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on December 1, 2014
I have taken this camera on vacation and shot scenery in the Great Smokey Mountains, beaches, boats, sunsets, flowers, snow, etc. My iPhone became my go to phone after tons of ordinary, unsatisfactory pictures. This is a rip off and the last Canon I purchase. Be warned!!!!
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on August 28, 2013
I am so happy with this purchase. We bought a new camera when we found out we were pregnant. I am so glad we bought this one!! This camera takes such crisp pictures. We are especially happy with picture quality in low light. The pictures don't come out blurry or dark, as with other cameras we've owned. I would say the only thing we don't like is the green light that comes out before taking pictures with flash, the baby always comes out with a startled look. But that was easily solved by turning off the flash with a press of a button, or better yet shooting in discreet mode.
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on July 17, 2013
Bought this camera for an overseas trip and, with a few easy adjustments in a photo editing program to compensate for light issues, the photos were every bit as good as those taken by the other people in our group who had expensive cameras with big lenses and sunshades. Very easy to use and the controls and settings are pretty much self-explanatory. Only complaint is that the software that came with the camera was useless and out of date/incompatible with my computer. I simply downloaded a PDF of the instruction book and that made the CD even more useless, since the camera can be used with any photo program.
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on April 11, 2014
In general I am happy with this camera. I purchased it for a mostly business trip to Germany. I also purchased a spare battery. During the one week I was in Germany I had to recharge each battery once and I didn't take that many pictures. Just recently (about 3 weeks after I got back from Germany) some of my flowers were in bloom so I grabbed the camera and both batteries were dead. Luckily, my Nikon DSLR that I haven't touched in months still had plenty of battery life. So, if you are thinking you can just grab the camera and go, forget it. This is not the camera for you. You will have to plan ahead and make sure you charge a battery the night before you need the camera.
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on July 2, 2013
I had another Canon Power Shot before and was happy with it. Unfortunately I lost it. So I did my research and came to the conclusion of buying another more up to date Canon Power Shot. I was not disappointed! The colors and clarity of the pictures are great. The camera does reduce movements which will make your pictures sharper. The only flaw the camera has is that the pop up flash is located at the very top where we are all used to holding it. You must remember not to put your finger on the pop flash preventing the flash from popping up. Honestly you will get used to not putting your finger on pop flash.
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on August 5, 2013
I bought this camera for my wife to upgrade her from an older PowerShot. She has used it with almost an odd fervor since unwrapping it. Sandisk cannot make enough Class 10 SD cards to keep up with her voracious appetite for clicking. It takes great pictures for a camera in its price range. She especially loves the rapid fire feature and the HD video recording feature. This camera has been a real asset on our vacations and for chronically the first year of our youngest child's life. Highly recommended. Just be sure you buy a Class 10 card for it to unlock its full potential.
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on July 3, 2013
All the good things have been said about the SX260 HS, and I can agree with most commercial and owner reviews. So I'll outline briefly the problems I've had in my 15 months of ownership, as an alert to prospective buyers, who will find similar issues with the new SX280 HS upgraded model.

The pop-up flash is an annoyance, and one that has earned a few cuss words from me when it caused the camera to stall and require a reboot, effectively loosing a prime shot. The ideal resting place for the left forefinger is atop the left corner of the camera. If the automatic flash is on and the light low enough, the flash will emerge unexpectedly under that finger. The finger will cause interference enough that the flash won't fully pop up. That tells the camera to leave you a message that the camera must be turned off and then on again in order to resume operations. I've missed many good shots as a result. It would seem to me the flash should not use the extra mechanism space and weight that a pop-up demands, but rather should be built in to the left upper front corner like many less expensive cameras.

The focus speed can be slow, especially in telephoto mode, but that is common among all digital cameras. The newer SX280 HS has apparently sped the focus up by using a faster image processor, and that is attractive to me since I've experienced some aggravating low-light focus lag with my SX260 HS; as I said, I like the camera in most regards and will keep it because of them, but there are these few gripes. The same basic camera minus these cons would be my ideal all-around, go to, easy-carry camera.

The diaphragm lens cover proved nearly disastrous last summer. Most compacts, if not all, use them. But moving from shot to shot outdoors on a vacation means not examining closely the camera lens each and every time I shut it off - I mean who really is in that habit? Apparently a piece of dirt or small grit landed on the lens at some point, so when the cover closed, it jammed. I had trouble getting it to close, but eventually it did, and never has jammed like that since. I saw no debris on the lens or camera. But some time later I was cleaning the lens and noticed two side-by-side fine scratches or nicks near the lens middle. They don't appear to affect the images taken, but I was pretty depressed about those scratches that had to have come from that diaphragm/iris type of cover that moves across the lens surface; after 40 years using Canon cameras, I am very careful about handling them, and the exposed lens gets near nothing that could harm it, and is carefully brushed and cleaned with specialized equipment.

I was cleaning the lens again a few weeks ago and found a small white speck that wouldn't come off. Close inspection revealed it was actually inside, between lens components! That may be why there was a mild small halo on one image I took; there may be more, and without further testing I can't be sure the speck is the cause. Being only 2 months out of warranty, Canon Customer Service had me send it to Virginia for inspection and possible repair. $13 shipping and 2 days later they inform me they don't repair such cameras, and they don't mention the debris inside the lens, only the scratches. They offer to send me a "refurbished" or new one for $249. No thanks. Then their Loyalty Program offers an exchange for $158. Hmmm. No, just send the camera back. If it still takes good pix with no image degradation, I'll use it or find a good buy on an SX280 HS - so far around $263, $8 more than I paid for the SX260 HS.

I note one other minor glitch. The service repair document from Canon did not enter a figure in the serial number field. When I submitted it to begin with, I had to get that number off the original registration and box. Why? Because they don't engrave serial numbers anymore apparently; they are just printed as far as I can tell, and mine had worn off enough as to not be legible on the camera. I've got 40 year old Canon SLR's with easily read serial numbers. Cheez. So nobody is supposed to care if it's stolen or something. Just like they don't repair them, they replace them. $300 disposable cameras... what have we come to.
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on June 1, 2012
Okay... so other than the flash popping up and hitting my finger for the first 20 times until I finally memorized not to put my finger on top of the flash, I love this camera. So the flash position on the camera sucks... and the time between each picture shot is really annoyingly long, but other than that, I really like this camera. Love the long zoom, and love having a zoom while in video mode (although hearing the zoom function during video playback is pretty lame!). It shoots amazingly well in low-light, as well as with all other situations (so far).
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on September 25, 2014
Best camera I own. Pics are much better than my SLR and without the bulk of course (and with a much larger zoom range). My only gripe is that it is not good for shots of the stars (can't get the long, open shutter speed needed) and have limited aperture range, but this is to be expected of any compact camera. So basically, great for taking anywhere (even Africa) without dealing with the bulk of an SLR, with the same or better quality pics.
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on December 26, 2013
I always remember a professional photographer telling me that anybody who is not a professional photographer should always invest in buying a good camera. The reason being, a professional photographer could use almost any camera to take a good picture; the non-professional needs the help of the camera. After reviewing the pics taken by a friend and complimenting her on her skill she referred me to the Canon Powershot SX260. Of course I googled the reviews and immediately bought it as a birthday gift for my daughter who travels a lot and was always complaining about her "messed-up" pics. She LOVES her Canon Powershot SX260!
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