Customer Reviews: Canon Office Products IP7220 Wireless Color Photo Printer
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on January 29, 2013
After about 2 years since their last round of releases, I was happy to see that Canon updated their standard inkjet printer offerings that include the option to print on printable discs...the primary reason for me to buy this printer.
Setup on my Windows 7 machine was easy. The printer came with a USB cable, though with this printer's wireless option I didn't need to use it (even for set-up - which is rare). Set up was a little slow as you also have to run an "alignment" page through the printer (it comes with special paper for this) though I don't understand how that does anything other than clean the brand new heads and waste ink. In about 20 minutes the printer was ready for real action.
It comes with it's own software, which I wasn't happy with (too limiting for my label designs); but I found I'm able to print directly from Photoshop as well. The supplied software is OK for partial images and basic text choices; but not for being in full creative control. Even though I had .jpg file(s) prepared with all the fonts flattened already - and the images adjusted, I didn't see how I could put a full image / full coverage through the supplied software.
Going through Photoshop wasn't hard, but it did take about (3) discs to get the alignment 'just right' so that it prints centered. I will try to upload pictures to show the challenges. Once I did that, though, I've been getting very good results. I simply wrote the alignment numbers on a sticky note I'm leaving on the machine so I can check them each time...unfortunately the driver resets to "center" each time; so I think I'll have to re-enter that forever.
Apparently the printer lowers it's heads each time you go to print on the CD (which uses a tray to load; standard and included) which is fine, but adds about 2 minutes to each session. If you're going to print a batch of discs at once, though, you only have to wait for the machine to prep once before the batch. Then just swap discs into the tray each time after that. Not too bad, though it'd be nice if one could buy an extra tray as an accessory which I haven't been able to find as an option.
OK; so it's a little slow. But the quality is excellent! After my third HP and second Epson printer that could print on discs died, I've been using a Brother that still works - but prints very lightly on discs. Frustrating. This printer gives excellent results.
Setting up the free app on my iPhone was easy too, and was able to print a photo wirelessly from another room. This printer has two paper trays (though each with a small capacity) so one can leave 4x6 paper loaded in one tray, with standard paper in another. Both trays can stay in place while using the disc tray as well - so that's awesome.
There is a very slight banding - mostly just one pale line in the printed photo. I can live with this, much better than most in my experience, and if I really want to print photos I upload to a retailer and use their $100,000 machine for a $.14 4x6 on true photo paper. For "quick" prints, this machine is a good choice for me.
I have not yet used the auto-duplex (double sided) feature; nor printed on standard paper. But the discs I've used are NOT glossy (matte) and print really well.
The machine's pretty quiet, and pretty, and fairly compact. The paper tray catcher can be closed and opens automatically when printing which can save on space - nice for me since I don't use it every day; but that will just depend on how often you use the printer.
The only thing that's missing is a card reader. You can not print from this machine without sending the file from a computer/smartphone device. My Brother machine could do that, but since the quality wasn't acceptable; this is a better option for me. Again: the easy connection helps me swallow that pill a little easier too.
I haven't had it long enough to really judge ink levels, but I've printed 10 full-face discs and (1) 4x6 photo print, and according to the software monitor about 30% of the magenta and cyan are gone from the included standard capacity tanks that came with the printer. Full set of Canon replacements is about $63 standard, $95XL.
For truly professional photos I doubt any desktop inkjet will do the job. For most people I think this printer will be great. The disc printing is excellent though you'll waste a few figuring out the alignment.
I hope this review helps you decide if this is the right machine for you!
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on January 30, 2013
-Our older Canon printer quit working and the cost to repair it vs a new printer made me realize the new printer was the way to go. Upon receiving the printer I found it very user friendly to hook up. For those who are choosing to get this wonderful printer, please check this out. On, under "photo inkjet printers", click on this printer, then click the "how to video"... . . . this is great. . it takes you step by step on the set up. . .showing you the way. . making it easy. We have an Apple iMac with the wireless "airport extreme", it connected just the way the directions explained. . .coooool. . . What I really liked, it showed how to do the 'dvd' disks and that set up. . it works excellently.
-Now to compare this one to our older Canon. . . I will not go into lengthy details. .. and bore you to death. . .simply put this printer prints professional prints. . period. Superior in every way. Canon has a winner here. I use it for my work, wedding photos, concert photos, portrait photo, I have no complaints.
-One cool side note. . we also run two pc's, one with windows 7 professional and a older laptop with XP, both have wireless routers. Both hooked up to the printer, even though they are in different rooms, the wi-fi works the way one expects.
Inks. . .I have to talk about this. Canon finally has 'XL' ink tanks. . yep extra supply. With ink being the main expense for photo printers this was a welcome feature. . . cuts some of the cost down. . .
-Thanks for your time. . . hope this helps. This is a wonderful, excellent printer that is very user friendly.
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on March 21, 2013
I bought this printer only to create good photos. It replaced my Canon IP8500 (9 years old) which was my old photo printer because the cost of replacing the print head on the IP8500 far exceeded the price of a new IP7220, I didn't want to spend $1,000 for the professional inkjet photo printers and I was skeptical of the IP7220 using only 4 colors as my IP8500 used 8 separate inks tanks (note the IP7220 has a 5th ink - a separate black for text only it is not used for photos). I compared pictures from the 2 printers and was surprised that the IP7220 prints looked as good (and a little sharper) than the IP8500s. Boy technology sure has advanced as I paid nearly $500 in 2003 for the IP8500. The IP7220 was less than $100 and has a much smaller footprint.

