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on April 27, 2015
Caution: Detailed review ahead.
About 1 week of owning the watch so far. Did my research a LOT before buying. Saw the watch on another guy's wrist first, and my thoughts were, "wow, a G-shock that isn't ginormous." I have very tiny wrists, it's actually kind of pathetic since I consider myself pretty manly. They're about 6.2 inches in diameter, made to fit a baby-G, not a man-sized G shock. But this watch, man, it is an amazing size for my wrist! When I first received the watch, my initial though was "this looks really small.." but I tried it on, and lo and behold, it is nearly PERFECT for my wrist (still a little big, but honestly, all watches look big on my chicken wrists). The color is a matte black, silver for the buttons on the sides but they are almost hidden from view so it looks like a solid, black watch. The inner ring where it says "g shock" is stainless steel black, looks super snazzy, and the words "Gshock" and "Shock resist" are barely visible from a distance of a few feet (so you'll look cool, and people won't have to know you're out of high school and still wearing a g shock... what has our world come to?). The hour markers are NOT luminescent (they don't glow), but they are a cool looking gray/aqua color bordered by silver. The hands on the watch have a tiny bit of luminsecence on the tips, the rest of the hand is hollowed out. The word Gshock is also in silver/steel, and it also is shiny. Man, this watch looks a lot sleeker than the pictures on here!
Now the controversial digital dials: There's three of them. The left shows the date, or can be switched to show digital time (12 hour or 24/military time for you cool kids) with the push of a button. Right hand shows the day (monday, tuesday, etc.) as well as in small letters "RCVD" which just tells you if you've received signal and synched with the radio tower for the day. So far, I've synced every single day between the hours of 12-4 AM, without fail. I live in NY, upstate, for reference, and place the watch on my window sill and it always synchs at night. One night I fell asleep with it on in my bed, and it STILL synched up, and I was a good 4-5 feet away from a window, so I don't know it might just be a good reception zone I live in. The bottom dial displays the seconds. Can I see them? Oh yeah. My eye sight is terrible, I wear glasses, but I see the dials well in almost all light, dull light or bright light. It's much easier in bright light, but still. If I had to knock anything off this watch, it's this: In darker lighting, like when it's dark outside and you have your back to a dull light, it is hard to see the dials. There, I said it. It's hard to see the dials in darker rooms. But NOT impossible. I've taken pics for reference in my dim lit room. If I had to change anything about the watch, yeah, I'd make the dials light up or something, but it's definitely NOT AS BAD AS OTHER PEOPLE WROTE IT IS! Maybe when I'm in my 60's I won't be able to see it? I don't know what the future holds for my eyes, but right now, I see the dials well. NOTE: They're blackout dials, meaning even in bright light, you just angle the watch slightly and the numbers become visible. It's actually kind of cool!
The strap is a plastic/rubber/resin or whatever they call it, and I love it. It's awesome for when I'm playing basketball or mountain biking, or working at the hospital with my arms in someone's body fluids: Why? Because it doesn't soak any of that liquid up!! And I've showered with it plenty of times already, doesn't fog the inside up, doesn't leak water, or anything.

-In my opinion, you can't get a classier looking G shock than this. I've never seen a G shock you can dress down AND up, but if I had to put money on one, I'd pick this.
-It's a good size watch, much smaller than other shocks but the same size as many men's watches that people wear for formal occasions (for reference, look up Daniel Wellington watches in the men's size, it's just a tiny bit larger than that).
-full of features, world times (a lot of different countries), synching up to make the time accurate daily, stopwatch (only goes up to 1 hr, beware if you're an athlete and need it to go past 1 hour), timer (goes up to 100 mins), 5 alarms, hourly alert, more I might be forgetting
-It's really cool how the watch synchs up to your EXACT time, to the very nano second. Get the watch, synch it overnight, open up the official US timer for your region on your web browser, and see what I mean. Exact matchup, second for second.

