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on November 29, 2001
This is a great digital camera. Many digital camera reviews that you'll read will talk about how great digital cameras are <i>in general</i> (which they are), but I can tell you that this is an excellent model. I recently traveled to Russia and Finland, and took this camera alone, and was very pleased.
Compared to other cameras:
+ The size. It's so small, and feels dense and solid in the hand. It'll fit in your pocket (jeans, even), and that's one of the best features of all. This is a camera that you can carry anywhere.
+ The images. They are clear and color balance is good.
+ The battery. It's rechargeable, so pictures are truly free. The charger is small and travels well. Some folks say that it runs out too quickly; I haven't had that problem. Some cameras require AA batteries.
+ The lens cover. It's built in and automatic, so you don't have to fool around.
+ The zoom. It has one (optical), which is good for framing pictures the way you want.
+ The cycle time. This camera will take a picture about once every two seconds, which is plenty. Some cameras have a longer cycle time that borders on inconvenient.
+ The choice of features. This camera has the features that you need. Don't waste money on digital zoom, lame image pre-processing, or sound clips. And forget about the short, jerky movie clips. Just take great photos.
Here are some relatively minor irritations:
- My viewfinder doesn't center on the image. So, I got in the habit of using the LCD display to view the shot.
- The USB port cover is a flimsy piece of rubber.
- You need to hold the 'on' button down for longer than feels necessary.
- To get good color balance, you'll want to set the camera setting for clouds, sun, or indoors, depending on the shot. No joke.
Here are some comments based on other reviews that I read:
o Some people thought that the flash was too weak. I think it's fine.
o Some people said that the camera gets too hot. It does get pretty warm, but it's fine.
o Some people said that the interface was confusing. It's not exactly great, but I think it's acceptable.
o If you're going to throw away your 35mm like me, then you'll probably want to buy a spare battery and definitely at least a 64 MB card (minimum). 64 MB gets you 102 pictures at medium resolution. That's like having three rolls of film, which barely got me through a two-week trip. I found that I took more pictures with this camera than with my 35mm - even though I could delete the bad ones - because it's small, it's fun, and they're free. No more $50 developing charges after each trip.
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on June 5, 2001
The next in the ultra-compact line of Canon Digital Elph cameras is finally shipping... and it's WAY cool! Building on the success of the S100 and S300 predecessors, the new digital Elph delivers improved picture quality, battery performance, and adds support for short segment videos. Fotunately, Canon didn't mess with the rugged (and, yes, cool looking!) appearance - the S110 looks nearly identical the the S100.
My only confusion is with the differences between the new S110 and the S300 model released earlier this year. The S300 has a better optical zoom and is ever so slightly larger and heavier. The S300 also inexplicably adds a plastic ring around the lens which disrupts the sleek appearance of the otherwise all metal case. The S300 is also a quite a bit more expensive. It seems like the new S110 is a better deal unless you really need the extra optical zoom.
The 8MB compact flash memory included with the S110 is almost insulting for a camera in this price range - Canon should be including at least a 16MB card. I recommend you consider adding a 64MB or 128MB card as an option if your budget permits. There are some excellent deals out there on compact flash memory right now. Be careful, the S110 only accepts Type 1 cards.
If you're looking for a digital camera that you can carry with you, and you're OK with the 2.11 megapixel resolution, I suggest you add the S110 to your short list.
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on June 13, 2001
I researched and researched for my 1st Digi-Ca. I wanted something compact so that I can carry anywhere, easy to use, and has good photo quality. I narrowed my choice to Sony P1, Canon powershot S300, and S110. After 3 weeks of researching, I decided not to go for Sony P1 due to various complaints in user sites. The S300 and S110 are both compact and easy to use, and share the same CCD so there is no difference in photo quality. These are the difference I found: 1. The S300 is about $50-$100 more expensive. 2. The S300 has 3x optical zoom, while S110 has only 2x. 3. The S300 is not truly pocketable, compared to the tiny S110.
Money was not a problem for me, so the deciding point was 3x zoom or ultra-portability. I went to Bestbuy and Circuit City to compare 3x zomm and 2x, and found out that there is only a minimal difference. (Just a step forward makes it 3x) And also, I found S110 has better macro ability than S300. (Macro is the ability to take close-up pics.) I ordered S110; if I'm not satisfied with it, I was going to return it and get S300. However, I'm so happy with it now, I am a keeper now. The S300 is a great camera, but in my opinion S110 is better. Remember the reason you want to get a Canon digital ELPH is because of its ultra-portability.
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on July 22, 2001
I recently purchased the S-110 after having a film camera that I hadn't been using much in years. My first and primary concern was size - I wanted a camera that was small enough to carry around with me anywhere. This fit that bill well, and threw in a bunch of features that I love with it.
