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on May 9, 2009
This book is BLOWING ME AWAY! Get out of the corporate world NOW!

Chapter 1. "Life without a real job will set you free."
I underlined a sentence, "Working at something just for the money is something fearful people do. It is a sign of their lack of self-confidence in their ability, talent, and creativity to earn money doing something they enjoy." Wow. But what if you make a LOT of money. A few paragraphs down, "There can be no doubt that getting trapped in to believing that money is the most important thing in a job increases your chances of being trapped in a miserable job for the rest of your life." Double wow. In our overly materialistic society, we think that money will solve everything, even a dis-satisfying career. I got an idea, I hate my job, let's just get promoted, make more money, and it will take care of the fact that I hate my job. Brilliant. NOT!

Chapter 2. Unreal jobs -- so many worlds; what to do.

The first part of this chapter stopped me in my tracks (at least my eyes in their tracks). Business Week surveyed successful American business executives about their job. 72% where not in their dream job. They named things like they wanted to be a chef, golf pro, rock star, bed-and-breakfast-inn owner/operator. Here's what stops me in my tracks. These guys have the RESOURCES TO DO THEIR DREAM JOBS, BUT MORE MONEY WON'T SEEM TO LEAD THEM DOWN THEIR DREAM PATH. What is holding these guys back? They didn't "choose wisely", to quote the Matrix. And they are paying for it.

I like his list "100 of the coolest unreal jobs." I put tic marks next to many of them as something I would like to pursue.

Chapter 7, "The work model for people to prosperous to do mornings" was the one I went straight to when I first got the book. This chapter talks about making money on the internet. I found it very informative, and Ernie gives lots of examples of people who have made good money on the i-net.

Overall, this book gives you a boost in changing your thinking about the corporate world. Your thinking will never be the same again.
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on August 8, 2012
I must admit, my expectations for this book were high, after reading some of the reviews and hearing, first-hand, from a co-worker, how inspiring and encouraging it was.

Let's just say, after reading it, I was a bit let down, and the hype surrounding the book, was, in my opinion, unfounded.

The book is a quick read, which is good. The format is conducive to hopping around and really narrowing in on the applications or topics of interest for the reader, which I thoroughly enjoyed. My biggest problem with the book was that the author spent more time trying to convince readers that "real jobs" are passe rather than telling us how we can succeed best with "non-traditional" work.

I felt that the chapters that bullet-pointed opportunities for succeeding without a 9-5 job could have been fleshed out more, to show where the opportunities lie and how to engage in those activities. Simply saying, "write and e-Book," don't really cut it.

I also thought that the author could have delved more into the ways he makes a living. Yes, I understand he has multiple books, but what about investments? What type of online business is he in, specifically? etc.

All-in-all, the book wasn't a bad read and can certainly give pointers/ideas on redefining your career and revenue streams, but if you're looking for a guide to getting you out from under your current 9-5, look elsewhere.
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on December 29, 2012
This is a great book in that it is very encouraging to anyone trying to escape the grind. the one thing it lacks is a good, solid how-to. I agree with reviewer JLChapple on this. I bought the book hoping that somewhere amidst all the yick-yack there would be a chapter on "How to Do It" not just "Do It". Maybe he's saving that for yet another book ;)

If you go into it looking for encouragement and motivation, this book gets a full five stars. If you're looking for a process, it's worth only the three I gave it.
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on March 19, 2011
Ernie Zelinski, author of Career Success without a Real Job', hasn't had a real job in over 25 years. Back in the day, Zelinski worked as an Engineer, but hated the firm grip of the corporate world. With no writing experience, Zelinski left the corporate life to become a writer and speaker. Though his success started very slow, he has now published 14 books internationally!

I found it interesting that Zelinski had no formal training as a writer. Most publishers and many critics complained he could not write. In the beginning, Zelinski self-published his own book. After a while, the book sales were high enough for publishers to take notice and they began to publish his work.

This guy works 4-5 hours a day. Never misses a workout and enjoys life to the fullest. Zelinski is an inspiration that anyone persistent enough can accomplish a dream. There are several examples through out the book of people who followed in Zelinski's foot steps.

If you are considering leaving the corporate life to pursue your own career or thinking about writing your first book, I would consider Career Success without a Real Job, a valuable read.
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on March 23, 2011
This is wonderful reading as a reference guide regarding the desire to leave the corporate world.It might even be an alternative to stress-relieving drugs :).
Plenty of food for thought for someone wanting to spread their wings and use their God-given talents, skills, and abilities in a more desirable manner.
The book really helps with thinking "out of the box".
Thanks again, Ernie!
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on July 4, 2010
I really, really enjoyed this book. I feel that this would be an excellent book to be offered to young readers. At one point in the book, Mr. Zelinsky even mentions he would like to have someone who has had career success without a real job teach a course at a University and use his book (part of his charitable cause). I think this is an excellent idea, this book really could be useful to young entrepreneurs. Also, people who are of any age can have career success without a real job and Mr. Zelinsky illustrates this throughout the book. I myself work at a 9-6 job that I absolutely love, however I can tell you that I do some of the things Mr. Zelinsky suggests as "unconventional" jobs to supplement my income regularly and it has helped my savings considerably throughout the years. This is a must read for any young college student who is about to get into the real world or for anyone who is stuck in a dead end job.
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on November 12, 2012
If you've had one too many rotten days at work, or are thinking of leaving a stressful job, you'll find this book rewarding. Going through life without figuring out why you still haven't escaped the rat race can be devastating--believe me!