Although the cons list seems longer, i really nit picked with the cons just to let people know the honest truth. If anyone has more questions, message me, I'm happy to answer all and will get back within a day latest. Once again, I really reached for these cons, I just want it to be honest for everyone, but I truly am in love with this watch. That's why I gave it 5 stars: How do I feel about the watch? It's totally worth 5 stars.

-Alarm and hourly ring tone is kind of soft. I can hear it perfectly when I'm awake, but I wouldn't set this for sleeping. Also, tone for alarm only goes off for 10 seconds. Usually on most watches it's 30 secs. The hourly alert is two short, soft beeps. It's perfect in meetings or classrooms because it's soft enough for most ppl to hear in the room, but not loud enough where it's offensive.
-Dials are a little hard to see in DARK light. Otherwise, they're much easier to see than people complained about.
-the light is one small orange LED at the bottom of the watch, lights up for 1.5-3 seconds depending on your preference, and only lights up the hands. You will NOT be able to see the dials, I don't care if your eyes are as good as Superman's. Do I care? No, because I rarely am in need of the stopwatch feature when it's pitch black outside and I can't see the dials!
-Small for a G shock.. It's definitely a PRO for me, but some of the larger men or the high schoolers might want the gargantuan sized G shocks for their gorilla arms.
-More G shocks don't come in this size or look this good. SERIOUSLY, IT'S A SEXY WATCH! Why isn't casio making more of these (baby-g doesn't count).

Honestly, the only way this watch could be any more perfect is if they offered a metal strap instead of resin... I'd opt for the resin still because I need the watch for work and resin is easier to work with, but I'd get the metal strap separately for when I'm forced to dress up by my girlfriend for whatever events she deems necessary (btw, I wear this watch to all those events, I don't even care resin strap or not, it's too sexy).

No offense meant to anyone with larger arms, I'm just having fun with the review! If you have questions, I'd be happy to answer them!

Photos: My baby wrists with the watch on
The watch how it looks with flash (notice how easily you see the dials and their contents?)
The watch without flash (harder to see, but still visible in my extremely dim room's light.
Sideways to show the silver buttons

UPDATE: I've had this watch for over a month now. I literally wear it everywhere. Running, weight lifting, biking, hiking, rock climbing, basketball (accidentally scratched some other guy when he tried to steal the ball, so I stopped wearing it for basketball), and after all these activities, I shower with it on to get the sweat, blood, and dirt off it (more sweat than blood and dirt). The watch face does NOT fog up. It's clear the entire time in the shower, no matter how hot the water is. It hasn't dropped below a full "High" charge since I got it and charged it my first day! I usually leave it in the window over night to catch the radio signal, but there's been days where I have been in bed, or left it on my desk away from a window, or once even INSIDE a movie theater packed with people (opening night of Avengers 2) and it STILL caught the radio signal and updated itself to exact time. When I go visit my parents in upstate NY, I leave it in the window overnight to update. We have a ton of trees, so on some nights it won't get the signal. That's fine, because when I'm out during the day, I can manually sync it up to the radio myself at any time. Speaking of which, this is how sync works for auto sync: between the hours of 12 AM - 6 AM, the watch will search for radio signal on the hour, every hour. The dials will be blinking up with various different words, and you can see the strength of the signal being received. If the signal is strong, you'll be synched within 4 minutes (Starts at 12:00, synched completely at 12:04). That's the normal, usually my watch will sync by 12:04, 1:04, or 2:04. Once in a while, with weaker signal, it'll take up to 7 minutes (12:07) before synced. If signal gets dropped, after a few seconds of being dropped completely, the watch will try again on the next hour. This cycle continues until 6 AM. If it doesn't sync all night, you can sync yourself in the daytime anytime you'd like, or wait till the next night to let it auto sync. Keeping it closer to the window definitely helps, but for some areas, isn't even necessary (like when I was inside a movie theater watching a movie and it synced).
Honestly, amazing watch. Looks great, have gotten compliments already (which usually people don't give for g-shocks!), and I love the resin band. Speaking of the band, since I have tiny wrists, there is a bit of overhand with the strap when it's on my wrist. I figured out the other day that if you move the strap holder all the way up towards the watch face, it comes in contact with the little ridges on the strap. This was designed to LOCK the strap and the strap holder (the little rectangular thing on the strap that moves around, you know what I'm talking about, right?) in place so it won't move. This feature is incredible! It's so annoying to have a strap holder move around on you, making the end piece of the strap longer, increasing the chance of catching it when you're walking around on different objects, on your pants, shirts, etc. The strap holder, being lockable, locks the strap into place so it doesn't catch! Just move it up all the way to the ridges on the strap, and it locks the strap and strap holder in place!
People say the dials are hard to see. I gotta say it again, they really aren't that bad. The lighting has to be God-awful for you to not see em. True, you have to tilt the watch a little in low lighting to see it, but it's perfectly fine when you do.
After over a month, I'd give this watch 6 stars if I could! I think it's honestly the best purchase I've made to date on (using DiscountWatchStore!).
review image review image review image review image
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on June 14, 2012
I've had this for about a month. It's my third G-Shock but my fourth Casio with the Wave Ceptor technology. NOTE: I didn't get this watch because the previous watches failed in any way. I simply got bored with them and wanted something new. Those others are still running just fine.

