Customer Reviews: Case Logic Kilowatt KSB-102 Large Sling Backpack for Pro DSLR and Laptop
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )

1. Light
2. Durable
3. Well thought out and constructed, aesthetically pleasing
4. Back mesh prevents overheating against your body
5. Adjustable straps around the chest and waist for extra support and portability
6. Can hold a DSLR with a 70-200 lens attached, plus 3 or 4 more lenses in the bottom compartment.
7. Three way access to the bottom compartment, plus customizable padding makes it easily adaptable
8. Padded lap top sleeve holds a 15" laptop
9. Top compartment and side pockets hold tons of extra gear such as memory cards, spare batteries, filters, remotes, lens cloths et al, plus a change of clothes and other personal stuff
10. Comes with a rain hood that covers the bag and your gear in inclement weather
11. Can fit on airplanes for travel
12. Bright orange interior makes it easy to find gear in a hurry


1. Holds so much stuff that you tend to overpack, and THAT's when it weighs a ton
2. 9.6 x 8.1 x 16.5 inches sounds much smaller than it actually is. This bag is pretty big, but then of course it holds lots of stuff. Too big for everyday toting, but fine for photo shoots.
3. No compartment on strap for cell phone - not essential, but really handy
4. One external strap can possibly hold a tripod, but not very securely.
5. No water bottle pocket, but I guess you can attach one with a carabiner
6. Nice canvas zipper pulls, but I can see the pull tab breaking off from the slider, as that part is pretty thin. I wouldn't recommend grabbing the bag by the zipper pulls (if that's all you can reach without getting up.)

This is now the biggest camera bag of the three that I own, and probably the one I will be using for travel in the future.

Amanda Richards, January 1, 2013
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Recently, I've had to rely upon this backpack for serious excursions that have taken me all over the city carrying very heavy loads. I have been pleasantly surprised to find that over time, this backpack hasn't deteriorated but has actually IMPROVED with rugged use.

Initially, certain aspects of the construction of this backpack reminded me of another backpack I bought years ago that unraveled/shredded over time with minimal use. The zippers-except for the laptop compartment, felt cheap. Over a year later, instead of constantly catching, the zippers have become more fluid over time.

Likewise, the chest clip was another concern. One fell off when I first used the bag (top clip straps are not sewn on, but looped through). I haven't had a repeat occurrence-I faithfully check clips and never wear pack without them being clipped into place. Additionally, you can wrap ends of the hanging straps around themselves and secure with attached velcro.

The bottom clips have a metal part that seems to be a good replacement for a single moulded plastic piece. These giant partial paperclip-looking things have proven to be a good feature instead of a problematic one.

Also included is a removable lightweight waterproof cover that stretches over the backpack with elastic. It appears to stay on well enough, though I haven't needed to use it on any of my long treks.

This backpack has made it very comfortable for me to carry heavy loads long distances. The back, arm and waist straps are all well cushioned, so I don't feel the strain on my spine. This is a critical aspect to me, since I've suffered from back problems in the past.

The soft, removable internal storage walls can be reconfigured several ways when needing to separate the backpack into compartments. It should safely carry your camera with the high powered lens along with a good-sized laptop, as well as some odds and ends.

Time and experience has allowed me to appreciate the comfort, roominess and strength of this enduring bag (it easily carries an impressive ten 14 oz. and nine 28 oz cans-all at once).
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on April 5, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is the perfect backpack for today's photographer who wants to take a laptop with him on the go, like most digital photographers do today. It's a little heavy, but that's necessary to make sure everything is well padded and kept safe. It's sturdy, and it snaps closed on the front, so it can't slip off, which is great! You can put it on and forget about it.

It has separate compartments for your laptop (up to 15.6 inches), your camera, your lenses, your tripod, and other stuff. It has zips and pockets everywhere. There's even a pocket that's perfect for storing your SD cards. And it comes with a waterproof cover. Seriously, they've thought of everything.

It is a little pricey, but it's worth it. You're not going to find a better digital SLR and laptop backpack anywhere. Highly recommended.
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on November 30, 2014

I am a professional speaker and author. I have to travel a lot and I hate losing things and not being able to easily access items immediately. I don't have a professional camera, but I do have several pieces of equipment, including professional microphones and a GoPro with several attachments. I also have several other personal items that I like to have easily accessible.

I use it as a backpack. I have never used it as a "sling"

For all practical purposes this bag works better than every bag I was able to find in big box stores like Best Buy, Wal Mart, and Target along with every large or small professional photography store there is in my city (population 500,000). I literally went to multiple locations of each store comparing every bag they had. I also spent a minimum of 10 hours doing research online and reading reviews of at least 2 dozen bags prior to settling on this one. I still get excited about how "almost" perfect it is for every use that I need it for.

