Card Sleeves for Dominion What is the best card sleeves for the Dominion cards? I read a product review for a particular brand, and the reviewer said they fit the cards, but they would no longer fit in the case provided with the game. Can anyone recommend a particular brand( One found on Amazon) and tell me if the cards no longer fit in the provided case? Thank you.
asked by Tigs on September 2, 2010
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Euro Game Card Sleeves (100 Soft Sleeves/Pack - 59 MM X 92 MM) These are the one you want. I bought them for the Dominion Intrigue I just bought. The only cards that don't fit in their slots any more for me are Bronze and Silver. For the ones that don't fit, I placed them in one the bags that the card sleeves came in and put it in the middle of the box.
Jason Nagel answered on September 19, 2010
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The reason the Copper & Silver cards no longer fit in the box is due to the added thickness of adding any sleeves. The box insert is great when you first start out. But once you start buying the expansions to to the game (and you probably will want them) you're going to want to ditch the inserts to fit multiple sets in a single box. There are a lot of printable player aids, like card organizers and tabbed inserts at www.
M. Murphy answered on January 25, 2012
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I buy tons of stuff through so please don't take this the wrong way. For all my card games I buy from, is the place to go for sleeves.
In this case, their 59x92 standard sleeves work great.
Sure, shop around but if you have any problems, good luck getting help from a second hand retailer. I just sleeved 500? Intrigue cards w/o one bad sleeve.
When I was sleeving 800+ Munchkin cards, I did get one pack (100) that was just a hair too short to completely cover the cards but it didn't worry me that much to call contact them.
I guess my point is, if you want the best price w/ good service, go straight to mayday games. I'm shocked how much the retailers charge when you have hundreds upon thousands of cards to sleeve.

As for fitting inside the box after sleeving, I use the Mayday games standard 59x92mm sleeves and there about a half dozen of the coppers and silver that I just put in the middle track of the box. Otherwise
the rest fit fine.
Gravy229 answered on October 7, 2013
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The "Cataphract Sleeves" are getting very good reviews by Dominion players, with now more than 100 reviews in. You might check those out. Hope it helps!
J. A. H. Laak answered on November 27, 2013
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Good info. Thanks!
Brent F. Brown answered on June 27, 2012
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