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The torture sub-genre of horror is all the rage, thanks to all the Saw's and Hostel's and the like that seem to pop up every month or two. What makes these films good as opposed to jsut exercises in brutality is whether or not they provide the scares that they should. Carver is one of these, and the fact that it pays some good homage to Texas Chainsaw Massacre in the process makes it worth checking out. The familiar storyline involves a group of young people on a road trip that make a wrong turn, and soon enough are hunted, tortured, and murdered by a sadistic, backwoods family. Yeah, Carver isn't original in the least, but it provides enough scares, shocks, and some blood curdling gore (including a scene involving a pair of pliers that will make you squirm) to satisfy fans of low budget horror. Carver isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but if torture horror is your thing, you could do a lot worse than what you get here.
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on February 24, 2008
What would the world be like without over the top splatter fests? I personally don't want to find out. I'm always on the lookout for weird and disturbing slasher flicks and Carver did not disappoint. It's your basic kids in the wood getting hacked up by the locals, sure, but it's got a little something more to it. It's a bit smarter than the average micro-budget horror film. The gore FX were truly cringe-worthy, and there was some real suspense in moments. It also had a heightened style through most of it that you don't get in a lot of these straight to DVD jobs.

All that said... it's got its flaws. Plenty of them really, from a few technical aspects to some hit or miss acting. However, I think its good points were enough to outweigh most of these, and I quite enjoyed it overall. Definitely worth a look.
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This is how indie horror should be. It certainly shows what can be done with a very low budget, good acting, and solid directing.

First off, you can ignore the DVD artwork - this isn't a supernatural/possession film, as the freaky eyes might lead you to think (funny, as a sidenote, how similar it is to "Evidence of a Haunting").

Now, if you aren't into the graphic torture porn genre, you definitely won't like this one. Frankly, I'm not a fan of that genre. What I do enjoy is a well-told story (even if it's unoriginal) shot and edited well. This throwback to the old slasher films, albiet with far more blood and gore, actually had me sitting up and paying attention. The dialogue was well-written and delivered believably by the cast. I actually - and this is what surprised me - started to care about the characters, particularly brothers Pete and Brian. Even the local hillibillies carried their roles off pretty well.

Currently playing for free on Amazon Prime, horror fans definitely need to give this one a viewing.
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on February 25, 2008
While the plot for Carver might not be terribly original, I must say that this little gem surprised the hell out of me. It's incredibly well shot and generates a true sense of suspense and dread from beginning to end. The acting? Again, it surprised the hell out of me in a very good way. All performances were spot-on which is usally not this case in a low budget slasher film. In addition, the backwoods locations were just awesome and really added to the appeal. Crumbling outhouses, barns and even the woods themselves are used very smartly and effectively. The effects were definitely gruesome and well done. Don't believe the other review here that says this movie is only about the gore because it isn't. Any self-respecting horror fan should check this sucker out. And for the record, no, I am not the writer/director of this film nor do I know anyone associated with this film.
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on May 12, 2015
I honestly can't put my finger on why I enjoyed this gruesome, snail-paced horror movie as much as I did. Maybe it's just that it captures a look and feel that works for me, maybe it's because it's so refreshing to see a straightforward slasher pic with no special twists or gimmicks. Be warned that the first scene is truly disturbing, and after that, as I said, the movie plods along at a laughably slow pace that will probably disappoint most viewers. But the writing is good and the story manages to avoid a lot of the pitfalls that other indie horror films tend to be beset with. No awards for the actors, but they do their job.
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on April 13, 2015
Carver's only true flaw is its utter lack of originality. In every other aspect, this (presumably) shot on video romp holds up against any 5 or 10 million dollar low-end exploitation film released to theaters or turning up on basic cable. And I doubt it cost more than twenty grand. The direction, photography, and-- yes-- even the acting are more than equal to any number of January-February theatrically-released horror films (you know the kind I mean). The only thing these guys don't have is a D-list "name" for the lead, like, oh say, Kristin Kreuk. I look forward to seeing more of their stuff!
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on August 23, 2014
This movie outdoes itself in bloody terror. I gotta say that one look at that dude who owned the bar and restaurant, I would have run away fast. But the young folks were looking for fun and well.....just watch the movie, if you dare. I've seen Saw and many others in the horror genre, but this one has so far, outdone them all. Made my stomach churn, but I kept with it until the ending....and what an ending! Gotta give the filming credit too. And the acting wasn't bad at all.
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on November 1, 2014
This wasone of the worst movies I have ever sat through. Everything about it sucked. I hate being so negative because I want more independent film makers to take chances and surprise us viewers. Sadly that isn't the case here. Don't w a set your time or money.
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on December 17, 2007
This movie has the craziest scariest gore scene i've ever seen!!!! You can see it in full un-neutered glory on the Unrated edition Carver or semi-neutered Rated edition Carver! Either way it will make everyone, especially the male audience members, cringe. I'll say one thing pliers and genitals do not mix well together.
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on March 5, 2008
If you are a fan of horror movies, esp movies like Hostel, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, would enjoy this. There are several scenes that made me drop my jaw and turn away. And for the men, the outhouse scene is one of the worst things I ever saw! I cringed and I am not even a man. Very interesting flick. Not for the squeamish.
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