I say "Almost" because there are just a few things lacking from the construction. I feel that if these had been included then I would have a luxurious bag instead of just a really great bag. I will outline those briefly and then explain what is in this bag on a daily basis (I take it everywhere). I have provided photos so you can also see for yourself.


THE STRAPS: The top part of the straps is of good quality, but the bottom part where it becomes adjustable transitions into a cheap strap. I find that this is slightly uncomfortable - mainly because I often rest my hands behind the straps while walking. My hands end up on the thin cheap part which is very uncomfortable. They attempted to remedy this with a pad that slides around the adjustable section, but it just doesn't stay in place or do any good. My old JanSport backpack that I bought for attending University in 2002 has higher quality straps that are comfortable for this and I still use it for going to the gym. I also used it for all of my traveling until I recently bought this Case Logic bag.

THE OUTSIDE COMPARTMENTS: There are only two "small outside compartments" that are accessible without opening a main compartment. One of them is filled with the rain cover so that leaves only one compartment. I wish there were one or two more, along with an elastic section on both sides where I could put a water bottle.

THE STRUCTURE: This is not really a negative. Actually, it is the structure of the bag that makes it so useful and safe for all of my gear. BUT when I was visiting a dental college at a university in Monterrey, Mexico last week someone told me I look like a boy scout because of my "gear bag". lol I don't mind though, it is sooo worth it :)

THE LAPTOP COMPARTMENT: This compartment has plenty of room for a standard laptop. I'm guessing you could fit a 15" MacBook Pro comfortably. But that doesn't leave room for anything else like paperwork, folders, etc. This is a downfall for me as that means I won't be able to comfortably upgrade my 11" MacBook Air without losing the ability to carry a folder for taking notes and carrying documents.

***PRAISE & WHAT'S INSIDE (see photos)***

THE TOP COMPARTMENT: This compartment comfortably holds 3 books, an external hard drive, a bottle of powdered tea, a container of pre-workout, and my hard glasses case. It is also a catch-all when I'm traveling for things like receipts and change. When I go to sleep at night I put my phone and wallet in here as well so that I always know where they are when I get up no matter where I am traveling. There is a zipped pocket in the lid of this compartment where I put an extra wall-plug for my USB cords. It doesn't seem to be very practical for much more than that or some papers. I wouldn't mind this compartment being slightly larger, but I don't think it is worth complaining about. I could still probably shove a light sweatshirt in there if I really tried.

THE LAPTOP COMPARTMENT: I keep my macbook air and a thick folder in there. The compartment extends the entire height of the bag so I am also able to throw an iPad Mini on top of them. The iPad Mini is in a case so it is a tight fit, but still works. As mentioned above, I wish the compartment was a bit thicker so I could have a larger laptop along with my folder, but it works for my current needs.

THE SIDE POCKETS: One of them has the rain cover in it so I left that out of the photos. The other one nicely organizes my headphones and a USB cord. I could probably put a little more in there if I wanted, but I prefer to keep it clean and organized so that I don't have to fumble to get my headphones or USB cord out when I want them.

THE MAIN FRONT COMPARTMENT & 3 WAY ACCESS: The cool thing about this compartment is that it is adjustable. For photographers this means that you can fit up to medium sized lenses attached to the camera body along with other lenses and small equipment pieces. For me, I adjusted the dividers to create several separate compartments. One compartment is accessible from the "quick access" side pocket that you can access by swinging the bag around while keeping it strapped on your shoulder. I keep my GoPro, extra batteries, and the waterproof case in here. This makes it easy to grab the GoPro when I'm on the run, wanting to grab a cool photo in an airport, etc. (the same use as professional photographers - it works great and is super handy!). In the larger opening (you have to lay the bag down to open it) I keep extra Go-Pro equipment, connectors, etc. I even have some extra space that I haven't found a use for - in the flap of this compartment I keep my Logitech 8900 Professional Presenter Remote (highly recommended!) along with an extra adapter or two for connecting my laptop to different types of projectors. In the other "quick access" side door I keep my laptop charger, another fitness supplement container, and my professional microphones that I use when speaking at conferences. The cool thing about this is that they are organized. They don't float around in a big bag so I don't have to search for them. I know where they are every time.

