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on April 11, 2004
This Case-Logic CD carrier is a good, solid storage device. It is pretty standard wallet, with space for 208 CDs or DVDs divided into 26 pages of sleeves (4 CDs each side, front and back), plus space for an additional 16 CDs inside the front cover. Although it is a tight squeeze, it is possible to fit both the CD and the booklet or liner notes into the same sleeve. The pages are held in place in a ring-binder type arrangement, so it is possible to unlock them and take individual pages out of the case, if you want to remove them for travel (or possibly to add more pages for more storage.)
The sleeves are well padded, so your discs shouldn't get scratched. The top, bottom, and binding of the case are solid, and leave the contents well protected. I've had my case a few months and haven't had any significant wear or tear- the zipper seems to hold up well, too.
Obviously, when full of 200+ discs, the case can get pretty heavy, and isnt going to be something that you want to take on a 3 hour trip. But if you move around a lot, or are looking for some long-term storage that will cut down on the bulkiness of your DVD cases, this is a good buy. I bought mine because I was moving from the US to Europe and wanted a way to transport and store my music and movie collection without all the extra packaging- and I've been satisfied.
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on May 13, 2005
Like the other Case Logic CDW wallets, this one has removalbe pages, holds the discs securely, and has room for rather substantial liner notes. Those that won't fit in the sleeves will fit in the pockets up front.

Because of the unique design of the locking system however, inserting papges is not particularly easy -- the rings lock in front of the first page, so to insert a page, you have to pull out all of the pages in front of it. It would have made more sense to have it lock in the back -- that is where you would either want to add pages, or remove the extra ones.

All in all, we are pleased ... it is a great way to store our cd's, it gets rid of that major shelving system we bought only for our discs, and, frankly, the discs are more accessible, than in some of those fancy jewell cases.

My favorite aspect of the wallets is that we actually listen to our music more -- we were storing our discs in our library -- away from our stereo, so you actually had to make an effort to pull the discs if you wanted to listen to them. Because these books are so much more portable, they are where our stereo is.

I foresee the future holding all music electronically, on demand. But in the meantime, several of us own thousands of CD's and this seems to be the best way to store and protect them.

(PS I understand the hesitation of actually tossing the jewell cases -- all I can say is DO IT!!! It feels fine. And if worse comes to worse, pull them open and save the inserts.)
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on February 25, 2006
It is wonderful grabbing one of these cases and flipping thru the pages to find my CDs, rather than pawing thru jewel cases, knocking over the stacks of them, and giving up after a half hour of searching. I have 3 CDW-320's, each holding a different genre of music. In a fire, I could grab all three cases and go, where that would've been impossible before. By my calculations, the physical space used by my CD collection has decreased by 40%!

The way to do what I did is to get rid of the jewel cases entirely. To do that, do this for each CD you own:

1) Each side of each CDW-320 page has four pockets. Put the CD in one of the two top-most Pockets on a page.

2) Put the CD's booklet in the pocket underneath its CD.

3) Finally, pop open the CD case (it takes just a little force) and pry out the back-of-the-CD card. Straighten out the folds of that card, and slide it in sideways into the bottom pocket, behind the CD's booklet. It will stick up over the top of the pocket, but since it's in the bottom and the CD's in the top, it doesn't hurt anything. The back card will just cover up a little of the CD.

Continuing in this fashion will allow you to fill up the wallet with 160 CDs, since each CD takes up two pockets. Double and Triple CD cases work similarly, and just use up more pocket-pairs.

When you take out a CD to play it, you can take out the booklet too, and see the back-card with the tracklisting through the clear pockets. You never have to take the back-card out, which is good, since its straightened-out folds may be delicate and may rip with too much handling.

Finally, you can recycle the jewel cases, saving a few in case you want to lend a CD to someone.

One other plus to this one over the other Case Logic cases: not only is it the biggest, but it allows the pages to be removed and shuffled. Like another reviewer said, it's a pain, but at least it's doable. The smaller cases do not have this feature.
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on December 10, 2005
the first cd wallet of this magnitude i ever bought- was the fellowes one. (my review is in there somewhere) I have two of these case logic wallets now (i bought one on sale @ amazon and my friend sent me one from my wish list). I'm ordering a THIRD case logic case because they withstood hurricane Rita... well... actually there wasn't much of a hurricane in Houston - BUT i did have to lug all of three of my 320 cd wallets around during the evacuation. (house to car to 2nd floor apartment to car to house)

both brands are made well- neither of them broke during the evacuation- which is amazing seeing as how- with all my cd's and dvd's inside each wallet weighs 17 to 18 lbs.

I have decided to purchase another case logic cd case- for many reasons...

1. The Fellowes is made well- but you can't take pages out and organize them. The case logic case- you can- it's a pain in the butt though- especially if you want to change a section in the very back... but it's still nice to have the option- and still way better than having to move the cd's out of the sleeves.

2. The Fellowes is made well- but the construction doesn't have as much heft to it as the case logic. when both are empty and you're holding one in each hand- the case logic is a little heavier. the case logic- has nicer smoother nylon feeling fabric- rather than the coarse canvas fellowes. the case logic's has more seam reinforcement. the fellowes has a little bit more padding- but i don't really see how it makes any difference in protecting the media inside.

