Customer Reviews: Captain America: Super Soldier - Xbox 360
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4.2 out of 5 stars
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on March 17, 2013
This game was very good. It had great graphics and I really enjoyed the combat. It was very fun using Cap's shield to fight and defend. The bosses were fun to fight. The Hydra soldiers were well done too.
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on May 14, 2012
I just 1000 GS this game on the XBO360 today. Had the game for almost a year and while I can explain why I had to stop gaming for awhile (School & work) I found myself playing this over the weekend and knocking it out COMPLETELY! I was hooked. It isn't the BEST super hero game, we all know Batman is the game to beat currently, But I feel it took some good things from it and made it a worth while game to sit back and enjoy. The story could have been a tad better, there was a lot of collecting collectables which was more fun than annoying as some games can make it seem, but again in the end it's well worth the now $20 price tag. Maybe I can thank "The Avengers" film to having me dive back into this one and I have no complaints here.
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on October 14, 2011
An excellent game that is fun and offers great graphics! Very similar to Arkham Asylum with the added advantage of utilizing the shield. Stages are unique and challenging but not too overbearing. A few delve to far into the mythos of Captain America, offering ridiculous expectations but as with anything, you can not satisfy everybody but this game will satisfy those wanting an engaging video game!
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on September 26, 2011
this game is by no means perfect, but I can say it was at the very least entertaining. When i first saw previews for this game it was obvious that it was a clone of the far superior "batman: arkham asylum." Surprisingly, this is a good thing. The freeflow fighting is a pleasure to play , and the moves you unlock as you progress are well designed to make the combat challenging , but not frustrating.If you are looking for a great story, you are out of luck, its basically "beat up group of bad guys, go to next room, beat up next group of bad guys." there is a sort of acrobatic platforming mechanic but its a very simplistic and really only amounts to pressing a jump button to match a timing flash, and if you miss the timing there is no real penalty. After you finish the main story there are challenge courses you can run which focus mostly on your combat skills (just like the afore mentioned "batman AA game.)The game is short. Really short. I beat it and unlocked every achievement i less than a week. It is a better rental than a buy, but what do you expect from a comic book game based off a movie? Its a brawler.Beating up nazis dressed in the stars and stripes has never been so much fun!
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on March 6, 2013
I just played this game a week ago and really enjoyed it. The close quarter fighting mechanics are excellent. The developers also did a great job implementing Captain America's shield. The voice acting was really top notch (even Chris Evans was ok).
Some of the boss fights were really exciting and very memorable.

My only real complaint is how easy the game is on the default difficulty. After completing the first three chapters without even coming close to dying I restarted the game on the higher difficulty which really was more of a challenge given that your health does not regenerate, the focus meter rises a lot slower and you don't get any warning of incoming melee attacks.

All in all I must give a lot of credit to Sega/Next Level given the short development time they had to complete this movie tie in game. In my opinion this game was ten times more entertaining than the actual movie.
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on August 28, 2012
I really like this game, but it has problems. The framerate sucks and there is a lot of aliasing, for starters.
I'd love to have the opportunity to play this game in true 1080p at 60+ frames with 8xAA and HDR.
I mean, this is UE3, there's no real reason the 360 version couldn't have been ported to the PC with the inherent ability of the engine to apply enhanced graphics settings.

I understand the comparisons to Arkham Asylum, but that game was more based on stealth and Batman's gadgets. Captain America isn't quite the same type of character as Batman, and shouldn't have the same style anyway. This game fits with the character, and the collectibles + story are a cool addition to the experience. This is another licensed game that doesn't suck, and that's a good thing when games like The Hulk and Ironman threaten to ruin the perception of Marvel games for everyone.

All in all, it's a fun game dragged down by technical limitations. Some of the more open scenes are beautiful, but they degrade into a stuttery mess of what can't be more than 15fps at times.
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on December 12, 2012
I got this game for my birthday and I wasn't dissapointed.I thought it was a great game overall, and the gameplay was pretty good. the missions were nothing like the movie at all! but I never got tired of killing people with their own bullets and knocking 10 opponents out in 30 seconds. the adrenaline meter fills up fast enough so that you get advanced moves quick enough to keep the game rolling. the graphics were commendable and the karate moves made you feel powerful!! overall I thought this game was fun and a good buy. being able to elbow somebody in the face while they were still on the ground always made me feel better after a hard day!!!!
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on December 29, 2011
Captain America takes to the stage Arkham Asylum style in his latest game. How does that work out for him? There are probably some mixed feelings here but I believe they're mostly on the positive side. Strong execution on the basic and critical moves leave you feeling like Captain America just enough to forgive the poor execution on some of his signature moves like the Shield Charge. There's a nice little story in this mix but it's a shame that not all the original actors are voicing their characters but the majority are. Now for the details.
+ Controls well enough but it's no Arkham Asylum.
+ Shield throwing is really fun.
+ Makes you really feel the power of Captain America.
- Not always linear enough. Lots of backtracking.
- Some of the power moves don't control well like the Shield Charge.
- Kind of on the short side. Took less than a day for 100% completion.

Rent before you buy. Even hardcore fans might have their fill of this game once it's at 100%. The only reason you might play through again is to test out the different costumes but there's only 3. I like this game but it's got it's flaws.
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Captain America: Super Soldier, is a simple and fun video game tie-in to the latest Marvel movie smash, and for what it's worth, it's a fun enough trip while it lasts. Playing as the Star-Spangled Avenger, you mow down hordes of Hydra agents and other assorted baddies while making your way to take on the Red Skull, and that's pretty much the whole game in a nutshell. There's nothing overly complicated and the gameplay does tend to get fairly boring after a while, but considering the fact that this is a very, very short game, this isn't as bad of a shortcoming as it should be. The graphics are pretty decent, as are the controls and overall feel of the game, which is really quite a pleasant surprise considering how bad Sega's Marvel movie games have been over the past few years. All in all, fan of the comic, movie, or both; Captain America: Super Soldier is worth checking out.
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on June 8, 2012
Didn't even know they made a game for this movie. Saw the movie and thought they should make one. It could make a good game. Turns out, they shouldn't have. I pictured a Captain America game as a cross between Batman (city or asylum) with Assassin's creed (any but the first). There are parts in the game where you get to jump around, but it's extremely linear. The ironic thing is, half the time I don't realize which ledge the intend for me to jump on. I haven't finished the game yet, mostly cause I can't get into it. The voice acting is ok, but the characters don't always move their mouths the way they should. I thought we solved this problem like two years ago? The combat is easy until you need to press a specific button to finish of a 'boss'. they give you only a second or two to do this and usually it's a repeated button press. Sometimes my finger slips and I press the wrong button. I get knocked down, lose hp and the 'boss' regains about 15% back of his. This is what I've found most frustrating. Overall not a great game, but if you buy it for $13 like I did and you like Gamer Score, then maybe it's for you.
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