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Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was really excited to get this new WiFi enabled Selphy CP900 printer. I already own the Selphy CP730 Canon Compact Photo Printer Selphy CP730 and what I love about that one is the battery pack that lets me print even when no AC power is available. But it does not have WiFi capability.

The CP900 is quite a compact printer. Setting it up is fairly straightforward but you would be advised to read through the user guide, particularly because WiFi setup was not that intuitive. I was able to connect to my network with WiFi however.

I was also able to create an Ad Hoc network between my iPhone4 and my iPad3 using IOS 6.0.1. Connecting via an Ad Hoc network is great particularly when you are in a location that does not have an accessible WiFi network. An Ad Hoc network creates a wireless connection directly between the device you are using such as an iPhone, computer, iPad or other capable device and the printer. I did have a few glitches establishing the connection but repeated tries finally got it working.

Once the printer is connected to your network, you'll also need to install the appropriate app on your smartphone. I've got an iPhone and the app is called "Canon Easy-PhotoPrint". Once the app is installed you allow it to access your photos and you're good to go. The app is barebones but allows you to select photos from your album and add them to the print queue. You are also able to select borderless or bordered prints. You are also able to remove photos from the queue if you change your mind prior to printing.

In my video I show the lid of the paper tray resting against the printer in an upright position. That's actually the paper tray and normally you would flip that down and as photos are printed, they end up in that paper tray when printing is finished.

Dye-sublimation printers are great because unlike ink-jet printed photos, you don't have to let them dry and you don't have to worry about water drops making them run. The colors are bright and sharp and the blacks are dark. The cost is higher than your Big Box photo processor, but you get instant satisfaction and the convenience of being able to print immediately after taking a photo with your smartphone. A Paper Pack such as the KP-36IP includes 36 photo sheets and 1 ink cartridge. 1 ink cartridge will print 36 photos. Canon KP 36IP Print Cartridge / Paper Kit - 36 Page 4" x 6". You can also by a set of 3 paper packs as the Canon KP-108IN Color Ink Paper Set 3115B001 and save money.

The WiFi printing is only available to iOS, Android and Computers. As far as I know, there are no WiFi enabled cameras that are able to print directly to the printer. So in those cases you print the old-fashioned way, by attaching the USB cable to your camera or by inserting the SD card directly into the card slot on the printer. It is unfortunate that Canon dropped support for compact flash cards in this printer. But you are still able to connect a camera directly via USB to print from the camera.

There is a CameraWindow app that enables you to transfer photos from your Canon PowerShot ELPH 320 HS or ELPH 530 HS to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and from there you can wirelessly print from the iOS device. But other cameras are not supported in that way as far as I know. I was not able to test that feature as I don't have the applicable Canon camera.

I did have some glitches with the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint app on the iPhone. Several times I've had two prints in the queue. Printing would start and after one photo was printed, I ran out of paper. When I installed new paper and ribbon cartridge, the printer printed the photo it had already printed again and then the second photo was printed. Other than that I love this printer.
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VINE VOICEon January 31, 2013
Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This a very compact color photo printer that can print from WiFi, a free Canon Iphone app, from an SD card or USB from a computer.

Size: The printer is super small and you can fit in both hands easily.

The printing from you iPhone works flawlessly and there is no delay in printing your pictures. I like it because you can print pictures for your friends right away and it's small enough that you could carry this on trips or to parties.

Speed: The prints take 110 seconds each to print.

Quality: Print quality is average for this type of printer and the colors are a little muted and the skin tones have a very smooth quality to them with some loss of detail. This are slightly lower quality than photos you would print at Costco or Target.

There is a very nice LCD screen that has easy to use menus and the buttons are well sized.

Print quality can't compare to larger more expensive printers but it does a great job for such a small printer.
It only comes with a few pieces of paper so you need to buy more.

The INK costs about $29 and you can get around 108 prints per cartridge.

Overall, would recommend it for ease of use and if you want to print pictures from you iPhone with an easy to use app.

