Are Canon 300 and 310 inferior to previous models? I've got a Canon SD1100, SD1200, and SD780 (the smallest and thinnest camera Canon has ever made). I notice that these now discontinued models received 4 and 1/2 stars whereas the current models can't muster up better than 4 stars. The current ones come with claims of wider angle lenses and CMOS high-sensitivity sensors. Moreover, I see that Amazon has, since Christmas, raised the prices from 150 to 180. I sent back the 300 when CR rated the 310 at the top, but it too receives no more than a consensus 4 stars. So I'm staying with proven winners. Is it possible Canon has slipped? With the improvements to smartphone cameras, is it possible Canon is devoting more research funds to printers (where ink alone yields the biggest profit margins)?
asked by Caponsacchi on January 22, 2012

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