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on May 25, 2011
I have been playing this game now for a month, so my initial response to it has alter somewhat. First things first, I agree with the other reviews commenting on the fun of this game and its party nature. It features mini games similar to that of a carnival and you get to really use your full body to interact with these games. After completion you win tickets (those no-good tokens that could buy you a hair pin at a real carnival) which can be traded in for costumes and the like. The game even boasts with its own fortune teller, which just like its real life counterpart, makes you feel like you've been ripped off afterwards.

In essence, this is a party/group game. Trying it alone I find myself quickly rushing through the games and ejecting the game. With friends it becomes fun and gameplay time is lengthened.

- not one player; must be played in groups/parties
- too few games
- replay value of games quickly diminishes the more you play, quicker than similar games
- the "harder" levels are pretty hard to reach

- menus are easy to navigate
- setup is clear and easy to follow and one can jump into the action quickly
- 2-player is really easy and fun: opt in or out any time during play and the Kinect senses the second person easily
- space requirements are decent and you don't have to stand all the way back for the Kinect to pick you up

My real gripe with this is after more than a month of playing it is that it has kinda reached its purpose now. We hardly remember having this game, unless friends come over. Friends from previous times are not too eager playing it again, so that indicated to me it's fun first time around and then it loses its appeal. At this point I'll argue for it to be discounted before it really reaches its value. Don't trade this game in though, as you never know when along the road you might have some family/friends over interested in a little carnie fun.
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on May 24, 2011
I will be honest: I am not much of a gamer and neither is my 5 year old. However, we enjoyed some of the Kinect games and he had requested something new to play. We read through the descriptions together and settled on this one.

First impression: decent graphics and colorful, fun atmosphere. It really has a sort of carnival feel to it.

Game format: the multitude of games was nice because there are a lot of different challenges. There is a lot to see and explore. Again, the carnival atmosphere is really shining through here.

Playing: as some have mentioned, there did seem to be a bit of lag with the Kinect control. They didn't always recognize certain movements and my son had some trouble with it. There is a bit of a learning curve here and it is steeper than Kinect sports or Adventures. Even I was challenged at times.

And another thing: Some of the language after doing poorly at a game is discouraging and inappropriate for a younger child who might be easily discouraged. While an adult might find this as a challenge to their skills, a child might see this as a put-down and not want to play anymore.

Final assessment: As there aren't a lot of Kinect games out there yet, I would reluctantly recommend this for older children and above. That being said, I would look for it used or on sale rather than paying $40-$50. For us, it wasn't worth the full price.
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on April 17, 2011
This game is fun and just about anyone can pick up and play with a short learning curve. The games range from a skeeball game, a dart game, a strength game, a fried dough catching, and dancing like a monkey, plus many more. The games are cute and fun, challenging but not too hard to master. Prizes are tickets which can be redeemed for outfits and pets for your avatar. The top win in each game gets an exclusive prize which is also for your avatar. I like this, in the Wii one you simply win virtual prizes but with the clothes (shoes, shirts, hats, outfits, pets, etc.) you can dress your avatar and have a little more fun with the prizes.

The Kinect works well with this game. Whenever it did not immediately recognize me, I simply jumped once and it would see me right away. Some games may take a long time to recognize you, but this is NOT one of them. My boyfriend and I enjoyed this game for hours!

The only gripe I may have is replayability (once I beat a game how much more do I really want to keep playing that game, over and over?), and I wish there were more games. I'm hoping they will release some downloadable content for this game, which I suspect they will.

If you liked Carnival Games for Wii, you will LOVE Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do for the Kinect! It's a solid purchase - fun for one or a group of people, and will keep you entertained for hours.
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on May 14, 2011
My kids saw this advertised on TV and told me they had to have it. I admit it looked fun in the commercial. So I thought this would be a good game for my 8 year old and my 3 year old to play. My teenage son said the only game he would play would be the skee-ball game. The graphics are amazing, the games are easy to do if you're ages 13 and up. My 8 year old and 3 year old can't play the game, its too difficult for them and there is no way to change the settings for "easy" and so on. You have to earn so many tickets to unlock other games so for my younguns, I have to unlock the tickets and then they attempt the new game. It becomes a vicious cycle of me and my teenager unlocking the games and my younger kids getting disappointed they can't play the games. I don't recommend it for the younger kids even though its rated E for everyone by XBox.
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on April 9, 2011
I love this game!! I had so much fun playing this game! There's a lot of games to play and they're not all super easy to beat so the game's not done in an hour. You can also win lots of fun outfits and other stuff for your avatar. Definitely worth the money!
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on April 8, 2011
When I was a lot younger I loved going to the carnival that visited my area once every year. This game is very entertaining and a million times cheaper than actually going to a carnival. I have 2 children (13 & 8)and they absolutely love this game. I also enjoy this game as it allows us to spend quality family ime together and is great for parties. KINECT has made all the board games in our house practically irrelevant. When we have family get togethers people automatically gravitate towards the KINECT. IN DEPTH REVIEW and our favorite carnival games.
Our favorites are:

