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on May 10, 2013
Got this yesterday and like it, had Canon PowerShot A2300 IS 16.0 MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom (Black) before. Just to note, PowerShot A2500 is an entry-level pocket camera which is very similar to PowerShot A2300: 16-megapixel 1/2.3" sensor, DiGiC 4 processor, and 5x zoom 28mm wide angle lens, 2.7" LCD. Even 720p HD video capabilities are the same.


1. What really distinguishes it from its predecessor is Smart Auto Mode recognizing 32 shooting environments and adjusts settings for better quality. It automatically selects the best shooting settings for optimal quality based on the environmental factors (lightning I guess) to provide point'n'shoot simplicity.

2. 16.0 Megapixels, with loads of resolution pictures are still clear. High resolution is also good for producing biggest printouts.

3. 5x Optical Zoom is sufficient in most cases.

4. DIGIC 4 Image Processor. Not as fast as DIGIC 5 though fast and powerful enough to give you advanced system options, provide quick-shoot with reliable performance and low battery consumption. As far as I know DIGIC 4 is currently Canon's most efficient processor for budget cameras. BTW it has some Eco mode, that is said to be providing even faster warm-up times and saves the standard battery, but I haven't tested it yet.

5. Very lightweight, just put it into your pocket, can take it everywhere.

6. Price tag - $99. You can't get any better camera for the price.


1. Like A2300 it lacks optical image stabilization, though it's got digital image stabilization.

2. 1/2.3" sensor. Well, entry level CCD providing good pictures, not of a DSLR quality, that's all I can say.


Sure this is not the best camera in the world. I definitely knew it when I bought the camera. BUT, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of pictures I shot.

If you're like me (not a pro) and looking for a budget point-and-shoot camera taking family photos and events, mostly shoot in daylight or good lighting, I'd definitely recommend it, taking into account its price tag of $99 - just about right.
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on July 16, 2013
This is my 6th point and shoot (P&S) camera in 9 years, ranging in price from $200-$300. I have had 1 Bell & Howell, 3 Nikons and this is my 2nd Canon P&S camera. The last 2 P&S cameras I had I literally wore out by taking so many pictures. I bought this as a second camera for my husband (who doesn't usually take pictures) to use when he goes hunting with my son. I chose a Canon because I have a Canon DSLR and love it. I also wanted an inexpensive camera, because I thought it would sit on the shelf for most of the year. Of course it did not come with a memory card, as I have yet to buy any camera that does.

To test this camera, after shooting indoors for a bit, I took it to the park. Luckily, what started out as a sunny day turned cloudy, allowing me to test the camera in different lighting. This is a typical low priced P&S camera. Like all P&S cameras, this one performs best in bright, outdoor lighting. However, the ease of use and quality of pictures for the small price tag makes this a good buy. This is one of the better P&S cameras I have had.

Although no instruction manual was in the box (other than the very basics), it was easy to figure out how to manually set this camera, which is a must for me. I liked the fact that it has a PROGRAM setting, which allows me to set a program manually. Even if I switch to another setting, it saves my manual settings, allowing me to switch back and forth between settings. That was great when I tested it, because the lighting went from sunny to cloudy and back again. I could easily switch from AUTO to LANDSCAPE to PROGRAM (my manually programmed settings) and back, depending on lighting and activity, all while holding my 6 month old. The pictures I took while holding my baby (who was trying to grab the camera) of my 4 other children who were riding a moving train turned out surprisingly good. I also manually adjusted the ISO to 1600 and took some shots while holding my squirming baby, and the pictures were not as noisy as I thought they would be.

This is a great camera for the price. I would definitely recommend it for anyone, especially those who are ready to do some manual adjustments to get better pictures, but not ready to spend a lot of money. I am glad I bought this camera, and I am happy because I think I will actually use it more than I originally thought!
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on March 27, 2014
The Cannon POWER SHOT A2500 is advertised as a POINT AND SHOOT so I was researching the camera for my own needs. I had a Panasonic HM-TA2 that was great for simple point and shoot shots but this winter it was destroyed in an accidental crushing ( don't ask ). The Panasonic was basically Point and shoot with not much more to change, only a few options, it's only down fall was the battery is not replaceable.
I wanted to find an inexpensive POINT AND SHOOT and this camera caught my eye. You really need to look at what they are saying or even look at the USER MANUAL to understand this camera.

