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on August 28, 2011
UPDATE: After 1 year... see below

So I've only had this jacket a few days but I certainly can tell you that the carhartt legendary ruggedness is not lost with the modernizing of this coat. 14 years ago I bought my first Carhartt... This is number 2. 14 Years of construction work, county living chores, and rolling in the snow working on cars or whatever. My 14 year old coat has no holes or tears. My 14 year old coat still has a perfectly functioning zipper. 14 long northern MN winters and it still serves its purpose perfectly.

This coat seems to be no different, with the exception of being new and therefore stiff as a board. I have inspected every aspect of this coat. With great confidence I can say this one will last just as long. The only reason I am retiring the old coat is because of comments from the wife: "when are you going to get rid of that ugly jacket?" It is green and obviously never intended to impress from a visual stand point.

The fit of carhartt coats has been obviously misunderstood from many reviewers here and elsewhere. Carhartts run big, deliberately, I assume. When working at a laborious task in cold temps before you start you will be colder than after you've been swinging a hammer or using a shovel for a little while. So the experienced worker understands the need of wearing layers. Carhartt isn't designing coats and jackets for those with "beer bellies". They are designing for those that will in all likelihood be wearing a t-shirt, sweatshirt, and zip-up fleece all under the jacket. In this region, that is how you dress if you are doing any sort of physical work for the 8-10 hours of sunlight you get in the winter. So bear this in mind when ordering, particularly if its for the extremes line of coats, they will be big, especially in the chest. This is workwear, not recreational gear, layers are anticipated.

About the stiffness that most notice and comment on. At first it is severe, but it does indeed go away in a season or two with regular washing. after three or four winters the canvas like material will be about as stiff as new jeans. After 14 years it makes down jackets seem stiff and restricting. It's very close to how denim works, lil odd at first but after a while it seems tailored for you.

I have the corresponding bibs that are entering their 5th winter. They are absolutely outstanding. Not completely wind proof but very rugged and warm without ever getting really sweaty like most varieties of snow pants will if used for working outdoors. They also have an odd ability to remain dry, or at least feel dry. Once I had to wear regular nylon snow pants to work, by lunch they were like went sponges. Next day it was slushier at the worksite and my legs felt quite dry by comparison. How this is possible I don't know, but it is what it is.

The material of this jacket is slightly different from the 14 year old one. Seems to be slightly different from the bibs as well. It seems just as rugged, with the difference largely being in the weight. This new material is significantly lighter. There is a trade off, however. It seems slightly less abrasion resistant. I'll bet that it's still incredibly puncture resistant.

All the pockets are large and useful. The hand pockets of the bottom front are not insulated and honestly I do not believe these pockets are intended to keep hands warm so much as a place to shove hats and gloves when not in use. The external chest pockets are good sized with 2 well stitched velco closures per pocket. Pocket-flap roll up shouldn't become an much of an issue there. The two internal pockets are nicely sized and planned as well with the one on the left using a single piece of velcro for a closure as it will be accessed with the right hand, and therefore accessed more often. The other inside pocket utilizes a zipper to make certain of its contents security.

The zipper of this jacket is metal and super heavy duty. It even seems to be slightly heavier duty than the zipper that I've used through 14 winters. no worries there. There is a design change here though. One the old coat there was no storm flap on the inside for the zipper. The new coat indeed has an internal zipper storm flap. Furthermore, the old brass snaps that used to be used on the external storm flap have been replaced with velcro. I will say it makes a nice clean line, but i can see the automatic nature of velcro and its potential for collecting lint being kind of a pain here. Oh and If you don't know, these coats use a two-zips-one-zipper type. One zipper pulls up to zip the coat, the other allows you to unzip from the bottom up, useful for writing your name in the snow...

As a final note to this overly lengthy review, I should comment on use. If you are shopping for a cool looking coat to wear to and from your indoor job, this isn't it. If you are looking for a coat to wear while snowmobiling, this isn't it. Skiing? Nope. Camping in the rockies? probably not. If you are looking for a near indestructible coat that is needed because your work and lifestyle demand you to function in absurdly cold temps and anything else (including knock-offs) will fall apart and fail in under a week, then this is your coat. This coat and most all carhartt outerwear is made for work, not going to work, but working. ..something to keep in mind.

Any ?'s ..I'll try to respond

Thank you for your time and happy Amazon-ing!


UPDATE: After 1 year.

Well its hard to think it's been a year, but today there was a freak early october snowstorm with heavy, wet, sideways-blown ice/slush/snow. I was very grateful for this coat, perhaps more now than last year.

