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VINE VOICEon August 20, 2000
I swear I just watched Captain Ron today on my laserdisc player and just had to write and say how great this movie still is even if you've seen it a million times. I saw it in theaters! I bought the video! I got the laserdisc! Wanted the Soundtrack on CD like crazy but they didn't make one. For crying out loud, Touchtone, don't you know a Cult Film when you see one! This movie has a following! Release the Soundtrack! And how about a WIDESCREEN DVD WITH EXTRAS! Yeah, even my laserdisc isn't presented in the Widescreen (or Letterboxed) format, but I am glad I have it since for now it's the best copy you can own. I'm not boasting, I just love this movie! The fact that critics hated it makes me sick. They're as clueless as Meadow Sisto (that's the cute daughter). Kurt Russell is The Man ("I've always been a fast healer... course I believe in Jesus"). Martin Short is Hilarious (Pirates of the Caribbean...."Been to Disneyland one too many times have we, Captain Ron! ") The perfect movie to watch whenever you just wanna enjoy yourself and have a good time. I had no idea that it was no longer available in any format to own. "We're gonna &*@%ing die"...without Captain Ron on DVD!
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on January 24, 2001
I'm watching my third tapeof this movie, having worn the others out. I love everything about it, from the kids (the boy reminds me of my own little brother, while the daughter is, well, the friendly sort). Capt Ron himself is a free spirit, and manages to to get the Harvey family to enjoy life the same way. This is one of those movies that gets under your skin, and you find yourself quoting lines from it all the time. I keep coming here to see if it's on DVD, because I'd like to stop wearing out VHS tapes. I would also like to see the soundtrack. That way I could listen to it and imagine the movie. This is great entertainment! I wish they made more like it. Whenever I see Kurt Russell, I think of Captain Ron.
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on May 9, 2007
CAPTAIN RON is my favorite stupid movie. The story of Captain Ron Rico, a one-eyed scoundrel and charter boat skipper (in that order) and the white bread and mayonnaise Harvey family from Chicagoland, this movie is just so absurdly over the top that it's irresistible.

The Harveys have inherited a sea hag that once belonged to Gable and Lombard. The old wooden ketch is gorgeously appointed but dry-rotted and barely seaworthy. Dad Martin Harvey (Martin Short) decides that there's one last sail left in her---to the breaker's yard. He convinces his wife Katherine (Mary Kay Place) and his children Caroline (Meadow Sisto) and Ben (Benjamin Cunningham) to have a nicely planned out "spontaneous adventure" taking the old wreck from the mythical Isle of St. Pomme de Terre ("It means St. Potato, honey." "No it doesn't.") to Miami.

Since the Harveys can't sail, they hire the disreputable Captain Ron to skipper the boat. Kurt Russell has so much fun playing Captain Ron that he literally eats the storyboards, giving us a portrayal that's half Jimmy Buffett and half Baby Huey spiked with Malibu Rum. His one-liners are all priceless ("Yeah, incentives are important, I learned that in rehab.") and they are constant.

Captain Ron is a consummate sailor, but in the tradition of the true Old Salts of yore, he's totally ragtag, disdaining charts, fuel capacity, weather conditions, international politics, sobriety, and the Harveys own plans as he wanders, Odysseus-like from island to island, drinking, seducing women, enraging husbands, outrunning insurgents, and avoiding arrest on any number of charges, all with the bewildered Harveys in tow.

But as adventure piles on adventure (including a brief internment in Cuba, and a pitched battle with a pirate ship named "Albondiga" i.e., "The Meatball"), Captain Ron shows a daring and competence under pressure that his happy-go-lucky ways belie, thus winning the hearts of the Harveys.

The lemon in this lemonade is the usually sidesplitting Martin Short, who comes across as mostly inept. As the rest of the family starts to take a shine to their bizarre shipmate and he to them, Short never quite manages to have the obligatory male bonding moment with Captain Ron. In Short's defense, he's also stuck with some of the dumbest dialogue ever written for the screen ("You said GOrilla, not GUERRilla...Go, guh, go, guh." and "I can't stand Captain Ron, he's eating my brain!" (?)).