3. both are difficult to zip- and i'll probably have to rub soap or wax on both brands eventually---- but the thin fabric on the fellowes makes it REALLY hard to zip- where as the case logic - has more hefty fabric which instead of moving with the zipper pull- it stays in place.

4. the binder like quality of the case logic- allows you to use this case frequently without fear of damaging or ripping out pages- ie... flipping around for half an hour trying to figure out what dvd you want to watch.

i keep cd's in the fellowe's one- because it's just for storage. (I highly recommend the 4gb ipod nano opposed to the 2gb fyi) i would NEVER get a fellowe's to house my dvds. These two case logics get thrown around a lot... literally because they're heavy. the pages get smacked around- back & forth, back & forth... they've taken a lot of abuse and that is why this case get's a 5 star rating. i know if i used the fellowes case for my dvd's that thing would have been broken after the first month.
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on January 27, 2004
I recently compared many brands and styles while looking for a larger CD case for my collection. I ended up deciding on this one, as it seemed preferable to all other options I've looked at. The "pages" hold 92 CDs, and there are an additional 8 slots inside the front cover, making for a total capacity of 100. The clear plastic makes it easy to quickly flip through and find what you're looking for, and yet the slots are still sturdy enough to hold the CDs in place and afford some protection - I've seen other cases that are so flimsy the CDs will just fall right out of their slots at the slightest disturbance. And for its large storage capacity, this case is still of a size that lends itself to portability - whereas the models that hold 128+ CDs begin to get rather ungainly. The handle on the spine is also nice, making it easy to carry. I would highly recommend this product.
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on January 26, 2008
Seems like one aspect most other reviewer are missing is the binder. The binder that holds the sleeves in is what sold me on this case. I own 5 other larger cases that hold 280+ discs with metal rings and 3 hole sleeves. While the higher capacity is nice the sleeves tend to rip off the binder and you end up having to buy replacements.

Not with this case though, the sleeves are held in by 2 wide plastic "rings" keeping the sleeve very secure on there. I have very little worry that the sleeve would rip out of the binder in a case where you flip too fast.

Other than that I actually put a CD book/insert into a slot and put the disc in the same slot and it fits well. A little snug, but not to the point where I stretch the plastic or anything. This is great for PC games where the CD Key is printed on an insert, I can put it all in the binder and not have to worry about losing all those #'s.

All around, feels like good quality, case logic usually does. It's not flawless, but I haven't seen much better.
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on December 18, 2013
I bought three of the 100-disc cases in 2011. They were fantastic quality. Nice thick material, sturdy sleeves, carrying handle, etc. Well, some time between then and now (Dec. 2013), it seems like Case Logic decided to save a little money and go cheap with these.

The new version is flimsy; every material used is substantially thinner than it used to be. I feel like I could tear the zippered edges surrounding the discs with little effort. The sleeves feel cheaper. If the old ones were (for analogy's sake) as thick and durable as denim, these new ones feel like an undershirt. They also used to be held in place by some high quality plastic rings. Now, they're just sewn directly to the back of the book.

It's a completely different product, and a vastly inferior one. I think Case Logic knows this, too, or else they wouldn't be trying to pass it off as the old version (all the tags identifying it, including the UPC, are exactly the same). So yes, my disappointment stems mainly from the obvious step down (or two) in quality, and as a first time buyer I might be satisfied. But as someone who is able to make this comparison, I simply cannot recommend this product.
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on February 19, 2010
I bought six of these to store all my CD's for work (and I've got a lot of CD's). At first I was concerned that they might be too big to fit neatly in my standard corporate Steelcase cubicle's desk drawer since Amazon lists the dimensions at 8.1 x 12.7 x 3.5 inches. Fortunately for me, Amazon's dimensions are *wrong*. By my ruler, the actual dimensions of the Case Logic CDW92 nylon CD wallet are 7.75" x 11.5" x 3.4". With the longest dimension being 11.5", I can place the CDW92's 11.5" length across the width of my 12" wide desk drawer. At 3.4" thick (it might bump up to 3.5" when filled, I haven't tried it yet), seven of these will fit nicely in a 24" long drawer. Fortunately, these *do* have sturdy nylon handles (you can't see it in the picture here or at Case Logic's website), so pulling them out of the drawer is easy. (See my pics in the customer images section).

Highly recommended if you need to store a lot of CD's in a desk drawer.
review image
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on November 29, 2009
BAD: I bought two of these so that I could dispense with my jewel cases.
I thought they served the purpose, BUT... after only a few weeks and very little use the tab that holds the CDs in (akin to the rings of a 3-ring-binder) no longer hold. My sister went to put it away tonight and half of the pages fell out. What a pain! I am also in agreement with the reviewer that said the 3-ring-replacement here is not very user-friendly, even when it does work as intended. If you need to switch pages around, you have to take everything in front of it out. UGh! I do not recommend.
GOOD: Nice looking, holds lots of CDs.
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on January 23, 2007
I have 4 or 5 CD wallets. This is the best of them. They're all built reasonably well, but the fact that this case hase moveable pages makes it the best system for me. My cd's and dvd's absolutely have to be in alphabetical order. (Look up obsessive compulsive disorder and you'll know why.) So as my collection grows, I can add a page where needed and rearrange only a few dvd's instead of a lot. It's very sturdy for "storage" and I'd feel safe traveling with it too. I like this case and have recommended it to others. I don't store the inserts or paper so this is not an issue for me and I can't comment on it's usability in that regard.
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