The watch is solar powered. Mine arrived with the battery on medium charge, but after a few days of exposure to the Florida sun it oscillated between medium and high, then settled on high. It's been on high charge ever since. I didn't do anything special to charge it up, I just wore it as I would any other watch.

This watch syncs with atomic clocks around the world. It hasn't failed to sync a single day since it arrived. Imagine that! My watch keeps perfect time. If there's ever a dispute at work about what time it actually is, my watch settles the matter.

I haven't taken this watch off my wrist since it arrived. I wear it in the shower and make no effort to protect it from moisture, soap or shampoo. I know from experience with previous G-Shocks that I don't have to worry about water resistance.

The watch is relatively small and lightweight, but as my wrist is small I wear it pretty tight anyways (using the second from the last hole in the band). It doesn't shift or roll around or slide up and down my arm that way.

The watch is good-looking but the only thing that's easy to see is the time. By that I mean that the white hands stand out against the black background. However, it can be hard to see the data in the three little circular windows--in part because they're so small, but also because everything is so blacked out. You have to hold the watch just right under a decent amount of light to make out the date, day of the week and seconds count. Also, because this isn't a big flashy watch, you need good eyesight to easily see everything but the time.

The light is adequate for viewing the time but nothing else. Due to the contrast of the white hands against the universally black background, I rarely need to use the light anyway.

I will update this review if anything goes wrong, but based on my previous experience with G-Shocks I doubt I'll need to. I could not recommend this watch more highly. About the only thing it can't do is find my cat.
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on July 25, 2013
First off I'm your typical high schooler with some shoddy job at some restaurant. I'm telling you this because the following will appeal to my tastes and I don't want you to buy this watch without doing further research because of my words.

1) Its a wear and forget watch. You wear it and don't have to worry about batteries or even adjusting to daylight savings time.
2) The bracelet is extremely comfortable even for my smaller wrists.
3) It's a silent protest against the people with huge g shock watches for show,instead of timekeeping.
4) Full blown chronograph, I use it to keep track of things in the oven and jogging times.
5) It also has a world clock so I usually leave one for China where my grandparents live so when I do call I'd make sure I dont wake them up in the middle of the night.
6) It's different
7) Comes in a sweet tin can that I use to store money.

1) The 3 smaller dials for keeping the day seconds digital time/ date are kinda hard to read under dim lights.
2) It's different, I don't know but maybe risk becoming the black sheep if you purchase this watch? Everyone has clocks strapped to their wrists and you have a smaller g shock because you're not trying to show off your timepiece but rather be more humble and use it to tell the damn time.
3)The light doesn't really show the 3 smaller dials but you can see the hands just fine.

