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on October 19, 2012
I read some reviews of people knocking this carport. Yes, it is cheap, and cheaply made. But it's like the saying goes, you get what you pay for. I'm not rich, so I can't afford $700 + to get a regular carport. So I bought this one, and I'm happy with it. It does its job pretty well. The place I live is very rocky, so putting some anchors in the ground is out of the question. So, I went to Home Depot, got 6 buckets, and 6 bags of concrete and put the legs in the buckets, leveled them out, and poured concrete in it. This make it sturdy, believe me, it isn't going anywhere.

The way I see it, having a cheap carport, one that can be added to to make stronger is better than not having one at all. Like a car. It's better to have a car that needs to be worked on than not having one at all.

Update; I have been using this carport for about two months now. The other day, we have very strong winds come through here, stronger than I have ever seen since moving here. The wind was so strong that it blew down the porch of my neighbors house, and in another area of town, blew over an rv trailer. Yet, my carport is still fully intact.
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on July 21, 2012
When the box arrived it was a little beat up and I was surprised that the canopy itself was undamaged with as little padding as there was inside the box. Assembly was easy and only took 45 minutes, I took the opportunity to add some additional hardware while the canopy was still on the ground. There are a few connections that I drilled and bolted together to make sure it doesn't come apart in a wind storm. Once it was up on the legs I drilled and bolted it to the concrete slab. The end result (with $10 of additional hardware) is a very sturdy canopy that I am sure will stand up to 20-30mph winds without problem.

My only problem is that it's a little short. Not for the vehicle, but for walking under. The sides are only 6' to the cross support pole, and the canopy drops down an extra 4" below that. I have to duck under the sides to not hit my head on the poles.

Updated 1/25/13
We received about a foot of lake effect snow the other week. The canopy collapsed before I had a chance to knock the snow off the top. The good news is that the poles are the same diameter as a chain link fence top rail (1-3/8" diameter) so I was able to replace the bent pieces with new pipe with a thicker wall. The canopy itself held up fine, with the new thick walled pipes it should be nearly indestructible now!
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on October 31, 2010
I figured I was taking a chance on the very low price. The canopy assembled ok. The support members were very light duty as expected but formed a fine frame when assembled. I had considerable problems with the plastic sheet cover. This cover did not fit properly, it was too small. When tensioning the cover I had grommets ripping through the sheeting and in one corner I was not able to cup the corner so I just let it go. The canopy is almost a disposable item. I have plans to purchase a few heavy duty tarps and build a new cover. It this works this will be the only reason I would keep this item. Do not but this canopy if you need something to last for any length of time.
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on November 13, 2013
I read the good reviews. I read the bad reviews. And I ordered it anyway, with sidewall kit.

PLACEMENT: To minimize wind load, I installed this canopy on a mulch bed tucked behind the house I'm renting, which has no garage (picture uploaded). This canopy is currently storing one of my classic cars while I'm between homes. It is tied securely to the ground with ratchet straps and 10" D-ring soil screws (I suggest ordering these at the same time you buy this canopy, you'll need them, or this thing will become a kite). I also used the provided, super-cheap soil stakes to pin the canopy feet to the ground to prevent them from shifting. They're really only good for that. They're useless as soil anchors. Too short/thin/weak.

TIME/DIFFICULTY. It took 30 minutes to assemble from opening the box to a free-standing canopy. The side walls took another 15 minutes to add. I did this by myself on a calm day with nothing more than a step-stool (I'm only 5'6"). I would not do this on a windy day, unless you have plenty of help or use tie-downs to help keep it from flying away during assembly.

ASSEMBLY. All poles were fine except for one, which had a slightly crushed end. Two minutes and a pair of pliers later, that was fixed. When putting the poles together, I used a little bit of grease to allow the joints to slip together without binding or scraping paint off (some paint came off anyway, but I touched it up w/white spray paint once assembled so nothing rusts). When laying out the canopy top, I found it was a little too small for the frame at the corners, but that was because the joints shifted while I was pulling the fabric over it (remember, I did this alone, dragging the large fabric over the frame tweaked it). Some of the 4-way joints became unlocked/unpinned, and I had to adjust them back into place. Once I re-checked the joints/skeleton, the canopy top fit over the frame perfectly. Some reviews said the top was "too small". I think that may be a lack of careful attention to assembly of the skeleton by other purchasers of this product. All corners fit and the little hooks that grab the leg joints secured per the instructions. At no point did I feel like I was over-stressing the fabric, and nothing ripped during my install.

SIDE WALLS: The side panels fit just as well. I lashed the side panels to the canopy's top using the same bungee balls, then added a second one for strength/redundancy. This lined the side panels up exactly with the rest of the frame/top. Velcro straps help keep the sides attached to the poles, but the sides tend to billow in the wind anyway.

I cannot speak to its repeated use. I have only set it up once, and it's still there. I have had this in place since mid-October, and it's survived a couple of days of 15-25 mph winds with no problems (if you live in places where wind is consistently 25+ mph, you might consider something more sturdy for long term outdoor use). It whips around quite a bit and makes a lot of noise, but it hasn't ripped. The way I've anchored it, I have no fear of leaving my convertible inside on a windy day. It also keeps all the dew/moisture off the car. Even on a humid night, it remains completely dry inside.

