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on December 10, 2011
Verified Purchase
This printer was purchased to replace both a non-wireless but similar Canon and a HP printer I had formerly used at my office. I waited for the newest printer and for the reviews of it on Amazon & they were very helpful. While I miss the document feeder from the HP, everything else is great. I have not yet managed to get my iPad to print documents but have no problems printing wirelessly from my Mac laptop or from the connected HP PC. Photos print wirelessly from everything (Canon has app for iPhone and iPad) even lets me choose size. The scanner works great and I look forward to being able to scan slides and negatives but have not yet done so. The slow warmup takes some getting used to but not having to leave my easy chair to print is wonderful. An Excel document didn't print correctly so I have to learn how to handle those documents, but everything else has printed perfectly. I prefer Canon inks/printers for photos and this doesn't seem to use ink any faster than my older model. The set up was simple enough for me to do without tech support with easy to follow directions. I am really delighted with the quality of this printer.

Update 5/12
Canon did a hardware update soon after I wrote review and I can now print from iPad. I miss the old see through inks and think I replaced original cartridges too soon, now ignoring low ink warnings. A power outage even momentary will turn printer off. If you plan to print on smaller than letter sized paper, I'd set it up for rear paper feed, as an example only a full page of checks will print without jamming from bottom feed. I was originally worried about flimsiness of this paper holder but it is working fine. Nothing was in directions but there is a rear panel that is easy to remove to clear jam. Still pleased with purchase.
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on September 24, 2012
Verified Purchase
The printer is good....the provided software is BAD.

My main complaint is that the software that comes with the printer only allows for auto scan of PDF and JPEG. This does not allow me to preview and edit the scanned image before saving it. This is important to me because I do digital photo and document scanning of old photos and old documents and it would be much quicker to be able to fix them before saving them. The printer is set up to scan immediately and save the image to a folder. Then I would have to select print and chose the image and select the paper all before it offers me the chance to edit. What if I'm scanning 100 old photos and I don't want to print them.....I just want to edit them and save them for my work and future use?

The photo editing tool provided is not very good. The advanced editing tool does not even allow cropping of pictures. I would have to actually go through the steps of setting a photo up to be printed before it even lets me crop. Again that's annoying if I don't even want to print, just want to edit. The tools are limited and not as easy to use as other software. It does not offer a photo gallery to view all of one's photos. The only way to see the photos is if you chose the "print photo" option. It spreads all the photos out too much because it anticipates you want to check of print options for each. So it's not great for hunting through a file of 200 photos.

The look of the printer is sleek and it's nice that the Canon Pixma MG8220 has a tray for photo paper and a separate tray for regular paper. The photo paper printing is fast and sharp. So far the tone is warmer than normal. I used up the yellow within two hours.

I am thinking about returning the printer. I am not sure. I would keep it if I could get a photo/pdf scanning and editing software to ad-on that would work well with the printer. Prior I was using Lead Technology software provided by HP. Now I need to update my printer and wanted to try one with better resolution.
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on January 29, 2012
Verified Purchase
In the past, I've bought inexpensive ink jet printers. Ones where the printer company sells at a loss with the expectation that they'll make money selling ink. Coming from that experience, this is a QUALITY printer. It took me a while to unpack it and carefully plug in the Cannon ink cartridges (this is my first Cannon printer). Wireless setup was super easy on every machine (two Windows 7 laptops, two Windows XP desktops, and two Mac's). Just put the disk in, follow the instructions, and ta-da! It worked!

One of the main reasons I wanted this is for scanning. I haven't scanned any photos yet, but I love how it will save your documents directly to your computer w/o having to have any interaction with the computer. Everything is done from their nice touch interface (it has touch buttons, not a touch screen, but still feels much nicer than hard buttons). The LCD screen seems nice and big, and the interface is easy to follow. Since this is a shared printer, it's not by any particular computer, so we don't have a computer that does all of the scanning anymore. I just select which of the 8 computers is to receive the scan, scan all the pages I want, and then walk over to the printer and there's my PDF document, all nice and neat.

The only negative side is that it takes awhile for the printer to warm up, so that first page takes a minute or so to spit out, but after that it's a reasonably fast ink jet printer. But the quality is worth waiting for.

Highly recommended over a $100 HP or similar ink jet printer.
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Verified Purchase
Holy cow - has Dr.Evil taken over the ink market? Think he may be a printer engineer at Canon based on my experiences this past month using this printer!

