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4.7 out of 5 stars
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on July 24, 2006
After years of manual flash macro work, recently in digital format with extension tubes on the Canon 100mm macro lens, I decided to cast a onsiderable sum of money at this twin light. Where I used to struggle just to get the correct exposure, now I'm able to concentrate on background (no night-looking flash fall-off anymore) and on modeling the light -- including little shiny aphids tended by ants! If you're serious about great macro work -- this is the flash to have.

I was worried about breaking the hot-shoe mount with rough field work, but the 45 degree angle of the mount adds stability. Even so, I bent up an aluminum strap bracket in my shop that surrounds the camera and flash -- a camera "roll bar."

There's a bit of a learning curve -- but when I tried manually setting the aperature (f22 is my lens's "sweet spot") and a shutter speed of 1/200 -- ISO 100 -- all of the exposures were perfect, because the ETTL function "dials in" the foregrand and background appropriately. I've used the same manual settings for just the macro lens, and for many variations of one to three extension tubes.

I've retired my 25 year-old Cokin flash unit that has served me so well with guess-timate exposures.
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on November 28, 2008
I do a lot of macro photography in the lab (mostly for forensic engineering work). While I was able to do a pretty decent job with enough available light and my 580EX, there were times that didn't work...and I missed some important shots; but not with the MT-24EX. The flexibility and versatility of this flash unit makes it the "one" to have for macro work. The ability to remove one or both flash heads and aim them right where you want is a terrific feature.

There are times when I have to capture moving subjects, and the high speed sync function works great when you need to push a faster shutter speed but still keep the fill flash ability. And as one of the other reviewers mentioned, you can set this flash for either master or slave mode; works great with my 580EX as a slave unit. I continue to be astounded by the quality of macro photos produced with this flash.

Bottom line: if you're serious about macro work, this flash is a must have.

Canon 50D, Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro USM, Canon EF25 extension tube
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on July 13, 2011
The best macro flash on the market! With patience to learn to use is the best option.

Hello! (sorry for my English)

I have this flash for 4 months and have no hesitation in recommending it as one of the best macro flash in the market. Yes, it is much more expensive than its brother, the MR 14, but well worth it for its easy to configure in many ways and so achieve a professional lighting for any macro shooting. Do not be fooled, is not an easy to use flash. The learning curve can be slow, according to the abilities of each user, but once you learn to use, the results are amazingly.

It's a good idea to think about the use of some accessories to change the light, which is usually very strong without the use of additional diffusers. In my case, some were bought right here on Amazon, and others did in my photo-studio. I will upload photos as soon as I can, to show how they were made.

I am sorry for the friend "Zafar", but he should read much more before they spend money on something that was not what he needed, and it's not just that they qualified with 3 stars just for their own ignorance.

If macro photography is your area of ''work, do not hesitate to buy this flash, the extra money is well justified if you consider the things mentioned here, and you can read in other reviews.

Sincerely, Frank!
review image review image review image review image review image
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on May 23, 2013
Yes, this is a top-end flash, but Canon sure makes it difficult to use on all but their standard macro lens. I was coming from an Opteka RL-600 E-TTL II Macro Twin Ring Lite Flash, and the transition was frustrating. First of all, the Opteka starts out to fit any 77mm filter size and provides adapters for smaller lenses. With step-down adapters, the Opteka will fit virtually any lens. This Canon starts out at only a 58mm filter size, which means that larger lenses will be blocked by the ring, and that's a really poor design choice. This rig could double as a fill flash on many lenses, not just macro, if only the design allowed for it.

Knowing that going in, I assumed that this would still fit any lens with a 58mm filter size. Not so. It only fits the original, non-L, non-IS 100mm macro lens. (In order to fit the "L" macro lens you are asked to buy a $40 adapter which is little more than a step-up ring which should only cost about $5.) I had assumed it would fit the new Tamron 90mmm Macro VC lens, because that lens has the same 58mm filter size as the original Canon 100mm macro. But no, the clamps on this ring are designed ONLY to fit the Canon. I had to buy a different $15 adapter which then allows this to fit any lens with a 58mm filter.

Once I had that annoyance straightened out, it's down to the performance of the unit itself. There are two main modes, an ETTL mode which sets the brightness of the flash automatically, and a manual mode which allows you to set the brightness. The ETTL mode is easier to start with because you can adjust the flash compensation in your camera. Still, getting the right balance of flash and background light is difficult. You will need to experiment, and should be comfortable using the M (for Manual) mode on your camera.

The main problem with macro flash is that the light drop-off is very dramatic and at the default settings you will get a well-lit subject with a very dark or even completely black background. This may be what you want for some photos but you will quickly tire of this look as it is not natural looking at all. This combines with the fact that the light from the flashes is too harsh and what you end up with is a very sharp but very artificial looking photograph.

There are two ways to improve upon this and achieve more pleasing, natural-looking photos. The first is to use a diffuser to soften the light. I got some custom-built ones from the UK on the auction site. Secondly, you have to find a way to light your background. There are several ways to do this. You can remove one of the flashes and manually aim it at the background. This is difficult to do with only two hands. You can utilize sunlight, a slave flash or a light on a stand to light the background. You can use a slower shutter speed to capture more background light. You can turn up the ISO and turn down the flash compensation. You can also add some fill light in post. Or you can use a combination of these. There are all techniques that you will need to explore on your own to achieve the look that you're after.