I did end up buying a hood for the coat at a local farm supply storeMen's CARHARTT Extremes Quilt Lined Arctic Insulated Hood .. that was definately a worthwhile investment. It is more "helmet" than hood... and today at least, that was perfect for the situation.

Speaking of that stiffness, Yes it has softened up a bit, but it no longer bugs me at all to be honest. You see, while i was concerned about that change of material, Ive grown to realize why it is so... This new material is significantly more wind and water resistant than the previous canvas. Not only that but there is a certain reduction in weight that wasnt immediately obvious but is VERY noticable while wearing for a few hours.

I was also a bit worried about the velcro .. nope its fine.. It somehow manages to not get very linty, and the nice part about the design choice is that the storm flap pretty much closes automatically.

yep, after 1 year I am more sold on it than when I bought it... so much so that if it were 200, I would still suggest it.

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on July 28, 2011
I used this jacket all last winter and it kicked major but. I can wear a T-shirt in 0-10 deg weather and still be comfortable.
It still feels brand new after a year.

The main reason I got this coat over the similar jacket was due to how tall it was. I wanted a coat that covered my pants pockets. It really helps keep the heat in when you are moving around allot while working in the snow.


I have have been using this for the last 2 winters not counting the winter referenced above. Jacket is holding together well. It has not faded even after multiple washes. The only downside i see is the small sown seems around the pocket are starting to fray. I use this jacket allot in rough conditions. I wear it everyday to work and work around my property throughout the winter. This thing take a beating. If it ever breaks down i will buy another but I think its got allot of good life left in it.

Its been about 4 years now and I have encountered my first real issue. The main zipper on the jacking fell off. I found all the pieces and was able to put it back together and its working for now. The metal piece that holds the pull tab in place is warn out. I crimped it back on with pliers but that wont last. I will see what I can do. The fraying threads are gone. I cut them off and no new ones started, problem solved.

Either way this jacket has been amazing. Why are you reading this just buy the jacket !
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on August 24, 2010
I can not express fully the wonders of this coat. I ordered it for the winter season to visit my family in Iowa and Nebraska. With wind chills between NEGATIVE TWELVE (-12) to NEGATIVE TWENTY-THREE (-23) Fahrenheit (!!!!!), I was sweating in this coat. It blocks the wind, blocks the cold, and provided more than enough comfort and room to help my sister-in-law move! This coat MAY seem to be expensive, but is worth every last cent if you are dealing with sub-zero temperatures or wind chills!!
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on October 20, 2014
Another 5 star review singing the praises of this product, and the other pieces in the complete line up, is not really needed. The 4.5 stars on each piece speak volumes without reading all 190 reviews behind it. So I would like to speak to some of the most common complaints.

I just had an interesting exchange with a gentleman that rated these two stars. And although I disagree with the 2 star rating, I will grant him that he has valid points in his own way.

As to the stiffness that many folks mention. The outer shell is made of high quality nylon. It is virtually water proof even after being washed many times, and it is nearly impervious to wind. The nylon is highly resistant to abrasion and as such wears like iron. This is durable stuff. But there is a trade off. The jacket and bibs are not made of cotton and do not bend like the gear you would wear skiing. It is for lack of a better word, stiff. BUT, the gear WILL break in, especially after you find the need to wash it a few times. It does get softer and more pliable. In fact, I am on my 4th set of this gear here now. I have worn this gear for years as an electrician and working on tractors and cutting wood and so on. My current jacket which is beat up fits like a comfortable pair of shoes. It's still perfectly functional, if not really up to going out for dinner. I sort of grew out of it horizontally too. =(. The bottom line is that this is working wear, not sports wear. It does not impede you from working, and it breaks in.

There have been some complaints about this gear not living up to its "Arctic" name. As I am fond of pointing out, I just bought the coat, bibs, hood and gloves for under $300. With discounts and my rewards points, it was MUCH LESS than 300. I have for years worked outside in this gear in weather from -10 to 30 degrees F. One person complained that the coat did not keep them warm in 30 degree weather. If you find this to be the case, you may literally have other health issues that contribute more to your coldness than this coats lack of insulation. For the vast majority of people working outside under typical winter conditions, this gear is excellent. I never had an issue with being too cold. Many others find this to be the case as well. I will say, as others have, that this gear was meant to have some layers underneath. On a typical day if I was to be outside for the majority of the time, I wore under armor leg ware, denim jeans, a tee-shirt and a sweatshirt as my layers. I was comfortable working outside all day under the temperatures mentioned and never felt cold. In fact, in thirty degree weather, often my coat went unzipped. One gentleman mentioned that he worked on an oil rig in -20 weather and found the gear lacking. Well, there is a limit to what this gear can protect you against. But I submit that if you are working in -20 degree weather, that maybe you want to spend more than 300$ on your cold weather gear. Yes, the words extreme and arctic are used in the name. The extreme has more to do with how rugged it is, as in you can beat the crap out of it. The arctic refers to the lining material. It does not mean that you can wear this stuff in the arctic weather 8 hours a day. Bare that in mind.

