Customer Reviews: CaseCrown Book Cover Clip On Case (Black) for 11 Inch Apple MacBook Air
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on May 20, 2013
So, this is a decent case, it looks pretty and seems to be holding up well. I've received a lot of compliments on the appearance - it looks sleek and professional, while also making me feel at ease about the level of protection it provides. One thing I did not expect, or perhaps I missed it, is that the case covers the wrist-area on the MBP, which is actually quite comfortable and helps keep that area clean.

The problems are pretty significant, though:

1. The case has significantly increased the operating temperature, though not enough to (ostensibly) damage the hardware (yet). It seems that the coverage/material prevents the aluminum body from effectively dissipating heat, as well, the back of the case obstructs (but doesn't completely block) the back air vents.
2. The magnetic latch is kind of in the way at times, but this isn't the biggest deal.
3. The elastic bands that hold the 'front' of the case to the screen obscure the top corners of the screen, and this can be quite annoying and distracting.
4. The stand has, after a few weeks, become stretched out and distorted such that I no longer use it. I'm sure having the device on a flat surface only serves to increase the temperature issue.

I would not buy this case again.
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on September 28, 2011
I bought one of these for my Macbook Air 2011 and I can say the following:

1. Visually its impressive. The Faux Leather looks and feels like the real deal. I was worried about putting any case on my Air as I didn't want to detract away from it's appearance. No worries on this point. The case actually makes my Air stand out from the rest.

2. Quality - Although I haven't had the case for more than a week, I expect it to last for quite a while (and if it doesn't, another 18 bucks buys a new one).

3. Protection - I'm sure there are other cases that can protect your air better than this one, specifically the clamshell type cases that snap around it to cover it completely. That being said, this case will protect the top and bottom extremely well. When the case is closed, only the left and right sides are exposed (the benefit here is that all the ports are open even when the case is closed). This is not an Otter Box, so if your expecting to be able to drop your macbook air from 10 feet, this case may not be for you. I can tell you though that having this case on here gives me a large degree of comfort knowing that the surfaces of my laptop are protected from scratches and nicks...

4. Wrist Rest - When I purchased this case, I didn't realize it had this feature. The wrist rest is built into the case (the bottom part of the Mac Air slides into it). It has a cutout to expose the trackpad (which is fully functional) and is made of thin faux leather. I think it's not there for comfort, but rather to protect the Mac Air where your wrists rest. I know I've had several laptops that lose their luster there from repeated use and I was happy that this case will help keep my Air looking good for years to come.

5. Stand - Built into the bottom of the case towards the back there is a pop-out stand. I assume this is to prop up the laptop when using it on a desk to help keep your hands in a "ergonomic" position. I very rarely use my Air at a desk (writing this review from my couch), but I tried it out and it was able to hold the laptop up even while typing a long email. Again, I wasn't expecting this, so I view it as sort of a bonus like the wrist rest.

6. Price - I mean come's 18 bucks and free shipping (if your a Prime subscriber). I was seriously considering buying the $79 Book Book case before I saw this one and decided that for the price I'd give it a shot. I'm SO glad I did.

This is my first review of anything I've ever purchased on Amazon (been buying here for 5 years or so) so that ought to tell you something. Oh...and I bought a second one for my wife's 2010 Macbook Air as well.
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on September 4, 2011
I bought this item but was not sure I was going to like it but decided to take a chance on it. This cover exceeded my expectations. I expected something that looked a little cheap and that probably did not live up to the pictures shown in the product listing. I was pleasantly surprised. The cover is a nice faux leather that is elegant and fairly light. Most covers tend to add weight to the product you are buying them for, and while this does add a little it is not enough to make a difference. I especially loved the flip-out stand that elevates your MBA to a nice enough height so that your hands wont get cramped as mine tend to do with my arthiritis and it also keeps the MBA cool.

I was a bit concerned about the bands holding the cover of the MBA getting worn out, but they appear very sturdy and don't look like they will stretch out easily. I have received nothing but compliments from friends about the case and many wish their was a version for their iPad and iPod. So far the item was well worth the price I paid.