This is a well-built but overpriced unit that is capable of very good lighting of macro subjects, but only if you are willing to take the time to do some customization, manual exposure adjustments, and background lighting. I don't like the fact that Canon forces you to very limited choices of lenses, but now that the Opteka RL-600 is no longer available this is essentially the only twin light true flash rig available for Canon.
review image
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on May 9, 2013
The twin macro flash allows you to light your subject with two strobes which can be set at different intensity, allowing a beautiful game of shadows to fall on your subject. The twin lights can rotate around the ring that is installed in your lens. Each head can also rotate left/right around its own axis, as well as up/down. It is also possible to detach the lights from the ring and position them anywhere, which is easier to make if you use a <A HREF="">DUAL-ARM Macro Flash Bracket Mount For Canon camera Nikon R1C1 flashgun Black</A>, which is a nice add-on. Without that accessory this flash lights attach directly to a <A HREF="">Canon MP-E 65mm</A>. If you wish to use this flash with a <A HREF=">"Canon 100mm f2.8L Macro lens</A>, you need a <A HREF="">Canon Macrolite Adaptor</A>, to use the flash attached to the lens.

I use this flash with both the Canon MP-E65mm and the Canon 100mm f2.8L lenses with great results. My macro photography improved up to a certain level, when I then noticed that in order to go further I needed a macro flash I ordered this unit. I could then push my skills further. I highly recommend this unit over the <A HREF="">Canon MT-14EX</A> macro flash, as the MT-24EX allows the lights to be moved around, while the MT-14EX can only rotate around the lens. If you do not need to move your lights other than around your lens, however, the MT-14EX is a great flash unit! Other difference is that the guide number for the MT-24EX is higher than that for the MT-14EX, which translates to an ability to light subjects that are farther away. In the macro world, however, that just means the possibility to have a stronger blast of light if needed.

This is, as of today, the best macro flash unit you can get from Canon.
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on May 21, 2008
What a great Macro/Close-up flash. The flash works great lens mounted or by romoving one or both of the heads (they also have tripod mounts on them). This makes this flash so versatile. Excellent Canon quality and performance. Ettl works flawless with my Rebel XTi! It is also able to control a slave and I believe it can also be used as a slave. I couldn't be happier with this flash!
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on April 5, 2012
I opted for this model over the MT-14 because I liked the option of adjusting the position of the flashes independently of each other giving maximum control over the final image. I found it very easy to use and felt comfortable with it right away even though I really don't use flash lighting, I strongly prefer natural light. Macro photography often requires the additional light though, so I was happy to find one that's so easy to use. Just one warning, if you have the 100mm with IS then you mst buy an adapator ring in order to make it work. That's annoying but not a ding against the flash since it was released before the 2nd gen 100mm macro.
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on June 6, 2013
I find this Speedlite an essential complement to my MP-E 65mm. I'd give it five stars but for two admittedly minor (but irksome) features. The first is the screw-down 'locking' ring to attach the unit to the camera hot shoe. It would be such an improvement to have the lock-lever found on the 580 EXII and 430EXII Speedlites. The second is it lacks the select dial like the 580EXII. At the price this flash system demands, these refinements seem not that much to ask, and would make things much easier in the field. Still, the MT-24EX is a must-have complement to the MP-E 65mm Macro, and has worked very well for me. In all other aspects, it's a five-star performer. I've not used it on any other lens.
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on March 28, 2009
As a twin flash, this works and helps take great macro photos. It provides better light control with individually adjustable twin lights. In addition it can control a third light (such as canon's standard flashes). The third light can be very useful in exposing the background.

It has sturdy build and works with easily replaceable 4 AA batteries.

However it falls short on many fronts as I would expect much better from such an expensive flash light.

1. The twin lights are not wireless, nor can the wires be disconnected. Those thick cords are fixed. It is a nightmare to store it and when I need only one light, I can not completely disable one light. I have to leave one light dangling or hold it with my hand pointing in opposite direction.

2. No AF Assist! I can use modeling light, but it does not have enough range, and the AF assist will be much more helpful as it provides a much easier pattern for AF assist.

3. Very poorly designed lens adapter. Basically the mounting adapter is designed for 58mm. The 72mm adapter does not replace 58mm fitting, it is just a step-up to fit the 58mm opening onto a 72mm lens. So the 72mm lens is still covered by a 58mm opening. It obviously causes too much vignetting unless one is focusing really really close. In addition there is no adapter for any other lens size.

Basically this flash symbolizes Canon's arrogance. We are limited to using this flash only for canon's intended purpose, with canon's intended lens, and in canon's intended ways. Nikon's system is cheaper and has none of these limitations.

Unfortunately however I have no choice but to recommend this unit as there are no other viable options for Canon users.
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on October 10, 2013
Great macro flash. Very versatile with the adjustable flash heads that rotate and tilt. Plus each flash head is removable and can be hand held in any position. I first bought the Canon ring flash but was too limited on where I could aim the flash head. Returned the ring flash and bought this one. Clamps on 58mm lens without adapters (old 100mm macro 2.8 lens). Need a special adapter for the newer 100mm 2.8 II lens.
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