* Knockout Punch against a heavy bag that fights back - Extremely challenging to earn the highest scores but non-stop fun.
* You twist your body inCrash Test Dummy to control everything - GREAT WORKOUT
* Leap into a space-age journey in Rocket to MarS - Kids really loved this one
* Catch coins while roller-coasting down Gold Rush Mountain - Similar to kinect adventures game but with more depth and amazing prizes!!!

Of course you get to play all of these games as your Xbox Avatar like most KINECT games.

The icing on the cake is that tickets earned in games can be redeemed to acquire a wide variety of outfits including Ninja, Swashbuckler, Viking and Wild West costumes.

Overall this game has been oodles of fun for everyone and I believe we will get quite a lot of play time out of this title. Fantastic experience, well designed and implemented KINECT controls, limitless entertainment.
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on June 22, 2011
Just got the game and couldn't wait to try it out after reading all the wonderful reviews. The title is exactly what it says...carnival games. I like carnival games, so I thought I would like this...wrong. It's really kind of boring. It says it is for 1-2 players, but really it's a 1 player game and you take turns. The one redeeming game/section I could find was the coaster section where you have to try and grab coins and avoid stars. For a Kinect game there is hardly any movement at all, mostly just your hands/arms. I wish I had my money back.

To each their own I guess. Like my hubby's grandpa used to say: If we all liked the same thing, everyone would be married to grandma!
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on November 6, 2012
Carnival is one of the better Kinect games. Annoying barker, yet the games seem more interesting to my children than most of the other Kinect games.

Below is my review of the Kinect experience since we bought Kinects in 2010:

Purchased Christmas 2010, when my children were 5 & 6. After being "wowed" by the technology and the graphics, but the games themselves aren't much fun. The fun part is saying "look what I can do". The tracking is poor and causes lots of frustration with children and adults. In 10 years when this technology is perfected it may be fun, but in 2012, my children prefer the free video games on Nick Jr and PBS. In perspective, Kinect should be free and Nick Jr and PBS should charge. We have tried several of the Kinect games, each which comes with glowing reviews to be disappointed. I wonder if the reviews are written by people in the first hour of playing or by the games companies themselves. We also bought Skylanders which has been a bigger hit with my kids than any of the Kinects games. These are the Kinect games we bought in order of best to worst:

Kinect Sports: The best Kinect game. Tracks the best, user interface is best, the only Kinect game my kids want to play (occasionally).

Kinectables: Frustrating tracking, cute and the second best game. Easy to get lost in store or house and not be able to find way back to map. My children might play this for an hour every couple of months. Was not able hold their interest after the first few days.

Carnival: One of the best. Tracking seems better on this game. Annoying barker.

Dance Central: Ok, but not really a kid game

Kinect Adventures: Ok, but my kids are not interested in paying it more than once every couple of months for a 1/2 an hour

Disneyland Adventure: Not very good. Tracking not very good. Nice graphics. You have to work through ten minutes of tedious interaction with Mickey and Goofy before you can play any games. My kids played it for an hour and have no interest in playing it again.

Joy Ride: Absolutely awful. Small kids would like to have the feeling of driving a car. This is just crap! Your not driving, you are not doing anything. Terrible controls, terrible tracking, my kids were done with this piece of crap in about one hour. I gave it to the thrift store. They should pay you to play this game.
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on April 14, 2011
My kids (12, 6 and 2) were thrilled when we got this game. They enjoyed the Wii version, but say the Kinect game is awesome and way better. I'm impressed with how responsive the controls are and how entertaining it is for everyone. This is by far the best Kinect game we've played to date and would highly recommend it for anyone looking for hours of entertainment.
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on May 6, 2011
meh, I bought it for my girlfriend and she seems to like it. If you like casual games then you can give this one a go.
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