Customer Reviews: Canon PIXMA MX432 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First, all in all, I really like this printer. For its price, the quality is quite nice. I also own the similarly priced HP Photosmart Premium Wireless e-All-in-One printer, which makes it easier for me to explain what I do and don't like about this Canon.

Let's get print quality out of the way me, most color printers in this price range are perfectly acceptable, and the Canon MX432 fits right in with the rest. For day-to-day printing of documents and photos, this meets my needs. If you are looking for top-of-the-line print quality, you probably are not even reading reviews of low-cost multifunction printers.

Set up: this went very smoothly. The "quick start" guide got me up and running. I used the WPS wireless setup feature which was as simple as pushing a button on my router and my printer and waiting for them to discover each other (my router supports big deal if yours doesn't, it will just take a couple extra setup steps to get it working with your network...and of course, USB will work fine too). What I really like about the setup is that it never required a USB connection. Once the printer was on my wireless network, the rest of the setup took place wirelessly. (One exception: AirPrint...see below)

Printing on different media: My HP multifunction printer has separate feeds for photo paper and letter-size paper, meaning I don't have to switch back and forth. The Canon, on the other hand, has no such convenience. Not a big deal, but a minor inconvenience if you plan to switch back and forth frequently.

Scanning: I LOVE the Canon's automatic document feed tray for scanning multiple pages. I tested it out and it worked great. Put in a few pages, start the scanning, and a multi-page pdf is automatically generated and saved on my computer. I expect I'll get a lot of use out of this. By contrast, my HP only scans one page at a time.

Noise: I found printing on the Canon to be peacefully quiet...quieter than the HP. On the other hand, each time I press a button on the Canon's control panel, I get a loud "BEEP!" I fumbled through the controls to try to figure out how to silence this, but I haven't figured it out yet. Time to check the manual.

AirPrint: This was my one big frustration with the Canon, and the sole reason for docking it one star. First, understand what AirPrint allows most newer iOS devices to automatically print to the printer special app needed. When I got my HP, the process was seamless! I set up the printer for my network, and AirPrint functionality just took care of itself: open an e-mail on my iPhone, go to print it, and voila! There was my HP printer. Now, if you read Amazon's product description for the Canon, you will see that it boasts of the same AirPrint functionality. But be sure to read the fine print! It says that you may need to first update the firmware on the Canon so that it can work with AirPrint. How do you do the updating? Well, my first guess was to check the pdf manual that gets installed with my printer. But there's no mention of updating firmware, and there's no mention of AirPrint! So, I went to Canon's support site, found details there, and downloaded the firmware update. But THEN I found that the firmware could only be updated using a USB cable. So, even though I was pleased that I could set up my Canon without needing a cable, I couldn't get AirPrint to work until I did an update that required the cable.

To be fair: Once the firmware update was completed, AirPrint worked just as well as on my HP. And the USB cable is ONLY needed until the firmware update is don't need to keep it tethered to your computer. Also, I assume that if you wait long enough to buy this printer, Canon will probably be updating the firmware before you buy it (if they DON'T, then hopefully they will include clear steps on how to do it yourself). However, if you are expecting AirPrint to be as simple as possible, understand that you may have to do a little extra work before it is functional.

I haven't tested faxing yet, but am very happy with scanning, printing, and AirPrint functionality. If you can get over the hurdle of setting up AirPrint, then I expect you will be very happy with this printer!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Canon Office Products PIXMA MX432 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax is a very good device that provides a lot of features for a great value. As more of an entry-level multi-function printer, many features require a lot of work to set up and use. But because of the great value provided by this unit, plenty of people will be willing to accept the extra work required to use all the features offered by this model.

++ Built-in wireless allows you to easily print from any wireless device
++ Great auto-document feeder allows for easy automatic workflow for scanning, etc.
++ AirPrint compatible for your Apple devices (like iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad)
++ High quality scanner is low-profile, adding functionality without bulking up the unit
++ G3 fax integrated into the unit
++ Also includes basic copier functionality
++ Optional Bluetooth unit allows for direct printing from your digital camera
++ Good value printer given all the features and the small footprint

-- Wireless and feature setups can be time-consuming
-- Using many features, like duplexing, requires manual user intervention
-- AirPrint setup requires time-consuming firmware update
-- Inkjet cartridges will add cost over time, compared to alternatives
-- Switching between regular paper and photo paper is required, because there aren't separate trays
-- LCD screen can be difficult to read, depending on your viewing angle
-- Shiny plastic attracts dust and fingerprints
-- Included software, while effective, is large and split between too many applications
-- Very limited memory interfaces (USB is included)
-- Overall feel of the printer does not seem durable


This is a good value for the features. If you have very little desk real estate, it's nice to get a built-in scanner and fax machine to go along with your printer. Being able to switch between photos and documents is a nice extra too. But there are too many things that limit this model. I would definitely recommend moving up to a better model if the budget allows for it. If you just need a feature packed entry level unit and you don't mind the extra effort it takes to use it, you could do worse than this model.