THE TRIPOD CARRIER: I don't have a main tripod yet, but I do plan to get a "selfie stick" for my GoPro and I think it will fit there just fine. Based on research that I've done, it is best to have the tripod in the center of the bag (like this one is) so that the weight of the tripod is evenly dispersed. So, if I do transition to more gear in the future, I think this will still work for a long time - as long as it is not a big heavy professional tripod that sticks out from the top of the bag an extra 20 inches.

THE ZIPPERS: They are a good high quality. No issues so far and have been using daily for about a month. I thought there was going to be an issue at first with the top compartment. Because of the shape of the compartment the zipper has to zip in the shape of the curve of a roller coaster (it is not a straight line). It was a bit tight at first, but after using it several times it loosened up and hasn't been a problem.

THE ADJUSTABLE STRAPS: Each strap on the bag is adjustable. They did a nice job of providing Velcro in just the right spots to be able to tie up the extra slack in any of the straps (this is very nice). It prevented me from having to cut off the excess length in any of the straps and makes it look nice and neat.

THE ADJUSTABLE INSIDE DIVIDERS: The inside is a nice yellow color which makes it easy to find things. The contrast is great. I wouldn't want a bag that was all black when I'm searching for small adapters for my GoPro, etc. The dividers are a heavy duty Velcro that stay in place once they are set. There is one main divider that separates the lower compartment from the top compartment. I think that if you wanted to you could probably adjust it lower so the top compartment is larger. I haven't needed to yet.

THE BOTTOM OF THE BAG: This is nice and sturdy. It is flat and formed so the bag will stay upright (as long as it is not top heavy from a filled top compartment and an empty bottom compartment). There is also a small rubber surround around the edges which I'm assuming helps prevent moisture from seeping into the gear compartment.

THE PAD ON THE BACK OF THE BAG: There is a nice comfortable pad that adds extra protection to your laptop while adding extra comfort to your back while carrying the bag. I believe it also helps create small air pockets to minimize sweat build-up.

FITTING IN PLANES: The bag is so sturdy/structured that I was afraid that the die-hard airline staff might not let me keep it as a carry-on and force me to check it at the gate. I have been on 6 or 7 flights since I got this bag and I have been able to keep it with me every time. This has been on at least 3 airlines, including a Mexican airline. The bag fills up all of the space under the seat in front of you, but it fits. The one exception was on the Mexican airline where their under-seat storage was shaped differently than every U.S. airline that I've ever been on. It wasn't a problem because they had ample overhead storage space.
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VINE VOICEon November 15, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
When I had a film Canon SLR, I would have died for a bag like this to hold both the camera and lenses (I had four lenses total) and the laptop computer I didn't have at the time. Even now with my slightly less cumbersome carrying needs, I still find it difficult to find a bag that will hold everything I need to take with me on a trip.

I take a traditional point-and-shoot with a larger fixed lens, a smaller point-and-shoot, a digital camcorder, smart phone, laptop, batteries, cables, etc. and end up walking through the airport with an aching shoulder because I could only find the worst of tote bags that would hold everything and still go through as a carry-on.

With this bag I can secure my larger camera in the main camera compartment and place my smaller camera, camcorder, and other accessories on the "shelves" intended for lenses. I also love the additional padding in the laptop storage space and feel like I could fit my laptop and e-reader in there for travel.

I'm a shortie and smaller and liked how I could adjust these straps for a snug and bounce-free fit. it is sometimes hard to get an "adult" product that will work with odd heights, so I consider anything that does a keeper.

In short, this bag is a slice of heaven on earth for those of us who like "a place for everything and everything in its place." It should easily suit those with DSLR camera carrying needs as well as those of us with a hodgepodge of lesser digital camera and media equipment. I wish I would have had this when I traveled to a blogging convention in mid-2012 -- it would have saved my shoulder and made the experience more fun as I could have whipped out my camera in a flash (side access) to take a picture then secured as needed for general hopping. Live and learn.
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on July 16, 2014
The bag looked bulky and felt too big for comfort. It was really important for me that its side access fit my Nikon D3300 with 18-200mm zoom lens, hood, and a battery grip all attached. To my dismay the side access compartment made it difficult for me to extract the camera, getting itself snagged at its narrow and tight opening. For a bag of this size that's a terribly inconvenient. At about $140 at the time of purchase, this was a fairly expensive bag too. But fortunately I've had much better luck with Lowepro 250 AW. Not only was it $50 cheaper, it was lighter and offered more space. Its side camera access easily allowed me to take out/store my camera without having to put down and open the whole backpack. The Lowepro 250 AW series of camera bags have been around more several years and I mistakenly thought that the more recent Case Logic bag would be more updated and superior since it was priced much higher too - WRONG! the bag was a major disappointment.
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on February 13, 2015
Love this bag ! I had a hard time trying to make a decision between this model and the Case Logic SLRC-206 SLR Camera and 15.4-Inch Laptop Backpack SLRC-206 which everyone seems to be reviewing and giving such high marks. I needed a bag that had a little bit of extra storage space for all my PC essentials, had the rainproof cover and was sturdy. This bag fit the bill fine. It's sturdy, has plenty of room for my Nikon D7100 with lens attached, room for 3-5 more lenses ( 3-4 lenses if you throw in a flash ) 15" laptop in back ( Thinkpad ) which is 1" thick and room for all my peripherals such as power cords, chargers, notebook, 2 hard drives, extra filters and cleaning materials. I also looked at models from some other manufacturers as well and just could not justify spending that much more money and am really pleased with how well this bag is made. From the pictures I thought the bag would be a lot bigger and it's not, it's just right. Perfect for carry on overhead bins and will fit everything I need to take on long trips. Being able to tuck away the straps is a nice feature also and keeps the bag more compact.

