Canon S100 vs Fuji X10 Any opinions on the new Fuji X10 vs the Canon S100. Looks pretty impressive to me with what I've seen from various websites. Maybe a better choice than the S100 but more bucks. What do you think?
asked by Masao Miwa on October 11, 2011
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The x10 is a great compact camera, nodoubt. For me though it boils down to this: I have a "better" camera than the Fuji X10 and the Canon S100 and it sits on a shelf due to it's size.

What I need is a full manual capable camera with a good lens and decent sensor that fits in my shirt pocket.

The X10, while a very nice camera, has a protruding lens rather than a fully recessed one while off. This makes is not shirt pocket friendly, but only jacket pocket friendly. I have gone that route in the past and those sit on the shelf too.

To me the primary advantage of the S100 is that it is shirt pocket friendly, has a useful (though certainly not great) zoom ability, full auto to full manual and everything between, a great lens, a solid sensor and reasonably good speed and ease of use.

It's just a solid camera in a compact P&S body. Many other cameras qualify as 'solid cameras', but very few can get that qualification and still qualify as shirt pocket friendly.
username_5 answered on November 7, 2011
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I am definitely looking toward the x10. Viewfinder, manual zoom, unique sensor geometry. It's almost perfect on paper and the sample images look great.
Desti Tout answered on October 30, 2011
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I'm getting a new camera either on black friday or cyber Monday. I've narrowed it down, in order to the following cameras: S100, Nikon P7100, Fujifilm F600exr, Sony HX9V. With the S100, I just am having a hard time getting over how useless the battery will be, limited zoom, and the whole >1second/iso80. The P7100 has no high speed video or 24p, and is only 1.3fps continuous shooting. The F600exr is a really nice looking camera, but loses focus while zooming and does not have a control ring around the lens like the S100, and the sensor size is only 1/2 vs 1/1.7 on the S100. The Sony HX9V is not impressing me all that much. I really am hoping Canon will announce a G13 any day, because the G12 quickly has fallen behind pretty much all of the leading point-and-shoots right now. I love the G12's ergonimics, it just needs major improvements.
Amazon Customer answered on November 9, 2011
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Thanks for a good list of issues.
What did you end up buying? And why? Happy with it?
now what answered on January 18, 2012
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