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on June 19, 2012
First off, this is the first Canon made battery grip I've purchased, all my previous grips have been knock offs made by Zeikos, which I feel offered a better value than the canon grip. So what made me change my mind this time and shell out the bucks for Canon's priciest grip to date? Two things - first, the construction - this grip is made of the same magnesium alloy as the 5D's body where the previous ones were made of plastic. Second, Canon changed the orientation of the batteries to load from the side instead of the rear. So now the palm of your hand rests on the solid metal portion of the grip vs. the battery door on the older models. This brings a much more solid, one-piece feel to the grip and brings it in line with the MarkIII's upgrade in construction over the MarkII - It's nice not having the battery door creaking under your palm as you squeeze.

The side loading batteries *should* have allowed Canon to improve the ergonomics of the grip to be more like the 1D series cameras too, but this is where I think they missed the mark. The old, rear loading grips were always a bit thick because they had to be as wide as the batteies are long. Because of this, the rear the grip where your palm would rest, would protrude in addition to the forward grip area. This made the grip thicker feeling than a 1D and was a bit much for those with small hands. So now with the batteries loading from the side, just like a 1D, the grip should now be able to be dimensioned just like a 1D grip - but it's not. This version still protrudes as much in the rear as the old models. I absolutely love the vertical grip on my 1D and was really hoping this new grip design would bring my 5D to the same level but it doesn't.

So is this a bad product - absolutely not. Extra battery life and improved vertical shooting ergonomics and controls are still there and the much improved quality of construction has made me comfortable with the decision to go with the Canon branded version. Most should be very happy with this grip.
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on July 29, 2012
I was one of the lucky ones who had a 5dmkiii within 3 days of their release. Ever since that time, I have been pining for the battery grip but was reticent to spend the money. Two weeks ago I finally just 'bit the bullet' and got one. I decided on the canon because I knew it had a magnesium framework, and that it was perfectly matched to my camera. I am so very glad I did. Frankly, I didn't want to spend three-and-a-half grand on a camera and then chimp on the accessories. This is built to the same exacting standards as the camera and the grip is quite nice. Even with after market batteries, the camera can still communicate with them via the grip. The extra controls are very worth it and so is the double battery life. (not to mention the fact that people accord you more respect as a photographer by simply seeing your impressive body...) I will say the two things I wish were different: a.) I wish the vertical grip had the same ergonomics as the built in camera grip. It does not. This is mostly the result of the fact that the batter tray that slides in necessitates a certain shape, and therefore, the grip is more square. It is rounded at the corners, but not to the extent of the native camera grip. b.) a minor thing really, but I wish the dial that screws the grip on was a little sturdier. I want to make sure the two are paired together nice and tight (they fit together perfectly, with NO give by the way) but sometimes I wonder if I could damage the grip dial by tightening it too much since it is plastic. Really a minor thing though and I'm not worried there will be any problems. If you are on the fence about whether or not to order a grip at all, I highly encourage it. It is interesting to say the least and even if you don't use the vertical grip itself, the larger extended grip of the camera still makes for much more stable shooting. Just be sure to get a neck strap because you'll hurt your wrist if you simply try to carry this around in your hand.

UPDATE as of 8/19/12
I have had the grip for over a month now and I have come to love it so much I do not take it off of the camera. In fact, my camera feels strange without it. It is very reliable, very sturdy, and after using it every day for a month, there still isn't the slightest bit of give or wiggle in the connection. It is truly built to the standard of the camera. The buttons are also as responsive as the camera's.

Also, I came to realize that I am very happy to have gotten the official grip made out of a metal alloy core like the camera for an unforeseen reason: some cheaper grips that might have a metal tripod mount thread in them, will still have the thread mounted in plastic. This thread is mounted in a metal body that matches that of the camera making for a much more secure connection I am sure. I do not remove the grip at all, even when on a tripod, so I appreciate not needing to worry about the threads popping out of a plastic shell because my camera weighs 5+ pounds.
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on May 23, 2012
I just received my battery grip and I will say that I am very impressed with the quality. I purchased the 5DIII as the 1DX I have on pre order just won't seem to arrive. In any event with the battery grip the 5 now feels very similar to the 1DIV. I sorely missed the portrait grip as I sold my Mark III and replaced it with the 5D.

Although it could never be as solid as a 1D body, it more than suits my needs. LOVE the extra joystick on the grip and I'll look forward to having that as well on the 1DX. I appreciate having an on/off switch on the grip to enable and disable portrait mode shooting. The 1D Mark III and IV both have an on/off switch for the portrait grip and I find it valuable. I carry my rigs inverted using Sypder Holsters and being able to turn the portrait grip on and off prevents me from taking inadvertent hip shots!

UPDATE June 1 2012
I wanted to update my review now having used the grip in commercial shoots. One thing that is not as ergonomically convenient as the 'stock' 5D joystick is the additional joystick found on the battery grip. Because it is lower than the one on the camera, my thumb does not fall naturally to it when needed. Because it's lower I find myself hunting a bit for its location during quick transitions. BUT having said that it is MUCH better than NOT having a second joystick on the camera when in portrait mode.

