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on May 15, 2010
I bought this when I had my Canon Digital Rebel XT about a month ago. Before I bought this, I had another case from another brand, which was getting old. So I looked into Case Logic because I've bought a lot of their products before and I know that its always quality stuff. This case was no exception. When I got it, it looked a lot smaller than I had expected (in a good way). It was definitely smaller than my previous case. I was worried at first that It would not fit my camera and kit lens (18-55mm) like my previous case. But to my surprise, it fit even better! It managed to store my camera with the kit lens on, the battery charger, body cap, data cable, memory card box and the case strap which I had not yet attached to the case. All of this fit very comfortably, and there is still room for a little more stuff. The little zipper compartment on the front flap of the case is still empty. Though to be honest, I don't see much fitting in there anyway. A memory card or two at the most. Maybe something flat. The only downside is that it does not fit my camera manual. It is a bit too big for the case. But I'm sure not everyone usually walks around with their manuals! I have a slight case of OCD, and I just like having everything to do with my camera in one place, you know?
Three days ago, I upgraded my DSLR to the Canon 20D. This camera also still fits in the case with the kit lens on. With this camera though, the fit is a lot more snug since the camera is a lot bigger than the XT. But it still fits, and closes as well as when I had the XT in there. So I am totally satisfied with it! Even if I upgrade to a bigger case, it will definitely be from Case Logic. The build quality is excellent. Soft and padded in the important areas, and slightly more stiff on the flap area. It has a very nice color scheme too. Highly recommended!


I've had this case for almost a year now, and I've cycled through DSLRs like nobodies business. So apart from the XT and the 20D I mentioned above, I've since used this case for a 30D and now a 40D (soon a 60D). All of them have fit ever so perfectly with no space for it to move around. I've taken this case with me to the beach, road trips, the Niagara Falls and other random places! So its safe to say that this case has been tested, and guess what. It looks BRAND new even today. This case is SUPERB.


So I bought my 60D! This camera fits even better than the 60D with the 18-55 IS lens on it! It's probably because of the fact that the 60D is a tad smaller. It is also a tad lighter, which makes it much nicer to carry with this case. Still an excellent case thats going strong!
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on October 20, 2011
First, this isn't a bag I would want to use in a rough situation. The padding is fairly minimal in it. However, I don't really think that is supposed to be its purpose. It is called a holster for a reason. It isn't designed for major storage of your camera. It's designed for when you want a light bag that's quick and not bulky. There are plenty of other bags with more padding, that hold more. However, those bags are substantially larger, heavier and bulkier. So, I feel that it is unfair to criticize the bag on this front. That would be like criticizing a mini cooper because it can't haul your family of 5 plus two dogs and a week's worth of luggage.

Now that we've talked about what the bag doesn't do and isn't good at, let's talk about what it is good at, and why I gave it five stars:

First of all, it's a perfect fit for my camera. It's tight, sure, but I actually would prefer that to too big where the camera is sliding back and forth. My D3100 fits perfectly snug in the main compartment with the 18-55mm kit lens attached.

Secondly, the extra compartments are just enough. I can actually fit a 55-200 mm lens in one of the side pockets, which was surprising. In the other side pocket I can fit: a micro tripod, a macro/wide angle combo filter/lens, a remote, some rubber bands and some plastic bags. In the front tiny pouch pocket, I can fit an extra battery and an extra memory card or two. Basically the essentials.

Thirdly, while it doesn't have a lot of padding, it is very ruggedly built. You aren't going to have to worry about the zipper breaking, they're all very big, sturdy zippers. The stitching is all very strong. The velcro for the front is strong. You're not going to have to worry about this thing falling apart.

Fourth, as far as cases go, it's attractive. I also somewhat prefer that it isn't camera branded. If you know what you're looking for, it's very obviously a camera bag, but a common thief would probably mistake it for something of lesser value.

Fifth, I like that you can just velcro down the main compartment without zipping the zippers. This is what is meant by calling it a "holster" and not a bag. It gives you the option to quickly rip open the compartment and grab your camera without painstaking zipping and unzipping the main compartment. Perfect for when you want a little more protection than simply letting your camera dangle around your neck, but you also need to be able to snap off a photo within a minute. Those precious seconds it would take to zip and unzip can often mean the difference between getting just the right moment and getting the disappointing fallout of the moment. Nothing sucks worse than thinking 'man, if I could have only hit the shutter button 5 seconds sooner.' and this holster helps with that. If you're at all into nature shooting, street photography, or basically any field where you are trying to capture the spontaniety of the moment, this bag can help. Again, remember, it's not supposed to be a storage bag, it's supposed to be a holster.

Finally, I like the fact that you can either carry it by a shoulder strap, a handle or through a strap (ie you can run a messenger pag's strap through there, keeping you from having two separate shoulder straps. I guess in theory you could also wear it on a belt, though as light as it is, it'd still probably be too heavy for a belt).

