Capacity of Music? Hello community, idk much about blank dvd's but I my ipod adapter for my car broke and I need to start burning CD's for music, I was wondering how many songs on average can fit onto one of these discs, whether these discs are the right ones, if there are better blank cds which can fit more songs, etc.
asked by J. Lira on October 17, 2010
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Seems a bit late to respond, but for anyone else who may need to know this answer, it all depends on how you will burn your music. You can burn your music as standard audio files, or as data. If you format your CD's as audio files, then you will be restricted to the length of the music. Usually about an hour. This may be fewer than 20 songs. If you burn it as data, then you are restricted to the size of the CD or DVD, which is usually about 700mb for CD's and a little under 5GB for DVD's. This can be hundreds of songs. So why not always burn the music as data? Some CD or DVD players may not be able to read data CD's or DVD's. Nearly all nowadays can.
Todd K. Gallagher answered on February 15, 2011
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