Positive points:
1. Extremely small - This camera is the perfect size. It's small enough to slip into your pocket and take into a bar or club (I got great pictures at a friend's birthday party at a club in SF), but it's large enough that you can easily hold it to take pictures.
2. Great quality - 2.1 megapixels is the sweet point for digital cameras. The quality looks good on the screen, and looks good printed. You may notice slight quality degradation if you try to enlarge a photo to 8.5x11.
3. Easy to use - Charge the battery and start clicking away. This camera is very easy to use, and you can hit the ground running with high quality pictures as soon as you've taken the time to charge your battery.
4. Rich feature set - This camera has a great set of features for people that want to do a little more with their camera. This includes short video clip recording (more a novelty than anything else), white balance control, zoom, etc. I love the photostitch feature! You can take multiple pictures and stitch them together at the end. The S-110 helps you line up the pictures when you're taking them by showing you a little strip of the last picture you took, and the software does a great job of hiding seams!
5. Good flash - I took pictures all night at a dark night club with no problems whatsoever.
6. Rich supporting software - Both the image organization/download and photo editing software are easy to use and fairly rich.
Negative points:
1. No included case - I'm spending a lot of money for this camera, I think they can/should throw in a $5 (cost) case with it.
2. Not much memory - Buy a 64MB or 128MB CompactFlash card. I went with the 128MB,and now I don't have to carry around an extra card with me.
3. Battery life - You'll need to buy a second battery to complement your extra memory. One battery will let you take about 50 pictures.
4. Poor zoom - Only 2x optical zoom (and another 2.5x digital zoom with loss of picture quality). The S-300 has more zoom, but you pay with a slightly larger camera body and a slightly higher price.
ADDED SIDENOTE (10/13/01): I noticed that another review claims that this product cannot be used with USB hubs or if you have another USB devices attached. This is not the case for me - I have my S110 connected to my PC through the built in USB hub on my USB Microsoft Natural keyboard. I also have a mouse connected to the keyboard. I'm having no problems at all.
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on June 16, 2001
I received this camera as a Father's Day gift (I guess I was extra-good this year!). It is indeed very cool. The pictures are nice, and 2.1 megapixels is plenty, trust me.
I've been a Nikon guy for a long time, and have invested many thousands in some good Nikon glass. And I resisted digital until I could somehow justify it.
It's the size of this camera which makes it so great. I mean, a digital camera won't take the place of a good film camera anytime soon, regardless of number of pixels. If you simply compare the lens size, the focus ranges, and, perhaps most importantly, the dynamic range, you'll quickly learn that digital still has a ways to go to catch up with film.
that's not to say that it doesn't have it's place: and snapshots are their place. You won't be blowing up your snapshots bigger than 5x7 (but ask yourself, when was the last time you actually blew up one of your pictures bigger than 5x7? Ever?) -- don't waste your money on a 3 megapixel.
But CAUTION: this film has an ISO equivalent of 100. That means it's like always having 100 speed film in it: no way to make it go faster. The flash is tiny, pretty wimpy (effective range is <10 feet) and RIGHT NEXT TO the lens. What does that mean: your inside, night time photos will be less-than-stellar with lots of redeye.
Hey, 100 speed film used to be the standard (and baseball games used to be played during the day), so it's not the end of the world. But anyone who says they're going to chuck their film camera for digital (especially this one) doesn't know how to use a film camera.
All the same, I love this little guy. I'm going to carry it with me when it's not practical to carry my "real" camera. And I'm going to take lots and lots of pictures (at "normal" compression) which will all go on my website and as desktop backgrounds. It's fun. That's what it's about.
Just try to lug around some Nikon 990 all the time: can't be done. That's why this camera rocks (for what it is).
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on November 22, 2001
I purchased this camera after returning a Nikon Coolpix 775. Unlike the Nikon, this Canon produces Great indoor pictures. The flash is great. Indoor pictures are true to color, and vivid. Outdoor pictures are picture perfect, even better than I expected for a 2.1 M pix camera. Even the movie mode is more than I expected although it will never replace a video camera. For quick movie clips it is just the thing. Be sure to have Quick Time to view the movies because so far it is the only program I have found that works with the cameras movie mode. Quick Time is a free download off the internet. Battery life is above expectations and recharge time is just around two hours. The only thing a person needs to add is a larger compact flash card. After owning a Nikon 900 and returning a Nikon 775 I am hooked with Canon. Its very small size easily fits in the shirt pocket and the metal case gives it a very well built feeling. It even came with a coupon for a free battery, sling bag and 16 meg compact flash card. If you are looking for a camera in this price range I can easily recommend this little beauty.
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on November 6, 2001
As a retail sales associate I get to examine and play with all of the neat toys that come out on the market. When the S110 was introduced I simply fell in love. With one exception, the size, quality and features were far and away superior to the competition. The price point reflected that and I was convinced I could never afford one.
