Battery or Capacitator? Has anyone actually opened up this flashlight and checked to see if it uses a battery or capacitator to store its power? For that matter does anyone know of a dynamo-type flashlight that uses a capacitator rather than a battery?
asked by Stuck in Houston on July 28, 2006
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The Illuminator crank light uses one Lithium-ion button cell rechargeable battery. See my "Customer Image" to see how the battery looks like.

It does not make economical sense to use a capacitor to store power for a LED flashlight. Even with a 1-Farad Super-Cap, it can only substain around one minute of light. Check out the equations yourself:

By definition: C= dQ/dV
dQ = integral of current over time = I*t (if current is constant)
Let C=1F, dV=1V, I=0.02A, we get t=50 sec.
NLee the Engineer answered on January 25, 2007
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