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on September 29, 2007
My previous Casio analog / digital watch was wearing out. Its digital screen was so tiny that it was nearly unreadable.

This watch met and exceeded my expectations. It is easy to set and operate. I like its non-gaudy and stylish appearance. Its digital display is easy to read. The promise that it could run for 10 years without adjustment based upon its perpetual calendar and lithium battery is also attractive.

There are minor problems, but they don't really detract from the overall rating (5 stars).
- If you insist on checking the time in the dark several times a day using the internal light, the battery won't last the full 10 years. (The 10 years is based upon one 1.5 second check per day.)
- The rated accuracy of +/- 30 seconds per month is not so great, but I'm expecting it will exceed that as my last Casio watch did.
- One can only go forward, not backward when setting the analog time, which means that if you overshoot the time, you have to watch the minute hand go 'round again almost 12 times.
- There is no second hand.

I wasn't expecting perfection for under $20; I am certainly very pleased.
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on April 29, 2007
I have had this watch for @ 2 months now. I say for under 20 dollars it's a pretty good watch. It has kept perfect time over 2 months. It is lightweight and the band is very comfortable. I like having the analog hands and being able to display the digital date/time.

Now in no way do I expect this watch to be anywhere near the quality of my Citizens Chronograph, my Invicta Diver or my Swiss Army Officers watch. The Casio is a watch I bought for bumming around.

On the negative side, the light does not do a very good job of illumination. Additionally, setting the time is really cumbersome. Setting the anaog time is not too bad, but setting the digital date and time is really a pain. Keep the instructions handy, you will need it when you have to change the time.

All in all, for @ 15 dollars, it is a nice decent watch. A good value purchase
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VINE VOICEon July 26, 2005
I like analog watches, but occasionally need a stop watch, timer, alarm, etc. This one fits the bill almost perfectly. It's also inexpensive enough to not worry about.

However... the crystal is pretty soft, and it scratches easily. If you work in an office and move papers and a mouse, it'll probably be fine. However, I work with tools and am fairly hard on the things I wear. The band is plastic, and when you sweat, it gets a litle slippery.

For the price, it suits me just fine - I'll just throw it away in a few years when it's all beat up.
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The Casio Men's World Time Watch (Model AW80-7AV) has a couple of compelling good points: first, it is very cheap and does have numerous features (though many of them are of questionable value); second, it seems to be reasonably accurate. If this is all you care about, this could be a good watch for you.

The watch has several cons to be wary of, however. It is very light (which is actually a plus) but the band is extremely thin and flimsy. In other words, it is cheap and looks it. More annoying though is the very dim light for use in low light: it is completely inadequate and makes the functionality in the inset digital portion of the face next to worthless; the lack of contrast between the hands and watch face also contribute to the legibility issue. Most irritatingly, though, is that it doesn't have a set knob, even for the analog hands. I fly for a living and frequently cross back and forth between time zones. I had read that the watch could only be set in a forward direction, which was annoying but not a deal breaker. What is not evident is the lack of a setting knob, which means that each time you need to change the time (or do anything else, for that matter) you have to use an array of complex inputs with the four buttons which is not only very time consuming (the watch advances in 20 second increments), but also requires consultation with the ridiculously complex and thick instruction manual.

While this watch may be suitable for people who don't cross time zones frequently, use it in daylight, and don't mind referring to the manual frequently (or memorizing a huge quantity of mundane, unintuitive minutiae), for anyone else, and especially for frequent travelers, I recommend finding another watch.
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Got this watch to replace another CASIO watch that was similar and had finally become too expendable due to wear to justify the repair of a minute hand that had become detached from the shaft.

That watch was a FORESTER ILLUMINATOR model that had outlasted two previous bands and was over 10 years old. Yeah, I believe that CASIO is the only way to go in these low-cost "work" watches.

So when I saw this watch's features, feedback, and sales rank it looked like my new work watch. While I can't attest to its long-term service, I can say that it is very accurate. [I check both it's digital and analog time against my cellphone which is always dead-on accurate compliments of Verizon]

I suspect it will last a long, long time like my last CASIO.

A NOTE ABOUT THE DATABANK FEATURE: At first I was not going to use this function at all but then I reconsidered, thinking to myself:

"Well what if the Neocon Newtster from Jawja is right and the Tal-ee-ban does blow up a "nukular" in Dallas? Won't everything go to Hades in a handbasket and me - I might just get caught somewhere without my cellphone and all the numbers and contacts that I have in it?"