This g shock still serves her role well losing a total of near 0 seconds since I bought it heheheh (syncs almost every night). After mild abuse it still shows no signs of wear and tear or am I going to soft on her? Anyways every morning when I slap this watch onto my wrist I have a wide grin on my face as I know its worth every single damn cent I spent on her.
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on October 22, 2012
Most of the other reviews touch on all the major points of this watch, but there are some that I found to be interesting that haven't yet been mentioned. As the other reviewers state, the watch is a good size - it isn't a giant attention-getter - and is tastefully done in all black with black lettering. This was important to me because I wanted a quality utility gizmo watch, not a giant techie nerd status symbol. Anyway, here's the stuff I like:

1. The watch has an automatic illuminator function that activates when you quickly flick your wrist at the right speed and angle towards your face. That's right, you don't need to hit a button to illuminate the watch face unless you want to. The watch knows when it is dark and only performs this function in the dark. You can also turn this function off. I love this function and discovered it the first night I owned the watch (before I had read the manual) while driving home in the dark. Incidentally, the tips of the hands are luminous also.

2. The band and little band holder thingy are engineered to interlock and stay put. Some of my favorite watch bands constantly slide out of their retaining loops and then stick out and become snagged on my pockets or other things. This watch band and stays put.

3. This watch is very lightwieght. I expected a bulkier size and weight, but am pleased.

4. The watch is water resistant to 30 BAR, so you can swim, shower and work in the rain with it with no fear.

Hope this helps! Cheers.
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on February 19, 2015
Love these watches. From my tour of duty in iraq to handling the roughest vibrationg and banging an army corp of engineers heavy construction equipment operator can offer it never missed a second. State side it stayed accurate to the second due to the atomic time keeping and and after 4 months in iraq was still on to the second even without the atomic signal to update. That was the older model of this same watch. Bought the new model because the old model's band wore out and i like the looks of the new one. Very good watches that last forever. Plus being digital and analog means that you can more easily see the time at a glance in low light conditions rather than having to use the light feature like a digital only watch requires.
review image
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on June 11, 2012
This watch is nothing like most of the Gshocks out there that are big and bulky. This watch has a smart design and it looks good with anything you wear. It's one of those watches that you hope casio stops making because you don't want to see a lot of people wearing it! The watch is thin and very light. The black coated metal is very handsome and the white hands stand out which makes the watch look very cool. I've owned 20+ gshocks in the past and this one is my most favorite. This was is very easy to set-up unlike the GW3000 and other analogue gshocks. Some people may not like that the light is positioned at the 6 o'clock and it doesn't have an afterglow. It has a yellowish light and you can see the time. The white hands lights up as long as it's got sun or light exposure. The watch is multiband 6 so you do not have to set the time. It's also solar power which means you don't have to change batteries.
review image review image
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on March 19, 2013
The watch is really nice and I am entirely satisfied.
The reserved elegance of the blacked out dial is very much OK for me.
The hour markings are glazed black as well but they are very easy to see all the same.

The small digital windows could be challenging for some but I can see them clearly well under norrmal daily illumination.
The illumination only lights up the hour hands. It is not possible to see the digital displays even with the illumination turned on. For me this is a minor gripe because the functions displayed in the smaller digital windows are not always needed round the day/night. The reverse LED of the digital windows are fairly easy to see under normal daylight.

The characters in the digital windows are very tiny, but if you have good sight, you should be able to see it well under normal lighting conditions. Remember the overall diameter of the watch itself is not too much. So for Casio to cram this much info into so small a space is a commendable design.

The manual is detailed but could be a bit tricky to navigate. I actually downloaded the pdf manual from Casio website before getting hold of the watch. Setting it up was fairly easy for me. I did not need to study the manual before setting it up. Just go to the page that give instructions on what you want to do. The setup procedure could be a bit challenging for others, but being technically inclined I like this little bit of challenge that comes with it. I can say, setting up the time, alarm and month took me less than 5 minutes.
The only con for me is that I live out of range of radio signal reception for calibration purposes. Then, I don't have any regret. I knew what I was purchasing and I will gladly purchase it again and also recommend it for other users.

