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on January 8, 2015
Made the mistake of buying a Cannon Safe. Company flaunts a lifetime warranty but it doesn't actually cover workmanship beyond a year. So if you're locked out of your safe due to a failed lock after one year too bad for you. My lock failed at 23 months and locked me out. Actually a couple of buttons failed after a month of use forcing me to change the code but the new code worked.. for awhile.
On the web site they mention a master reset code so I asked about that thinking great that might get me in. But unbelievably they said we don't keep MRCs beyond the first year. Think about that .. your safe company sells you on the idea that your safe lock is secure because they have a master code to help in situations just like this BUT no one mentions they toss the codes of their customers after a year. I talked with 2 techs and one said the codes are kept in paper folders and they would have to check (sounded like too much trouble for him) , the other was clicking away on a computer but couldn't find one . Paper or computer which is it? Well evidently neither. The Cannon solution .. just keep trying and when you're ready to give up spend more money on a locksmith to open your shiny new Cannon Safe. As you search the web you'll find Cannon Safes are known to have these lock failures and you would think that Cannon would address this issue and make this right for those customers who bought the faulty lock mechanisms. They haven't and we the ex-customers can only warn others from making the same mistake.
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on November 23, 2014
Finally had to write a review after becoming so angry today when the keypad on my safe locked me out for five minutes. This has happened multiple times I have called customer service multiple times. They were very difficult to reach and their solution was to change the battery- that would be great if that would solve the problem however it does not. Highly recommend Against buying any cannon product
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on August 24, 2014
I hope this doensnt' sound as strange as one of the other reviews. But I'm really dissappointed in Cannon's customer service.
After researching safes I felt that the Cannon CO54 was the best and I found it on sale shipping paid. I had a couple of questons before purchasing and emailed the company through their website to find out that nothing you type in the box is sent. Just the blanks for registering your product. I finally got through saying I wanted to buy their safe and wanted to know how secure the combination was in shipping. Got a vague answer. So I ordered the safe. If you are like me you will like all the engineering over the years Cannon has done and all the nice features especially the dual lock. My safe tracking came and it was from San Diego to Alabama. Well when it got to Alabama it was transfered from one trucking company to another. It sat in the warehouse here about two days and nights before being put on a truck to me. So the area of town the warehouse and it's workers were located in is one of the "most corupt, crime ridden" areas in the country Not enough time to explain how bad. So in their warehouse sat a huge box with a color picture of the safe on the front showing many pictures of whats inside. The box was not attached at all. If someone simply peeked under the box they would see a envelope taped on the door that says. "IMPORTANT, YOUR SAFE COMBINATION IS IN THIS ENVELOPE". I was stunned. Because also on the box was my name and the address where me and my family live. The envelope was not sealed either the box simply could be lifted off the safe and combination and address written down in less that 30 seconds. So just wait six months and drop on by. I contacted Cannon and explained my concerns and they said they would forward my concerns to the proper department. Never have heard back. A simple we will have the combination changed for you would be great but I still have it in my head that I'm going to be visited someday. My solution would be simply send the combination Fedex and have it signed for. I guess the only thing humorus about this is that I have no guns etc. Just boxes of old pictures and family records and pictures of a son we lost. Thanks for letting me vent.
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on December 1, 2013
I purchased the safe from a local "hardware / lumber" store, price was around the same but they offered financing. The safe was delivered in three weeks (not bad, originally quoted up to eight weeks). First, reading that the safe weighs 1500+ pounds just doesn't do it justice until you attempt to move it into your home. I inspected the box covering the safe, lifted the box and opened the safe prior to accepting - everything seemed fine. Once positioned, I opened the safe for closer inspection. Removed the shelves for anchoring to the floor. The carpet on the interior is very thin, cheap feeling. The shelves themselves are thin particle board, not designed to hold much weight. Some of the shelves have a wooden lip (Cannon calls it an "oak facing") - signature of the Commander series. Within a few weeks the wooden lips were separating, since it was only held on with a narrow strip of glue, failure was inevitable. The interior adjustable shelf holders were not installed evenly and they were bare metal, you would think purchasing their top-of-the line safe there would be gold colored shelve holders. I called Cannon, sent photos of the uneven shelf holders and the Cannon rep seemed responsive. But after multiple follow-up calls (by me) and emails, nothing was ever done by Cannon (so much for the "The Best Lifetime Replacement Safe Warranty Out There"). The interior lighting system isn't bad, but since it's only on the right side behind the door, the left side of the safe is dark. I purchased the safe for the EMP lock feature, interior power and networking and its size. The EMP lock is nice, easy to use - no issues. The internal power outlet is good too, but deceiving, it has two plugs but one is already taken from the lighting system. Yes, it's a big safe, the door has pockets for pistols and other items. I believe over time the pockets will stretch and loosen but we'll see. Overall, I would give the safe a C+/B-. I replaced the two top interior shelves with 3/4 plyboard (sanded and stained - looks much better than the originals and cost $15. I also replaced the adjustable interior shelving holders, since the original was uneven (poor quality control) and cheep bare metal, for another $20 (four stips - two for each side) - it was worth it. I will eventually replace all the shelves, just need a little time. If this is your first safe and fit & finish isn't important to you, then the safe is OK. If you believe when spending $3K+ you should get a high quality safe on the inside, then keep looking or purchase and be ready to do a little work. I have no way of testing fire resistance or ability to withstand a break-in attempt, the safe appears able to handle both.
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on December 2, 2012
I was disappointed to find that this product came "Cannon NOT included". Much like a crackerjack box, I was mainly looking for the toy inside. No matter- now I have a reliable babysitting solution (and at the prices kids are charging these days, I'll break even on the price of this safe after only 27 hours of "babysitting"). I did have to remove some of the interior shelving to allow full range of movement.

Another minor complaint is that 3-5 weeks is an awfully long time to wait for free "super-saver" shipping. My "Safecracking for Dummies" book shipped in less than 12 hours, and with my Amazon Prime membership it arrived after only 2 days. Thank goodness, because I had almost run out of those vienna sausages to stuff through the airholes I had drilled in the top of the safe.
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on December 1, 2012
A very solid, substantial safe. However, despite the name, it is most certainly NOT a cannon safe. Even after taking out the shelves, there was simply no way that my 12-Pounder Napoleon was going to fit. I had better luck with an 1841 Pack Howitzer, but the tube only - even after disassembling the carriage, only the trails would fit, as there is no provision for the circumference of the wheels. It might accommodate a few swivel guns, but even the smallest field ordnance is out of the question. I suggest increasing the size of the item by five or six hundred percent, but then of course the shipping charges might become problematical, even with Amazon's excellent Premium C-130 Airdrop delivery option. Still, some may find a use for the product as-is.
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