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VINE VOICEon March 27, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It has been a few years since I have had a new printer/scanner. The printer I have been using for a few years was Canon PIXMA MP160 All-In-One Photo Printer (Gray) and for awhile it was all I needed, the printer worked great and the scanner was great. But, it has been time for an upgrade for quite some time.
So, when I was given the chance to try this Canon multifunction scanner, I was very excited!
It did take me almost 10 minutes to set it up- the part that took me the longest to set up was the wireless. But once I got that part figured out- it was user error ( I was trying to put my wireless password instead of the passphrase ).
The wireless printer is awesome, All of the computers in my house can run off the one printer- which is perfect- no need to move the old printer from computer to computer.
I really like the auto feed of the paper and how quickly the page prints.
I do not have a need for the fax- but I just tested it out just to see how it would work- and it was very simple.
I do not see us getting that much use out of the fax but its a nice feature to have.
I entered my number in the set up and a fax came thru while I had it plugged into the hardwire at home.
The scanner works great- quickly scans the document and puts it in a file on the computer.
I see the price is under $100 and that is an awesome price for this!
I was not disappointed at all with this printer/scanner/fax, if you are looking for a new printer or an upgrade this one is great for the price (even if it was more money its worth it)
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on January 7, 2013
I am trying to save you a lot of time and frustration. This printer is the most terrible printer I have ever had. Almost every time I use it there is some issue. We bought it three months ago and right away we had so many issues that Canon sent us a new one.

This new one is having the same problems which include: paper jam (this is a constant problem), the printer pauses or goes offline regularly, the machine has to be deep cleaned and have rollers cleaned often (these are functions on the printer that take at least 5 minutes. Frustrating when you are in a hurry to make a quick copy or print), windex cleaned inside (I was directed to do this by the customer service rep), set up is not what it says it will be (we had to contact customer service).

I have "worked" on this printer about 15 hours total with and without customer service. The sad thing is that the only reason I went with Canon is that I was tired of having issues with HP printers, but I have never had this many problems or even had to contact customer service in the past.
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on October 13, 2012
Even though I use high quality paper, this printer would not print without jamming paper. Had printer for less than a week and I am returning it for a full refund. Quite disappointed in a Canon product.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
There is quite a bit I did not care for with this printer. After installation and testing, these are my takes:

* Upon opening, you will discover the paper storage is not enclosed in a tray. In fact, there is no paper tray, just a slot to slide the paper into after the front panel is lowered. The paper then pokes out the front of the printer to collect dust. Eventually, the dust travelling on the paper into the printer will likely affect paper feed and print quality. Also, the front of the printer must remain open while there is paper inserted in the printer.

* The footprint of the printer, even without paper inserted and the front panel opened, is large. Similar sized printers have concealed paper trays.

* The display is two line and, more importantly, not backlit.

* The menus on the display are not intuitive to navigate

* Setting up Wi-Fi via the display proved to be unfriendly and time consuming given there were absolutely no printed directions. I gave up and elected to do it after the software installation via the software interface like the quick start instructions suggested. So, I chose USB during install - thinking I could then configure wireless. Wrong choice (see below).

* After installation - I had EIGHT new icons on my desktop without any choice during installation.

* Once the printer installed via USB, I could not connect using Wi-Fi. The program the user manual states to launch to configure wireless - the "IJ Network" utility - had not been installed.

* No printed directions were included for information as fundamental as describing what the pretty little pictures on the unlabeled buttons on the front of the printer mean.

* The biggest deal breaker is the lack of choice on which drive 400 PLUS megabytes of software installs itself. I kept expecting the installation wizard to give me a choice but instead it started installing all of the software to the C drive with no ability to cancel the process.

I installed this printer on a fast gaming rig with a solid state boot drive I keep clean from excess software. I have a huge secondary drive onto which I install programs such as these from Canon. I resent that the Canon programs and utilities automatically installed to my boot drive thus taking up quite a bit of valuable real-estate on my SSD. I really, really resent having to now explore how to uninstall all of these Canon utilities and reinstall the software I was using for my other Canon printer onto the correct drive. I have installed many printers - including other Canon printers. I build my own PCs. I have worked as a network administrator in the past. I have a bit of tech knowhow. But I am truly annoyed at the amount of time and effort a simple printer install has taken - and I am not finished yet.

For a wireless printer in my upstairs work area, I recently installed an Epson WorkForce 630 Color Inkjet All-in-One (C11CB07201) with more features, a more solid build, a smaller foot print, a real paper tray and separate ink tanks for color printing - all for about the same price as this Canon. The Epson also has a memory card reader and faster print speeds. The Epson install was not without a hiccup but was much easier than the MX 432 has turned out to be.

On the plus side, the quality of the printing and scanning on the MX 432 are good. Nothing "OMG its great" but adequate and what is expected at the price point. The software interface is good and with a similar feel to previous Canon releases for their multi-function units. Another plus, the new software seems to work fine with my older MP 830, which will remain my main printer.