POINT AND SHOOT - Yes, in AUTO MODE, this is a very good point and shoot camera. There is little you need to do but aim the camera. Even movie mode has a button just for filming movies and yes, point and shoot movies.

The camera has an actual 5 power OPTICAL zoom and then it can go up to 15 power DIGITALLY. The quality is good with the optical zoom and the digital zoom can be from good to not the best but remember it all depends on light conditions, distance and if you zoom the picture up, you need to be absolutely STILL, no shaking or movements.

BUT if you want a POINT AND SHOOT that you can address some of the picture processes, this one allows you to make changes as well, this is where the USER MANUAL will become very useful. This camera allows different settings from setting the telephoto lens, self timer timing to different optic image results.
In all honesty, this is a lot of camera, for the price, for a point and shoot and with the option to be able to adjust your camera to your needs blows away any basic point and shoot camera.

The camera itself is very small and when off, the lens will stow away into the body automatically and you can easily place it in your pocket. The weight of the camera is light so you are not uncomfortable lugging around a heavy camera, a plus if you are on vacation.

I like the fact that the battery is replaceable, allowing the use of extra batteries and the memory cards can be exchanged with extreme ease.

Ok, what you get, you get the camera in a box, a battery charger and a battery. You may think it is strange that the memory card is not included, but there are too many choices out there to select a good memory card and be clear on this, there is NO MEMORY built into the camera. YOU MUST PURCHASE A MEMORY CARD TO TAKE A SINGLE SHOT. There are several class of memory cards and unless you plan to use the rapid fire picture taking ( 10 shots rapid fire ), a class 4 would do. Other wise and keeping budding movie directors in mind, class 10 would be a great choice for MOVIE recording.
You also do not get any cords. This one I didn't really understand. There are two cords you might need. One to connect the camera to the computer, and if you care to, one to connect the camera to the TV.
You also do not get an outside power adaptor but there is a place on the cam to plug one in.
The camera is interesting in low light shots and the cam has a small flash built in good for close shots. There is an optional HIGH POWER FLASH available to buy if you feel you need that kind of distance from a flash unit.

All in all before you run out and buy all the accessories that you may not need, use the camera and get used to it and then determine what you need. You will need to download the user manual from the Cannon site and then spend time learning how to use the options. Again, if all you want is a good point and shoot, you'll hardly ever look at the User Manual but if you want to play with the options, the USER MANUAL is your friend.

Look for the best price but also consider the accessories you need to get just to make the camera functional and buy the best deal. I found a site where the camera was dirt cheap but the accessories boost the price way too high.

Whether you POINT AND SHOOT or want to adjust your camera to the shots, this camera can help you with your shots. Also look at the illustrations on UTUBE for a better idea. also, search the web for the Canon A2500 REVIEWs where individuals and review agencies have actually taken the camera out to see what it will do. Where they show pictures that this came has taken, they all look GREAT!

For those coming from a camera like I had, this one would seem a bit over board for Point and Shoot but after you take a few shots in AUTO mode, it is as easy as pushing the button.
It is a nice choice for a simple camera and a good choice for a starter camera for those who like to make adjustments or are new to the camera field. There are other cameras out there, My review is only about the Canon PowerShot A2500.
This review was made on 03 27 2014
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on September 3, 2013
The camera takes excellent pictures and videos, the price... you can't go wrong. I just wish it came with a cable as well to transfer pictures to my PC, instead of having to remove the SD card. This does not come with a memory card, i bought a "Transcend 16GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card (TS16GSDHC10E)" together with this and it works well. The camera is very lightweight, and does not look nor feel as though it can withstand any small fall for shock impact, so be careful with it.

