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on August 27, 2014
After doing considerable research into sports watches, I purchased the Casio AWD320D. I need a rugged, waterproof watch that can stand up to my hiking trips. However, after about a year the analog hands starting moving slower than the digital time. I thought it was the battery & took it to a watch repair store. They told me the battery was fine. The trouble was with the gears, which they lubricated. Within a short time the problem returned. I sent the watch in for warranty repair. It returned and soon started doing the same thing. I sent it back to Casio for a second time and again it returned with the same problem. I’ve now given up on this watch and will replace it with another brand.
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on April 22, 2004
My only hesitation is that I'm on my second watch. The way it died was that the second hand appeared to "stick" and with in one day I had to reset it 3 times. They are inexpensive, which is why I didn't opt to repair it, and the first watch lasted about 2 years which is pretty good value considering what I paid for it. If you'd rather have a metal band you can order one from one of the casio watch suppliers on the web if you can't find it here.

The watch originally came in three faces, white, black and gold. The gold face is by far the prettiest. The plastic band is very high quality. Normally I would have expected it to not last for those two years, but it was showing no signs of wear. (Plastic watch bands nearly all break at the spot where the clasp goes through the band eventually)

The only real complaint is that the symbol for daily alarm vs the hourly alarm are confusing. The hourly alarm is the "alarm bell" and the daily alarm is a "dotted bar" But once I read the manual it was clear which was which.

The dual time feature is also cool. In fact you can have 3 time's on the watch, if you set the analog face to a different time zone than the digital time, however the digitial time is the one that controls the alarms.

So the fact I bought a second watch says something about it. Nice watch, good value.

I've gone through 2 of these. They are a good value. The battery does last about a year or so if you use the alarm occasionally. But when it fails, both failed the same way, the second hand just stops. Then you'll look at the analog time and it will be off by a 1/2 hr or so. But by now the watch is running again. First time it happened I replaced the battery thinking that was it, and it ran for 6 months then did it again. So I bought the second watch and put the first in a cabinate. Well I looked at it a year later and it was perfectly on time, so I started wearing it again. Lasted another 3 years, with more replacement batteries. Then the second one quit and I've switched away to another watch.

It's not that I don't like this watch, I do, but I can't have it just "losing" a 1/2 randomly so I always wore it so I could see both digital time and analog time. And of course it kept perfect time for a long time...

Still I'm considering getting another for the weekend when I won't mind so much if I knock it about.
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on June 21, 2015
This watch worked fine for a few months, then it started to become slow. I would look down and the watch would be 20 minutes behind. I would set it back to the correct time and a few moments later, the second hand would start moving erratically, once again losing time. I sent it back to Casio under warranty and was sent a replacement. One month after the replacement, the watch is doing the same thing all over again. These Casio's are not made like they used to be...save your money for something better.
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on August 24, 2006
This watch was great. I really loved the digital feature residing in the analog face.

I don't know about others out there but analog watches are the only way to go. I love the fact that I can visually see what time it is in a graphical representation, but I love having the digital features such as the alarm, timer, stopwatch, and date feature.

I wore the watch 24/7 and it never ever gave me a problem, however, when I was filming an independent film within a west texas silo I lost the watch climbing the ladder out. I was climbing a straight vertical steel pipe ladder and as I reached the top hatch, which lead to the top landing, my watch face caught on the side of the steel ladder and the band pins broke. Next thing I knew I heard a "plop" and new my wonderful watch was on its way to the bottom of a 120 foot watery depth!!

I will probably get another one but I really would love one with a metal band!
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on July 9, 2006
I first got one of these when it was issued to me in the Air Force back in the early 1990's. As a fighter pilot (former) I've busted more watches in cockpits than most but this one held up. Now that I'm in the more sedate confines of an airline cockpit, I still wear it. It has dual time zones and an alarm, perfect for international travel. Beware, it's a BIG watch! If that's not your style, you may want to see one in person before you buy. The only drawback... the plastic/rubber band will crack after 2+ years and need replacement. I put a nice leather band on mine and even had a passenger compliment me on my "Breitling". When I told him it was a Casio and cost $4950 less, he wanted one too.
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on November 12, 2008
I bought this watch back when it was a relatively new design 18 years ago. Since then it has been diving in three oceans, been dropped off a three story building, seen lots of international travel (pressure changes), been through rain, snow and heat.

It is on its third or fourth battery and about that many bands. The watch itself has been perfect.

When I worked in an office, the serious watch collectors in management would ask what it was and comment that they liked the style of the watch. It would hold their full attention until they figured out it was a Casio and not some new Brietling design. Of course, it was nice to hear the compliments despite the fact this watch cost 1/12th of the SALES TAX on a new Brietling.

It's flawless, looks good, and cheap enough to be a "throw away." But, you'll probably become attached to yours, as I have mine. I love the Watch.
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on August 17, 2011
Bought my Casio in August 2010 for a two week rafting trip. Worked fine for months afterwards. One day the arms stopped moving, so it no longer tells time. Thought it was the battery, but the watchmaker determined it was the gears, noting that Casio has gone to using plastic gears that break down. I've sent this watch back to Casio for repair, awaiting Casio's repair estimate.