One small thing was that as a mac person who loves my little mac apple logo, I kinda wish they had cut out the apple logo in the cover....but it is not a deal breaker. I actually like the fact that this product when closed looks like a nice little folio instead of a computer and makes it less of a temptation for someone to steal and that is a concern for me.

I would recommend this with out hesitation and maybe the company can offer a few more colors in the same product.
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on September 14, 2012
Just received it today. The cover fits perfectly and looks great-doest not add bulk to the laptop unlike some cases. One thing that is different from the picture (show in the amazon website) is that the color of the leather in wrist area is greyish (more aluminum like) which blends rather well with rMBP. It is faux leather but looks (not smells) like real leather- so no animal products involved which is great. The fit is perfect-when you shut the laptop it does not leave marks on the screen. The straps that attach to the screen do not cover the viewing are. Moreover the wrist pad leather does not cover up the trackpad area. Additionally compared to the rest of the leather, the wrist pad leather is somewhat coarser which in my opinion helps in typing. However there are a couple of negatives: The magnetic strap tends to slide towards trackpad area when the case is open. This is somewhat annoying. My solution has been to tuck the strap underneath the rMBP when open. Right now after having done that for a couple of hours, even if I dont tuck the strap underneath the rMBP, it does not slide back onto the trackpad. The second problem is- the sides (most of it) of the rMBP remain unprotected by the case. However that is a deficiency present in all cases of this type. The only exception I know of is Vajacase(they havent released it for rMBP as yet)-of course it depends on whether you want to shell out upwards of $300. To me the best part of this case is the incredible value-it is cheaper than other comparable solution (especially considering that protection for wrist/keyboard area is included) yet it looks professional and dignified. Considering that most of us looking at this product have already spent upwards of $2000 on the rMBP, spending another $25 on this product seems like a great investment that you cannot go wrong on. Please bear mind all these observations were made after having this case for 24h - of course time will tell whether it is durable or if there are any other flaws.
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on November 18, 2012
I bought this to protect my 13" 2010 Air in Feb 2012 for a cruise. I noticed black lines on the lcd recently and took it into an apple store. They pulled off the glass and found two parallel scratches on the outside of the glass which come from the raised edges of the case. They are faint scratches, but enough to distort the viewing and form a two black smears.

Twenty dollar case damaged a $2000 mac.
review image review image
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on November 3, 2014
Laptop fits nicely inside the case but the bands around the monitor tend to always slip off. The material around the track pad, where your palms lay, get dirty very fast. Material is difficult to clean. Looks nice but not very protective. Cardboard is used as the structural support behind the leather. I now wish I purchased a Thule Gaunlet Sleeve instead.
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on January 12, 2012
I was considering buying a hardshell case for my MacBook Air (MBA) to protect it when I travel. However, I don't like having them on all the time, and I have found that snap-on cases tend to get damaged if you remove them too often. Not only that, but dirt trapped under them can easily scratch the aluminum shell of a computer.
This seemed like a great alternative because it would protect it when I travel but be easily removable when I am not.

This case was an EXCELLENT purchase. It is sleek and sophisticated, well designed, and not too heavy or cumbersome. The outside of the case, while faux-leather, feels very high quality. The pleather is soft to the touch and stitching is understated, clean, and a perfect design touch. The MBA slides in easily to the bottom and the screen attaches to the back with two rubber straps. When closed the case looks like a sleek attache and provides almost all around protection and looks very stylish. When using the MBA inside the case the palmrest is soft and provides a nice alternative to the cold feel of the aluminum chassis. The inside of the case is clad in a soft microfiber material which is a huge plus over plastic cases as it should prevent scratches to the MBA from trapped material. For the price, this case cant be beat. It is stylish and functional and the PERFECT compliment for anyone with a MacBook Air.

