Customer Reviews: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Solution
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on May 16, 2012
I initially posted this review a bit sooner than I should have. I gave it a 3 star review because I was convinced that it worked for some people, however I now believe such reviews may be the written by the guy who runs this whole business. My reasoning for this is that I committed myself to doing exactly as the video instructed me to, while following the schedule, and saw no improvement at all in my CTS, so I don't know why it would work for anyone. Also, I notice the 5-star "OMG AMAZING I'M CURED" reviews are not verified purchases, which means literally anyone could have typed them.

The Pat guy in the video and who markets this dvd states that most people are 100% cured of carpal tunnel within 5 days of doing this. Sounds a little too good to be true right? From my own experience, it was too good to be true, as I did it for 2 months with no noticeable difference.

The schedule is also far too vague to give ideal results (assuming the stretches even work, which they do not) It simply says to do the stretches one or twice a day, then you have an optional day off, then do them once or twice the next day, optional day off, for a whole month. This means that any individual may do the exercise anywhere from 15-60 times--like I said, far from an optimized schedule, even if it did work.

It's also clear that the instructor in the dvd is ignorant to the anatomy involved, as they constantly talk about stretching "muscles". This is not the action being taken, as the muscles in your forearm are already loose, but rather, CTS would theoretically be cured via stretching of tendons, not muscles. But he admits to have learned all this from a professional, so you can't hold him accountable for not knowing these things--just the messenger, so to speak.

Try stretching

There is no reason to spend $50 on this like I did. I know at one point the price was raised to $100 here on amazon, but it looks like now it's back to $50 again. Youtube has similar videos showing stretches which accomplish the same exact thing. I would say 80% of the exercises are all different looking versions of the same thing, which stretch the flexor tendons of the forearm. To do this, simply pull each of your fingers back (all of them at once if you prefer) until you feel a stretch on the bottom of your forearm, and you are doing exactly what this video instructs. It's that simple. I doubt stretching will alleviate your CTS but you have nothing to lose by just following my advice, good luck, maybe it will work for you.

The folks at the institute have offered me a refund on two occasions now, so I requested the refund and got my money back. The only thing to worry about is if in between the time you order and request a refund, your payment method changes. If you have e.g. a different debit card, there may be nowhere for the refund to go.

Lastly, my symptoms have improved somewhat. I've had CTS for a pretty long time now (as of this edit of the review, 2 years) and it still exists, but is very mild now, I rarely notice I even have it. It only started to improve after I quit typing so fast (and so much) and eased up on video games, so my advice is simply to change your personal habits the best you can. To this day it's the only thing that's worked for me.
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on May 15, 2012
After a recent reoccurrence of CTS in my left wrist, and many nights being awakened in excruciating pain that nearly sent me to the ER, I realized something had to be done for relief of this condition. Surgery was an option, but it's always my last resort, and I couldn't afford it anyway. I discovered the Carpal Tunnel Institute while researching my condition online and listened to Patrick's presentation. I'd tried cortisone shots that gave temorary relief, wearing wrist braces, taking ibuprofin by the bottles full, etc., so figured what do I have to lose by trying the CTI DVD!? I got the video and began the program the same day. Even though I couldn't fully stretch because of the pain, within just a few days, the my wrist felt much better! I followed the recommended frequency to the letter and within that timeframe found significant relief. I'm not out of the woods yet, but the CTI DVD has truly been a lifesaver. I haven't been awakened in horrific pain since I began using the program. The DVD is easy to follow, but if you are sore from CTS, just take it easy, as Patrick instructs, and do what you can. You will still find relief from your symptoms.

I tell everyone I know who has wrist pain about this product, and employers everywhere should have several copies on site for employees at risk for repetitive motion injury - to PREVENT them!!! There's just no reason to have surgery if the problem can be fixed with some easy exercises!!

Excellent product from very nice people. Try it - you won't be disappointed!!!
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on March 23, 2014
I did the stretching exercises as directed by the video. After a couple of weeks I did not notice any difference in my CTS.
I am a student of Yoga and thought I would give the video a try. it did not work for me. It did not make my symptoms worse , it did not make my symptoms better. I did request a refund of the purchase price. The refund was issued within 24 hours along with the shipping charge. I had no harm in buying the video. It just did not work for me.
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on May 4, 2012
I am a 60+yr old active woman (doing exercise, including weights, and yoga classes twice a week). I belong to an adventure group and do walking, hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing and x-country skiing. I enjoy gardening and spent years working as a secretary/administrator with typing and computer work. I'm very happily retired now and only recently started getting discomfort/pain in my wrists.
I received your CT DVD on March 8, 2012 and started the program on March 10th and followed the program as directed
I did have good improvement in my wrists, still some pain in my thumbs so I am doing the program again (I figure since I'm not 30 anymore, improvement comes more slowly).
I lent my copy of the DVD to my yoga/massage therapist. She loved it and plans to order copies for herself and her guitar playing son. My chiropractor wants to review it too.
Thank you for putting this program together.
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on November 6, 2012
I was impressed with this CD at first, but after trying to complete the regimen for a month I had to give up because my wrists were so sore and swollen. To be fair I didn't call the hotline. I am still waiting for the swelling to subside then I will try again. I think that the tape should have addressed the pain and swelling in more detail.
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on February 16, 2013
I have used my hands for work since 14 years old (im 57 now) and add to that Sports activities for 20-30 years and Hobbies and when Carpal Tunnel Syndrome set in at work (Industrial maintanence/electrician for 30 years) with numbness in thumb and middle fingertip on right hand so I had to do some research.