Update: The subsequent CASIO repair estimate was nearly the cost of the original watch. Decided not to approve repair. My only cost was the USPS shipping charge to CASIO (New Jersey).
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on July 18, 2015
*UPDATE (8-20-15)* I suppose I'm a glutton for punishment, because rather than giving up, I decided to give the black faced 320 one more shot and ordered one from Kohl's online. Btw, this gets interesting. So, the new one showed up about a week and a half ago, and the first thing I did was test the alarm to see if the display dimmed like the one I got from Wal-Mart (which I tried two new batteries in). Not the slightest hint of dimming, so that was convincing evidence there was something really wrong with the last one. I set the analog hands to match the digital down to the second. It stayed that way, perfectly I might add, up until last night. I looked down at 7:41 pm, and the analog hands read 7:01 with the second hand frozen (Ugh!!!). So frustrating! A few presses in and out of the crown and it started moving again, but I'm done with this.

Just to recap, I love this watch (older generations), and had flawless performance out of my 15 year old model for a very long time. I have now tried three of this new generation (1 gold faced, 2 black), and all have failed miserably. The first, from Amazon, kept bad time right out of the box, minutes after syncing the analog and digital. The second, from Wal-Mart, dimmed badly with every beep of the alarm even with new batteries, and fell behind on time (badly) within a week and every time thereafter. The third, from Kohl's, experienced zero dimming issues, but fell behind 40+ minutes within the first week and a half. Given this track record, I can't imagine anyone that expects any degree of accuracy could be happy with this current generation. I'm now lowering my rating to the lowest possible, one star.

*UPDATE (8-7-15)* Back to square one with this watch. It was working fine (as mentioned below) up until last night, August 6th, when I looked down and saw that it lost about 2-3 minutes just in the previous hour since I had last looked at it. This is incredibly frustrating! I am still in shock that Casio either a) has this horrible of quality control over their product, or b) this current design is flawed and they're not taking corrective action. Either way, back goes the watch again, as I cannot tolerate unreliability like this. Again, I love the look of this watch and really, really hope that Casio figures out what is going on here.

*UPDATE (7-30-15)* I returned the watch for the mentioned reasons (below) and purchased the black faced version from Wal-Mart. To my dismay, the EXACT same situation was occurring with the second hand hesitating and keeping bad time right out of the box. Here's what I found, which led me to increase my rating to 4 stars. To check the condition of your battery, set the alarm function for a minute or so from the current time. When it activates, look at the digital display and see if the digits dim with every beep. A slight dimming might still indicate a good battery, but a more significant dimming means your watch has been in inventory for quite a while and a battery change is in order. My watch was dimming significantly, so on a hunch, I changed the battery, and now, 24 hours later, the second hand is keeping exact precision with the digital display. Be sure to IGNORE the voltage reading of the battery coming out of the watch, as both the depleted Sony that came installed in the watch and the new Energizer I installed BOTH tested at 1.59 volts, but the Energizer keeps perfect time. The battery apparently undergoes a decrease in performance prior to a voltage drop. I think it's a shame that these watches are coming with batteries that are already exhausted, as I can only imagine the amount of returns/grief/frustration this is creating at the consumer level.

There have been several incarnations of this model over the years. The ones I know of are the early 320C, which was made in Japan; the early 320D, which was made in Malaysia, and now, this current 320D, which is made in China. My early 320D finally gave out due to the Casio Service Center in Montrose, California (never go there for anything) installing the rubber seal incorrectly during a battery change, which allowed heavy moisture to enter the watch under normal, non-diving conditions.
I should add that this current model has a less dramatic look to it in comparison to my Malaysian 320D. The numbers on the rotating dial are much smaller now and not as striking, the indiglo analog hands are overly bright now, and the stainless steel lacks the luster of my earlier model.
I had been waiting for Amazon to take the hold off of this latest 320D, as they had been notified from customers about an undisclosed "problem" with their inventory. After about 5 weeks, the hold was lifted, and I ordered. It seems that the problems persist. I first set the digital time without issue, but when I went to adjust the analog dials, a press of the right side button to set the hands in motion failed. No movement. A couple more times finally got it to move. About ten minutes later, I checked again, and much to my dismay, the second hand was intermittently stopping for seconds at a time, and the overall time setting had lost a couple of minutes already.
I had no choice but to return the watch. The box was beat up and there were grease marks on the stainless screw back that took some polishing with a microfiber cloth to remove, so I suspicion this may have been a customer return of sorts. Regardless, I'd heavily encourage anyone that plans on relying on the analog hands to any degree of reliability to avoid this watch entirely until they TRULY get the problems sorted out. I would GLADLY pay $150 for this watch if it were still made in Japan with expert reliability. In it's current form, it is completely useless to me, and I love this watch design.
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on August 30, 2006
I bought my first Casio Diver's watch with the gold face years ago. I wore the heck out of it, and eventually, the band broke. I must have hunted for a replacement band or a whole new watch but to no avail. A long-time friend then just sat in a drawer. Recently, I found these watches were still available so I got a new one. I even found a replacement band (made by Timex) for my original watch. I must say I once again feel whole again. This watch has timeless styling and wonderful functionality in a very reasonable priced watch. I'm thinking about getting the black and the white ones so I can switch it up from time to time.
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on August 2, 2015
I had this watch for 30 years before it finally died so of course I'm going to buy the same one to replace it. The watch looks great but that's where my satisfaction ends. Shortly after receiving the watch I noticed that the analog disk was wrong but the digital was keeping perfect time. The second hand was hanging up. I figured it was just that this was an old stock watch and the battery was giving out so I spent another ten bucks to replace the battery. The second hand didn't hang up anymore... for about two weeks. Note not only does the analog hang up but the digital isn't keeping time either. Was it a problem with the new battery? I don't know, I'm not going to find out, just return the piece of junk. Ooh wait, I'm 2 days being the thirty day window and Amazon won't let me return it. Don't be me, don't buy this useless watch.
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