My final take away on this gear, the coat, bibs, hood and gloves, after using this gear for 15 years is that there is no better winter working apparel on the market. It’s warm, waterproof, rugged and wind resistant, and it’s affordable. If there is something on the market for WORKING, that is better than this gear and in the same price range, someone needs to make that the central part of their future review because if there is a better alternative, I would buy it in a heartbeat. I love this carhartt gear. And if you buy it for the right reasons, you will too.
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on November 19, 2015
I really wanted to love this jacket. Unfortunately the quality control on these jackets is non existent. I ended up having to return two of these before I received a third one that wasn't shoddily sewn together. I'll attach pictures illustrating what I am describing. In the attached pictures you'll see the sewing was asymmetrical by over a half an inch from right to left. You will also see the tag was crooked and off center. Possibly the entire inner lining was sewn in out of place. I sent these pictures to Carhartt and asked for a replacement. I expected Carhartt to stand behind their products. I suppose they did to some extent. However not before they made it obvious customer satisfaction was not a priority. For example in this snippet below you'll see they expect an unsatisfied customer to wait weeks just for them to inspect the alleged defective product.

"Upon receipt, our Quality Control Department will inspect your garment. If your garment is found to have a manufacturer's defect it will be replaced free of charge. If your defective garment is no longer in production, we will replace your garment with a comparable Carhartt product. However, should our Quality Control Department find your garment to be non-defective; your original garment will be returned with a letter of explanation. The inspection process will take approximately 10-14 business days from the time we receive your garment."

Translation: I was suppose to go without a jacket for weeks while they decide whether or not I deserve a quality product. I wouldn't dare treat my customers this way. When my customers demonstrate they received a damaged/ defective product, replacements are shipped that day.

Ultimately the third jacked I received was properly sewn together. So after a big hullabaloo, I finally have a decent jacket. Thanks only to Amazon's dedication to customer satisfaction. So five stars to Amazon! No stars to Carhartt!
review image review image
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on November 28, 2011
***NOTE: When ordering the optional hood, the correct hood is the "Carhartt A113 Mens Extremes® Hood/Arctic-Quilt Lined". Note the A113 model number. I ordered the A02 hood thinking it would fit but it definitely does not, the buttons aren't spaced correctly. I wish Amazon would show this in the description when mentioning the optional hood so other people wouldn't make the same mistake!***

I'm a big guy and have a heck of a time finding coats that fit me. For guys like me, wandering into a store like REI is ridiculous, they carry nothing more than an XL that looks like it's meant to fit a 12 year old boy with an eating disorder. I wear a 2X in shirts, but when it comes to coats I have to order a 4x due to the breadth of my shoulders and the size of my ribcage. I ordered another well known brand of coat in 4x size and while it zipped up over my chest and stomach easily the shoulders were so narrow I could hardly reach the steering wheel while driving and had to return it.

This is odd to me, because I have older jackets in smaller sizes that fit fine. My theory is that the manufacturers are trying to save money by cutting out the slack in coats and other clothing. I've noticed the same thing in underclothes; I recently had to return some boxers that were replacing some older ones by the same manufacturer in the exact same size listed on the package that "magically" didn't fit like the old ones did. When you cut an inch or two out of the back of a jacket or the leg holes in a pair of boxers then make 100,000 of them, it adds up in lower materials costs and thus increases profits. Never mind that people who were on the large end of a medium now have to buy a large to get the same fit!

As a result of all this out of desperation I ordered this coat after reading reviews that they "run big". When I put it on I was amazed as I could actually put my arms out in front of me without the fear of ripping the seams across the back wide open. I can zip the coat up and not feel like I'm being strangled!

On the downside, it doesn't have all the fancy features (special synthetic insulation, zip-out liners, etc) of the other brands, but it's definitely built like a tank. As others have said the material is stiff to the point of annoyance in some situations like climbing in and out of cars. Hopefully it loosens up a little as it breaks in. Thus far it's plenty warm and the wind resistance is phenomenal, but there is a lack of ventilation in the arms that can lead to your arms getting sweaty in warmer conditions. I wish the drawstring in the lower part of the jacket was lower as well, using the current drawstring can leave taller guys with a cold lower stomach in windy conditions.