Overall, I would pick the Epson Workforce 630 hands down over the Canon MX 432 for this price range. I hate to pan the printer; I still love and use my Canon MP830. But this model is a definite "pass."
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on March 26, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a plucky little device that promises a great deal of functionality for its price - print, copy, scan, and fax; wi-fi capabilities; a 30 sheet automatic document feeder; and the ability to print from, or scan to, a mobile phone.

So what works well?
1. Right out of the box, this unit impressed me with its solid feel. Even the scanner lid is solid and weighted - so you don't have to press down on the lid to get an even scan.

2. Network setup is a breeze. Press the Wifi Protected Setup button on a WPS-capable router, and press OK on this printer. Without WPS, the 2-line LCD may make this more of a chore.

3. The software is not the normally anaemic printer bundle. The highlight is MP Navigator EX, which is a veritable Swiss Army knife that manages scanning and printing, file organization, PDF file manipulation, and even PDF encryption! To top it off, it even supports basic image editing.

4. Its print quality is decent - 8 point font is sharp and border-less photo printing on HP 4x6" Glossy Advanced Photo Paper is reasonably good.

5. The scan function is a star. Multiple scan jobs can be combined into a single PDF, the ADF can scan multiple pages at once, and can even scan to a USB drive.

6. Printing was reasonably quick, and scanning at 300 dpi was no slouch either.

7. Canon Easy Photo Print is a nifty Android app. It was cool to scan using the ADF, and have the PDF be relayed to my phone! Likewise, printing photos was a breeze.

8. It is aesthetically pleasing - even the power cable is unobtrusive as the power brick/transformer is integrated into the unit itself.

I can't speak highly enough of the accompanying software suite, which is not only functional, but also intuitive and rather reliable (Win 7, x64). The PDF functions alone make it useful as a light duty home office machine.

The loss of a star was primarily due to two reasons.

1. While the prints and scans are serviceable, their quality falls south of 5-star "I love it!" territory.

2. The 2-line LCD is neither backlit, nor does it have enough real estate to be very usable. Note that you can do some fairly complex stuff on this LCD such as setup scan options - scan at 300 dpi, convert to PDF, and send to a particular host; and the printer is smart enough to remember this configuration. However, the limitations of a 2 line LCD prevent this from being a fun experience.

That said, considering that this is a budget all in one, this little unit met my expectations.

Other thoughts:
1. The MX432 has no memory media slot. However, it does support USB flash drives.

2. You must remove all plain paper from the input tray before you can load photo paper.

3. It only supports manual duplexing. For print duplexing you must step up to the MX512, and for scan duplexing you need the MX882.
Manual duplexing is often a lot of trial and error, so the extra cost might well be offset by the reduced blood pressure medication.

4. I was pleased to note that it retained all its configuration settings even after having been unplugged for close to 24 hours.

Happy Printing!
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on July 28, 2012
My 5th Canon printer and this one is just as great as the others. Only used for scans and printing with a college student. Excellent ink jet clarity in both B/W and color. Excellent scan quality in all optional file formats. Just as good if not better than my business Canon color laser for both print and scan quality. Can't go wrong for the price.
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on October 8, 2012
I guess many of the previous reviews mentioned heavily on the time it takes to setup this machine. I received mine several weeks ago and just found some time to work on it today. Since my setup was pretty easy i'll show you my entire steps.

1. Plug in and turn on. 10 secs??
2. Open tray and put in the cartridges. another 10-15secs??
3. Setup wireless, now this is the tricky part for most people. The only thing i had to do was go into manual setup from the pads on the printer and it found my network. After putting the password, it shows connected!! that's another 1-2 min.
4. Next came airplay, another huge obstacle for the previous reviews. This printer that i received in Sept apparently came with the updated firmware. (Thx to the earlier reviews, CANON heard you guys). So i checked the version with nozzle check and it has the version 2.000 printed on it. Did a test print with my iphone and it works great. 10 min (printing took some time)

So overall i gave it a 4, cuz it still has too much prompts on the screen where the printer stops and waits for confirmations.
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on June 26, 2013
I have loved Canon up until this point, I would buy their MP series again in a heartbeat (and just might have to) but this was a bad purchase. Over the last few months, on average, 1 in 3 of my print jobs jam, and I have to frequently reboot the printer due to a 5100 error. In addition, if the printer goes into power save mode, it loses my wireless connection to it and requires me to reboot it... so what's the point of the power save mode? Slow, clunky, poor print quality, I kind of expected all those, but I at least expected the thing to work. Two thumbs pulsing downward with a disapproving look on my face. Very, very disappointed.
As an additional note, they moved the print head onto the cartridges for this unit. The MP series had them on the machine. This means that aftermarket cartridges are more expensive and harder to come by. Other companies like HP use the electronics on the print head to force the inks to 'expire' by date and not by how much ink is left. The lack of print heads on the cartridges was one reason I went to Canon in the first place and this unit doesn't have that feature, making it an even worse purchase.
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