I've bought several G-shocks over the years, two of these for my personal use and for friends. This is the first one I am purchasing from Amazon. I am 100% satisfied with Amazon and the supplier, all the way from Singapore.

Thank you.
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on May 16, 2012
First of all I'm currently stationed in Afghanistan and the watch arrived in six days, which was a pleasant surprise.
I've had it for about a week now and It's had the crap beat out of it and I haven't had any issues yet.
This is my first G-Shock and I can safely say I would buy another one just based on the short time I've had it.
Does everything it was advertised to do, but I highly recommend reading the manual because it can be slightly complicated to figure out all the functions.

The backlight only shines up from the bottom of the face so the digital displays can be somewhat hard to see in the dark, and it can make it slightly tough to read the time also. This is the only inconvenience I have discovered so far, but I can deal with it.
Other than the backlighting the watch is great, It's the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars.
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on February 9, 2013
Have had this watch now for a week or two. Ignore the issues you have heard from others saying the reverse lcd display is unreadable, yes it is a reverse lcd, yes it requires some light to see, if you have good eyes or nightvision, let alone both, you will have NO problems reading the lcd dials normally. The led illumination does only light up the face, but in low enough light conditions where i need the light, i dont need to see the lcd dials. If the functions on the reverse lcd dials is an issue or concern, just make sure you are able to provide a minimal amount of light of your own and you will be able to read them.

I am not normally a fan of rubber watch bands, but it is comfortable. I also have thin wrists, and was surprised that i did not have to wear the watch as tight as it goes or make another hole... I was able to wear it on the third hole. Also I didnt need to trim the excess off of the watch band to keep it from sticking out.

As expected of a solar watch packed and shipped in a lightness box, the watch arrived on a medium setting, is now on high with no deliberate charging done. This watch for me is a daily wearer, and I needed an almost completely black watch in order for it to be allowed with my tactical gear. This watch can take a beating, last long on its charge, no need to set the time, i've never had a failed receive signal for the atomic, even in areas where i barely even can get cell coverage due to metal and concrete construction in many urban environments. I also don't take it off and have had no problems with it, even having done some snorkeling and even subterranean scuba spelunking

If you want a tactical watch, tough watch, atomic watch, or solar watch. This has all those features and a few others, without going overboard with features you will rarely if ever use. Every feature of this watch I use from world time to the chronometer, countdown timer, and alarm (which is a little faint, but still noticable).

TLDR this watch is exactly as advertised and expected. The lcd dials are easy to read, but must have some sort of light in order to read. High contrast hands are the only non-dark part of the watch, and amber led illumination does not destroy night vision during critical moments when time is needed in the dark
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on October 21, 2015
This is a great looking watch and I bought it mostly for how it looks, as I already have a G-Shock that works fine. I like the understated look. It's almost all blacked-out, save for the luminescent hands. I like that it's not as big as a kitchen clock either (what's up with that trend?) Here, in no particular order are the things I like about the watch:

-Looks great
-medium sized, not huge
-fairly easy to navigate
-face is recessed to avoid scratches
-solar powered
-atomic (sets itself each day via radio signals)

Sadly, this watch is not for me however. While I liked having the analog hands to be able to quickly tell time, the hands are often in the way of the date function. And yes there's a way to make the hands move out of the way temporarily, but I did it so seldom that I could never remember how to do it when I needed it.

Also, as many others have complained, the digital faces are dark. I thought this would be a non-issue as my eyesight is good, but they really are tough to see at times. In the end, I found myself wearing my all-digital G-Shock more often. It looks almost as good and it's much more functional. To sum up the things I don't like:

-digital faces to dark for many situations
-analog hands obstruct the digital faces
-the band is too flexible, and lacks the nub at the end of it that helps it remain in the keeper. I found I was always tucking the strap back in. a second watch I think this is great. But if you really use your watch and want no B.S., get an all-digital one.
review image
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