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4.9 out of 5 stars13,951
Style Name: Second Expansion|Change
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on March 31, 2013
When I opened this up, the first card said 'a bigger blacker dick'. That's all you need to know. Best game ever
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on September 5, 2014
I just received these cards in the mail yesterday and went through them last night with my friends. I thought the 4th expansion was a little weak but this expansion is quite a bit better. Nothing can compare to the shock of the original game the first time you play it but expansion filled some holes I didn't even know I was missing, LOL.

Obviously if you are here looking at the fifth expansion you know about this game. If you are like me; I buy everything they make as soon as it comes out. But if you are one of those that has the original game and are not planing on getting all of the expansions this is a pretty good addition. Personally ranking all of the expansions on how funny and useful the cards were, I would go: 1st, 2nd, 5th, 3rd, 4th, bigger blacker box (the box is needed to hold all the cards but the cards that came with it are only slightly funny to anyone that owns the game, they are all "Box" related questions & answers, though the secret card (Google "secret card Bigger Blacker Box) is really good).

Anyways this is a good buy; I have been wondering why some of these had not been done before. It fits really well; you should buy it.
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on March 31, 2015
I don't get why people feel they need to write a review about something they haven't received yet. Anyways, you can see that I bought it from the verified purchase and it just came in the mail today and I just went through the deck with my roommate.

First off the game over all is great; its funny, dirty, original and just flat out fun to play with friends. As an expansion to this game it's clearly a 5 Star Product; more black and white cards freshen up the game for repeat players so the more expansions makes the game better in my book. Having said that, to make an honest review of the content on the cards, I was not that impressed with this expansion compared to previous expansions. I rate this as a "middle of the road" expansion. The white answer cards are just okay; some were a good chuckle but most were just not that exciting to me and my roommate; some felt like they were trying too hard to be dirty or they just felt very random. I didn't see many of them being able to win a hand going up against some of the other (as we call them) power cards in the other expansions. Now on the flip side of that I actually really loved a majority of the Black Cards. Reading through the questions had me and my roommate thinking of some of the past white cards that would go perfect with each of the new questions and it also added a decent amount of 1 answer card questions which is important. I don't know about most of you but when I am playing with a larger group its always difficult to do the two or more card questions and keep them separated and in order without getting them mixed up. So when I play CAH with more than like 5 people, or when we are drunk, we tend to skip the multi card questions and just use one answer question cards. This one adds quite a few (more than half of the black cards) of those 1 answer cards which gives this expansion a 5 stars for me.

Overall this is a great product and good expansion to add. If you are like me and buy them no questions asked; its a solid expansion. But if you are just looking for one or a couple expansions to freshen up the game, rather than dropping 60 on all 6, here how I would rate all of the official expansions from my favorite to my least: 1, 2, 5, 6, 3, 4.
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on March 22, 2013
As long as there are new expansion packs filled with cards with phrases I have to explain to my wife with filthy diagrams, I'm going to buy them. You should too.
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on November 21, 2013
This is the greatest business model of all time. I just realized I've now spent 75 bucks combined on all the CAH and retail price.

And I keep wanting more.

Well played, CAH.
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on March 22, 2013
If you own (or are going to buy) the full Cards Against Humanity game, you should absolutely buy this. The cards added provide a little more longevity to the enjoyment you'll get out of the game by keeping it fresh. I have already bought the previous 2 expansions, and each time you put new cards in the deck, it adds so much replay value to the game.

I will order any future expansion packs that come out immediately, as I did when this one came out. This game is awesome and the expansion packs are a definite necessity.

So for those that haven't got a clue what this game's Apples to Apples, but for adults. This is not a game for your children, unless you're a horrible parent.

Gameplay: Each player grabs 10 white cards. Each round, one player grabs a black card. The black card has either a question, or it has a statement with one or two fill-in-the-blanks. The other players in the game pick the white card or cards (if there's two fill-ins) and put them in a pile. When all cards are in, the player who pulled the black card reads off the pile of white cards (without knowing who put them in) and chooses their favorite. Some people go with the funniest card, others go for what makes the most sense. Each player plays different, and when turning in the white card, you have to play to how you feel each player picks the winning card. Whoever's white card is chosen gets the black card. After each hand, everyone draws a new white card or two to always keep 10 in their hand. Play until you're bored and whoever has the most black cards wins the game.

Optional Rules: This is one thing that makes this game awesome. You can always make up your own rules. And if you have the creativity of E.L. James, the game supplies some rules for you. One of my favorites is Rando Cardissian. Basically, each round, you throw in an extra white card to the pile. That way, if the person picks that card as the best, everyone else feels like an idiot for getting beat by a random card from the deck. Another good one (forget the name) is that if you pick up a white card and you don't know what it means or get the reference, you can flip it over face up for all players to see and admit that you don't know what it is. After that, the other players are encouraged to ridicule you for being so dense, and can then explain what the card is. That way, we can all learn! Yay education!

Again...Buy this expansion pack! And also the first and second packs if you haven't bought those yet. You won't regret it.
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on August 31, 2012
I held off on buying Cards Against Humanity, as I wasn't sure about their political stance on dolphin safety. Now that this second expansion solidifies their views, I am more than willing to purchase. Thanks Cards Against Humanity.
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on May 28, 2013
As my 28 y/o daughter said throughout her first time playing this game...."this is so not okay" and "I'm going straight to hell"
Definitely not a game for children or young teens or super religious people. But as has become our tradition to take a shot of Fire Ball Whiskey before we play the game. You know you've ventured into some things you have been thinking and some that you haven't ever thought of before! A great tension buster, a bonding game to say the least. We were introduced to this game during a family wedding weekend and although my 17 year old told me about the game a few days prior it's not a game you expect. Everyone asks "have you played Apples to Apples before", (for me NO), it's off the chart hysterical, vulgar and creative. Think MadLibs times infinity and so politically incorrect!! We opted for the first two expansions because we played the 3rd expansion at the family get together. I thought just the original game itself was hysterically funny. We've made some of our own rules up....having 7 cards instead of 10 is easier to manage, and our next game will somehow encompass being able to play the re-up card beings that card always seems to be the perfect card for the question card that was just presented. I am not a crude person nor am I a prude this card game is a "let your hair down and get comfy kinda game" Make sure you don't pee your pants.
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on October 31, 2014
This game sucks. It does nothing but insult me in the most sarcastic way possible. It's full of toilet humor. It's asinine, childish, and just plain isn't for kids or adults. It had a recent party I attended in tears. A more vile, evil, disgusting game you will never meet. It hates you, your wife, your kids, your dog, and your dear old sainted gramma. It puts soap in your coffee and poo in your meatloaf. It will sell your cat into slavery, and drink all your beer. It will force you to do unnatural things with dolphins.

Well, maybe not. Sarcasm aside, this game is pretty toilet humor, but if you're a sick, twisted birdie like myself, then you'll enjoy the crap out of this game while it beats the crap out of you. Don't buy if you have a stick up your bottom, but for everyone else, you'll have so much fun you'll wet your shorts laughing.
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on December 19, 2013
This expansion seems to be the one where they run out of short witticisms and delve into longer, more graphic, and sometimes way more dirty. I feel like the percentage of dirtiness in this expansion is quite a bit higher than the others. Not saying it's bad, just sayin'.
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