The only gripe I have with this bag is that i wish case logic would have combined the design of the 2 bags together. I don't like having the camera on it's side in the bag at the bottom with no " Extra Thick " padding that is removable like the SLRC-206 model between slots ( it's padded well but the camera body is held in place by the lens slot, suspended a couple of inches from the bottom and no hard shell on the outside to protect it like the SLRC-206. Although the bottom is very sturdy and made of a tough material and the bag stands up well without tipping over I used my Bubble Air Blower that removes dust from my lenses to support the camera at the bottom of the bag right underneath the camera body, this works very well. I also love how the other model, the SLRC-206 uses the sling harness at the top for the camera. I own the SLRC-203 that is similar/smaller and an everyday camera bag which is great and uses the harness system, has the hard bottom and fits my camera and lens, plus a couple more lenses in the side compartments and some small items such as extra battery and cleaning supplies. If Case Logic would design a bag that incorporates the harness system for the camera up top, lenses in the middle and storage space at the bottom and sides with a hard shell bottom and raincover that wraps up from the bottom ( like some other manufacturers ) they would have the perfect bag. Otherwise I gave it 5 stars because although it has a few very minor shortcomings the bag in this price range is great.
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on October 4, 2013
The case logic pack is very nice. The overall build quality is very sturdy and it sits upright very well even when fully loaded with my gear, which to me demonstrates great design. The inside of the bag is very bright orange and makes things easy to find, which is wonderful for me because all of my lenses are black. the side pouches hold my memory cards and the top pouch keeps my cables and such out of the way of the rest of my camera equipment. The laptop slot in the back of the pack is well designed in my opinion. Though i use a 14' inch laptop, it can easily fit a much bigger laptop. Also another great feature is the outside loop that holds a tripod. I used that when i went to take landscape shots and it worked really well. It held my tripod while i was biking uphill, just to give an example of use.

With this back i was able to strap it to my back and adjust it so that it was snug and then go for a long bike ride and have no issues with the backpack on my back. Also walking long distances with it is a breeze. When you load a bunch of lenses and 1-2 cameras in it, it can get heavy, but it distributes the weight well and the comfy shoulder straps don't hurt my shoulders at all.

would recommend this to any photographer who carries 1-4 extra lenses with them, and a laptop. Great for working in urban environment or out in nature. A truely wonderful all purpose camera bag.
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VINE VOICEon November 12, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have a Dakine backpack with a laptop sleeve and a Lowepro DSLR backpack. While this Case Logic bag is a great IDEA, I feel that it's just too pricey for the quality. It is *very* well padded, I'll give it that, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much room it has for the size - they did a good job utilizing the space in it, basically. The rain cover is a great extra option as well. But Case Logic is usually one of the less expensive camera etc. case brands, and $150 for this particular bag - as others have said, the straps feel somewhat cheap, and the zippers are problematic and constantly catch - is just too high of a price when you can get a Lowepro (in my experience, much higher quality than any similar Case Logic item) laptop/camera backpack for less than $100.
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on October 9, 2015
I had to retire my old Dell laptop case. Since I just purchased a new Nikon DSLR with a couple of lenses, I thought it might be the right time to find a combo backpack. I read as many different reviews of this type of backpack that I could find. I liked the features for price that this one has. The laptop (15.6") slides in effortlessly, and the camera compartment has three easy access doors (or flaps). It seems to be a rather sturdy backpack, and stands up on its own, which is a big plus for me. I also like the built in tripod holder. Only time will tell how well it holds up for me. If I can get 3 or 4 years out of it, then I will consider it good.
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