It's a great, small, light, non bulky bag for when you want to, for instance, just take your dogs to the park without lugging around a big bulky suitcase. Sure, if you're somewhat serious about photography it probably won't be your only bag, but for beginner's it's a good first bag, and for more serious photographers, it's a welcome option for when you want less bulk and/or need constant lighting fast acces to your camera.
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on September 19, 2011
I bought this case for my Nikon D3100 because it looks to be a respectable size on the Amazon page. Unfortunately, this bag is much smaller than I anticipated! I would only purchase this bag for occasions that require one lens and no accessories beside a couple of memory cards. My D3100 is a tight fit with just the kit lens, and even then, I have to play around with the zippers to close up the case. If you're looking for a primary case to store your DSLR, this is not it. Look for something bigger! You'll be underwhelmed when you receive this one.
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on August 25, 2009
This is a nice, lightweight case. I carry my panasonic lumix FZ28 with lens hood on inside. The side pockets gives me room for a battery charger (wall type, no cord), extra battery, cell phone and my small wallet. Perfect for day trips so that I don't have to carry camera around my neck, and don't look to much like a tourist when camera is in the bag. Easy access by just pulling on the front flap with one hand and both zippers come undone to reveal the camera. Has a velcro closure as well on the flap so you dont' have to zip it up when you are inbetween shots! Very nice!
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on June 3, 2009
This Caselogic 306 SLR Camera Holster was perfect for what I was looking for. My Canon XSI with the 18-55 lens fit nice and snug in the bag. The strap could be folded on top of the back of the camera. The side pockets hold the battery charger and extra lens filters. The front storage pocket holds small items like extra memory cards. The bag is durable and nice looking and is padded very well in case you drop it. You will need another case for any extra lenses. I would definitely recommend this item for a DSLR camera.
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on April 5, 2011
Bought this bag after looking at dozens of them at various stores online. I wanted something inexpensive (but made well), compact, and nothing to flashy, that's exactly what this is. It fits my Canon Rebel XS and 18-55mm lens perfectly (strap too), there is not a lot of storage space in this bag but I can fit my battery charger and a cable in one of the side pockets and on the other my phone and extra battery pack, and in the front zipper I have an extra memory card. I love the double zippers, they give my quick access to my camera when I need it. I can easily store it in my backpack without it taking up to much room. My only complaint is the strap, not that it has failed me or anything, I just don't like it. I wish it came with a better strap... Other than that I am completely happy with my purchase.

About the camera strap, there isn't much room once the camera is in the bag, my solution is to fold the camera strap and kinda wrap it on the side of the lens then slide it in the bag. Just thought I should share that in case it could help anyone.
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on January 31, 2010
We bought a Canon Rebel with its standard lens and it fits perfectly into this case. The camera fits snug in its compartment. One side has enough room to hold the charger and batteries. The other side will fit the cables that came with the camera (car charger cable, usb cable, and the RCA cable to hook up to the TV). It is as small as it could be to hold everything it should. If you have more than one lens though, it won't work for you.
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VINE VOICEon June 8, 2010
This sturdy bag is compact enough to carry with you everywhere but also roomy enough to fit my Canon Rebel XT with the kit lens (18-55). The side pockets fit two cellphones, pocket change, and microfiber cloths. The top pocket is good for storing memory cards. I have also use one of the pockets to store a TOMTOM One navigation system. The bag is certainly durable - I have taken it through the harshest terrains on hikes of the dessert, both in Utah and Israel.

The reason I really like this camera bag for travelling is that it goes over the shoulder and is easy to place in front of you when you are in sketchy situations/environments and want to protect your bag from pickpockets. The versatility of the over-the-shoulder strap also allows you to use it as a belt for when you are hiking, sitting uncomfortably in vehicles, etc.

I have beaten up this bag during rock-climbing excursions and have come home and washed it in soapy water and it's as good as new. The bag's strap is comfortable and does not leave a mark on your shoulder.

I highly recommend it.
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on May 22, 2012
I wanted a case just like this for carrying around my camera on vacation. I don't change lenses frequently so having something that will hold my camera while the lens is still attached suited my needs perfectly. I'm not sure why one of the other reviewers said they can't fit theirs in--I definitely couldn't fit a bigger lens, but the kit 18-55mm lens fits fine (I even have the neck strap on it). Construction is good and it has some pouches on the side for a lens brush, a couple filters and an extra battery.
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on August 3, 2011
It's a perfect fit for the locking storage area between the seatbacks of a Mazda Miata. Three side pockets augment the main storage area, two of those having a mesh pocket within them. Count'em, that makes SIX distinct storage areas in this one bag. It's tapered to fit the contours of the storage area, it's just long enough to require slight pressure to close the door, holding it securely in place, and the handle allows you to remove it easily.

Who even cares how this bag works for a camera?
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