This printer has basic features only. No scanner, copier, fax or other bells and whistles. The paper feed, however is perfect for photos as it has 2 separate trays. Top tray is for for photo paper (4x6 or 5x7) and the bottom for letter/legal paper (or larger photos). As a result, I don't have to play musical trays when switching from letter to photo paper.

Speed is about the same as my IP8500 and it's a little quieter. Text is slower than my IP8500, but text speed is not important to me as I have a color laser printer for text and non-photo color.

Ink prices are about the same as other photo printers - figure 11-12 cents a pop for 4x6 photos. No refill kits yet as the cartridges are new. When refill kits appear, photo printing costs will go way down.

All-in-all, if you are printing photos, a lot of machine for the money.
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on July 9, 2013
I have had an HP for over a decade and loved it. It's still going and prints perfectly. I snapped the plastic paper guide off one day and ever since it prints slightly askew. I hated to have to get something else. I chose the Canon 7220 for functionality and inexpensive price. Well, i have been reformed! This printer is easy, prints beautifully, has extras that i actually use and has separate ink cartridges so you only replace what you need. If i had to say anything bad, it would be that it takes a full minute or two to boot up and be ready for printing when you first turn it on. No big deal at all. Get this printer. BTW, i use this every single day for printing needs for two businesses, music printing, personal stuff and photos. Did i also mention that it prints on discs. Yeah, get this printer!
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on August 29, 2013
I've had my printer now for about 4 weeks. It does very well on photo quality paper. My only real complaint is that the printer's start up time is very slow. It takes it about 3 to 4 minutes to initialize every time you turn it on or send it a new print job. Once it starts printing it does reasonably well and it can print multiple copies reasonably fast. But the "wait time" for that first page seemingly takes forever. I use the wireless feature as well. The documentation supplied with the printer is quite poor. It implies you cannot use wireless and a direct USB cable at the same time. (But you can as I have one computer directly connected and the rest of my computers using the printer wirelessly.) Because of the slow initialization and poor documentation, I give this printer only 3 stars but overall it is a very good photo printer.
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on February 17, 2014
Shakes worse than jello.
Head cleaning maintenance at startup each time you wish to use the printer is designed to waste ink.
Takes too long to be ready to print.
Takes too long to even get a print.
If you are thinking of buying this printer...don't. Waste of money.
I'm sorry to say all of the above having been a very satisfied user of a Canon Pixma ip3500 for several years but the 7220 was poorly designed in comparison to the 3500 which was designed five years ago. One would think that with advances in technology new printers would be better than their predecessors. Such is not the case.
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on September 10, 2013
I have the "older brother" of this, the Pixma iP4820. The iP7220 is basically the same thing with improvements. Superb print quality, same as the 4820 (which, by the way, is still working). Improvements and features as follows:
>The 7220 is wireless, and works a treat. Painless and quick wireless install, Canon got it right on this one. My wife's Ipad can now print from anywhere in the house to the printer. All the computers in the house, including my kids, can now print direct to printer. No more running cables and splitters, or playing "thumbdrive frisbee" with files. Very happy with this feature.By the way, I have seen comments that since it is wireless it may be prone to hacking. Since the computer is behind a router this is a non-issue since routers have firewalls. The printer works by joining the router network in the home (obviously).
>There are two trays, now located underneath and out of sight and in the front for easy access. Nice. Graphic and specialty papers go in the top, and standard paper in the bottom. Paper loads very easy now, the 4820 is a bit of a pain with a top cover that always falls off when trying to reinsert the tray. That's all gone now. :)
>The output paper support folds inside the printer body and out of sight now when not in use. It will automatically pop out when the printer receives a print command. Nice touch, Canon!
>The 7220 is faster in printing than the 4820, and quieter, even on high resolution.
>I am a photographer from the old film days, and I print a lot of graphics. I honestly can't tell the difference in print quality from the film camera photos that I used to take in for developing.
>>Bottom line: I am very happy with the 4820, and just as happy with the 7220. I have had the 7220 only for a week, but it works and all is excellent for now. I can't predict the future, but all is well at present.
>Ink: I ordered the Ink4work Amazon offers. I am currently using the carts that came from Amazon so I haven't tried these, but they shipped and arrived in timely manner, very well packed, each cart was professionally wrapped and looks excellent quality. As a side thought, I have always used generic ink from reputable dealers online and never had a problem. There are those who insist that generic ink will destroy the printer's print head. Hogwash. After 4 years my 4820 is still going strong on generic ink. I had to give the print head a severe cleaning once from clogged screens, but that was a year ago and no more problems since.
I hope this is helpful.
***[EDIT]: July 2014:*** Printer failed; 6 months ago the wireless card in the printer failed, now it started printing erratic quality text, now it errors an "out of paper" popup, yet when I run a test sheet it loads the paper fine. I will try to reinstall the drivers (I am sure that is not the problem) and probably purchase another.
Hey CANON: doesn't last even 2 years?? Come on, even with cheap plastic and engineered obsolescence that's a bit much, don't ya' think??
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on April 26, 2014
I purchased this as a replacement for my IP4500 which was fast, quiet, and excellent at printing both text and photos. I am returning it because it is slow, noisy, and is not excellent at printing.