If you found this review helpful please give it a thumbs up. Thanks!
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on October 7, 2012
We can't get this printer in the UK yet so I had to purchase from the US but apart from a brief stay in customs it all arrived fine. The single reason for purchasing the printer is that it can print directly from an iPad over WiFi without needing the need for a router and it does that just great and I'm very happy with the print quality. There are a couple of points to be aware, it uses coloured film to produce the photo and it does it a layer at a time printing CMYK so the paper is passed back and forth through the printer 4 times laying down each colour. This means it is a little slow printing but the resulting photo is totally dry and ready to handle as soon as it is finished and the film cartridges are easy to handle and as the printer is portable means there will be no spills and leaks as it gets thrown around. The cartridges do have a fixed number of prints they can produce and the one that comes with the printer is only capable of 5 so make sure you order more cartridges and paper as once a cartridge has produced its set number of prints its useless, you can't squeeze another print out, you can't refill them. As the cartridges are basically a spool of coloured film its also important to understand that printing a little colour of pic of something is going to use up one print, the same as printing a full borderless image so there is no point in trying to be efficient and conserve 'ink'. However buying more cartridges and paper isn't too expensive and you can get kits that bundle them together but it does means being reliant on Canon as no one else can produce 'refills. Another thing to point out is that if you want truly portable printing and go for a battery option you also need a charger and the two of them together cost more than the printer itself and they set external to the printer and plug into the power port on the printer so the printer is never free of wires. This is a real shame and its unfortunate that Canon couldn't find a way of making the battery clip on to the printer itself but I guess one positive is that as the battery is pretty large, much larger than anything for a camera or camcorder it should last a long time in between charges. In summary I am really happy with the printer and everyone I have shown it to agrees and if you need photo printing on the move with an iPad, iPhone etc its really the only option I have found that does it this well, yes its a pain the battery is external and you yes you need special consumables but all in all I have no regrets purchasing it. Oh and one last thing, I wanted to take full size screen prints from the iPad (pushing the Home and Sleep button together) and print them out but if you do that you can only print with a border and not borderless as it cuts off the edges of the image so if you find prints losing part of the image switch borderless printing off. This is done within the Canon app for the iPad/iPhone which you need to download to use with the printer, you can't print natively from the iPad direct to the printer in the way AirPrint works you do need the free Canon app.
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on September 17, 2012
After reading almost all the reviews on Amazon to buy a new photo printer, I decided on The Selphy. My mom also has it and I liked the quality of the prints. I have had 2 photo printers, a HP Photosmart (LOVED IT!!) and a Kodak all in one (HATE IT!!) All I wanted was a photo printer! Not a fax, copier, scanner, printer. Who would have thought that would be so difficult? The Photosmart was the best printer for quality. The Kodak, a HUGE let down. Lines through my photos, really? But this Selphy was very easy to install and super easy to use! I just printed the 5 it comes with, so I haven't used it much, but I can't believe the quality of pictures! They are beautiful! I do a lot of scrapbooking and can't wait to do my next album! I printed day, night, people, and places. ALL turned out great!! I would just like to say, if you need a good little printer for 4 x 6 or smaller prints, this is your machine! I am so excited to print more! Do get the color ink/ paper set when you order the printer. It's a great deal for 108 prints!
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on January 13, 2013
My mother-in-law, who is 92, just bought a digital camera. She knows how to use the kiosks in the local stores, but we thought she would want to be able to print pictures at home. This printer is ideal.

It is tiny: smaller than a shoebox, by quite a bit. If you look at the picture, bear in mind that the photo it is ejecting is 4x6; that gives you a sense of scale.

The output was amazing. I don't know how accurate the color reproduction is, because I didn't get to play with the originals on the SD card, but the pictures certainly looked nice. (I'm the only one in the family who might care about color calibration.)

The LCD display is reasonably large for such a tiny machine, and it has a number of ways to manually adjust the images but we didn't try any of them. It does red-eye and lighting correction automatically. We wanted this to be plug-and-play, and that's the way we used it. We didn't try the built in Wi-Fi, for much the same reason.

You can buy a battery pack for the printer if you want instant gratification when you're on the road.

The "ink" system is interesting. You buy an ink/paper set (Canon KP-108IN, 108 pages) and it comes with cartridges (almost like toner cartridges) that deliver precisely that amount of dye. There's no running out of ink in the middle of a picture: the ink and the paper run out at the same time, every time.

This is not a printer for the picky photography buff who wants to tinker with each picture for hours, but for someone who just wants to get the gol-darned picture out of their camera and onto paper it is an excellent choice. Add the optional battery and you have the closest thing you can get to an old Polaroid instant camera, but the results will be vastly superior.

At current prices the cost per picture is about $0.27.
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on February 6, 2013
I got this printer not too long ago and right away impressed with its capabilities. WiFi-enabled, amazing quality prints, an LCD preview screen, and the ability to do most operations without a computer in the middle, all for under $100. I'd seen people trying to go the inkjet route for years, and ending up with horribly-colored prints that were not suitable for much of anything, but decided to give this a try for a party I was covering where I'd have the ability to sell prints to attendees.

