I decided to buy the black seed oil and try it once more, and after about a week the cankers stopped coming up again. I finally noticed some kind of correlation of me taking black seed, and cankers not showing up. I didn't know anything about black seed oil or the benefits at the time because I trusted the doctor who recommended it, but I decided to look up the benefits for myself. Black seed, I found, has many benefits, but because this is getting to be a bit lengthy, I'm only going to name the more notable benefits of black seed. It naturally boosts the immune system and significantly reduces the symptoms of hay fever like no other antihistamine. When doing research on cankers and the causes, one of the main reasons is usually tied to the immune system, however they do not have an exact cause and nor do they have a cure or prevention, according to what I found. The frequent reoccurrence of canker sores could be from any of the following common causes: stress, some type of food deficiency or food allergy, and most importantly, the immune system. I will admit, I cannot explain to you scientifically how exactly black seed oil manages to prevent canker sores for me, but I do know that the constant reoccurrence of cankers and the noticeable benefits of black seed traces back to the immune system.
Unfortunately, many people are either impatient and expect immediate results or skeptical, and with a natural herb like black seed oil, it does take a little bit of patience to see results. It works for your body and not against your body, which is why it has to be fully in your system before you start noticing a difference. I originally purchased the Canker-Rid and black seed almost two years ago. “So, Why the delayed review?” someone might ask, and I’ll tell you exactly why. One of my friends came to me a couple of months ago complaining about reoccurring cankers, the same thing I had. The first two things I recommended to him was Canker-Rid and black seed oil. I told him to take it at least 2-3 weeks to get a noticeable results. The other day he came to me and told me that not a single canker has appeared after the black seed was fully in his system, and this is why I decided to post this review. For anyone out there who has the same problem as me, a bottle is 12 dollars and worst case scenario is that it doesn’t work, which I don’t believe will happen. I know some people might be a little bit skeptical and possibly accuse me of trying to advertise another product, and in some sense I might be, but I’d like to call it praising a product rather than advertising, but I’m definitely not benefiting anything out of it. I know how painful cankers are and it can get to the point where eating anything can be miserable. If you’re looking to prevent cankers, then in my respective opinion, I think black seed oil can do just that. Try it for 2-3 weeks, a month tops (to be honest you should notice after 2 weeks but you can never be sure because everyone is different) and in most cases the cankers should stop coming. I’m 21 and I take one a day, I would say if you’re over 40 or 50 then you can or should take two a day. I have minor ulcers, not the major one, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for both, but I am not a doctor or a scientist either. I can honestly say that I have never gotten any cankers within the past two years, EXCEPT on the occasion of biting my cheek, BUT, if I use Canker-Rid right when the canker is forming after the bite, then the canker will not form. Black Seed may not be appealing to everyone, but it did turn my life around, which is why I felt the need to let anyone out there who’s looking for a solution know that, for every sickness and disease, there’s a cure, except death of course. For anyone that thinks that this review has any inaccuracies or discrepancies, then please feel free to correct me. I apologize for the lengthiness and for anyone suffering through what I went through or worse, I hope you can find your cure.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on March 16, 2012
How long have I suffered outbreaks of canker sores and not known about this stuff? Over the years I have tried literally everything out there, including prescription apthasol. The only thing that helped and minimized the occurrence was using an SLS-free toothpaste. However, when I became stressed these bad boys would start popping up. As for over the counter products, I would use a combination of orabase (which you have to apply every 10 minutes if you're in a profession where you need to effectively communicate)and a product to cover the sore... usually KankA. KankA makes a temporary coating but the pain involved in the application is almost not worth the approximately 20 minutes of relief you get. Zilactin B was probably the best product but I could never get it locally and the relief still wouldn't even last an hour. Enter Canker Rid. This stuff immediately creates a sort of film over the sore and completely knocks out the pain but not with a topical anesthetic. The amazing thing is the film lasts more than an hour (although it probably depends where you put it). I've also noticed that after the film wears aware the sore is less sensitive and really only hurts if I poke at it. I can't comment on the healing ability yet as I just started using it.

As to the application process... it's problematic. The liquid is very runny and looks like it would seriously stain. If you get creative and touch the dropper to the sore and lightly squeeze it will apply just the right amount. If they could make the product thicker it would be nice but then we'd probably get less out of it. A tiny drop goes incredibly far. What about pain? The solution is alcohol-based so there is a slight burn but it immediately subsides. If you're a canker sore suffer you're used to pain on application so this won't be anything new. It is nothing compared to KankA, which in my opinion is the most painful crap you can ever put directly on a canker sore.

Hope this helps. Stop wasting 6-8 dollars a tube on crap they sell at the drug store and fork out the 20 for this stuff. Best $$$ you'll ever spend.
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