In short, thank you Carhartt for making clothing that fits men who are taller than 5'10" and aren't built like Edward Cullen from "Twilight".
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on April 2, 2013
Okay this jacket is rugged, I'll give it that. It's big and stiff also. Stiff like get in the truck and your face gets covered by the zipper. If you're looking for a tough coat this is it. If your looking for a comfortable coat look on. 4 stars for being nearly indestructible and warm.
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on February 16, 2014
I work in the construction industry as a general contractor in Philadelphia, PA, and if you've ever walked around a construction site in the NE on a day when the high is 15-degrees, you will see one coat, the Carhartt Arctic-Quilt Lined Coat. I believe the "Extremes" version, which uses the 1000-Denier nylon instead of the Carhartt Duck cotton is much newer, but the concept is the same. This coat is extremely rugged, yet very light weight for how durable and warm it is. I wear this coat every day to work where I am outside 5-7 hours a day no matter what the conditions.

The coat runs every so slightly large, but I wouldn't buy a smaller size, it is just designed to be large so that you can wear layers underneath of it and not restrict your range of motion. I'm 5'10" and 180lbs and I purchased the Medium.

The 1000-Denier nylon is extremely water-resistant. I wouldn't say waterproof, but I have never had freezing rain/snow soak all the way through the coat. Water doesn't bead up and run off the coat, but it will keep snow out for sure.

The longer length helps keep your thighs and butt warm, but restricts easy access to your pants pockets.

Biggest tip: PURCHASE THE HOOD WITH JACKET RIGHT NOW. I can't tell you how much warmth the hood adds to help break the wind and keep the cold off the back of your neck. I really wish this coat just came with the hood, but oh well.

The only negative I have on this coat is the 2 main front pockets - I really wish they had the quilted arctic lining. I know that they are unlined on purpose to be more durable, but for times when I don't have gloves, putting my hands in those pockets doesn't do much to help keep them warm, it just keeps them out of the wind.

Overall, I would recommend this jacket for ANYONE, not just someone who works in a construction/industrial work environment. It's so durable, and the black color with minimal logo is nice enough to wear to a casual bar/restaurant at night without looking like a construction worker.
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on April 11, 2015
Oh man, this jacket is killer. Before you comb through all of the other reviews, understand this one major thing- this jacket is super insulated. Wind is no match for this jacket. Your face may be freezing cold, your hands may be on the edge of frostbite, but your torso will be nice and warm.

With that said, i'm going to make this review short and sweet. The jacket overall, as I said, is well insulated. 10 degrees with wind couldn't penetrate this jacket. The jacket overall looks and feels built well. Solid gold-colored zipper with an external cover so wind nor water can get into the zipper. Inside is nicely insulated, nice materials no loose threads or anything of concern.

Three little minor insignificant first-world gripes-:
1. The top of the zipper on this thing is damn sharp, make sure it doesn't poke your neck accidentally. Won't cut you, but will wake you up.
2. Pockets on the outside of the jacket should have zippers.
3. It's a bit stiff when you get it. Not a big deal, that changes after you wear it three times or so.

If you can deal with those things (and the idea that you need to buy a hood separately....not a big deal at all), buy this jacket. It's affordable, warm, and comfy even in New York.

The hood is called "Carhartt Men's Arctic-Quilt-Lined...", at the time of writing this it's $19.99.

Super absolutely totally recommended. Do it!
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on November 23, 2014
This is probably the best coat I've owned period. Initially it is like wearing a coat made from cardboard, and that can be quite annoying when paired with the hood sitting in a car seat for instance, but it is impervious to pretty much everything. When mine wears out, if it ever does, I will be buying another one. I can't say that it looks very good, there is embroidery on the side in bright white letters that says "Extreme" or some such nonsense. I used a sharpie to mark it black and if I can hunt down a seam ripper I'll probably pull it out carefully. The other carhartt branding comes off very easily with a sharp knife or razor. The pockets on this coat are excellent. Deep and things don't have a tendency to fall out. THere are several inside pockets as well that are also very deep.

My only regret with this coat is that I didn't buy one several years ago. The two coats that I bought in that time I could have spent on one of these and been done.

It does run large but there is a drawstring around the waist which helps, I imagine that it works well if you layered it with a hoodie or a sweater.
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