First thing first, you have to know how a dye-sub printer like this works. The "ink" is embedded onto a cartridge that just has stripes of colors. The paper is coated in some sort of polymer that reacts to heat. To print each color to the paper, it exposes heat to the paper, which opens up the pores of the paper, drawing the dye inside. Once it cools, the pores close up, basically giving the paper a tattoo. It does this four times, one for each color (CMYK). Because of the way ink is used, it is not possible to re-use a section of dye, so each cartridge has a fixed number of prints in it, regardless of how much color you use. The upside of this is that you know exactly how much each print will cost you (about 33 cents). It also means that you don't cringe when asked to print something that's 90% black, because it was going to use that ink regardless.

A quick story, I brought the printer to a party where I was running a photo booth. The prints were a huge hit, and I was able to keep transferring images off of my camera and onto the SD card inside the front slot. Just a warning, however, halfway through the night, the front slot stopped working. It'd take in the card, attempt to read it, but error back that no images could be found. I was able to get around this by using an SD card reader on the USB slot on the side, but just a caution to be careful with the built-in SD slot, as I think it may be fragile.

Prints take about 45 seconds each to complete, and are ready to be handled immediately. They *are*, however, easily susceptible to scratching. If you keep a print in your pocket or drag it across a rough surface, you'll see some of the colors coming off, leaving behind little red, yellow, and blue trails. I'd suggest picking up some protective sleeves if you're going to be selling prints at events.

All in all, this is a tremendous value. The printer does a great job of making 4x6" prints, and is just as simple as it needs to be. The ability to print to it directly from iOS devices will make it a huge hit at parties and family gatherings.
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on March 10, 2013
The main advantage of this product over the CP800 is the WiFi support. If you want to print from a smartphone (I used Android) then you are in luck. The application is simple and intuitive and with Android you can send the image from any application using the Share feature. However, if you are using a recent model Mac (7.5 and higher) or Windows 8 than forget about the WiFi. You need to connect a cable just like the EP800. Canon's support of this printer is disappointing.

Other problems
1. Very bulky external power adapter.
2. Paper tray is large and is external to the printer.
3. The Selphy printers print great until the head gets damager. From that point you get a horizontal (landsacpe) line on each print.

1. Good print quality.
2. Ink does not dry (compare to Epson's ink jet technology)
3. Water proof and smudge free (try it, print a photo and place it in a glass of water. The print stays intact).

I would like to give it 5 stars but dropping one start from the non working WiFi and one start for the low reliability of Selphy printing heads.
review image
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on November 27, 2012
If you print a lot of professional photos, for scrapbooking and other projects, this is the best printer you could get. I still go to the store for copies larger than 4x6, but overall this has already saved me money due to the amount of prints I use.
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on October 9, 2012
Hello, I made a comment on a previous reviewer's issue regarding a line on every print that I have seen also. They had two new printers with the same issue. I my self at the time also had the same issue with two new printers, one exchanged for the other, same problem. Both printer were from the NYC B&H store. I now purchased a brand new printer again from Best Buy in NYC and this 3rd printer has the same issue. It will only be seen on light pictures such as a beach or sky shot or running through a person's face. There is a vertical light line on the left side of every print, no matter the camera, picture, printed from windows or from a card in the printer, about 1/8 inch in on the left side of a 4x6. The issue is definitely there and now 5 printers having the same issue is more than a coincidence. I'd be happy to share some scanned pictures with the issue directly with someone. Again, you wont see it where the left side of a picture is dark. Hope this helps someone. I may try the cp800 model instead that has been around for a while.

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on December 23, 2012
I bought the Selphy CP900 to make quick prints of holiday photos over Christmas. I wanted something compact and easy-to-use, and the Selphy seemed to fit the bill. However, after three days of trying to get this little treasure to work properly, I am here to tell you that what Canon is selling with the Selphy is an $80 box of frustration and pain. Here's why:

1.) First and foremost, the wifi set-up doesn't work. The printer simply will not connect to my wireless network. The instruction manual makes it sound easy enough--just select the appropriate access point on the Selphy's tiny screen and then enter the WEP key. Yet after selecting my SSID from the list and entering the WEP key at least 37 times, the tiny screen still reads "connection failed." And I still can't print wirelessly.

2.) The ink cartridge situation: I finally gave up on the hope of printing wirelessly and used a USB cable (not included, of course) to print from my laptop. After printing 8 photos this way, the printer prompted me to insert a new cartridge. So I put the new cartridge in, printed one picture, and immediately got another error message about the cartridge being improperly loaded. So I reloaded the cartridge, tried to print again, got another error message, tried to reload it again, but this time discovered that the thin film in the cartridge had been shredded by the machine, making it unusable. Incredibly frustrating, as you can imagine.

The bottom line: Unless rage and frustration are your goals, stay away from the Selphy CP900.
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