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on September 16, 2009
I own the original version of these, first printed as Harlequin novels quite some time ago. Anyone interested in purchase who is a Nora Roberts fan should check to see if they already have them. I do wish that reprints would be clearly marked as such.
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on December 24, 2008
I have always enjoyed Nora Roberts writing but now find there is quite a lot of similarities in her character and description to other novels of hers and her writings as JD Robb.I have to say though that I will be reading the next two reprints Enchanted and Charmed.They are easy escapist readings and provide a contrast to the nasty reality of credit crunch, job losses,or as in my case the nasty realities of life as a social worker.
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on March 23, 2010
This trilogy was great. As always, I didn't want it to end. I love Nora Roberts' books, especially the trilogies because they go on and on. I think it would be great to go further, but I guess it might be difficult to come up with more and more of the same people. It's nice to be in their lives and watch their families grow. You really feel like you know the characters. I've read some reviews of other books of hers saying that they are all the same. Well, basically they are, but that's why I love them. They are different enough to keep you reading, but you know everything will end wonderfully. I love how she has witches, ghosts, etc. in them. I think this makes them even more interesting. I am so glad I discovered her books. Can't get enough!!
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on February 19, 2009
I could not put the book down. Morgana and Sebastian were hilarious and so were their significant others. I would love for this series to continue like the McGregors'. Thanks
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on July 9, 2012
I am incredibly confused by the huge numbers of high reviews on this pair of books. I assumed that the series was from very early in her career because it was easily the worst NR I have ever read. I've read a bunch, I don't think she's an amazing author, but she delivers a decent romance in an entertaining way. Usually.

The pair starts with Charmed, the story of the polyanna witch Anna who talks like my grandma even though she's supposed to be 26, the perfect man next door and his cherubic and flawless little daughter. I was seriously nauseated by the sugary sweetness and wonderfulness and oh-aren't-we-all-perfect-ness of the main characters, so much so that the comically overdone family was a relief and almost seemed normal in comparison.

A few other hot buttons:
The treatment of magic did NOT work for me. Sometimes it's all ritual and formulae, and sometimes it's "poof"! Make up your mind.
How Happy and Nice and Wonderful everyone is to everyone else All The Time.
The perfectly behaved, completely angelic, totally unrealistic little girl. Has NR ever MET a child?
The "oh, it's okay, I liked it!" treatment of the near-rape of the main character. BY THE HERO! (Hint: If HE is horrified by what happened afterward, something is wrong.)
Treating the pregnant lady like she was made of glass. And the HEALER was doing it! Pregnant women are not infirm, even if they are carrying twins, and if they feel fine, it's actually counter-productive to tell them to sit down all the freakin' time, not helpful, and certainly not very healthy.

Most of these were also issues in the second book, Enchanted, wherein another nearly perfect (if dramatically insecure) young woman falls for the he-witch, Liam. She spends the entire book sighing over him while he and other people in his family meddle irritatingly in her life and she hides from her problems. Highly unsatisfying.
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on September 20, 2010
Nora Roberts needs no introduction if you have ever picked up a romance novel. Hundreds of novels with almost as many completely different concepts and premises is no small feat but she has managed to accomplish it. This quartet of books is no different... Deep and intriguing characters with a romance developed under twists and turns keep you hooked from the start. A co-worker of mine tried to be witty and say "Oh so its like wal-mart porn with witch craft then?". Negative. Ms. Roberts steps above the average "harlequin" novel and adds depth that can be often ignored by those with such narrow opinions. The Donovans, The MacKades, and the MacGregors... all three families have heartwarming tales that leave you with a little tug in the back of your mind that you came from such a family. The MacKade Brothers: Devin and Shane: The Heart Of Devin MacKade\The Fall Of Shane MacKadeThe MacKade Brothers: Rafe And Jared: The Return Of Rafe MacKade\The Pride Of Jared MacKadeThe MacGregors: Serena ~ Caine: Playing The Odds\Tempting FateThe MacGregors: Alan & Grant: All The Possibilities\One Man's ArtThe MacGregors: Daniel & Ian: For Now, Forever\In From The ColdThe MacGregors: Robert & Cybil: The Winning Hand\The Perfect NeighborThe MacGregor Grooms (Macgregors)The MacGregor Brides (The Macgregors)The Donovan Legacy: Captivated/ Entranced/ CharmedCharmed & Enchanted: Charmed\Enchanted (Donovan Legacy)
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on June 29, 2009
I am an avid fan of Nora Roberts AKA J.D. Robb. I own and have read every book in the In Death Series so I expected the same type of character development and story line. Once I started reading this book I couldn't stop.
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VINE VOICEon February 1, 2016
2 stars for CAPTIVATED.

Not enough plot. Too much descriptions, ponderings, and feelings. It dragged.

The main plot was Nash a movie writer/director thought Morgana was a charlatan witch. He wanted to write a movie about witches. So he interviewed her to learn more about them. She was a real witch and told him truths. He liked what she told him but he thought they were tricks - not the real thing. Meanwhile they are sexually drawn to each other.

I listened to more than half the book and then skipped to the end. I couldn’t make myself listen to more. The sequel “Entranced” was better.

Therese Plummer was very good with general story telling and women’s voices. But she was not good with Nash. She made him sound weird and like a 12-year-old-kid. The emotional tone she used did not fit that of a sexy man.

Narrative mode: 3rd person. Swearing language: none that I recall. Sexual content: at least one sex scene. Setting: Around 1991 California and Ireland. Book copyright: 1992. Genre: contemporary fantasy romance.


3 stars for ENTRANCED.

Pretty good. Characters and plot were formulaic - been done before, but it kept my interest.

This is book 2 in the Donovan Legacy series. Each book can be read as a stand alone. The characters in book 1 have minor roles in book 2.