This is Kurt Russell's film and he got 95% of the good lines. Short got stuck with ALL the downers. That's a shame, and it's the only flaw in this otherwise uproarious film. Everybody on the set looks like they're about to lose it utterly, and that's part of the fun of watching. A good time is definitely had by all.

CAPTAIN RON is a cult comedy classic. If you've ever owned a boat or sailed, you will instantly recognize Captain Ron as the squint-eyed grinning undine who lives aboard every boat and in the heart of every true sailor. This is my favorite stupid movie for a reason, and it'll be yours, too. Once you meet CAPTAIN RON you'll never see the sea the same way.
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on February 4, 2000
This is a very funny and entertaining film -- buy it! The cast is great! It is THE family favorite around our home -- especially on winter days here in Maryland. We have most of the lines memorized (GORILLA!). Captain Ron is long overdue for a DVD (with bonuses), a CD Soundtrack and most importantly -- A SEQUEL!
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on September 17, 2003
I readily admit it. Kurt Russell is one of my favorite actors. That being said, I love Captain Ron. And if you're looking for some good family fun, I'm sure you will too.
This dvd is presented in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen and is pretty decent. Don't expect reference quality but it pretty good for this flick.
It features a 2.0 Dolby surround standard issue sound mix. Dialogue is clear and crisp and surrounds are next to none.
No bonus features included. :(
While some bonuses would have been nice (even just the trailer!)I can still recommend this one for the movie alone. If you're looking to have 90 minutes of fun, pick this up.
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on July 17, 2002
Even Captain Ron! Finally, on DVD!!! This is my family's favorite movie. We know all the lines and recite them along with the movie, and we still laugh so hard it hurts. Plus, the wisdom of Captain Ron helps bring humor into MANY real-life events. Something goes wrong at work? Just say, "That's okay, Boss, it could happen to anyone" and make everyone else wonder why you're smirking. Having trouble merging onto the freeway? Just say, "They'll get out of the way, they always do. Learned that driving the Saratoga." MUST HAVE DVD!!! CAN'T WAIT!!! Planning to buy several copies of the DVD. (rating the VHS version) (FYI, boaters, especially sailors, will probably find this movie more funny than land-lubbers.)
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on May 25, 2000
If I was sent to a desert island and could bring a movie this would def. be the one! I LOVED since its release. I always watch it. My copy is getting VERY bad. Seriously. There is a wonderful mixture of family comedy and comedy between Martin Short and Kurt Russell is fantastic! Everyone should see this movie. Release on DVD would be great and so would a soundtrack.
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on August 10, 2000
Absoulutely my most favorite movie of all time. From start to finish it is one humorous or heartwarming event. It is the life that every one dreams of but few will realize. I cannot wait for Captain Ron on DVD and a release of the soundtrack. If you get lost just pull in somewheres and ask directions.
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My wife and I have watched this movie over 100 times. We have worn out two VHS tapes and are sick that we can't get it in DVD and that they didn't release a soundtrack. It is our favorite movie of all times and would buy either in a split second.
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on March 16, 2016
Captain Ron is one of my favorite ridiculous movies from my past.

Kurt Russell plays Captain Ron, who is not your typical captain. His crazy antics & outlook on life add hilarity to the situation the Harvey's are now in.
Martin Short plays Martin Harvey who is an executive from Chicago. He inherited a "beautiful" yacht & seen the opportunity to change up their mundane routine & reconnect with their children.

After they set sail, Mr. Harvey is not so sure about the captain's nautical approach. Even though it may appear he is getting the family, mostly Mr. Harvey, in less than desirable situations he is actually showing the family how to be a family at sea & drawn closer.

When you just get used to Captain Ron & his outrageous personality, he is done with his job.

Great comedy for those Friday nights after a long work week. Please note that it is PG13 for a reason. There are several scenes that some may find inappropriate for younger children.
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