So, anyway, you get my drift, I decided to use the DATABANK to store important numbers that I don't have memorized etc. - and a few that I do - just in case I get hit by a train and have amnesia! Ha! [And in that I find it to be extremely useful - potentially]


-Nice looking and clear, uncluttered analog face.
-DATABANK feature is great back-up storage for important numbers.
-Buttons work better than any similar watch I have used to date.
-Fairly intuitive set-up and usage of the watch's many features.
-Outstanding "bang for your buck".


-Black rubber band is pretty pedestrian but should be hypo-allegenic.
-Crystal may scratch easily like my last CASIO.
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on July 1, 2013
UPDATE TO PRIOR REVIEW: Battery just went out on this product. Had it 7 months, so I guess we're short of the 10-year battery by 9 years and 5 months. Cost to send back and get work done is not even worth it. I'll buy a watch at a Big Box. When you spend less than $20 on a watch, you get what you paid for.


I just bought this and I really like this watch, but to have this as an Alarm or adjusting it is laborious. Just look at the Owners Manual and you have to click 4x here to get 5 adjustments there....a pain, but for $20 and to see a plastic banded watch that looks like a good business watch and can be used for casual events, I really like it. I just want to see how long this battery lasts as most expensive watches have a disappointing 1-2 year life and I'd really love to see this last more than 2 years. Heck, I bought a watch at a cheap department store 7 years ago and that watch still is ticking.....
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on May 1, 2012
Awesome look and feel. Has the right look for everyday use, and not bad for the price, also just right for someone with a small (or even larger) wrist. Not bulky looking at all, tho not slim or slinky but sharp and did I say, a great deal?! Even if the battery lasted less than 5 years, as I like to push the buttons, that wont be a bad thing. This port subject to my update as I reach that time frame. I would trade 1 expensive watch for 3 others of this thing -alternate color for different occasions.

One gripe is that you can't see too well the sunken LCD display even with the ample amber lighting within the circumference of the watch. I've set analog hands to tell me the local time and left the digital display for other use or function. This is why it is only a 4 star rating. Always, a room for improvement, but perfectly satisfied, otherwise.
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on December 31, 2013
I've had this watch 3 months now, purchased after a long search. I didn't want to rate it too early.

1. If your eyesight isn't sharp up close, this watch is a bit hard to read. I should have realized that my daily need for reading glasses also means I can't read the numbers on this watch even though they are printed crisply.
2. The text on the face at 9:00 and 3:00 can fool you into thinking it's always 9:15. Again, this may be due to my eyesight problems, but in fact the text has about the same weight and color as the hands on the watch. It takes some getting used to.
3. The glow-in-the-dark hands are not very bright in the dark, and fade quickly.
4. Keep the manual handy if you want to synchronize both the analog and digital clocks in this watch - it's not easy to do.

1. Good timepiece. If you live in an area that changes between Daylight and Standard time twice a year, you don't need a watch that's accurate to a second every million years. However, this watch is always perfectly matched to the correct time. Much better than my ancient digital watch which was always speeding up.
2. Very lightweight. You don't even know it's on your arm - not a block of metal like other watches.
3. Very low profile. Slips easily through shirtsleeves and coats without hanging up, and without button snags.
4. Timed nightlight. The nightlight goes out after about 2 seconds - just long enough to read it - and without beeping when the button is pressed.
5. Attractive, modern look. Quite subjective, of course, but I really like the clean look of this watch compared to the busy look of more expensive watches.
6. Value. Given its low price, it's a pretty good watch.
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on February 24, 2013
Cheap Plastic watch. Case is plastic, lens is plastic, band is plastic. So guess what? The lens get scratched easily, and the case gets chips easily. Has long band for fat wrists. Excellent for a guy who loses or destroys watches...and sunglasses.

I would get this instead:

Timex Men's T2N696 Elevated Classics Dress Sport Collection Blue Resin Strap Watch
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on June 26, 2014
I like the looks so much so that I kept buying the same watch each time it stopped working. All three watches would fog up inside the crystal and after a while would completely stop working. The watch is advertised as being water resistant. I never tried putting under water. It is not even resistant to humidity. At least it was not expensive but even so I am finished with Casio.
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