Ernie, in his humorous and anecdotal style, acts as a wonderful personal mentor. He guides the reader in a fire-side chat format, helping them see the bigger picture and that there's more to life than the daily grind. If your job has been sucking you dry, this injection of inspiration could be just what you needed.

Written with elegant simplicity, this book embarks the reader on a voyage that opens doors to greater opportunity in life, how to live fearless and free, and how to pursue one's passions while making a great income at the same time.

The style of the author is light, yet extremely informative at the same time. The exercises that he presents will help anyone committed to working without a real job to do it in excellence.

In the last chapter, Zelinski sums up what in his view will make your dream of having a remarkable and satisfying lifestyle come true:

Ten Golden Rules for Attaining Career Success Without a Real Job
1. Choose work that you truly enjoy.
2. Choose an area that allows you great freedom.
3. Don't make your main purpose earning a lot of money.
4. Create an unreal job or start an unconventional business.
5. Choose an area that you can expand to multiple streams of income.
6. Identify your target markets and serve them well.
7. Be creative, particularly in generating new ideas and in marketing your products and services.
8. Spend big bucks on your career development and learn from the best in your field.
9. Contract out anything that you dislike or are not good at.
10. Work as hard as you have to for a good living -- and as little as you can get away with!

In short, the inspiration and principles that Zelinski presents will work for people who are truly committed to being self-employed or running a micro-business. "Career Success Without a Real Job" is a must-have for those adventurous souls who need some ideas and inspiration on how to create financial independence and personal freedom away from the typical workplace.
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on November 18, 2012
I found myself nodding in agreement as I read this eBook. Finding a career or "unreal job" that satisfies your soul, takes care of the bills, and allows you freedom is definitely the way to go. If you can separate your wants from your needs (and get off the hedonic treadmill, as it's called), you'll be happy and more fulfilled, no matter your age. Ernie Zelinski gives you a roadmap to accomplish this, and lives this lifestyle himself. Personally, I've been employed by companies (although I actually liked working for them), but as I relocated from place to place, I decided to take the leap and start a business of my own. No regrets, and I had the passion, the persistence, and the people (i.e. demand) for my new endeavor - all ingredients that Ernie points out are vital to success. If you're ready to find your "unreal job," read this book.

Jan Cullinane
The Single Woman's Guide to Retirement (John Wiley
The New Retirement: The Ultimate Guide to the Rest of Your Life
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on November 6, 2012
I agree with Ernie Zelinski. We have been duped. Linking personal success to a corporate job and a consumptive lifestyle is part of a 21st century conspiracy, plotted to create workaholics out of us so that corporations can profit big time.

Ernie Zelinski's basic message -- regardless of your career stage -- is to create a well-balanced life and quit relying on a corporate job for your livelihood. It's hard to argue with Zelinski's message that we should live life with financial independence and personal freedom as the main guiding forces. Those who have drafted a resignation letter in their heads many times will be highly motivated to finally quit an unfulfilling job and create their own dream career.

The only advice I would give to Zelinski is to include more examples and color images as he did in Chapter 5 in his story about how he cut defective copies of his business book in half and sent either the top half or the bottom half to corporations to generate publicity and tens of thousands of dollars of extra income.

In short, you will take away a lot of inspiration from the principles in this book and the career success, financial independence, and personal freedom that Ernie Zelinski has created for himself.

Fact is, Zelinski walks the talk. He just doesn't write about it.
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on March 25, 2013
Ernie Zelinski once again comes up with a recipe for true success and direction on how to find what you really want to be doing for a living. Don't get caught up in the corporate rat race working your butt off solely for the mighty dollar. If you hate what you are doing you will be miserable.

Ernie's advice is search for the right "unreal job" which he defines as any work you joyfully perform for a living with a lot of flexibility in your working hours. Why not do what you enjoy doing rather than hating what you do?

But you need to overcome your laser focus on making money. You need to move beyond that fear of not being able to pay the bills. "Working at something just for money is something fearful people do. It is a sign of their lack of self-confidence in their ability, talent, and creativity to earn money doing something they enjoy."

Ernie discusses redefining success on more personal terms. Do not be caught up in how others measure success (typically money and things) but instead focus on those equally important areas such as enjoying what you do, not hating your job, having freedom to be creative, and having the freedom to make choices.

It is important to figure out what is that you really want to do and then do it. Take a chance on pursuing what makes you happy. You might be the best boss you ever had!
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