While I don't find these particular downsides, there are a few notes on this case:
1. The locking flap does flip in front of the touchpad when open; however it does not really get in the way and can easily be folded under to hide.
2. The "stand" that pops out of the bottom is a good idea but pretty much useless. It's difficult to open, feels unstable, and the slightest push forward (such as resting your hands on the palmrest) causes it to collapse. I have no use for it anyway.
3. The magnetic snap connector works great, but the button-hole is so shallow it doesn't always snap in. The magnet will hold it, but sometimes it slides around.
4. The pleather cover tends to attract oil-prints.
5. (This really isn't a downside as much as a comparison) The case is not enclosed all the way around, meaning when closed, the edges of the MBA are exposed to dirt, bumps, etc. The shell of the case sticks out far enough to prevent from most bumps, but it is not as enclosed as say a zipper sleeve.

Overall I highly recommend this case.
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on May 24, 2011
This might come off a bit harsh. This is not a bad cover, but it does have a few drawbacks. First thing to remember is almost all of these covers even the cough cough PD..... come from China or Korea.
I selected it over the more expensive ones because most are just ripping you off. A 11.6 Macbook Air cover should not be costing more than $50 maximum.

That aside I am using this cover as I type this. As for the external quality of the cover it is pretty good.
Now the few things that ding it as far as rating goes are

1. The little flap on the bottom used for ventilation and propping it up when it is on a desk, does not always stay closed after use. This could be improved. You have to press it in and hold it to make it close, it will still droop down sometimes.

2. Is how it fits on the Air. The Palm rest area slides into the cover and it is not quite a snug fit, not bad but not snug. This is manifest as well when you close the cover. it tends to expose the back corners of the Air until you physically push the air in slightly or push the top of the cover back. In a travel situation when you are in a hurry this could be a problem. As the rear corners of your laptop would be exposed.

I suspect that the $50 faux Suede covers fit more snugly. I can say for $20 delivered it was worth the money. I am not entirely disappointed give that. If I had paid more? I might be more upset.

There are not a lot of options overall for Macbook 11.6 Air in Leather or Leather style covers. In fact most options are in the $100 range.
The bottom line here is for the money, its not a bad cover, not perfect not completely terrible either.
I am sure there are people out there saying you get what you pay for. Though In terms of manufacturing, none of these covers cost a lot a to make. Unless the cover is imported from Italy, or hand made here in the States, it should not be costing you in the $100 range.
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on November 3, 2012
I bought this case after searching multiple places (including the Apple store) and buying 2 cases for my Mac Book Pro 15" Retina. The two cases I bought and all others I saw on-line and in brick and mortar stores were for the thicker, non-retina version of the MBP. My laptop was swimming in those cases and for the style of case I was looking for (always on, form fitting case) that just would not do. Mind you at this point the MBP 15" Retina had been out for 5 or 6 months so why the delay in getting properly fitting cases?

Finally, I saw this CaseCrown Elite case at Amazon and found the perfect case for my needs:
- Attractive
- Fits perfectly
- Gives access to all my ports
- Integrated palm rest cover (an unexpected bonus)
- Looks like real leather but can't be at such a low price
- Cheap price.
- In cold weather the case feels better than the cold aluminum
- Hands and lap are protected against the sometimes toasty heat given off by the MBP when running

The only cons I see, which are minor to me:
- The strap with the magnetic closure is slightly in the way when the computer is open and I am using the laptop. As a prior reviewer suggested just tuck the strap under the laptop and wa-la its out of my way.

- If you partially close the laptop but not all the way so it does not go into standby, the MBP starts getting hot fast because the back-facing ports are covered up by the back of the case

I could not be more happy with this case and at that price I toyed with getting a second in a different color to have a backup just in case they stopped making them.
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on November 1, 2011
I was blown away by the quality and feel of this case. It is built extremely well and the quality of the faux leather doesn't feel cheap at all. Most importantly, for the price, this is truly an amazing case. I just bought a new MBA and was searching for a leather portfolio like case.. I found some that are extremely expensive, over $150 - $200. I kept searching and found this particular case from Amazon. Based on the positive reviews from other buyers, I decided to take the plunge. I am glad I did... I also love the faux suede on the palm rest area... No regret here..
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