SIMPLY RIDICULOUS INK USE: This thing uses wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy more ink and has many, MANY more cleaning cycles, seemingly randomly sometimes, than any other Canon printer I've ever owned. In less than a month, it has sucked through all but the one large black ink cart already. And that was after printing 98% general light home office use printing order emails, where very little ink would be needed to print. We did a couple small (5x7) test prints in color and b/w, then did some (mostly text) CD printing tests, as well as a couple copy tests. In all, nowhere near enough printing to blast through a set of $$$ ink carts in less than one month. OUCH!$!$!$! One Star is being generous for ink use.

(A little history - this is my 4th Canon printer, having switched about 10 years ago from the big "E" brand purely because endless head cleaning cycles were just killing me $$$ wise - we were doing inkjet sublimation then with dye sub ink sets costing over $500.00, so ink use and waste was a BIG issue then. Three previous Canons (old 9000, 2 Pixma 5000's (not ip-5k)) were all 5+ years old, but they were affordable for general office printing with ink use very reasonable. With a mod that allowed printing discs directly with the 5000's and as pro photographers, we used that feature for several hundred discs printed each year with ease and celebrated the low ink usage and low cost of operation. This new printer was purchased mainly to print cd covers and for general printing office use.)

WIFI: Installation was very easy and simple. I plugged it into our wifi router and within little time, was printing wireless from 2 desktops and all our laptops with ease. Setting that up was a whole lot easier than frustrating experiences with a couple other brands wireless printing in the past that we eventually just gave up on and used corded. BTW, having wireless printing ability from laptops all over the house is a WONDERFUL feature that I am liking even more than I anticipated. I give this printer a full Five Stars for easy, pretty much idiot proof steps to getting wifi setup working well.

PRINT QUALITY: I'm a full-time pro photographer, and have been for over 30 years. I've also worked in and managed pro labs that provided the ultimate custom printed photos to other pro photographers, so I am a bit old school biased toward traditional silver-halide photographic prints (ie; wet-processed traditional old school photo paper) and all of our portraits delivered to clients are still printed at pro labs in that manner to provide what IMHO is the best quality final images. We never use an inkjet for client prints, but I ran a couple quick test prints in color and b/w using some Ilford Gallerie paper with this printer and the results were indeed impressive. It did nice bright colors and the b/w images that had slight warm toning to them printed looking great - loads better than how they looked on our older printers! Did not see a massive quality difference between the standard and highest quality mode, other than it seemed to lay down a whole lot more ink. But text and graphics looked very good, so Image Quality gets Four Stars from me.

CD PRINTING: Like I said, we used the heck out of our 2 prior (modded) Pixma 5000 printers for direct printing on CD's for customers, so it's something I'm very experienced with. Our CD's are printed using Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker software with pretty simple (ie; mostly white background) design w/3 colors of text. It was very easy to set quantity to 10 discs and pretty much brainlessly load/unload discs as they were printed by feel alone, and it was something I could do while working on something else. This new printer does high-quality direct printing on cd's, but the internal mechanical parts that draw the disc tray into the printer seem a lot less durable. Also, it is much more cumbersome and finicky to load and requires you to be in a well-lit room to see the feed area hidden several inches inside the dark paper output and get the tray fed right. I could do this without even looking with the old printers. This new one requires 100% full and careful attention to load tray correctly, AND it forces you to jump through the extra step of hitting "OK" button on the top of the printer for EACH AND EVERY disc being printed when running multiple copies of the same disc. Printing speed through the printer may be a tiny bit speedier that in the past, but that gets negated by having to mess with the loading tray door and having to hit that button with every disc printed. The switch from paper to cd printing also starts what seems to be a really long, annoying ink cleaning ($$$$), even right after switching the "on" and the usual l-o-n-g ($$$$) head cleaning cycle. Quality of printing was great in standard mode. We use a high quality printable cd and there is no ink run on them, even using the old "wet finger" test. Our cd's are Taiyo Yuden/JVC Water Shield White Inkjet Hub Printable 52X CD-R Media, and they work and look great. Hard to tell them from screen printed ones, which is why we use them for hundreds of portrait image cd's yearly. Four Stars for cd printing - quality is great, workflow is frustrating.

SCANNING/COPIER: I intend to test the slide/negative scanning feature when we get a slow time of year, but regular flatbed scans and photocopies done on it were equal to our Canonscan dedicated scanners. It has a big color display (great for old eyes!) on top and control wheel (sensitive!) that will walk you through about anything. One oddity I've had is although the printer is working fine printing from within Photoshop CS6, and the scanner worked fine in it when first installed, it seems to have since "disappeared" from the scanning/acquire menu in PS. I have not had time to investigate why yet. I'll update that later once I figure out the issue. Scanning that I have tried so far (when it worked w/ PS) would rate Four Stars at this point.

