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VINE VOICEon January 20, 2009
In addition to the one that came with the 5D Mark II, I also bought a separate one to fill the second bay in the BG-E6 Vertical Grip.

My initial experience with the battery was less than stellar -- if you are currently disappointed with the battery capacity (especially if it's new), hear me out.

After the first charge out of the box, the single battery lasted about a day with maybe 100 RAW shots and a couple of minutes worth of 1080p video. VERY disappointing to say the least. But here's the thing -- it really needs to go through a couple of full cycles (full discharge, full charge) before it reaches its peak capability.

At the time of my last charge, I had shot well over 2700 RAW frames on two batteries -- and both of those batteries each reported 60% charge remaining at that point.

Which brings me to the reporting features. If you are buying this as a second battery, then you are probably already aware of this, but the battery will report its charge level (with a 1% resolution), battery recharge performance, and number of shutter actuations since last charge. The 5D Mark II can then display this information on its Battery Info screen.

With two LP-E6's installed (via the BG-E6 Vertical Grip), the 5D Mark II will register both of the batteries and list their statistics simultaneously in the Battery Info screen. The Shutter Count numbers even operate independently. For example, after a long day of shooting (over 1500 frames), the Battery Info screen told me that Battery 1 was responsible for 806 frames, while Battery 2 was responsible for 746 frames. At this point, the batteries still showed a 78% charge on each one.

Also notable is the fact that the number of shutter actuations for each battery does NOT reset when the battery is removed. Its actuation count is saved, and if you later reinsert the battery (without charging it), the count will still be accurate for that battery. Once you charge the battery, the count is reset.

Finally, as a word of warning: At the time of this review (Jan 20, 2009), the battery prices are ridiculous. Because of high demand, apparently some sellers feel justified in gouging their customers. The current price listed as of this writing is nearly US$200. I bought my second battery before demand went through the roof, and I paid less than US$90 from a reputable Canon dealer. Keep that in mind when deciding where to purchase.
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VINE VOICEon May 17, 2011
I purchased directly from Amazon, not a third party seller, and I was stunned to receive a generic replacement instead of a genuine Canon LP-E6. This is NOT a Canon battery. It does not have a Canon logo as pictured, a stamped serial number, any indication of where it is made, or any brand name whatsoever. And the "retail packaging" is a plastic bag. If you actually want to buy a non-Canon replacement, there are much cheaper options that actually have brand names. Steer clear of this one.

Edit (5/19/2011): Amazon has apparently made kind of a mess of this. I can't find another listing that looks anything like a genuine Canon LP-E6 battery. If you look closely enough at the description for this one (which I obviously didn't do the first time), it reads like spam and clearly did not come from Canon. HOWEVER, two items to note are 1) Amazon seems to have pulled their own seller listing these last few bad reviews, so maybe they're trying to fix this, and 2) some reputable third party sellers are using this listing for the genuine Canon battery. I ordered from one that I knew well, and I received the real thing today--packaging, logo, serial number, and all. If you want the real deal, look for a third party seller on this listing that says it's a genuine Canon, and maybe that they're an authorized reseller for good measure. I changed my star rating from 1 to 3 to average out the 1 that remains for the generic battery I got from Amazon and the 5 for the genuine Canon from another reseller. Caveat emptor.
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on October 14, 2010
Please be aware that the Marketplace seller from whom I purchased this battery sold me a counterfeit battery. This battery is frequently counterfeited and does nothing to stop the practice. This reseller is crooked, and uses a large number of different aliases to rip-off unsuspecting consumers. It is sad to see that is complicit in this criminal behavior.

If you don't believe me, search the internet for the address that the seller is using: 3522 Flatlands Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. Interestingly enough, another camera business by the name of Fumfie also sold/sells camera equipment from the same Brooklyn storefront. Fumfie has a Better Business Bureau rating of 'F'.

Here is what other customers of Fumfie have had to say about this seller:

"This is NOT a reputable seller."

upon receiving my camera today i saw it to be a "Grey market camera" i called Nikon and they didn't even have a record of this camera. i then called and spoke with a gentleman from fumfi company that proceeded to blow a gust of wind up my ass the size of Dorthy's tornado... "

"'TOTAL CROOKS' AND WILL NOT ANSWER MY next step is to get the law involved.."

"In the end, it turns out that Fumfie is attempting to do what all the other scamming camera shops do: sell you overpriced accessories and force shipping insurance on you in order to make up for the advertised cheaper camera body."

Sunset Electronics also uses the same phone number as, and Care to guess why a small store uses so many different aliases? Well, let's see what people have to say about

"Seems like fraud company, people read the reviews before jumping into it."

"canon hf s200 is shown 689 in the site, but i was charged 762. Avoid these buggers like plague."

