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4.2 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
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on July 21, 2011
Batman: Arkham Asylum is one of the best if not the best super hero game ever made so its only logical that developers would attempt to copy it and that is exactly what the devs of Captain America: Super Soldier have done, the question then is did they succeed? Well, yes and no.

Let me start by saying that I am absolutley loving Super Soldier! When it comes to combat the developers have done a fantastic job, anyone that has played Arkham Asylum will feel right at home. Cap controls great, combat is fast and brutal, it uses the exact same counter attacking that was found in AA as well as the slow motion zoom in for that final bone breaking punch or kick. Cap of course does not have all of Batman's gadgets he does have his trusty shield which can be thrown, block enemy bullets right back at them and used to melee the enemy into submisson. It's so satisfing to be surounded by 10 enemies and to effortlessly dispatch them without a scratch on you. Boss fights have been a lot of fun, i'm really enjoying the story which is all contained within one giant compound and the voice acting is solid with Chris Evans and several other actors from the film providing their voices.

Now Super Soldier is a movie tie in which means a shorter development time because they have to have it out in time for the film which is a shame because with a little more time and polish Captain America could have been a truly great game rather than just a really solid one. Obviously it is a little rough around the edges graphics wise. Cap himself looks really good and is really well animated but environments don't fare quite so well, however I don't have as much of a problem with this as others, you actually visit several distinct locations throughout the game, large open courtyards, a prison, hedge maze, Barron Zemo's mansion, underground labs, a sewer system for accessing every area of the game, ect. it isn't just the same looking place over and over again the problem is that they just lack detail. Platforming can be a pain, its pretty much automated by just taping the A button at the right time Cap will fly through the platforming and gain large amounts of focus for pulling off special moves however the problem is that the timing can be really hard to get down, there is no penalty for messing up your timing though, you can't fail, Cap just traverses the invironment a little slower.

With all that said Captain America: Super Soldier is still awesome! There are tons of collectibles to collect my favorite being Zemo's diary entries, lots of off the beaten paths to explore in order to complete side objectives like taking out AA guns and even some challenge rooms to complete. So if you are a Cap fan or an Arkham Asylum fan then Captain America: Super Soldier should make you very happy.
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on July 20, 2011
Apparently I'm one of the few people who are actually enjoying this game. While Captain America: Super Soldier falls short of the mark set by Arkham Asylum I don't think it's near as bad as people have been making it out to be. Just because it's not the best doesn't mean it's terrible.

Sure, the environmental details could have been better, but they aren't bad enough to actually ruin your experience...not anywhere close. And as for the fighting, I actually quite enjoy it. The shield adds a welcome change to what I feel was a little monotonous in Arkham Asylum. For my "run & gun" style playing, having a shield to reflect bullets works quite well. My only complaint about the combat would be that it is not as fluid changing between targets during combat.

As for game length, for not being an RPG, it's really about standard length.

Is it the best game out there? No...but it's a lot better than it's being given credit for.

And let's not forget it RELEASED at under $40!!!
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on October 14, 2011
I was a little leary about this game even after i read all the positive reviews on amazon, but for once I was in full agreement with everyone else. This budget title is actually fun, I'm amazed. We all know the track record of these movie tie-in games and Captain America is some strange anomaly. But sooner or later you just have to accept it, this is a solid game worth buying at it's budget price.

Graphically this game is average, i'm not wowed, but they aren't bad. They seemed to have put most of the detail work into Captain America himself, he looks quite good, even up close. I particularly like the shield, it looks right and is oh so satisfying when you give it a toss.

I've heard some comparisons to Arkham Asylum and Prince of Persia and i have to agree. The combat is heavily influenced by the recent Batman game and I'm happy about it. I really enjoy the simple yet satisfying combat, which consist of a standard attack, a grab attack, the counter button and a dodge function. The combat is the most polished aspect of the game. The attack and dodge animations are tight and just plain fun to watch. The moves are easy to pull off and make you feel like a patriotic badass. The platforming section looks very much like a prince of persia game but you don't really have much control over the Cap at these points. All you do is hit one button to make him jump and swing around and there is no finesse required on the player's end, just hit the button over and over and watch Cap do his acrobatic thing. Some people will not like this, but it didn't bother me.