INTERFACE & DESIGN: This thing was like a Transformer with all the little doors and controls that pop out or up. My wife called it "Optimus Printer" as she watched me setting it up and finding all the often hidden pieces of tape used to protect it during shipping! The user interface is really straightforward and even my mom could figure out how to do most anything without my help using the on (printer) screen directions. The display and flush controls remind me of something Apple created. It is a sharp looking machine. The black absolutely attracts dust like a magnet though, and you need to be careful wiping it as you may activate something by brushing over the flush mounted controls. I am prone to piling papers on top of the printer, and often wake it up from sleep mode by just setting a paper down. Not a big deal, but do need to be a little cautious.

INK USAGE: Yeah, I know this is the second section about that, but it really is an ink HOG, and every time it drones on with yet another (frequent) cleaning cycle, my feelings about Canon get worse as it makes me think of a greedy company hiking profits by requiring more and more $$$ ink purchases. I do not do photo printing on my inkjets, so I am not against using third-party ink that costs so much less compared to OEM factory ink. The OEM carts are not see through, so you can't even see how much ink is actually left when it's telling you to change inks. These ink carts are also "chipped" to make them "smart" and more accurate supposedly, but it's also a way to discourage people from doing self-refills. Fortunately, there are many sellers here that have generic ink carts for this printer that are chipped, so should work fine. I've ordered a couple sets and will update after trying them for a bit. One star for extreme ink use. :-(
** UPDATE 7/23/13 - Have used a good portion of the $6.(!) generic ink set (Sold by Foreverlast Store here on Amazon) and the printer has worked fine with them for regular general office printing and printable CD's. Colors look okay, not much noticeably different the OEM in general uses. One thing I *LOVE* about this printer is when it does run out of an ink, when you open the top, the ink needing to be changed has the red LED light flashing to let you know which one needs changing. Really handy in a dark office or home!

OVERALL: For the price, this printer is loaded with some really great features, and it works with the modern OS's like Win 7 and Win 8. It's sharp looking, heavily (surprisingly) constructed, and easy to operate. Aside from the big INK PIG problem, I think this is a good AIO printer that would be at home in any home or home office, and do a good job in day to day printing. Overall, I give it Four Stars. Just wish it used less ink...
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on September 18, 2012
My usage is mainly web page printouts, Word documents and an occassional photo. I even use economy (fast) b&w printing on just about everything other than photos. I started using my 8220 around August 1, printed 3 photos and I am already replacing all the cartridges today Sept 18.

I also noticed that the cartridges are no longer see-through. Why?! So I am relying on the software to determine how much ink is left. Think Canon did this intentionally to further deceive the customer?

The startup time for the first printout is ridiculous!

I think I want my MP560 back!
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on August 19, 2012
Consumer reports top rated.
We have used it for one year. Love the two sided printing to save paper. We use"greyscale" instead of color plus "fast" lower quality printing to save on ink cost for routine use.
When high quality color prints are required it is excellent.
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on June 20, 2012
All of these Canon printers require that each of the five ink cartridges be full at all times; otherwise, the machine will print nothing at all. Even if all you're attempting is plain black text--unless you've paid twenty dollars apiece to keep Magenta and Cyan full--you'll be out of luck. The cartridges, by the way, dry out at an incredibly fast rate. You'll be left constantly spending cash on ink you don't need simply to carry out the most basic printing functions. A design flaw of this magnitude is staggering from a company like Canon. It's far too late for me to return mine; I'm left with a worthless hunk of plastic. Do yourself a favor and go with another company.
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on March 22, 2013
Verified Purchase
After reading the primary listed review on this unit, I felt compelled to write this. Criminal ink usage? I don't see that at all and mine stays turned on all the time. The gauges still register full with the original ink cartridges after a month of usage. This is an incredible all around printer. It's priced at a very affordable level (considering it's capabilities) and offers every possible function I could want in a photo printer. My HP LaserJet Pro 400 color is excellent for documents, but I have yet to see a better quality photo printer with these features at this price.

Most Important Pros:

Incredible Color Output:
This printer blew me away. It gives about the same quality output that the photo shop does. Incredible even coverage and it even prints borderless. Inkjets have a come a long way since my last purchase about a decade or so ago. I'll be testing some metallic paper from Red River and will give an update once I try it out.

Auto-Duplex Print:
I'm including this as a Pro, although I don't really use it on this printer since I have the LaserJet for document printing. It's not beneficial for photo printing, but if this is your primary printer and you use it for documents, you will find it very handy and a great paper saver. I run a small photography and videography business on the side and it's extremely nice to print double sided forms without having to reload the paper and figure out how to situate everything for it to print properly.

