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on November 24, 2007
This is a remarkable product that saves 10x-20x time and cost over traditional soldering techniques, is extremely simple for the DIYer, and also offers the extremely valuable added benefit of easy disassembly if you need to fix a mistake; it essentially turns many plumbing jobs into a simple tinker toy caliber project. I recently used this product for an outdoor kitchen plumbing project. I completed the needed work--which involved the use of 3 sharkbite fittings--in 20 minutes at a cost of about $35 (which included a piece of 10 ft copper pipe). An equivalent job by a professional plumber using traditional soldering techniques would have cost at least $400 and taken 2+ hours. Moreover, the real icing on the cake was: two weeks after I completed the initial work, we made a design change which required a minor change to my plumbing work. I was able to disassemble one of the shark bite connections and complete the change in about 10 minutes. If I had needed to call in a pro to re-do the work, it would have cost another $200.

This product is an example of an authentic disruptive innovation. Although I realize Cash Acme is not intending to disrupt the professional plumbing business, for basic pipe connectivity work, this product could completely obsolete traditional expensive solder-based approaches. I have noticed that Home Depot started carrying this product in mid 2007; once the word gets out, it will become extremely popular with the DIYer. The general consumer market should also become aware of this product as professionals who start to use it will realize significant time savings, and hopefully, will adjust their fees accordingly.

All that said, there is one design anomaly--I won't call it a "flaw"--in this product. And that is: unlike a soldered joint, the current design is such that the connected pipes are allowed to rotate. This may limit the application of the product or create the need to otherwise secure one or more pipes.
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I discovered these connectors a couple of years ago when I decided to install my own tankless water heater instead of paying someone else. I've always enjoyed doing stuff myself, but I had avoided plumbing simply because I didn't trust my connections to hold up and not leak.

Luckily, before investing in any pipe soldering equipment, I came across these SharkBite connectors. Let me say that these are absolutely the best plumbing connector you will ever use if you are a DIY'er! They are extremely easy to use and can be disassembled with a simple (and inexpensive) tool if you make a mistake. When you see the connectors in person, you will see that they are practically bomb proof; and I know that they are approved for behind-the-wall installations pretty much everywhere.

Another great thing about these is that they work with both copper as well as PEX tubing. In my case, I was replacing two traditional water heaters with a single tankless so I just ran a piece of PEX pipe between the two locations and connected it to the existing copper pipes using these SharkBite connectors. It couldn't have worked better:).

I will admit that if you are a professional, you probably own all the equipment necessary to solder pipe; so these probably aren't necessary and they probably seem expensive. For the average DIY'er, on the other hand, these are a life saver!

For anyone who likes to do things themselves around the house, I absolutely recommend using these connectors.
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on May 8, 2011
I guess if your far away from a Home Depot the gas prices would make you buy here on Amazon.
But I found all the connectors for about a dollar and sometimes approaching $2 cheaper at the store.
I was happy with the product and think it's a great alternative for a small project or where space
is a concern for using a torch.
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on November 6, 2011
Hi, I am Tim "The Toolman Taylor".
When putting up framing in our basement I bought a nail gun and the first nail I put into a stud went straight through into a water pipe. My wife cleaned up the mass and I had to frantically research how to fix the pipe on a weekend. Last thing I remembered was that something like that (copper pipe) would need to be soldered made me nervous.
The local HD guy talked me through my options (soldering, putty/epoxy, or the sharkbite system). I went with the sharkbite, though, I was very weary since I did not comprehend how two pipes could be safely joined together without risk of leaking when all you have to do is hear the 'click'. It sounded too much like a infomercial. However, I was desperate and so was my family.
Well, you saw the five stars ... it fixed the problem wonderfully. Not only did it work as easily as described to me it was also comparably cheap (all in all - pipe cutter, two valves, new pipe) I was well under $50. It took all but 10-15min to do.
I can't wait to put another nail in.
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on July 23, 2010
Easy to use fittings make plumbing a snap. Especially nice to use where soldering is difficult -- such as replacing installed worn-out valves, fittings or pipe. Price was right on Amazon versus the huge box-store. Plan ahead as you wait to get these -- took 2 weeks to fulfill my order.
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on November 16, 2011
I decided to try these instead of soldering copper pipe in a crawlspace. Gotta love the product. I cut the copper pipe (hot and cold line), de-burred the pipe and slipped on the shark bite. On the other end of the shark bite I attached a length of PEX. I had used a total of 4 of these connectors and they litteraly take five seconds to attached to copper or PEX, which is so much easier than trying to sweat pipes in a crawlspace. No leaks, no hassle and they work. Get a removal clip in case if you need to take the pipe or PEX out. In summary, these work too good to be true, ableit a bit expensive.
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on May 7, 2012
I am a general do-it-yourself kind of guy. I have experience soldering copper pipe, replacing leaky fittings, etc., but am by no means a pro. I do not find the soldering process to be difficult, but when I saw these come out, I could not wait for a chance to try them just for the "easy" factor.

A couple weeks ago we decided to put a new spigot on the back of the house. I decided that the fittings I used to splice into the main water supply would be soldered connections all the way to a shut-off valve for this spigot, but the rest of the job would use Pex pipe and Shark Bite fittings - this way if there was a leak in the shark bite fittings, I could shut off the supply to this line and fix it.

I used this fitting to couple the 1/2 copper pipe coming out the downstream side of the shutoff valve to the 1/2 Pex that would make the long run to where the spigot would exit the house.

To say the least, these fittings are amazing. Push, click, done. No leaks. Period. They've been installed for a little over a week now, and not a single drip - and I don't expect one. The connection between the Pex pipe and the Shark Bite fitting feels very snug and secure.

It is no wonder I've read all over the internet that plumbers hate them. They take literally 30 seconds to install, and do not leak.
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on February 11, 2013
I am not a plumber and I did want to have to pay someone an arm and leg to get a small job done the "right" way. I had to make several cuts on some copper piping and had to find a quick solution as I had to turn off the house water main. To make sure these would work, I had an extra Shark Bite and I put it on an extra piece of copper piping I had laying around. Once it was on, I could not get it off for the life off me. I used slip joints, hammer, screwdrivers and nothing could get that Shark out. So after reassuring myself, I installed the other Shark Bites, left the sheetrock hole open to make sure it wouldn't leak and after a week, went back and checked for leaks and absolutely no leaks. This stuff works. It's a month now and no leaks. I highly recommend these Shark Bites if you don't want to worry about replacing a whole line or don't want to deal with soldering copper.
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on December 25, 2013
I hope whoever came up with this idea is a billionaire! It's dead simple to install and works great. Redid all the pipes under the house and didn't have to use any tools other than a knife to cut the tubes (plus these) and it took a fraction of the time of the old way. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
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on December 7, 2012
When I was dealing with a 3/4" cold water main rupture that also happened to be up against the floor joists. I bought this product, cut the copper pipe with a mini cutter, slipped the coupling on and was able to complete the entire repair in about 10 minutes with no leaks..
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