Battery life using two Canon batteries is very good. I was able to shoot all day and still had 3/4 battery life left on the meter. I use an Eye Fi card in the SD slot to transmit small JPGs to my iPad and have the card program to the "Forever" mode meaning it keeps the camera on quite longer than what I have programmed to into the camera. Even with this the battery performance more than meets my needs.
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on June 20, 2012
Finally!! Well it took Amazon a little longer than other retailers to get this in stock, but of course that is mostly Canon's supply chain issues with the hugely popular 5D Mark III. Anyway, I shot 8 weddings so far and a number of other sessions with the Mark III and I sorely missed the battery grip from the Mark II. My big hands are just not comfortable with the small body size, and I think I took a disproportionate amount of landscape orientation photos because I didn't want to rotate the camera lately :). My only two complaints are first the ergonomics of the grip as it seems the "handle" part really flares out, more than the Mark II's grip did. It will probably just take some getting used to for my hands. Second, I don't really like the tray design of the grip versus the always open door on the Mark II. When I shoot video with the Mark II I really enjoyed being able to quickly swap out one battery at a time and throw a spare on a charger with very little effort. Now, it's become a bit of an ordeal to open the tray. Not a huge deal for most people but when you're flying around at a wedding and juggling a camera bag, monopod, and video accessories the ease of the back door design becomes apparent. I just need to be more diligent about swapping well ahead of time. Overall love the grip though, the finish is a perfect match for the new material on the Mark II and it provides a nice counter-weight when using a 70-200 f/2.8.
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on June 14, 2012
I am a pro photographer shooting weddings, and other busy events in addition to studio stuff. Battery life is priority number one and ease of vertical shooting is number two. On number two, as usual and as I was used to having the same on the 5D Mark II's grip before I upgraded to the 5D Mark III, the vertical stuff is done well. I can see that the buttons will not be well located for everyone's hands.. my hands are small and I suppose I have a completely different experience form someone with large hands.. nonetheless the happy medium Canon found seems to work.

However, a concern about priority number 1: the battery life. I originally noted that the battery life of the grip used 2 batteries seem to be less than what I used to get in the 5D Mark II and also if I use a single battery without the grip. But in retrospect I now understand that the additional functions of the camera do take more battery juice--of course.. more functions.

I suppose the 5D Mark III's new processor sees light where there is little and is thus in need of way less energy to get the shot than the 5D Mark II was but perhaps uses more to get it right even in dark. The 5D Mark III also has way more focus points and so that might also use more battery power. Thus adding it all up I think that the battery grip is a great deal and the camera too is fantastic.

My recommendation: don't leave home without it!
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on April 18, 2013
Canon has changed the grip design a little on this vs. the battery grip of the 5D Mk II. Now instead of having a cover that pops open on the back with a slide, the batteries go in the end and are secured by a twisting knob. Personally I preferred the old design, but I can see some advantages to the new design (doesn't come open accidentally, etc.).

I'll admit that the battery grip is one area where I buy into the Canon brand name and pay more for it. I've seen third party grips that just don't have the same build quality as Canon's, though I'm sure there are some that are as good. If I could inspect third party grips in person to determine the quality I might not have purchased this, but I don't have time to be hunting down a physical store that stocks third party grips. The one star that I deducted is for the cost.

At the end of the day the decision to buy this comes down to whether or not you like battery grips. Personally, I find the grip improves the camera balance and ergonomics, so I always buy one for a camera. The additional shoot time that comes from having two batteries in there is an extra bonus.
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on March 18, 2013
I count on extended grips for most of my DSLR's. I like the more secure grip options. And unlike some, I find the added weight stabilized the camera more and keeps some of those 'border-line' images sharp. Lighter cameras are only better while you carry them. Heavier cameras shoot sharper.

Unlike my other system (Nikon), Canon prices the grips appropriately.

This one from Amazon came packaged well, and works perfectly. It differs from the one for the 5D2 in that the battery slides in from the long axis into a small door on the left-hand instead of using a wide door under the camera back that the 5D2 grip has. I don't see any real reason for the difference, but it doesn't look like an issue either way.

I've heard from other shooters trying to save money by purchasing off-brands, and then having intermittent problems.
I make my living from photography, so if getting the shot is important to you as well; buy the Canon brand.
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on February 3, 2014
This is a great buy. If you spent the money on a 5D mk iii then spend the money and buy the Canon battery grip. The knock off brands are cheaper because they are made cheaper. There is ABSOLUTELY a difference in quality and reliability. When I show up to a shoot I want to have the confidence and look that I am a professional. The confidence that the Canon grip provides is unprecedented to the other cheaper knock offs because this was made by Canon for Canon. It is made to fit and feel like your MK iii. It flawlessly allows portrait shooting from either landscape or portrait orientation of the camera. I have had my share of equipment failure with cheaper equipment... Photography is not a cheap hobby, and it took me TWO embarrassing failures at a shoot to eliminate all of my knock off equipment!

Shoot with confidence buy the real thing!
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on June 5, 2012
Excellent quality and excellent functionality! The battery grip holds two Canon LP-E6 Battery Pack. It also has a battery magazine for holding 6 AA batteries. The only real knock on this is the price.
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on May 27, 2012
Got my grip this last week from a Amazon purchase and it completes the 5D Mark III. The camera fits my hand so much better. I use a longer lens on this body and the added mass balances the weight some. A complete set of buttons and joystick is perfect. If you have one of these cameras a grip is a must. However pricing is a little outrageous. Overall, great product. Feels great, works well and all the right buttons in all the right places.
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