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on November 27, 2002
The review is totally unfair!! I can't believe the sarcasm and vitriol behind it!!
Admittedly, this film WAS designed 90% to sell the toys and greeting cards and other material based on the Care Bears. However, of all the animated series created during the 80s (and now!) this one actually had something good to say. MANY, MANY good things to teach children of the "Material Girl" era: that love, caring, loyalty, and friendship were the best things in life to value, and are the most enduring values in this world. The movie was fun, the characters cute, the story (while slightly thin) was straightforward, and the performances were great.
If someone wanted to find out more about the first Care Bears Movie (there were two more made), they wouldn't get a true feeling of what the movie is about by reading your review. That, to me, is a disservice!
I give this movie 4 stars. Since I'm a total Care Bears fan, I would normally give it 5 stars; but to be fair, it is a "commercial" movie. Thus, 4 stars, but much love to the movie anyway. If you (as a shopper) are looking at purchasing the Care Bears Movie for the first time, I would rent it from your local video/DVD rental store (or from Netflix) first before making any decisions. I think you'll like it, though!
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on March 24, 2003
Okay, whether you agree or disagree about the commercialism of this movie, most people (with the exception of Amazon's critic, apparently) would tell you that it is just a plain old-fashioned good thing for kids to watch! I watched the Care Bears, including this movie and the cartoon TV show, when I was a kid, and it re-iterated the things that my mom spent so much time trying to teach me...that there is good in the world, that caring and being a friend is more important than always having/doing things 'your own way', and that love is everything. These are values that have unfortunately gone missing in most of the cartoons today. Luckily, this movie is still around for my own children to watch and learn from, so they can still get good wholesome entertainment with a positive message.
Was it commercialism? Yes. But then again, so are 99% of the cartoons out there today. Seriously...who can name one cartoon on TV today, or one big hit movie at the theatres, that doesn't have it's own line of toys, lunchboxes, sleeping bags, sheets, stuffed animals, etc? And yes, those toys do come out, often several months, before the movie.
The point is this: Who cares if there was commercialism involved? There is in most things in life, but at least The Care Bears Movie also sends a loving, positive, caring message to kids!
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on May 10, 2000
I think this movie is one of the best Care Bear Movies ever. An evil spirit tricks a lonely boy named Nicholas is tricked into casting an evil spell that will eventually make everyone in the world stop caring. Two of the Care Bears and two children that are visiting Care-a-Lot head down to Earth to stop Nicholas and the spirit, but get lost along the way and end up in the Forest of Feelings, where they make some animal friends who care about people just as much as the Care Bears do. The other Care Bears go to rescue the two Care Bears who got lost in the Forest of Feelings, and the Care Bears and the animals join forces. Together, the Care Bears and their friends help Nicholas that there are people who want to be his friends, and Nicholas helps defeat the evil spirit. Afterwards, the Care Bears and their animal friends have a party in Care-a-Lot, where Tender Heart Bear, leader of the Care Bears, uses his tummy symbol to give the animal friends tummy symbols of their own. After this, the animal friends are known as the Care Bear Cousins, and they help the Care Bears care about people on Earth. This movie teaches kids that it's good to share their feelings, and that there's always someone who cares about them. This is why I think this is a very good movie for kids.
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on September 30, 2001
This was made when the Care Bears were popular. Now the only kids animation children watch these days are Pokemon, Dragon Tales, and all those other animated TV shows which just aren't as educational or fun to watch as the Care Bears! The Care Bears were always a favorite of mine, and I grew up watching Care Bears. I don't own this movie (I own the second Care Bears movie, Care Bears' Nutcracker Suite, and Care Bears in Wonderland), but I've seen it at my best friend's house and loved it. This one is about the Care Bears helping a young boy named Nicholas who can't trust anybody and doesn't think anybody loves him. A great message for children and if I had to choose between letting my kids (if I had kids, which I don't) watch either Care Bears or Pokemon, I'd definitely have them watch Care Bears! Plus, the animation is fantastic and very colorful, so it'll definitely attracked the eyes and attention of the children. The humor in Care Bears is light and funny, and I definitely recommend this movie to all Care Bears fans!
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on October 13, 2004
My three year old son loves this movie. I read reviews that talked about how walking on clouds was impossible and we should not put these thoughts into our childrens heads. I also read a review that just went on and on about technicalities that do not even matter to kids. The fact is, most children cartoons are based on things that will never happen. Monkeys don't talk in Spanish, but everyone loves Dora. Kids don't care if the words are off with the movement of the mouth. My little boy has watched this movie about 10 times in three days and I watch it with him a lot. I think it is a cute movie. I just want to pick up a care bear and give them a hug.
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on February 15, 2005
I remember i used to watch this movie over and over when i was a young child. Years later this copy, having been well loved, was worn out an no longer able to play. But to my surprise i spotted this dvd in my local Kroger and immediatly bought it. It was such a joy to sit down and relive a piece of my childhood which a one point had been forgotten. What is even better is that this dvd is safe for all kids, not like the movies that have been coming out recently and you have to keep away from your kids because of voilence and language. Plus it is filled with vivid colors and music sure to keep your child entertained.

Entertain your childre like your parents entertained you, get them Care Bears....their fun, safe, and educational. You cant go wrong.
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on September 27, 2003
My ... daughter asked me to rent her the Care Bears movie for the evening. As a work-weary dad, I took that opportunity to grab a nap on the couch while she watched the movie.
I awoke at the end of the movie to my daughter's ravings about the Care Bears - I mean, she is a FAN.
But, I'm writing this review because of something she said that startled me. She said the movie made her "feel different inside". She just wanted to lay on the couch and enjoy that feeling. We talked about how the best movies, books, or music can do that to you.
Smarmy? As an adult, I have to agree... but I have a feeling my daughter will be watching Care Bears many times over.
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on September 27, 2003
I just wonder if the reviewer who panned this movie actually has kids. Yes it's probably just an ad for Care Bears, and it's not the best plot ever, but my kids love this movie. They're 3 and 6, and they could watch this movie several times a day and never get tired of it. My guys don't seem to mind the thin story line, and it doesn't have a bad message. There's no questionable language or content, and these days that's a lot more than most "kid" movies can boast.
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on November 10, 2005
First of all, I'm NOT a kid! The only reason I chose this review form is because there is no other alternative to remain anonymous. I'd just like to say that this is my all time favorite movie from my childhood! (Yes, I AM also a child of the 80s) I first saw it when I was about three or so and have loved it greatly ever since! Heck, it sure beats all that other mind-numbing crap that they consider as children's programing nowadays (e.g. Barney)! Nobody else did it better than the Care Bears themselves! Okay, so the animation is slightly dated by today's standards, but the characters and the different areas seen in the movie (such as Care Alot and the Forest of Feelings) are so beautifully done along with the musical numbers! ("Home is in Your Heart" is probably the best one you will hear in this) As an adult, I DO still love all the other adult-related material (such as "Star Wars" and "Lord of the Rings"), but it's nice to reflect back on my childhood because it sometimes brings a tear to my eye. What's more, Mickey Rooney does some of the voice acting in this as well! If you want a movie that you and your children will enjoy, then I recommend, "The Care Bears Movie"!
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on August 19, 2003
I'm a 1980 baby. I loved the Care Bears as a kid. We're currently decorating our new baby girls room, in the Care Bear theme. I've introduced them to our friends kids, ages 1-3 both boys and girls, and their all hooked. The kids are mesmorized by the Care Bears. They can't take their eyes off the screen. Same characters of the 80's. Teaches about sharing, caring, and friendship.
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