Best Cannon for Sports action such as track Any suggestions for best sports action camera? How is the cannon SX40 with 35 zoom?
asked by Ansel Adams on January 26, 2012
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If you really want sports action, then even the lowest grade SLR beats any point and shoot camera. I use a Canon T3 to successfully take sports action although it rates poor when compared to top line SLR's. Point and shoots have slow buffer speeds when taking fast action particularly if you also want a RAW copy. (low burst response; the Nikon 7000 cannot be used for sports) You can buy the T3 with a basic lens for $499.00 and get superior shots to anything produced by such cameras as the G-12. I love the G-12 and use it for my walk around camera. The T-3 does all my heavy lifting for semi-pro shooting and enlargements.If you are a really serious sports photographer and want pro results then by all means buy at least a D60 Canon! The Sx 40 is a good camera but that lens never produces real sharp prints and the lens speed is slow for fast action.
Barry A. Hudson answered on March 8, 2012
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