And on and on and on. These people are criminals. Do not buy from them.
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on July 6, 2013
I've trusted Amazon as my go-to online "Super Store", but I let my guard down, and I didn't take the time to go to an Authorized Canon Dealer/Retailer. I also did not inspect my purchase upon delivery. It is now two weeks beyond the expiration date, and I cannot return the counterfeit batteries for a refund. The batteries ARE counterfeit, according to the information on Canon's official website. The counterfeit batteries I bought were the same price as the batteries sold by B&H and Adorama. Expensive lesson learned...only buy from Authorized Dealers/Retailers, inspect your items upon delivery, and promptly return counterfeit items! Canon LP-E6 Battery Pack for Select Canon Digital SLR Cameras - Retail Packaging
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VINE VOICEon May 20, 2011
To be fair, this situation exists because Canon wants $60 for a $30 battery. Genuine Nikon batteries with the same functions and capacity are around $35 and as far as I know there is no problem with counterfeits--it's just not worth bothering. But $60 for an item that costs maybe $5-$10 to produce is just too tempting. The good news is that this battery absolutely will not damage your camera. Why? Well, for starters, it doesn't quite fit. (It's also made from a different kind of plastic, covered in fingerprints, and so on.)
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on May 4, 2014
I purchased this battery as a backup to my Canon 7D thinking that it was original Canon battery. Initially it worked like the Canon battery that came with my camera but it recently died. But my original Canon battery is working just fine. To replace this knockoff battery, I purchased a new LP-E6 battery from Adorama. This one is original Canon. Here is how to tell the knockoff from the original...these are my observations. First look at the battery label. The Canon original batteries will have a stamped date code...not an ink stamp, but impressed onto the label. The knockoff battery has no such marking. Second, the marking for CE, 'do not throw in trash" and the PCT marking on the original Canon battery is etched in the housing mold (tool) and is visible on the battery on the top side where the contacts are. On the knockoff version, these marking are on the main label, and not on the plastic housing. It is cheaper to mark the label instead of etching the housing mold. Lastly, the battery contacts that interface with the contacts in the camera are gold plated in the original Canon battery, but on the knockoff version, these contacts are nickel plated.

If you don't care about buying the original Canon battery and are happy with the 3rd party battery, I don't see any reason why you should pay the full price of an original Canon battery for a knockoff version...might as well buy the original. Instead by the 3rd party batteries that are typically half the price.
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on September 16, 2009
This Battery has lasted longer than my previous batteries for my other dslr which was the bp-511 and I had used it for about 3 hours shooting video before i had to switch
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VINE VOICEon July 11, 2014
Please watch my video on how to tell from a genuine and fake Canon LP-E6 battery.

Here's what to look out for and be extra cautious about:

1. The packaging SHOULD BE GLUED and SEALED. You're definitely going to have to RIP IT OPEN! If it slides out easily and you can put it back in and be none the wiser, it is a MAJOR RED FLAG.

2. Check the Hologram. The Genuine Canon Hologram, when viewing from different angles, should have a big CANON in the center, while tiny prints of the word "Canon" and "Genuine" can distinctly be seen individually depending on the angle. The COUNTERFEIT version just looks more FLAT and the "Canon" and "Genuine" words do not distinctly show on its own.

If you watch my video, you'll definitely see the difference and get a better picture. It is a dead giveaway. Canon's website even has a simulated image of the genuine Hologram and it should look exactly like that.

3. There should be an instruction MANUAL (yes even for a battery) [watch my video] INCLUDED in the package. If you didn't get one, that's another sign of counterfeit.

4. Check the battery code. You can access your camera's menu and select "Battery Info" and press your info button, you should see the battery's unique code. If you see just a 7-digit code and especially the numbers "bca8a8d" then it is definitely a red flag. Each battery should have a unique ID, but since fake ones are simply cloned, you would end up with something like that. Oddly, I also bought an Energizer brand of LP-E6 battery from Staples and the ID was bca8a8d, which was also shocking to me. It should usually be 8 digits. (If it's not, check for other signs that I've written)

Some other observations:
- The date stamp font on the genuine one is smaller than on the counterfeit one
- On the back of the packaging, my counterfeit one says "3347B001[AA]", whereas my genuine version packaging says 3347B001[BA]
- Ironically, the counterfeit versions says on the back of the packaging "Canon Inc. Made in Japan" (although on the fake battery itself, it says Made in China), whereas the genuine one says "Canon INC. Made in China" on both the packaging and battery.
- On the back of the packaging for the counterfeit one, where it says "Recycle" and has the number "1.800.822.8837" the font is inconsistent where some numbers and letters are bolder than the rest.
- On the front plastic part of the packaging, it says "PET" in the middle of the bottom; it should be a thin font, but the counterfeit one looks really big and ugly.

This battery is heavily being counterfeited everywhere. Be sure you are buying from an authorized dealer. Even if you are ordering from Amazon, there are also third party Marketplace sellers, so MAKE SURE it states "Ships from and sold by"

Counterfeit versions are becoming more and more similar that it's going to require careful attention to spot them other than just obvious misspellings; I've seen the fake LP-E6 batteries where RECYCLE is mispelled as RECYDLE with a "D". However, other counterfeits aren't so obvious right away. I'm very critical about little details, but I would not have been 100% positive if I received a real or fake one if it wasn't for the battery code -- and then later ordering the real thing from Amazon and comparing the packaging and everything side by side. I'm sure there are hundreds of people out there receiving and using counterfeit battery and not even know it. Again, to be safe, you should always buy from a reputable company.

Any seller can still claim and sell the item to be genuine, especially with these counterfeit versions looking so similar to the real thing down to the packaging, but you're definitely taking chances.

If the price is too good to be true, it probably is; you should be extra careful.

If you have this knowledge now, you know what to look out for. Canon grips are also being counterfeited (I've had bad experience with that too!), so just always remember, you get what you pay for.
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on August 31, 2013
As an owner of two genuine canon lpe6 batteries I can add to the many positive reviews praising its overall performance. Unfortunately, I can also attest to the numerous reviews reporting counterfeit, third party lpe6 units being sold as genuine canon batteries. Having bought two in July of 2013 directly from amazon, it wasn't until well after the return period that I discovered the batteries weren't real. As a long time amazon customer, I highly recommend purchasing this specific item directly from the canon website. At this point, there is simply no way of determining just how may fakes are potentially being sold, even among reputable sellers such as amazon.
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on March 19, 2011
ordered Canon LP-E6 Battery Pack but the seller sent me the duplicate battery pack claiming it as original
canon battery.
paid $44.00 for this duplicate battery. be careful before buying from this seller.

original canon battery that came with canon 7d gives 450 images for 40% for battery lifetime
and the battery that is sold by this seller gives 2 images for 50% for battery.
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