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TOP 100 REVIEWERon February 13, 2015
For the past month I've driven a lot, spent a lot of time in my car. I've fallen in love with this trash can. Yeah, right, a guy can fall in love with a trash can? I have. This is the most convenient well thought out car trash container I have ever seen.

Let me count the ways I love thee. You don't leak - I can throw anything inside you and you hold them. Your lid is easy to lift - of course I don't keep you closed up with the Velcro that would be rude. You are exactly the right size - not Rubenesque or anorexic - just exactly the right size. You stay where I put you - not fun when you fly around the inside of a car spilling trash everywhere. You are easy to remove and empty - and yet you always come back for more. You are sturdy - you stand up nice and tall and don't slouch, posture is so important.

At first I was hoping to put this on the floor in the front seat. Well the area for stuff in the front wasn't wide enough. Darn it, I thought this was going to be easy. So I looked in the back seat. My car happens to have a completely flat rear floor - there was this nice spot just behind the rear vents where I could put this box. It happened to be exactly the right height to not block those rear vents.

Well the bonus that black just sort of disappears on the rear floor. I thought I would hate the garbage box back there. Turns out, it is the best place in the world. When I'm driving I can reach back, grab one side edge of the top (not the front - that would mess with the Velcro), flip up the top part way, and drop my trash into the box. The lid then falls down firmly on the box, hiding all that nasty trash.

Now if my car had a hump in the back, that Velcro on the bottom would make it stick to the carpet and it would stand up on the hump. This also worked great when I put my winter mats in the car - for some reason this little box just likes to stay put.

I think this would work in a lot of cars - minivans, SUVs, or regular sedans. The thing is so well built and sturdy I can kick it around and it just keeps working.

Yeah there is a little bit of assembly required. You have to insert four pieces of heavy card stock to make the four sides. The zippers aren't perfect, but that's a one-time deal, you'll never touch them again.

Yes I'm in love with this.

A free sample was provided for review.
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I'm not sure if any car with children on board will every remain litter free, but with this Freddie & Sebbie car trash can it will be a lot cleaner. I have several of this company's products and every one of them is very well-designed and of the highest quality. Not quite sure what I expected of this little trash can, but I was quite pleased with it.

Assembly is simply a four-step procedure that entails inserting four heavy-duty cardboard supports (MDF board) on the sides. The interior is lined with a heavy leak-proof plastic that will help if you're tossing anything damp or wet into the interior. It's also very easy to wipe down with sanitizing wipes or a damp cloth.

Like the Freddie & Sebbie backseat organizer, it can be hung from the back of a seat headrest if you so desire. It has a flip-over top with Velcro attachments to keep an unsightly mess covered up. I do like that little touch because if you are storing used diapers, they'll won't be staring backseat passengers in the face so to speak.


► Guaranteed to Instantly Keep Your Car Clean, Tidy And Litter Free
► Made to a Very High-Standard With The Strongest Material On The Market, Which Gives This Car Trash Can a Super-Long Life
► Fully Leak-proof - 4 Solid Sidewalls Which Prevents Collapsing - Simple And Easy To Install
► Size: XLarge Car Trash Can 12" Long x 10" Deep x 7" Wide

The trash can was actually larger than I thought it would be. It's not meant as a long-term trash storage unit, but rather a short-term one. It's way easy to empty out, wipe down, and return to the car. There are a couple of see-though mesh pockets on the front to store extra things like diapers, wipes, a board book, or other trip essentials. I do have the Freddie & Sebbie car organizer and two more pockets never hurt anyone.

If you don't want to actually install it on a headrest, it can just be placed on the floor for the duration. It's a bit wide so I'll be doing just that when I need it because I have a small car without a lot of room in the back. Very high quality, attractive, and well-designed trash can. If you're going to have one in the car, it may as well be a nice one.