Well, a recent series of events conspired to allow me to purchase the demo at a very reasonable price. I couldn't be happier. This is without a doubt the best digital camera for the general consumer on the market.
The one weak point in the whole package is the 8MB compact flash card. A larger card (considering the falling prices of digital media) would be welcome. But the current mail-in offer from Canon helps rectify that. Until January 31, 2002, Canon is offering a free 16MB card, case and battery with a mail-in coupon.
One of the features that I particularly like is the numbering system. The camera sequentially numbers the pictures without losing its place even if you reformat the card. That way you are not constantly forced to rename everything in you picture subdirectory every time you download from the camera (or compact flash card reader in my case).
If you are looking for a well built close to top end digital camera, this should be at the head of your list.
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on November 24, 2001
I have had this camera for close to four months now and have just returned from a trip to Europe. I can honestly say that this little camera has been a joy to carry around! The camera functions are very intuitive and operating the camera has never been easier! The images are crystal clear, and the MPEG videos are great. Even the sound captured was better than I had anticipated. The battery life wasn't a problem during my trip, although it would have been nice if this camera could take standard batteries as well.
All in all this is one fantastic camera. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who wants an ultra portable and pocketable camera without sacrificing picture quality. The only potential drawback is the 8 MB CF card that comes with the camera. I suggest purchasing a 128 MB CF card (I did!) so that you won't have to worry too much about the number of pictures you can take. Now... If Canon can come out with a 3-4 megapixel digital ELPH, that would be the ticket!
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on December 14, 2001
First off this camera rocks! (...)
Okay, lets face it even if you spent $1500 on a top of the line digital camera it will never compare to a $400 Film SLR camera. And that's what i realized when i went to purchase a digital camera. Size of camera/quality/price were the deciding factors. so using this criteria i didn't want a bulky digital camera that wouldn't fit in my pocket.
This ELPH turned out to produce extremely good resolution pictures. It has 3 resolutions and each resolution has 3 compression settings. I have hooked it up to both Mac and Wintel boxes with no problems. Plug and play is what this camera and software are all about. My friends were very impressed as well. there seems to be a large difference between 1 and 2 megapixel cameras. but the difference between 2 and 3 didn't appear to be as great. 2.1 megapixels are enough for most snap shots.
I tried out the 360 degree panorama feature and it really is amazing how the software stiched the shots together. Very easy. your mother could probably do it. it was seamless stitching. it blew me away.
Also it records movies with no stuttering. it saves them to the flash module in the AVI format. For a mac guy like me that was no problem AVI is compatible with any quicktime equipped Macintosh...and every mac comes with quicktime. The camera records sound too. but you cannot play back the movie with sound because there is no built in speaker. don't worry the sound is there and will easily download to your computer.
One caveat, there does however appear to be a difference in composition when using the display to compose a shot versus the viewfinder. The viewfinder in inaccurate. But, I prefer the display instead so this is not a problem.
Also to better appreciate this camera be sure to make the investment in a larger flash module. A 32MB module will allow you 31 pictures in 1600x1200 (largest resolution) Or 144 pictures in 640x480 ( the smallest resolution ). (...) even with this sale your still saving money and getting more than what i did from the good guys. BTW: I imagine this sale has something to do with a new generation of megapixel cameras coming soon. I would jump in on this one instead of waiting. this camera will still beat your cheapo film camera with the plastic lens, it even beats the film ELPH that i gave to my mother a few years back.
If there is a longer life battery then get one too. Otherwise get as is and enjoy . You won't be sorry.
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on December 13, 2001
Currently, the two most popular pocket sized 2mp cameras are the S110 and the Nikon 775. I work at a camera store. Since these are the two cameras we sell the most of, I wanted to see for myself which one took better pictures. I tripod mounted each one and made the settings the same: auto white balance, high resolution JPEG possible, no flash, timer exposure (as to avoid camera shake). I printed out an 8x10 of each (which is about as big as you'd want to go with a 2mp camera). They weren't color corrected, just straight prints. The Canon was visibly sharper, and the white balance had been much more accurately corrected than the Nikon had. All of the lighting in the store is flourescent. Without a flash, pictures taken under florescent light tend to come out yellow. The picture from the Nikon was a lot more yellow and a lot darker. The Canon, although not *perfect*, looked much more true to life. Of course you can always fix this on the computer, but the fact remains, the auto white balance on the Canon worked better.
The three advantages the Nikon has over the Canon are: better macro, slightly bigger zoom and the ability to use a 2CR5 lithium battery (and not *just* the rechargable it comes with). Other than that, the Canon is in my opinion is better in every way. If you do want a Canon with a bigger zoom, check out the S300 (you get a bigger zoom, but keep in mind the body is a little bigger than the S110).
Canon's software is better, plus the body is metal and very well crafted. Highly recommended for someone looking for a travel sized camera and not requiring prints larger than 8x10.
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