Mel is a former cop, now a private detective. Her friend Rose’s baby was stolen. Rose heard about Sebastian - a psychic who helped the FBI and cops with cases. Rose arranged to meet with Sebastian and asked Mel to go with her. Mel doesn’t believe in psychics. Mel thinks Sebastian will try to take money from Rose. Mel and Sebastian end up working together on the case. Eventually Mel is convinced of Sebastian’s abilities.

The plot involves finding bad guys who steal babies. It was pretty good. I liked the clues and getting close. The relationship development was pretty good. It’s romance, so the ending is happy.

Therese Plummer was very good with general story telling and women’s voices. But she was not good with Nash. She made him sound dorky. The emotional tone she used did not fit that of a sexy man.

Narrative mode: 3rd person. Swearing language: none that I recall. Sexual content: at least one sex scene. Setting: Around 1991 California and Ireland. Book copyright: 1992. Genre: contemporary fantasy romance.
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on July 18, 2013
This is a set of two stories. The first is set around Morgana and the second her cousin, Sebastian. Both characters make minor appearances in each other's stories. There is also a third cousin and one assumes a later story will focus on her. They are all gifted with various psychic powers and come from an Irish "witch family."

The idea of this Donovan Witch Family is a neat idea, and I enjoyed the idea of a set of stories that revolve around members of this family. That being said, I guess I expected more of a "best-selling" author like Nora Roberts. The plots were predictible and the main characters were all described in these glowing physical ways and the writing verged on purple prose at times. I found myself skipping over bits, never a good sign. I didn't even finish reading the 2nd story, but just started skimming because I found I honestly didn't care. Anyone could see what was going to happen and the characters just weren't that interesting to go along with them for the ride.


The first love interest, Morgana and Nash...Nash is researching for his next script (he's a horror movie writer) and he seeks out the local "witch" and, of course, is skeptical about all of this magic stuff. But then he begins to believe she cast some kind of love spell on him because he, of course, would never just fall in love with anyone. He turns against her and hurts her and she, of course, takes him back in the end. This sounds like a decent enough plot, but it was so obvious in how it was written. I would have preferred a bit more fireworks between them.

The second story is about a PI and Sebastian, Morgana's cousin, and finding a stolen baby. I lost interest about half-way through the story. Again, it was because of the heavy-handed way the story was written and not so much because of the plot. Sebastian is, of course, one of the the hottest men on the planet and the author never lets us forget it. The PI, Mary Ellen, plays the skeptic in this one and is, of course, also won over to the side of witches and psychic powers.

I normally enjoy supernatural romance, but only if done right. This was so-so and not very captivating or entrancing. I might try the author one more time, because there is potential here...and I like the ideas. But she seriously needs to polish her writing up some more and make her characters more interesting. And less perfect.
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VINE VOICEon December 22, 2012
Professional screen writer Nash Kirkland was just looking for another angle to continue his winning streak of Paranormal / Horror movies to follow in the steps of his latest hits. Witches - why not? Nash didn't believe in them but he could sell it and with a witch supposedly living in his neighborhood of Monterey, California, why not get some research done. Trying to keep everything professional was not easy once he met the local witch Morgana Donovan, but to say he wasn't captivated at once by the intensely beautiful proprietor of Wicca was an understatement. Morgana didn't need spells to make someone love her - however she also couldn't help falling in love herself when the `one' she'd been waiting for entered her life.

*** To say I could listen to this audio without being totally enthralled and captivated not only by the story but by the marvelous delivery and performance of Ms. Therese Plummer's performance was a foregone conclusion after the first chapter. I embraced the entire experience and quickly fell in love with Morgana and her wonderful cousins Sebastien and Anna. This blend of witchy characters were just enchanting. 

Nash, however, was another story - he was so against the thought that Morgana could possibly be a witch it was almost comical to watch him try to deny the levitation, the instant fire in the fireplace and floating brandy glasses. More importantly, I wanted to shake him when he really couldn't get it through his head that his attraction for Morgana was the real thing - love and not simply lust.

Bottom Line: There were no great surprises in CAPTIVATED - just a marvelous love story, simple joy, and extreme enjoyment.

In Mary Ellen (Mel) Sutherland's mind, Sebastien Donovan was a fraud, a man who traded on others anguish and pain. However for her best friend, she was desperate enough to gather what help she could to find her friends missing baby. Reluctantly, Mel the skeptic and private investigator, agreed to enlist Sebastian's help. Though hating to admit it Sebastien soon proved he had some amazing gifts - amazing enough to even crack a bit of the wall Mel had built around her heart.

*** Pit two protagonists against one another and you always have a bit of fireworks in a story. Pitting a total hard-ass skeptic against a witch (even one who can't make most of his spells work) makes this the perfect scenario. In this Ms. Roberts has Sebastien, who's just come off of a very disturbing and draining bit of work tracking down a vicious serial killer and wants nothing but time to recoup his energy, facing a devastated mother and her friend, the skeptic! Actually, if it were just Mel who asked Sebastien would have shown her the door immediately - she was obnoxious and so totally not his type. However, it's just this type of a scenario that will work - opposites do attract - and when their goal is the same, magic sometimes happens.

Robert's put a lot more danger and action into ENTRANCED than CAPTIVATED creating animosity from the get go - always a surefire winner in my book. The plot of having a kidnapping ring of baby snatchers selling baby angels off was heart wrenching, and it didn't take long for Sebastien and Mary Ellen agreeing to work together and play nice. Naturally, with a devastatingly handsome hero as Sebastien it didn't take Mary Ellen long to find that he was special. However, sometimes one has to knock a couple of heads together to make them realize destiny is right in front of them!

Bottom line: Loved every moment!
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