Canon G9 G11 G12? Help?!? So I'm hoping some wise folks here will help me out. I saw some pics taken by a friend with a Canon Powershot G9 in a Wp Dc21 underwater housing, and they're really impressive. Looks like the housing is $169 but the camera is $1199?? I am told this camera has one (or maybe more) underwater modes.

Amazons recomending the newer G11 which is considerably less at $450-ish. Upon researching reviews, I see an announcement made yesterday by Canon about the G12, due out next month with 720p / HD video recording capabilities for about $50 more than the G11.

Can anyone tell me if they know if the G11 or G12 has the same underwater modes as the G9? And any guess as to when an underwater housing would be released for the G12?

I have a snorkeling trip coming up in December and I'm very seriously considering either the G11 or G12 if I can make it work.

All ideas and opinions welcome. Help me please!


Thank you!
asked by C. Zuras on September 15, 2010
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So I answered part of my own question. According to Adorama, there is both an aquarium and underwater mode. Yea!

Now I just have to find out WHEN the housing would be released. The press release does mention it as an optional accessory.
C. Zuras answered on September 15, 2010
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