I purchased the printer for very light home use and although this printer got many bad reviews and I wanted a printer with a rear paper feed, choice was limited and I thought I could get used to the negatives over time. I decided after 2 days that I would not want this printer even if it was free. The LONG and NOISY start up time and the slow printing are unacceptable to me. My IP4500 was rated at 34.5 decibels while the IP7220 is 44 decibels. It is not only louder, but makes noises during set up and close down that sound like a woodpecker and grinding gears. It also vibrates, as other reviewers have mentioned.

Yesterday I spent much time on the phone with Canon. According to the techs I spoke with, Canon has made changes in print speed to save on ink. They have switched to opaque tanks so that people won't use refill ink over buying new Canon tanks, as refill ink is sometimes not well filtered and causes problems in the printer. Canon has pretty much phased out back feeding paper option - there are only 2 models of photo inkjet printers that feed from the back, and they are both office machines that take 9X13 paper and the rear feed is therefore necessary. They had no idea why the rear feed is discontinued and seem to be unaware that many people prefer it.

Consumer Reports and PCMag both gave the IP7220 very good reviews and having had such good performance with the IP4500, I chose to take with a grain of salt the fact that User Reviews on Canon's own site gave it an average of 1.8 The Amazon reviews seemed pretty evenly distributed, but on closer reading, the complaints of slowness and noise were mentioned pretty consistently from 1 star through 4 star ratings.

I think that a video review of the printer would be really helpful - not an un-boxing and features review, but a "let's see and hear this thing printing both text and photos" review. In this case, "a video would be worth a thousand words"!
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on September 11, 2013
It's very hard to find a decent single use printer nowadays. Almost all of them are multifunction, but since I already have a B&W laser S/C/F I was only looking for a good quality photo printer. After searching around I saw very good reviews of this printer and decided to buy it.

First impression: It is flat, wide and deep. So as some over reviewers have stated it can take up a bit of desk space, but the design is perfect to put in a shelf/cubbyhole. Let me try to explain a bit better. If you just set this thing on a table top it's going to eat up a lot of space. However, all the paper and maintenance access is on the front of the printer so this would be perfect to have a shelf over it and stack things above it. I have a printer stand that has a wide 'paper slot' under the top for storage that this would probably fit perfectly in. Because it's wireless you can put it anywhere in your room and don't have to worry about any cables but the power cord. I wouldn't stack anything directly on top of it because the maintenance access door flips up and needs about 6 inches of clearance, but unless you are doing a LOT of printing you won't have to get into it all that often.

Print Quality: As long as the image quality is good, the print quality is amazing. I have a few phone photos that are not the best but they still came out pretty decent all things considered. I'm no photo snob so I can't give a 'professional' opinion. But for a mom wanting to have cheap photos of her family at a moment's notice, this is perfect. I've made some amazing photos that are now hanging framed on my walls right next to my professionally done photos and you can't tell the difference.

Wireless Printing: Setup requires you to use a USB port once unless you have a wireless router that supports WPS setups. Mine does not. However after initial setup you can disconnect it and not have to worry about it again. I've printed using Picasa 3 and it's been perfect. It even has some nice options, though if you try to do borderless printing on normal paper it yells at you a lot. The only reason why I tried was because I had a pdf for a color poster for my daughter. Turned out pretty well too. I did just try printing from my iPhone 4s, but using the default photo app gives you no options and it image didn't size to the paper I had selected nor gave me any option for zoom/crop to fit. There might be other photo print apps that do this better than the native print app though. My only problem is that I don't keep the printer stocked with photo paper so it seems rather pointless to print directly from my phone. I find it much better to print from my computer and have access to the full range of printer settings and editing options.