I went to Dr. , he did nerve test and Yes I had CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) in right hand, he said wear this brace for 2 weeks and if not better we will schedule you for Day Surgery. Well I don't do good with surgeries so I set out on finding out All about CTS. I searched and found Carpal Tunnel Institute and gave it a try.

After using Carpal Tunnel Syndrom Solution the numbness subsided and the use of my hands went back to Normal. The CTS Solution is easy to do and follow. the DVD's are very good quality and you go at your pace and/or pain level. Patrick explains evrything as you go.

It is a blessing to have the use of my hands again without the numbness or surgery.
I must add it is money well spent on an internet product.
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on February 15, 2013
After almost 20 years of wrists problems, I was on the verge of surgery. I had heard horror stories but didn't know what else to do. I am a retired dog groomer (15 yrs of grooming) and have done a life time of hard farm work. This DVD is great!! One reviewer thought that you shouldn't have to pay for it, they should put it on you tube for free and that only one or two stretches did anything. It is a series of stretches, do only a few of them and you won't get results. Do all of them!!! and what's $50 compared to ten grand for surgery that will only wreck your wrists further. I had NOTICEABLE results in a few days, better by months end. Now I do them about 4-5 times a weeks (or more depending on what I do) and have minimal wrists problem. I am thrilled with this DVD! Well worth the money......
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on January 17, 2013
I don't generally write reviews but in this case, I felt I had to share my thoughts with anyone concerned about the validity of this program. I have used the DVD program now for eight days. I play guitar and was very concerned that I would have to stop permanently because of the numbness and pain in my hands, fingers and wrists. In eight days there has been a significant change and while I have been engaged with these exercises, I have continued to play everyday sometimes for hours. A week ago I would not have thought this possible. My symptoms have not completely abated but there has been so much improvement that I am hopeful that in time with dedication to this program I will be symptom free. Best $50.00 I have spent in a long time.
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on September 5, 2014

My carpal tunnel came about from a fall I had where I landed on both my hands and my shoulder. I have worked on computers daily for 15 years, but I had no problems until the fall.

After seeing 2 doctors and getting the diagnosis, I was willing to try anything rather than having my wrists cut open. I bought this dvd and did the exercises every day for 2 months. I was disappointed I was still in pain but decided to do them for 1 more month but cutting back the exercises to 2 days on and 1 day off.

I originally had shooting pain in my fingers and hands, constant numbness in 4 fingers and numb hands in the mornings, pain in my thumb joints, and loss of strength in my right hand. I slept in wrist braces. After the 3rd month, I stopped the exercises, but soon started noticing on a daily basis that the pain had gone, then the numbness was gone, and the best of all, the strength in my right hand had improved to almost 100%. I still have a little pain in my thumb joints, but that is very minor.

My doctors laughed at me when I told them I would not let them cut my wrists and I had also researched that their procedure was not permanent. My hands are too important to me to take the chance of this kind of surgery that wasn't even guaranteed to "cure" the condition.

I was skeptical TOO about this dvd. As a Christian, I'm not interested in yoga but fortunately the dvd didn't have any yoga in it, just exercises. I'm in my 60s, so my body may not respond and heal as quickly as it did years ago. I am also not in any way affiliated with the people who made this dvd. I am a seller on Amazon and Ebay (faithfilms) and I worked until recently in a health food store, and was a legal secretary most my life.

I was really scared about losing the use of my hands. The pain and numbness I could possibly have tolerated, but when the strength of my right hand was affected, I really was getting scared. $50 was a lot for me to pay (even though they guaranteed a refund), but after paying 2 doctors over $800 to tell me there was really no cure, the cost of this dvd was a bargain. I even sell dvds on Amazon, but this dvd I will not consider reselling, because I may want to use it for maintenance at a future date or share it with someone.

I don't know about tendons or muscles, etc., I just know my hands are fully functioning now, with no numbness, and no pain. (except for the thumb joints I mentioned above) I am so grateful for this dvd. I have some other medical problems, but at least my hands are one problem that I don't have to worry about.

I realize there are lots of people online with carpal tunnel exercise videos, but this one was very well made. There were warm up exercises and stretches that progress into the more difficult moves. I enjoyed the personality of the young man doing the exercises and had I not had the dvd, I would never have had the discipline to do this 20-30 minute routine for 3 months. When I got bored or just tired, I would put on a movie on 1/2 my computer screen, and watch and do the exercises at the same time. After 2 months of doing it daily, I admit, I was tired of doing it. But I had no choice, I wanted my hands back. This did finally work for me ... and I admit I was surprised! It may work for some in 3 days ... for others like me, it took 3 months of hard work and perseverance.

This is not a scam and those jerks on Amazon who ridicule the people who put this well made video together remind me of the 2 doctors who laughed in my face when I told them that I wanted to try something else first before considering having my wrists cut. I lost respect for doctors I'm sorry to say who care only about their income and not my healing. But it was a good lesson to learn.
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on June 17, 2014
I have been on this treatment regimen for about 3 1/2 weeks. It has provided some relief and restored a lot of the feeling in my ring finger. I had hoped for more by now, but it is worth the money for the improvement I have experienced. After all, this problem has been bothering me for nearly 30 years and I am sure there is permanent damage.
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