Ink Life:
Thus far it would seem to me that the ink life is excellent, despite the complaints I've read on here. If that should change, I'll update this review, but so far my ink gauges haven't budged. And honestly, even if it would turn out to be an ink hog, budget inks are available for very cheap. I bought some generic ink cartridges from EZdeals123 when I bought this printer to test out, so once I get the chance to use them, I'll update this review and write a review for those as well.

The printer has Wi-Fi, USB (no cord included but who doesn't have a spare one of these), RJ45, multiple type card reader, and several remote options. Print from anywhere. This is a huge convenience. We no longer have to import everything into the main computer then print it. For remote printing Google Cloud Print was a little tricky installing, but for printing across Wi-Fi Canon Easy Photo Print was easy to install and use. Can scan directly to my Android phone or my iPad easily. I wish they would allow more scan and print options in the EPP software, but I mainly scan to my PC anyway. AirPrint requires no set up at all other than connecting it to your network. We have iPad's, iPhone's, and iPod's and suddenly the printer popped up automatically on everything including Safari, Mail, Photos, etc. as an option to print. If you have an android smartphone you'll need the Canon EPP app to print if you have Jellybean O/S. When printing remotely, I have to admit I like HP's ePrint better than Google Cloud Print, but it will suffice for most needs. Very nice.

Superior Scanner:
I have hundreds of rolls of 35 mm negatives and slides and I have to say, the scan quality is beautiful on this unit. It took me a while to find the film adapter under the platen. Photo scans are incredible too. Probably the coolest function on this unit is the ability to load multiple photos and select auto multiple scan. It will automatically scan several pictures at once and import them as individual images. Very, very nice! My HP MFC is great for scanning documents, but for photos, this is far superior.

Beautiful Simple Touchscreen and Panel Controls:
The Touchscreen LCD panel is very intuitive and simple to use. It is nicely put together, sturdy, and responsive. You can also tilt it to whatever angle you prefer. The Intelligent Touch System puts lighted control options across the front of the printer. Nice.

CD / DVD / Blu-Ray Printing:
This is the main reason I bought this printer. When we create videos to sell we need them to look professional. We used labels in the past and it was a huge chore and they were a major pain. I am in awe of the quality of the output and no smearing! Very professional. Goodbye labels! Loading the tray is a little tricky, Remember to open the output tray, pull down the disk tray loader, wait until the printer tells you to load the disk tray, and stick in the disk tray until the arrows are aligned. The instructions are a little difficult to find for this.

The Cons:

Poorly Done Manual:
For some reason Canon didn't create a PDF manual. They used the Windows Help File format which is cumbersome and difficult to use.

Slow Start:
I must be used to the speed of my HP LaserJet Pro 400 Color speed that zips out pages fast. I guess inkjets are always going to be a little slower. This printer does print pretty fast, but start up time takes a couple minutes if you haven't printed for a while. Not unbearable, but more than I'm used to I guess.

While the inks are beautiful, they are very expensive considering you need 6 of them. Canon brand inks also don't come in a bundle with all 6 together. Would be nice for the sake of getting a discount when buying a bundle, but I suppose you don't really run out of inks all at once. Generics come in a 6 pack bundle though.

I'm beyond pleased with this printer. It's solid, well built, and packed full of functions that are for the most part very useful. It's been a while since I owned another inkjet, and I have to say I am completely amazed at how much better they are now. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a top of the line all-in-one photo printer in this price range.
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VINE VOICEon December 18, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This printer has worked really well for us so far. We use it on our network with wifi and have had zero issues since assigning it a static IP. It prints quality text and photographs and we really have no issue with the output. However, there are a few problems with this printer that make me loathe to recommend it. First off, I can't believe how long it takes to be ready to print from a cold-start. No ink jet should need this much time, but it sure does. Sometimes it takes several minutes to warm up. Secondly, it appears to be using this time to waste ink, I think it may be doing a head cleaning at every power-on but I can't be sure. What I do know is, the ink usage of this printer is absolutely ridiculous, and it takes SIX different cartridges (including both a black and a gray), thank god for generic cartridges because you'd go broke buying Canon's. Finally, the card reader is really finicky about the pics/PDFs it will view, the pictures basically have to be directly from the camera, you can't just drop photos on an SD card and have it work...for some reason.