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Sample provided for review.
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This trash can for the car is good to have. It's water-proof and large enough to fit lots of garbage. I tend to use a plastic bag that I get from the supermarket for my garbage. Not only does this trash bin look better, but it holds more and won't leak. I highly recommend it. I was sent this as a gift from the manufacturer for an honest review.
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on December 18, 2014
Assembly is annoying which requires putting cheap pieces of cardboard into slots. Product is already distorted because velcro doesn't stick to floor and kids step on it and then the little cardboard inserts get bent. I wouldn't buy this again. Very annoying
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on June 28, 2015
The garbage can is Awesome! I have 2 kids in the back of my car who seem to be bottomless pits of garbage. I pride myself on *trying* to keep a clean car and this trash can fits the bill!
It is considered one of the larger trash cans for a car, but it doesn't spill, easy to clean, is sturdy and holds up to 2 kids. The rigid sides help hold the trash can upright. Highly recommended.
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I like this car trash bin up to a point. It can be difficult to put together, but that just takes some finessing. It seems waterproof, but cleaning it is likely to be problematic. And my biggest issue is that you can't use the strap to carry it to a garbage can once it's full. While it's unlikely to be very heavy, a strap that could double as a shoulder strap would be very handy for someone who has a lot to carry to and from the car.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product in exchange for a review.
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on September 27, 2015
So the item arrived safely here to Guam.

I followed the instructions and placed the two panels in the sides and it's pretty sturdy.

I was surprised about the Velcro on the bottom but thought it was a smart addition.

The straps for it sit on the pockets on the side as I don't anticipate using it but didn't want to lose it.

And though the plastic lining feels like it'll keep liquid from dripping through - I still use plastic bags to keep it in new condition.

I keep it in the front seat passenger foot side but doesn't seem to bother my passengers and now all my trash goes there and my XB is cleaner than ever.

They requested I do a review so I did but it didn't influence my thoughts. Nothing was given in return for my review. 👍🏽
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I've used other Freddie & Sebbie products before and I must say that the quality of everything I have experience with is of the highest quality - this trash container included. These are tough products which are made to take a heck of a beating and still function well and on top of that...well, they look good.

I must admit though that this trash container has caused me something of a if I need more dilemmas in my life, even though in this case it is a good dilemma. I have a trashy truck...always have had and I have desperately needed a nice item such as this to bring a bit of neatness and organization to my life. (more about that later). I am also a birder (yes, a bird watcher) and do a lot of traveling. I always carry an number of field guides with me and I found right from the start that this container is ideal for stashing my "bird stuff" into the back of my truck (extended cab) and by hanging it right on the back of the drivers seat I have almost instant access when I bail out of the car.


This thing is completely water proof and if you happen to dump a coffee cup into it that is not completely empty...yes, I have done this on the floorboards of the car before, there is not worry about leakage. It is easy to remove from the back of the seat (I keep mine...when used for trash) on the back of the passenger door), empty and then re-hang.

This thing is made from a very high quality material and is extremely well made. I think there is little chance of my destroying it as I do so many car items. The interior is extremely easy to clean if needed. The flip top cover is nice and keeps things from spilling out if you are slow in empting the thing. It has two nice little web pockets on the front which are ideal for stashing even more stuff.

While this unit is large enough to handle the daily trash build up, it is most certainly non-intrusive and back well on the back of the seat. Or, If you desire, you can always simply set this thing on the floorboards of the car and it functions just as well.

This is a very handy product and if I can overcome the anxiety as to which function I want to use if for I will be even more delighted.

A sample of this item was provided in exchange for an honest review which is just what you got honest review.

Don Blankenship
The Ozarks
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on November 18, 2015
When I received the trash can I was disappointed, thought that it would be bigger, my fault for not paying attention to the size. As of yet I would say it is OK. I do like that I can attach it to the seat in front, good if you have no passengers. It is right there by your side. The other plus is that there is a screen in front of it that you can put things in such as your glasses. I thought that I would buy one of these for each of my family for Christmas but not now.
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on October 5, 2015
I really like this trash container. I can see it doubling (in a pinch, if clean still) as a handy cooler type bag or whatever too. I use Target plastic bags as liners for it as a double "keep it cleaner" measure (Walmart's are too flimsy and slightly smaller). It's a great size. I have mine in a minivan between/behind the two front seats so it is easy for most everyone to reach when needed.
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