Ok an edit to my review: I just tried taking pictures of the moon and venus phenomena (08-09-13) and i realized that this camera zoomed up to 16times! Not just up to x5! After x5 it kept going, x8...x10....x16! I got an awesome pic at x16 of the moon and the planet.
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on June 5, 2013
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on April 25, 2013
This is my first digital camera and it's so easy even I can take great pictures. I especially like that I can take stills and videos with the same camera. I highly recommend this camera.
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on July 16, 2013
I am a fan of Canon Camera's, and have an older version of the Canon Rebel. However although I really bought this camera for my wife, I do enjoy taking it with me when I am out myself. It is easy to slip into the pocket, and quick to get ready to take a photo. The quality of the photos is brilliant. The colors are so vivid, and real. The Auto-focus is perhaps the best that I have seen is a compact digital camera. The screen shows what points the camera is focusing on, so you know instantly your subject is in focus - of it you need to re-frame your image.Most importantly the actual photo taking is quick. Some digital cameras will blur when the subject moves at the point the photo is taking, because of the delay in processing the photo onto your memory card. I've not had any such problems with this camera.I would recommend this camera to serious photographers who, like me just like to carry a camera everywhere they go. Or as a 1st camera for someone new to digital photography.
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on June 19, 2013
As a long time Canon compact camera user my favorite new features on the A2500 are...
The Canon PowerShot A2500 does not just stop at taking images but is rather adept at handling videos as well. It is capable of producing 720p HD files at the touch of a button. One of the thoughtful things about this camera is the inclusion of the movie button. You do not have to fidget about with all sorts of controls in order to get the video going. Rather you go back to that simple button and the rest is history.

Another nice feature is that this product is newly minted with an ECO mode which is designed to reduce the power consumption on your camera.

The Canon brand has made cameras its specialty and the Canon PowerShot A2500 holds true to type. This model brings out all the features that you would expect of a camera of its class but has the added advantage of making it easier for the consumer to access those features. In other words you get the best of both worlds with a great camera and easy usage.

There are no major surprises with the Canon PowerShot A2500. It is a great camera that does what it says on the box.

If you are looking for the next model up check out the Canon SD330 as it has another level of features and quality.
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on May 24, 2013
Bought this little camera at Wal-Mart for 99.00. Very pleased as a amateur photographer just wanting the occasional picture to put on my computer. Thanks to Canon. They make good products.
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i bought the powershot for a class reunion weekend and it excelled! it gave me several hundred of the nicest photos i've ever taken and i cant wait to take it out and take some more photos! a couple videos too that also was very easy to do. what i really like about the powershot is you can SEE the photos right as you take it, so say one was blurry due to new user error. it shows you the photo and you can say right away " nope try again" that was VERY handy along with showing people thier photos in case they wanted a try #2. same with erasing very easy.
before i bought this i knew nothing about Digital cameras, the last one i had was a film camera ten years ago. so this was my first digital camera purchase, and what a brilliant purchase it was, the amazon reviews and basic instructions were enough to know what i need and how use it, you must have a photo memory card ( not sent with the camera so when it says do you want the package YES you do!) and you must charge the battery beforehand and check it, if you are away from home make sure you take the battery charger and if you've used it alot check the battery i forgot to do that and the third night i couldnt take photos. it warned me.. i just thought.. nah.. it will be okay. ( nope but once it charged it was fine) but not only was it easy for me to take clear wonderful photos of my reunion weekend, it was easy for my friends taking photos with it too to just use it as well. the automatic sensing flash was nice too. the digital uploads of the photos ( with separate purchase of the cable) also could not have been easier. i also liked the little bag that came with the package. it had a nice belt clip. also if i didnt have a belt loop it was very easy to tuck in my pocket and not have to schlump a large camera and case along. it was dropped by accident on a hardwood floor and kept on going with no problems. everybody went oh no! and i was like nope! its good! say cheese!
the price couldnt have been nicer also.. very pleased with my new Canon Powershot!
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