In any case, go for a Brother machine, those things are excellent and spare you many of these headaches.
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on April 25, 2013
Verified Purchase
This Canon MG8220 was ordered to replace the Epson Artisan 837 I painlessly returned to Amazon. At this juncture I can only review the setup and print quality. Setup gets 5 stars, especially after the rigors of the Epson. There was none of the convoluted, now plug in the USB cable, then step through the software, then unplug the USB cable so you can now use your Ethernet cable, etc.

The Canon quick start guide had the whole thing out of the box, and working on my desk in under 45 minutes. Most of that time was just waiting on the software to fully install and the alignment procedure to finish. I did not need to set up a temporary USB link to put the Canon on my wired network.


My first print was to 4x6 Epson Premium Photo Paper Glossy since there was no paper starter kit from Canon. The output matched my screen image as close as any print could possibly match an LCD monitor. This was good news that the boxes and boxes of Epson paper may all be put to good use.

My next set of prints was out of Adobe Lightroom to Epson Matte Paper Heavyweight. I had some recent shots from the Everglades that I had converted to black and white. Using the Canon printer to control the printing the resulting print was sharp but held a slight blue/gray cast. I switched to using Lightroom to control the entire print process. In the Canon Printer Properties menu I set the Main tab/Color Intensity to Manual and then clicked the Set button. In the resulting new window I clicked the Matching tab and selected Color Correction = None. In Lightroom I selected the profile labeled Canon MG8220 MP2. Note that MP2=matte paper. For glossy paper I would assume the GL2 or GL3 would work. The resulting prints were great. The black and gray inks seem to make a difference with BW printing.

I used Lightroom again for some matte color prints following the basic procedure above to Epson Matte paper. Great results. My wife had some Canon Matte Photo Paper so I was able to do a side by side comparison. My wife preferred the Canon output. Either one would be fine. The slight difference seemed to be that the Canon paper had a darker blue sky with a brighter yellow in the sunset illuminated clouds. The Epson paper had a lighter shade of blue in the sky and a deeper yellow in the sunset. Either print could be framed.


My text printing showed excellent results with sharp clear type. I use a quality paper (Staples Inkjet Bright White) to get these results. Much better than the Epson Artisan. In Epson's defense, it was having difficulty printing anything black. Eventually it gave up on printing black and was returned. My test print from the Canon MG8220 had black text, white text on a blue background, blue text and orange text inside a shaded box. Everything was crisp and clear.

I will update this review when I get around to scanning film and slides and printing labels on DVDs.


I have now scanned film and slides and printed directly to DVDs. The verdict is that the scanner performed admirably. The negative and slide results were good if a bit over-saturated. Since the film negatives were from the 1970's and the slides were from the 1980's I assumed they would need a bit of correction. A quick trip to Photoshop and all was right with the world. The prints made from both the slides and the negatives were excellent, given the age of the source material.

Setting up the film and slide scanner was not intuitive but the online manual was mostly helpful. You remove a plastic piece from the inside of the lid of the scanner and you either open the door on this piece for negatives or you remove another piece and use what remains to align your slides.

DVD printing was a bit of an effort. The software that comes with the printer is a bit child-like in that it seems to work only from the provided templates. At least after the hour or so that I spent with it I couldn't find a way to just use my own design for the entire DVD label. It wanted to force me to use its primitive artwork. Luckily I was able to locate an old copy of Discus 4 and it managed to work as required. I just selected a Canon printer that seemed close to the Canon Pixma. I did have to nudge the image up about 1 cm.

The actual task of printing a DVD was rather simple in that you send the job to the printer with the DVD selection from its software and the printer tells you to lower the inside plastic slot into which you slide the plastic carrier holding your disc. The inside slot is a bit difficult to find as you need to reach your hand into the front output opening to locate tray holes (center below the Canon name). You then pull down on the plastic piece and the drawer pulls down from the top. Put your printable DVD or CD on the flat plastic piece that comes with the printer and insert in the direction of the black arrow. Align the two white arrows (one on the flat carrier and one inside the printer) and follow the color screen instructions.

On the whole, most such tasks are assisted rather well by either the manual or the cleverly laid out color screen and well lit buttons on the scanner lid. You can complete several operations by just using the printer controls.

My goal was to acquire a photo printer that could handle my light regular printing needs. The slide/film scanner was a very nice addition. As a copier and regular print scanner the Pixma MG8220 works very well. I don't miss the fax since my wife's office next to mine has one and between the two of us we have needed to fax something only twice in the last five years. I don't miss the automatic document feeder as I am not running a business. Without the ADF the overall profile more nicely fits my rather crowded office. The photo print quality seems excellent. If I need something larger than 8 1/2 X 11" printed I will send it out.
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