The only thing I'm going to do is add a 16'x20' tarp over the top of the whole thing to act as a UV shield & preserve the original canopy. I'd rather sacrifice a $29 tarp to the Florida sun, which is brutal. Sun exposure would reduce the thin white canopy to shreds in 18 months (I know, I store a lot of stuff under tarps here - it only takes a 1+ year to kill a cheap tarp that sits in full sun).

VERDICT: I'm giving it 5 stars. If something fails and this lofty praise is not worthy, I'll be back to edit. Right now the wind's giving it a good beating thanks to a passing cold front, and the canopy's just fine.

The biggest thing here is this: If you have no patience or mechanical aptitude, this canopy may not be your best choice. If you need a light-duty shelter and have a little bit of MacGyver in your blood, this will work perfectly for you.
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on November 26, 2012
After reading the other reviews, I was a little hesitant to purchase this carport. I decided to go ahead with it due to my faith in my own ability to modify anything should the situation arise. This is built to be a temporary shelter and would work great as such!! Easy assembly and I was able to assemble it in 45 minutes by myself. I needed to use it in a more permanent function so here are the modifications I made: filled the support poles with cement (about 40 lbs), used bolts instead of the quick snaps, and installed cross bars (electrical conduit). I also anchored the corners using ratcheting straps and large ground anchor points. I am happy to say it is SOLID. and has withstood several wind and rain storms here in the Seattle area. If your not into modification, don't buy this for permanent use. But with $40 worth of materials, its worth the price! *update* 1/29/13 after 3 months of continues Seattle winter use, it is still in the exact same condition as when I first set it up. The photo I uploaded was taken just yesterday (1/28/13).
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on September 25, 2010
This product lasted 4 days before it completely demolished in the wind. 25 mile per hour wind broke the welds on the feet, and the a 40 mph just crumpled it up. If you live in an area with wind avoid this product.
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on April 2, 2015
DO NOT BUY. after carefully putting this up a week ago and digging holes to secure each post with a 20lb cement block, this stupid thing breaks! it was barely windy, and the posts snapped right at the point where they meet the canopy. thus making it fall right onto my brand new car, causing SEVERE scratches! im so pissed. I have only had my new car for 1 month and now it has awful scratches all along the back side/tail lights. flimsy piece of crap!
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on September 14, 2011
I have had this product around 6 months. It has not blown over but the canapy itself is falling apart. You can poke a hole in it if you wanted to. The canapy does not stand up in the weather. It dries out and cracks.
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on October 12, 2010
The Caravan Canopy came on time. It was easy to install. We used it only one day at our Oktoberfest. Sadly, we will not be using it again. The aluminum poles are very fragile and do not appear to be safe for a second outing. For the record, there was no history of trauma to the canopy or poles. If you do not believe me, buy one and let me know your experience.
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on May 20, 2013
I needed a tent for a dinner party and didn't want to break the bank. At just under $100, I really felt that I couldn't go wrong. (Note: the just price went up more than 25% since I got mine last week). Since I am only planning to use it for several hours at a time for events, I was less concerned about long-term durability. I was, however, concerned about the ease/difficulty of the assembly and dis-assembly process.

First, kudos to Amazon - the canopy was delivered in two days as promised (Prime). The box is big and heavy - 60+ lbs and is not easy for one person to move it any great distance. As a matter of fact, moving the box to my backyard was the only part of the process where I wished I had another person to help!

On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being easy and 10 being difficult, the assembly process was a 3. I was really impressed how straight forward it was to get this canopy up. Keep in mind that it was not designed to be a 'portable' canopy like the 10' x 10' ones that pretty much open up like an umbrella. The instructions consist of a couple of diagrams and some sparse text that show how all of the various pieces fit together. I found it very intuitive and the tubes were all clearly labelled. If you are mechanically challenged, I can see how the process can look daunting with over a few dozen tubes and fittings - but it really is not complicated....

I was able to get the tent up in about 50 minutes working by myself. In another 10 minutes, I strung white x-mas tree lights around the inside edge, which provided the perfect amount of ambient light for dinner. I could probably assemble it in about 35-40 minutes now that I've done it once. The day after the party, I disassembled the canopy and repacked it in the original box in about 20 minutes.

The quality of the parts is okay. It is what you'd expect for something at this price. The tubes/bars are fairly thin but sturdy and the canopy is very similar to medium to lightweight poly tarps. The powder-coating on the tubes is good. You can see some potential for rust inside the tubes if exposed to the elements repeatedly. The only real flaw I found was the lack of tie-down points on the vertical bars to attach an anchor cord. Fortunately we had a nice calm evening and only anchored the corners at the base with stakes without using any cord to secure the verticle support bars.

If you're looking for a temporary party/event canopy, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this canopy. If you are looking for a year round car port or a portable tailgate canopy, you may want to look for a better suited product.
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