One complaint I saw all over the main canon website was the lack of rear paper feed. Honestly I saw this as a bonus instead of a drawback, but then all the people who were complaining sounded like they were businesses doing a lot of heavy duty printing. This is not that kind of printer. My belief is that this is aimed at light business or home use. People that are only really printing one to a handful of photos at a time. Recommendations are to only print one page at a time, but I have done up to 5 with no problems. Some complained of paper jams but it makes me wonder if they had the alignment guides setup properly. Unlike most printers, you don't shove the paper all the way to the back of the tray wall. There is actually a gap in the back. Set the front guide and align your paper to IT rather than the back of the tray. You also need to only put a few photo papers in at at time, especially with glossy paper as they have a tendency to stick together. One thing to beware of is that the trays feed from the bottom, upside down, and reversed. Very odd. If your photo paper doesn't have text on the back of the paper this can lead to some confusion as to the direction the paper needs to go in. Thankfully there are pictures on the paper trays to help remind you.

Some people have stated that the ink runs out fast, but I've been printing a bit and haven't even used half of the ink. If you're doing a LOT of color printing my guess is that you could run out quick, but for normal household use I find the regular cartridges lasting ok. Of course this could also be due to the fact that unless I'm doing photos or something that requires color printing I use my laser for all my other printing needs. There are XL cartridges available but I don't foresee a need for me to get any.

Another complaint I saw was about the alignment being off but I think that person had a defective device as everything has been lining up perfectly for me.

As of yet I haven't tried the duplex printing nor the printable disk feature so I can't comment on them at this time.

Recommendation: If you are going to be printing more than a handful of photos at one time I'd suggest getting something more heavy duty than the ip7220. If you're someone who's only looking for something to print standard 4x6 photos from their camera or phone, I'd suggest a printer more like the Selphy Compact line. If, however, you're right in the middle of that and want something with the flexibility to print on different paper sizes and styles then this is the printer for you. I think it's perfect for light to moderate home and business use.
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on November 23, 2015
Well the first thing I noticed was the way the page is worded to me made it seem like it need you to purchase the ink package that they offered with it, when in actuality they give you all 5 inks with it (the ink package they try to get you to buy only contains 4 inks as well for some reason), the product itself was packaged reasonably well.

A couple of the little orange sticky tabs seemed pointless, not holding anything together or closed just stuck on flat solid areas but well packaged and easy to get everything off.

Some people have posted pretty horrific reviews on here about the printer taking several minutes to do different things, as far as set up goes the instructions inform you after 3 to 4 minutes from inserting all the ink cartridges and closing the lid the power light will turn solid white instead of flashing white, but I found that it took about 2 1/2 minutes at most for it to turn solid white and then maybe another 30 seconds for it to stop making noise.

The ink was reasonably easy to install.

Now onto the actual installation of the printer software.

Slightly large at just over 1 gig to install, takes an average amount of time to install the software about 10-15 minutes.

The first print was the test print it makes you do as you install the software, this took a minute of whirring and stuff before it actually fed the paper in and printed the test page. But for a first test print that is to be expected.

After this it did a bit more whiring and moving internally, a little over 20 seconds.

That concludes the installation via USB.

I purchased this printer mainly to peint the surface of CDs, at this stage I have yet to see how that works or where the CD tray is.

On the Amazon description it says it is attached to the underside of the main paper tray, but I see nothing there that is detatchable or looks remotely like a CD printing tray.

The manual that opens after installing yhe software has a section called printing methods which goes into detail about duplex, envelopes, booklets, stamp printing and more but nothing about printing to discs jumps right out until you dig deep into the my image garden section but this does not detail the how and where of the CD tray that is constantly mentioned.

It wasnt until I checked back at the photos on the amazon listing that I noticed there is a second tray above the lower paper tray, it mentiones nothing about this that I could see in the setup guides or manual, at least not if you are a first time user and have not read every section fully then maybe it is in there somewhere.

There is still very little instruction as to where the disk tray goes or how to print from other applications, but it was fairly easy to figure out after a while.

I did a quick test on the disc printing withba design I made, after measuring the disc and entering it into the advanced settings of the my image garden disc label software, a small bit of tweaking to my design to make it look right for the size of the central hole on the CDs I purchased and I hit print, inserted the disc tray and within a minute it was printed and looked perfect, happy does not behin to describe how I feel about this printers disc printing performance :)

I still need to perfect my disc design so the text is not so close to the edge on these discs but that is a small extra step that will take me a few minutes and then my discs will be perfect.

I gave it 4/5 stars overall because there is a lot I have not used yet but it could easily be a 5!
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