The shield itself really steals the show. It can be used to block all manner of attacks including gunfire. If you time it just right when an enemy fires his gun, you can deflect the bullet right back at them, sweet. You can aim and toss it at multiple enemies as you upgrade your character. It's even sweet in close combat, the sound of the shield bashing against a Hydra agent's mask makes the hair on my neck stand up.

There are all kinds of extra content bonus items to pick up to flesh out the background of the story including film reels you can watch and Baron Zemo's personal diaries. I find myself searching every nook and cranny for these items just to get a little extra experience to buff the Cap out with new abilities.

Overall I am very pleased with this purchase and just plain surprised that it is actually a fun game. It's made a Captain America fan out of me so it's doing something right. If you like the combat of Arkham Asylum i think you will like this game. So grab your shield and bash some Hydra skull! CAPTAIN AMERICA FOREVER!
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on July 20, 2011
I have no idea why some people are complaining so bad. One person marked the game lower because they said it ripped off the fighting style from Arkham Asylum. First off, even if they did--so what. That was an awesome game. That is the way this industry works. If you're going to mark every game down because they rip something off, you may as well stop writing reviews.

The game is a blast. Im about halfway finished and I think it is much better than some of these folks are giving it credit for. The fighting is great, the challenges are fun and frankly I'm glad I bought it. Well worth the 40 bucks, period.
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on January 9, 2014
I only leave reviews when I really feel passionate about saying something - I loved this game so much - I had to just let people know - for the first time ever really after a game - when this was over - I was like "It would be so cool if they made a movie out of this game". The story is that good - It is fun - challenging but never frustrating - and has a cool graphics and voice work and it is just flat out fun. With a great story. I love using the shield - both to block bullets and throw at people - or just upper-cutting people with it - love the sound it makes. I really like the graphics too and the music - basically I just loved everything about it - lol - if you like Cap -get this game. The ending is awesome - I was like cheering - lol - just a great job on this one. - I don't know if I like this game more than Arkham Asylum - but I had more fun playing this game than Arkham City.
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on August 4, 2011
After playing through Sega's Thor movie game, which was on the verge of embarrassingly bad, I had extremely low expectations for this. To my delighted surprise, CA: Super Soldier was actually a very enjoyable play-through. The combat is definitely the highlight here, and very much like Batman: Arkham Asylum--fluid, a big variety of moves and attacks, weighty, and fun to watch. The graphics stand head and shoulders (several times over) above Sega's Thor, and are on par with what's expected in a 2011 release. Sure, there are things that could have been improved (platforming seems undeveloped, and the game isn't incredibly long), but this is a good, solid third-person action/adventure game with a good story (nothing fancy), and a fair amount of replayability with the "challenge" modes. I think this game has been getting a bad rap simply due to the fact that it's a movie game and it was released by Sega--two characteristics that have rarely resulted in anything worth purchasing. While it's not game of the year by any means, if you can pick this up for under $40 like I did, I think it's a good buy, especially for Marvel fans who've been looking for a solo adventure with the good Captain. If a sequel materializes for the same studio, after this solid first go-around, I think they have a chance at developing something that can compete with Rocksteady's Batman franchise.
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on October 15, 2013
My kids (8 and 11) liked this game a lot. It was not overly complicated, but it stayed interesting throughout.
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on August 22, 2014
This game was an extraordinarily positive surprise for film tie-in games. The game stands on its own with a story separate form the film franchise and plays very well. Controls are accurate and responsive, the camera is rarely (if at all) a hindrance, and graphics are better than average. Overall it is a fun action game, where it's only drawback would really be a lack of replayability. All the achievements can be obtained in the easiest difficulty and there is no there incentive to play further.
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on December 19, 2014
I loved this game! The combat, story, and platforming were all done really well. It really is Captain America's Arkham game. The graphics were better than I expected since I went into it with low expectations. This was one of the better movie license games I've played, right up there with Golden Eye and X-Men Origins:Wolverine.
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on July 20, 2011
I have already seen mixed reviews of this game but i got it the day it came out and have been enjoying playing it. Now, i would agree with what other people said on how SEGA makes horrible games majority of the time. But, they did SO much better on this game then they did with THOR. So, to me it was a big improvement. Plus, if you are a captain america fan, this game is a must buy. I love all the marvel games. Only downside is it is only one player and you can't play online with your friends. However... it is still an all around good game, regardless of what people have said about the game.
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